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  1. Trump is not the person to negotiate such a thing... He's volatile, erratic AND an Egomaniac, 3 traits that dont make for a good, solid negotiation. We have a better chance with BARNEY.
  2. Perhaps, since FREE is my best price. Regardless, did the deed and spilled the seed.....so All was good.
  3. Well that was a Farce as we knew it would be...... but from the Trump camp "Most Productive meetings ever, it changed our World and we got what we wanted and achieved World Peace".... Trump is our new EVITA !
  4. And Trumps reaction and response will be.......______________?
  5. Probably late 70's, early 80's.... All the sex I had in the Rio sauna was FREE, so maybe I was just oblivious to the "hire" boys ? Havent been back since. Sure my head would spin now. ?..I dont even own a cell phone.
  6. OMG relax, you are running a website, not the country...None of this is that serious.... sorry but that's the truth.
  7. Yes, many years ago before I was into the "boys for rent" scene.... The sauna scene was quite different then.... there were hardly any boys for hire.
  8. So let's TRY to comment "without" Judging....
  9. OH GOD, The Monster...nothing more pathetic then a bunch of drunken old queens sitting around a piano "slurring" show tunes as the Hot young things snicker at them !
  10. Girls the BELL has rung on the streetrade debate.... You should start an independent thread if the conversation is worthy of continuation. In all fairness WE are all raining on tomcals boy parade.. This thread has been fun, but there are loads of lonely, lovely brown boys just hangin out and waiting for tomcals call to chill.....I wanna hear about those ! Tomcal, CALL ME! https://78.media.tumblr.com/0e99ab70845a7b3ea9dd4b9585c74b08/tumblr_pb6b46nDBK1vw2c0ho1_1280.jpg
  11. Another silly societal kurfuffel by people who have nothing else to do. We see bras on TV all the time.... So fucking what?
  12. It wasnt hard to see that you removed the 2 Beautiful blonde NUDE muscle boys that were standing there doing nothing but holding a blanket around them. Funny that simple nudity is viewed as porn ? Some would view it as ART as I am sure the photog intended.... None-the-less, that's the world we live in now, or at least the site we participate on... I find it silly but I am only the offender, not the moderator... That section of this thread is now disjointed, but ya'll gonna have to live with it. Sorry for making your Friday night so BUSY, Mr Oz ! But with all that deletin, you'll sleep well !!! 'Side note: Wondering if Oz, like Daddy would permit us posting porn as a link in a thread, where it isnt visible unless it is clicked on ? Sometimes a hint on porn enhances a thread or a point a contributor is trying to make, or in the very least, makes the thread more "interesting"....
  13. This thread is headed for a SPLIT, or the Sandbox.... Let's get back to tomcal......
  14. Everyone NEEDS saving ? You sure about that ? Lets see if I can think of that one person that cant be saved...... Gee, your hiatus has mellowed you.
  15. Grandma rarely has an obsession, but I would love to eat him from stem to stern..... All while carrying him around the room.... I can imagine spreading those tiny little legs and shoving my tongue into those tiny bubble butt cheeks.... And the whole time he is repeating "Papi, papi, papi, papi"..... AND, I would even Swallow !
  16. Well he's busy all summer on Big Brother dear, but you can save your "singles".... He'll be back in the fall, and you can stuff his jock !
  17. OK girls, someone gotta take control here, so I am instituting a new feature, THE BELL..... When things start to get out of hand (unless by ME), the Bell will appear and you Bitches will need to back off and go back to your corners....and kiss and makeup... We are NOT Donald Trumps America ! Everyone has an equal voice here.
  18. But in the meantime you can catch JC in Sharon Needles new music video.....
  19. Well dear Lars, I have it from good, reliable sources that JC loves Big Burly Daddy types, not Fem queens... so I feel pretty safe.....
  20. BROmance Brewing..... The other day mini JC asked Big Boy muslim Fessy IF he would ever have a Showmance, and Fessy replied "Only with YOU"... and he summoned JC to join him on the bed. JC climbed into bed and CUDDLED in Fessy's arms.... It was kinda HOT !
  21. There are enough diff types of guys for us all to be able to enjoy what we like.... There is really nothing to argue over, its a matter of your personal taste. Like what you like and let others do the same... Isnt that what "mature" people do... ? Or are we gonna continue to do the childish "what I like is better than what you like" bullshit ? STOP complaining about what you dont like and just enjoy what you do like ! As for this statement: One of the hardest things to do in ones life, is to get up and go to work everyday. You are so right, but a lot of these boys feel they can get over because maybe they are pretty or have a big dick and shouldnt have to work a 9 to 5.....Lie around and check their phone all day long.... Entitlement comes in ALL colors, until the bills pile up.... But you are either born with a good work ethic or you aint. Lazy will always be lazy....
  22. "I'll be at tomcals crib later today... It's a pot luck supper... I'm bringing my Cock...Catch you there"...
  23. Funny how that works BOTH ways... I do that with the people I despise & loath....unless I am under "gag" order. ( how am I doing, Mr Oz?)
  24. I am so sorry for my choice Solace, but at this juncture, I wasnt looking at hair, skin or weight. My focus was those 2 "plumpers".... and they look like they would do a good job "changing my Depends"....? But OK, HE can cum over too !
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