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  1. asdsrfr

    Sauna Moving/Teaming Up

    If it's a nice facility and well run it will get there. There is definitely a clientele for the old MM "boy next door" types.
  2. Does Manny have any leaner twink type guys or are they all tending toward the bigger muscle type guys?
  3. asdsrfr

    January in Mexico

    Tomcal you should open a Brazilian style sauna there!
  4. asdsrfr

    it finally happened

    I hope in the short term aggressive policing tactics don't actually inflame the situation and lead to more aggressive tactics by the criminals. All the police in the world won't stop crime unless the criminals decide not to commit crimes anymore. I echo what other posters have said--my friends in Rio have said that there has been a change in Rio--what was always a bit dangerous has become much more so. That being said I will continue to visit and will only go out with what I can afford to lose and be prepared to give it up at the first sign of trouble.
  5. asdsrfr

    it finally happened

    Glad you are ok Tom. I am in Thailand currently and it is like night and day in terms of security. You can walk anywhere at any hour and not worry about someone assaulting you--much less with a gun. It got me thinking why Brazil is so different in this regard. They have many of the same issues here--division of wealth, weak law enforcement, and so on. I guess the difference must be their mostly Buddhist upbringing. I'll continue to visit and love Rio as a vacation destination but I know longer think about retiring there as I once did. I can't imagine living full-time in a place where you can't pull your phone out in public for fear of getting held up--but that's what the Cariocas have to put up with.
  6. I was in a gay club in southern California and I met a gay Brazilian that lives here who is a strong passionate supporter of Bolsonaro. His take was that the parties in power while paying lip service to gays had also been corrupt and thieves. He also said that anti-gay violence in Brazil is the highest rate in the world(not sure if this is true or not)--and that Bolsonaro would finally do something about the violence and crime for everyone in Brazil. He also said that since making it into the runoff Bolsonaro had moderated some of his rhetoric(sounds like a politician to me..). His final comment was that Trump is much worse than Bolsonaro(Although I really don't like Trump I disagree). Bottom line the whole picture is complex and I do not think Brazil was left with good choices. Whoever gets elected president the garotos will be no less gorgeous!
  7. Would you rent a place in Rio from a guy who supports Bolsonaro? My usual go-to rental in Rio is owned by a gay guy who has been posting pro-Bolsonaro posts on his Facebook. I've known the guy for many years and he is a good guy but his recent political leanings have me re-thinking renting from him. On the other hand I want people to be accepting of my political leanings even if they strongly disagree with me and so I am trying to let it go. The fact that an openly gay man would support Bolsonaro is baffling to me but I guess he is just fed up with crime/corruption and sees a better future with this guy in charge--no matter how distasteful.
  8. asdsrfr

    Recife or Fortaleza

    My experience in Fortaleza saunas has not been great. I have been to Dragon Club a few times and never seen more than one or two working guys on any given night--and that was a Friday/Saturday. It is a beautiful club though. The other major sauna Thermas California might have half a dozen guys in a Friday night--but still nothing like Rio. Their busy night is supposed to be Wednesday but I have never been there on a Wednesday. A few of the guys from this board I've chatted with say that they have much better luck in Fortaleza on grindr or just approaching hot guys on the beach in than they do in the sauna.
  9. asdsrfr

    Photos of Villa Verde

    Is there any problem bringing guests back? Sometimes these upscale gay owned B+B lodgings cater more to couples and do not want short term visitors.
  10. asdsrfr


    Thanks for sharing your experience. Many people go there expecting a paradise--but that is one part of Thailand that is not! It is the most un-Thai place in Thailand.
  11. asdsrfr


    Having been a few times I kind of agree with you. I am curious though what element of it you thought was physically dangerous?
  12. Has anyone been recently? Is it doing well--especially on their busy nights of Friday and Monday? I hear a lot about member's experiences at Pointe and 117 but not much about MR recently. I hope it succeeds--I was a real fan of Meio Mundo and my impression is that this would draw the same type of garatos.
  13. asdsrfr

    Mexico City?

    I was at gay pride as well in Mexico City--a huge crowd for the parade route running miles up Ave Reforma and ending in the Zocolo with a music festival right in front of the historic cathedral. The Zona Roza was packed and grindr was super busy with all kinds of paid and free encounters out there. A great time as always for pride weekend there--but not for those who are shy about crowds as they seem to have no capacity limits in clubs!
  14. asdsrfr

    Mexico City?

    Mexico is one of the few places I have been where waiters and bartenders generally acknowledge tips with a "Gracias" which seems to be sincere. In the US--leaving a dollar on the bar after buying a beer is rarely even met with eye contact--much less a thank you. I think that many of the waiters in Mexico are working only for tips and nothing else. I have tipped 10 pesos after a beer(50cents) and always received a thank you. Keep in mind in that for example Tijuana working as a cashier at 7/11 10 hours a day for 6 days a week pays under a dollar an hour!
  15. asdsrfr

    Brazil Questions

    I have had bad luck at times with the banging/construction issue at many apartments and even hotels in Brazil and elsewhere. I likewise like to sleep late on vacation and I think this is a worthwhile thing to inquire on when renting an apartment or booking a hotel. In some cases when I mentioned the construction noise to the apartment host they replied "oh that just started today--sorry."