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  1. Hi Pauleiro, Yes I was tired and left with Nathan last Friday. I met Robi too and he seemed shy to talk with me. I was at the club last night alone and fortunately Daniel was working and we left together afterwards......I like him and he is very good. His brother Paulo (used to work in Temple) wants to work in Escape too. Saturday in Drakes was OK, not too many customers during my stay (9pm to midnight) but the performers were friendly and easy-going. The barmen John was nice too! I went there again yesterday 6pm but there was no show! but a lot more customers and actions in the basement cellar.
  2. hi, Pauleiro, It's been my pleasure to meet you in person. I left after feeling a bit boring and realised that I forgot to say goodbye to you! Wish you have an enjoyable and fun night. I will be in Drakes tomorrow.
  3. Hi Pauleiro, I also arrived Escape at 10pm and sat at the single seat sofa facing the stage from the west side (ie. facing the bar). I think I have a rough idea who you are but there seems to have 1 other gentlemen in a similar appearance, so not very sure. I am a slim guy and yes I was all night with Maxim sitting next to me (in a long sofa). I will probably in Escape on Friday too. Definitely won't miss you!!
  4. Hi Pauleo, I have been reading your stories for years and I always admire your adventures. I am finally in Prague and yesterday I was also in Escape. Really hope to get to meet and know you. I will go to escape tonight again (28 May, Monday). Hope to see you. [PS my first time writing here]
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