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  1. Cabify was up and running a few weeks ago. Though, for your first trip, for whatever reason you have to wait 15 minutes for the car to accept the ride. After that, it’s back to normal. However there didn’t seem to be that many drivers and sometimes wait times would be ten minutes or so. But this could be different now. Cabify relaunched the week I was there with the new workaround rules.
  2. Apples and oranges. Keep at it and in the meantime try to enjoy Colombia for what it is. If you are like me, you’ll get contacts the very last days of your trip! Haha.
  3. Worth it fly to Thailand to see them! Is this a typical boy bar? Or a club and these are dancers? My type of bodies for sure. Not roided not wimpy.
  4. I can second this recommendation. They used to have breakfast includd. But I don’t think that’s the case anymore.
  5. Just spent a few hours here! My first trip to Barcelona and what a wonderful time I had. I hooked up with two porn star quality guys. €50 is still the going rate for a session but obviously no orgasm from them. I tipped some on top for excellent treatment. My first guy was from Egypt and he could be Nyle DiMarco’s twin brother. His cock was almost too thick to handle. Very dominant and assertive and kind. A quick smile which I love. My second encounter was a white guy from Greece. Tall and a touch lanky. He could easily be hired by bel ami studios. And the most delicious cock. Another kind man. I went on Friday night around 6 and left around 8:30. I would say about 20 or so escorts. Maybe more. And nearly that many customers. Sauna was clean and fairly large. I can’t remember the price I paid to enter as I was too excited. Lots of exposed hard cocks. Lots and lots of sexy guys from all over. I’ll head back tomorrow and meet up with a few of the sexy African guys there.
  6. I’m planning a trip to Sri Lanka this spring. I’d like to spend a couple of weeks on the island but I for sure want to maximize my encounters with boys. Would it be wise to spend a majority of the time in and around Negombo and Colombo?
  7. An hour to wait for an airport taxi? I’d take an Uber even with a walk across the pedestrian bridge. Rates to old town from the airport are $125-$140 for Uber and taxis at the airport want $350. I had all fresh clean cars with Uber down there.
  8. So I had to learn the HARD WAY. I’m a total bottom and I need to be fully clean to relax and really enjoy sex. But while traveling in India and Thailand I would get the worst food cramps and shits. And I realized that it was the tap water I was douching with that was messing me up. Since then I’ve kept a rule that if I wouldn’t drink the tap water I’m not going to douche with tap water. how’s Brazil for this plan? Is the tap water reasonably safe? I’m sure it’s leagues better than India. Lol
  9. I was in Puerto Vallarta last week and the top guys were all asking in that’s range and more. I never bargained either because it seems like I’m entering sacred territory (i mean they are selling their body) to do that. But im a newbie so who knows.
  10. Guyana, French guyana and Suriname are such a mystery. I want to go. What is Fay life there? It feels untethered to Latin America. Almost like it doesn’t exist
  11. Rio my guy was named silver. Though if you have Carlos’ info pm me!
  12. After a very long season in Alaska I’m finally free for winter travels. I’ve not been to PV in a few years and now that I’m newly single I’ve decided to spend a couple of weeks vacationing here and in Guadalajara both solo and partially with a friend from CDMX. Flight from Alaska via LAX was effortless and fairly swift. Thankfully Uber exists so no more hassle with taxis offering inflated prices. I paid $130 MX pesos for my trip to the romantic zone. Certainly a lot cheaper than a typical taxi. Uber directs you across them pedestrian bridge to pick up there. They aren’t allowed curbside at the airport. However my driver called me as I was walking across the bridge and said he picks up curbside if it’s only one person. It looks less suspicious than a whole family. The exchange rate has been around 20 pesos per dollar which is incredibly convienent when the smallest peso note is 20 and equals a dollar. I arrive on a Sunday and the town is filled with tourists. Lots of activity and wonderful weather. The whole town has a very carefree vibe which is exactly what I need. I check into my oceanfront suite, change into summer clothes and open Grindr to see nearly half the profiles are boys at massage parlors or straight up escorts. Taps and messages start coming in and I start making contacts though I’m quickly fading and needing a shower. This day was my second day off since late April when I started my summer season of work up north. It’s all catching up. So I take a nap and save up energy for the strip clubs. Antropology and Wet Dreams are still running strong after all these years. This is my fourth trip to PV in about six years and not much has changed it seems. Old town and the romantic zone are thankfully still very mom and pop touristy instead of the more American suburban feel you get from the marina district onwards to Nuevo Vallarta. I start the night off At Antropology and I’m delighted to see quite a variety of guys. My previous trip the selection was sparse and Twinkish and shy. This time there were two dozen boys in a variety of shapes and skin tones and age. Options! Dancers approach and invite exploration for a few bills in their shorts. I love this form of shopping and it’s why I’m so looking forward to the saunas in Brazil later on. After a while I choose my boy and we take a “private” upstairs. It’s 500 pesos ($25) for the right to use the tiny little room but once you are up there anything goes if you arrange it with the boy. I paid 300 pesos for some oral action and “leche”. Good times. The next night I check out Wet Dreams. Historically for me Wet Dreams seemed to have a higher caliber of guys, or rather guys that are more typically muscles and looks. But they can also come with an air of king peacock too. This time however it’s a lot more humble with attitudes than my previous experience there. However there were some stunners that night. Antropology is a bit more boy next door in comparison. The same story applies to Wet Dreams as it does to Antropology, 500 pesos for the back room. I pass on that this time and instead I grab a few phone numbers after an hour of drinks and touching and conversation with several boys. As for the independent boys on Grindr I meet up with a couple of them. One was a boy from Venezuela and the other a local guy born and raised here in PV. Prices quoted started off at $2000 pesos but dropped down to 1500. Which seems to be the going rate with a few guys dipping below that. This was Grindr only. I didn’t negotiate boys at the bar or even the street trade which could certainly be had for less. Speaking of street trade, it’s certainly here and as thrilling as it is, I pass. There are several massage parlors with boys advertising on Grindr. I’m actually looking for a proper relaxing massage and I find a guy who is legit. $500 pesos for an hour of bliss. I feel drunk after he’s finished. I’m not sure how other guys are though at the other parlors. There seem to be a half a dozen of them here. But for sure some boys are just fronting and looking instead for clients for higher priced sex sessions. All in all PV remains a great first stop for me after long working summers up north. It’s easy, carefree, charming, beautiful, not fully gringo, friendly and humble here in this part of town. Sunsets over banderas bay have been absolutely spectacular. The food is fantastic. From nicer restaurants to taco stands and typical restaurants further in the city for locals. It may be pricier for trade here than other spots and it might lack the cultural activities the bigger cities have, but as a pure vacation spot that’s meant for relaxation, sex, food and sleep it’s perfect for me. Im heading to Guadalajara today for the weekend and I’m not sure if I’ll be hiring anyone as I might be meeting up with a cute boy from Barcelona. Nonetheless I’ll try to report on it as well
  13. God I wish I knew what Lucas looked like. Haha. Wonderful story as always!
  14. That’s good to know. It’s a shame it’s so easy to get caught in the wrong place. Perhaps one day the city will normalize and not be so high strung with violence.
  15. I’ll be there in March as well! I’m still debating on where to book an Airbnb. I saw a gorgeous and affordable place in saint Theresa? I’m not sure off the top of my head but the area looked cute. Or possibly in Copa or Impanema. I’m planning on a couple of weeks there and I look forward to long long walks on copacabana and impanema.
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