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  1. asdsrfr


    Thanks for sharing your experience. Many people go there expecting a paradise--but that is one part of Thailand that is not! It is the most un-Thai place in Thailand.
  2. asdsrfr


    Having been a few times I kind of agree with you. I am curious though what element of it you thought was physically dangerous?
  3. Has anyone been recently? Is it doing well--especially on their busy nights of Friday and Monday? I hear a lot about member's experiences at Pointe and 117 but not much about MR recently. I hope it succeeds--I was a real fan of Meio Mundo and my impression is that this would draw the same type of garatos.
  4. asdsrfr

    Mexico City?

    I was at gay pride as well in Mexico City--a huge crowd for the parade route running miles up Ave Reforma and ending in the Zocolo with a music festival right in front of the historic cathedral. The Zona Roza was packed and grindr was super busy with all kinds of paid and free encounters out there. A great time as always for pride weekend there--but not for those who are shy about crowds as they seem to have no capacity limits in clubs!
  5. asdsrfr

    Mexico City?

    Mexico is one of the few places I have been where waiters and bartenders generally acknowledge tips with a "Gracias" which seems to be sincere. In the US--leaving a dollar on the bar after buying a beer is rarely even met with eye contact--much less a thank you. I think that many of the waiters in Mexico are working only for tips and nothing else. I have tipped 10 pesos after a beer(50cents) and always received a thank you. Keep in mind in that for example Tijuana working as a cashier at 7/11 10 hours a day for 6 days a week pays under a dollar an hour!
  6. asdsrfr

    Brazil Questions

    I have had bad luck at times with the banging/construction issue at many apartments and even hotels in Brazil and elsewhere. I likewise like to sleep late on vacation and I think this is a worthwhile thing to inquire on when renting an apartment or booking a hotel. In some cases when I mentioned the construction noise to the apartment host they replied "oh that just started today--sorry."
  7. asdsrfr

    Brazil Questions

    I think that there is no difference between an apartment and hotel in terms of safety unless you are bringing someone back to your room--which I would probably avoid on your first trip. Many hotels may not allow guests at all once you check in anyway--so have fun in the saunas. On my first trip I found a hotel a better place to stay only because of the fact that there was usually an english speaking person at the reception to give advice about taxi's, attractions, the metro, etc. Once I got the lay of the land after my first trip I started using apartments which I really prefer.
  8. asdsrfr

    Back in Mexico

    One of the things I find important in Latin America especially is to treat younger guys with a degree of respect--not like they are your property or employee. This goes a long way. As Tomcal said you will of course have to say no often to requests for money but not talking down to the guys makes for a lot in developing a friendship and getting their friends often leading to more fun.
  9. asdsrfr


    I visit Tijuana often and it is much safer than it's reputation. Certainly it is much better than 10 years ago when the drug cartels had an open war going on and bodies were hanging from the bridges. In general there is less street crime than Rio but the police are still corrupt and best avoided. In addition to Club Extasis there is a strip club on Ave Revolution called Premier where you can have fun with the hot dancers in the back room. You can take a taxi or uber between the two clubs and should be fine. The new pedestrian crossing to San Diego drops you right near Club Extasis but the southbound into Mexico at that entrance closes at 10pm(you can still use the old crossing southbound 24h) and Northbound the new crossing is open 24 hours and usually no line at 2-3 am. A few time a year Club Extasis is taken over by Club Papi for a special event where they have full on sex shows like you won't see many places. Details on the Club Papi website. Have Fun!
  10. asdsrfr

    Mexico City?

    If you want to stay right in the heart of gay nightlife stay on Calle Amberes. Several clubs that go all night and a lot of people out on the street--especially on weekends. I have stayed at the boutique hotel Room Mate Valentina --reasonably priced and right in the middle of the action. Never had a problem with guests. There is a small strip club right next door called BB club with mostly very hot guys from Mexico and Colombia. They will do a private dance in a small booth with you for a fee and you can arrange to meet them later if you like(most are open to this). Mexico City is an amazing city with great food, art, architecture and a very open and vibrant gay scene. It is one of my favorite cities to visit. Enjoy!
  11. asdsrfr

    Some notes on Bogota

    Yes I was there on a Saturday night. Great fun and I drank the cheap booze included with admission--fortunately no hangover!
  12. asdsrfr

    Security in rio

    I have been to Brazil well over a dozen times and never had a problem. I am definitely one of those people who has told all my friends that the dangers are overblown--don't go looking for trouble and you won't find any and so on. That view changed when I was there sat Carnival this year(which admittedly is a higher crime time of year). Two friends I was traveling with were walking together at 10pm in Ipanema near the General Osario subway station and jumped from behind by two guys who put them into chokeholds and tried to rob them(they had not been drinking at all). They are both strong guys and got away but that changed my view of Rio a bit--especially the "safe areas". What seems to have changed for me is as the OP hinted the locals who used to tell me how safe Rio is are now telling me how dangerous it is. I think they really have a sense that the security situation has gotten worse for the everyday resident. That being said. I will continue to visit Rio and love it. I will always follow common sense precautions and never leave the apartment with more than I can afford to lose--and most of all never resist if anyone tries to rob me.
  13. asdsrfr

    Some notes on Bogota

    I think I was at Teatron the same night you were. I recognize the blond twink in one of your photos completely transfixed by the stripper. I love Teatron and Colombia. I was traveling solo so able to enjoy meeting some guys off grindr.
  14. I would add to your list of advice--Never, ever , ever have any illegal substances in your possession in Colombia. One night around 10pm while walking around to try to meet up with a grindr date I found myself in the rather upscale portion of the hills above Chapinero (the gay section of Bogota) on a rather deserted(but upscale) street. Later I would discover that I had confused the address and we were supposed to meet in the more downmarket neighborhood down the hill. Anyway on this street suddenly a motorcycle drove by and did a u-turn. There were two police on board. One walked over to me to ask what was up and where was i going. My Spanish is rudimentary at best and I explained I was looking for a friend. He asked to examine the small knapsack that I was carrying and honestly I did not think I could refuse in that situation. When he looked inside and saw a bottle of ID Millennium and several condoms his look went from astonishment to a question mark to maybe faint disgust. He asked if I way gay and I said yes and he said "go, go". I can imagine if I had had any illegal substance(not that I would have) the outcome would have been a bit more costly or uncertain.
  15. Thank you for a great report. I was there a few weeks ago and had a wonderful time. Where did you stay mostly? Hotels or apartments? Did you use short time hotels for your new friends or bring them back to your place? I didn't have any problems but although hotels in Colombia seem to be a bit more guest friendly than Brazil--some can still be very restrictive and that can kill a good time.