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  1. I am going with a friend to Buenos Aires for the month of March. I was intending to fly to Porto Alegre for a weekend during this month but I neglected to leave enough time to get a Brazilian Visa. Here in Vancouver, the wait is 35 days for a visa from the Brazilian Consulate. Does anyone have any experience getting a visa from the Brazilian Consulate in Buenos Aires, would they be any quicker considering that they are neighboring countries.
  2. But SteveMTL, I agree with you on the Grindr issue, I had numerous contacts and most of them specified that they wanted to meet mature men. It seems to be quite easy to get flights on the frequent flyer programs and Avianca is a great airline and is associated with the Star Alliance frequent flyer program. I am going to avoid going through Mexico City and Bogota next time. Neither one of those airports was easy to go through.
  3. I am tentatively planning on February for a month. I want to stay at the Affinity Apt Hotel which was recommended to me by a Colombian friend. I have already taken one short course in Spanish and I will take another longer one from September to November. As I said before, without a working knowledge of Spanish, it would be very difficult to get together with guys in Medellin since nobody seems to know any english.
  4. Thanks Axiom, dumb of me to not think of hiring a gay guide to show me the city, especially this being my first time in Medellin Colombia and considering my minuscule Spanish language skills. I remember hiring Eduardo in Rio de Janeiro, the first time I went there, and he was helpful in showing me the sauna scene. Once again, there were no bars of any kind open anywhere along 57A or on the corner of Oriental. If there had been an open bar I could have had a beer and maybe someone would have clued me into the action. I am hoping to return to Medellin in December, I was told that it is really nice during the Christmas Period. The second Colombian I met from Grindr told me that I should stay at the Infiniti Apart Hotel, close to the big shopping centres and in a good part of town with a lot of pedestrian traffic on the streets.
  5. For anyone travelling from the westcoast, I thought my flights from Vancouver, Canada to Mexico City then to Bogota and Medellin was much worse than my routing on the way back from Medellin to San Salvador, Los Angelos and then Vancouver. Most of the flights were on Avianca. Mexico City and Bogota were both difficult airports to go through customs and find gates, there seemed to be a lot of confusion. San Salvador was well organized and easy.
  6. Thanks for your reply, this was my first time in Colombia and I really like the country, so the fact that I did not find anything at 57a and Oriental was disappointing but I will check it out again next time. I could not find any bars open, if so I would have hung around more. Everything seemed to be closed and barred when I was there. I guess I was not prepared for the Club de Tobi, I was looking for some sort of sign, I should have taken the house number as well as the street number. I looked it up on a gay cruising site for Medellin and it was listed. I agree that the Gran Hotel was the best for the area, there seemed to be office buildings nearby but it must have been deserted at night. Anyway, I will know better for next time. I was really impressed with the friendliness of Colombian guys and there willingness to get together with mature men and now someone has posted a link for gay escorts. There is so much potential in Medellin that I can hardly wait to go back. But, I cannot see how anyone can have a good time until their knowledge of Spanish is at least on a working level. I am starting on that immediately.
  7. I just returned from my two week trip to Medellin, Colombia. My experience was a bit different than TassoJunior; however, I am not as adventurous as he probably is. I do agree with TassoJunior, the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel was one of the most frightening experiences of my life. The 25 mile road winds around the mountain and has many sharp curves, my driver was going at least twice the posted speed limit, texting the entire trip and drifting into oncoming traffic; but he was 21 years old and cute, so all is forgiven. On the way back to the airport, I not only had the same experience but it was 3 AM and he kept the window open the entire trip with temperatures 12 degrees centigrade. But, Colombia has spent a lot of money on infrastructure and roads were perfect, equal to anything in the US or Canada. All the taxi vehicles were small but new and fortunately in good shape; but, during the few times I did take taxis to centro, there were two accidents where people were killed or injured. On the other hand, I used yellow taxis all the time and never had a problem except for the language. I stayed at a 5 star hotel on the edge of town which was a mistake. I felt isolated and despite the fact that it was a very secure area, I did not feel comfortable walking on sidewalks with no other people around. On two occasions, I went to the area around the cathedral and saw no hustlers on either side of the church and absolutely no hustlers on Calle 57A. I could not even find a bar where I could have sat and observed the scene. This was late in the afternoon, everyone advised not to be in that area at night. I also went to the area where Club de Tobi was supposed to be situated and searched the entire area for hours and could not find the club. There did not seem to be any signs and the people I ask, in the area, did not know of any Club de Tobi. I checked out the Gran Hotel and it appeared a bit seedy and not in a very good area for night prowling. I would suggest the hotels in the area of the Santa Fe Shopping centre which is the area called Problado. The area is very secure and there are enough pedestrians to feel comfortable. Taxis are plentiful and cheap and as I said I had absolutely no problem with them. A friend from Pereira visited me and we used the subway and took the Gondola to the top of the mountain. The subway was crowded but safe. Police were very friendly and helpful. I had numerous contacts from young guys on Grindr and they all seemed to be interested in mature men, not necessarily for money, because on that subject they became insulted or even blocked me. I arranged a meeting with a couple of them; but, had a meeting at the bar at the hotel beforehand. One was a disaster. The other one was bilingual and explained the situation in the city and even drove me around in his car to show me the good spots. The big problem in Colombia is that almost nobody speaks English. My Spanish is minimal and I had to rely on the translators on my phone for assistance. Even at the 5 star hotel only the front desk was really bilingual. Despite all these problems, I thought that the city of Medellin and the country of Colombia were great, much better than what I expected. Colombians are very friendly and welcoming. I fully intend to go back again, sooner rather than later, but not until I have a good working knowledge of Spanish. I am enrolled in a Spanish course next week so you can how anxious I am to return. Most of my flights were on Avianca and I found it to be a great airline with friendly staff. However, Mexico City and Bogota are difficult airports to navigate particularly if you do not understand Spanish. I will never understand why I had to collect my luggage and go through customs in Mexico City when it was only a transit point; but, had no customs entering Colombia. By the way, there is an $80 US immigration fee on entering Colombia.
  8. Thanks, I also have met a lot of guys on Chaturbate who seem quite happy to get together with me, of course I don't think that I could use the hotel room or even if I would want to. I have set my GPS to Medellin on Grindr and see a lot of young guys, but none that specifically have Prepaygos mentioned in their title. But, as you said it would be a good idea to have a meeting in public beforehand to ensure they do not have bad intentions. From what I have seen on the web sites Colimbians seem to be open to getting together with mature men, obviously for money, but that is the whole game, isn't it!
  9. Thank you Tassojunior for your information on Medellin. After seeing all the beautiful Colombian Guys on Chaturbate and after all the information I have read on Colombia, plus the fact that many people have told me that it is a beautiful country and very safe, I have decided to fly down for a couple of weeks. I am leaving tomorrow. This being my first time in Colombia, I have decided to stay in a 5 star hotel, at least until I check out the situation. Then, I might move to the Gran Hotel which seems to be nice but is really cheap which sets of alarm bells for me. I do not want to keep delaying, out of concern for safety, which I did before going to Rio des Janeiro only to find out that there was no problem and it was a sexual paradise. By the way, I have used my regular credit card on Chaturbate for over a year now and have never had a problem.
  10. There is not much more I can say, both Nha Trang and Da Nang are beautiful cities, with well developed western resorts and great beaches. The infrastructure seems to be well developed. I think that there are many possibilities for gay men there but it is not an instantaneous situation, the relationship has to be developed. In my situation, I met a nice cab driver on a private tour and we played around in the car, I did not have time to go to a hotel. I only had 8 hours at each location.
  11. I visited Asia and China in February, I found that a lot of the boys that you see on the escort agency site are also available on Grindr, particularly in Hong Kong. There were at least 5 active on the site the two days I was there. I invited one to the hotel. He was several years older looking than the picture on the escort site, but it was the same guy. He understood a little English but we communicated with I-phones and google translate. Once we were in the room he became very demanding. Therefore, next time I think that I will go through one of the larger agencies. I found that it was very easy to meet guys on the street. They are very smart and quickly realized what I was after.. Soon you will find them asking what you will pay for them. Usual fee seems to be approximately 1000 Hong Kong dollars. I also had a couple of offers from young guys on Grindr in Singapore. Vietnam was also interesting but that just seemed to be a chance encounter.
  12. I saw those massage parlour ads on the Utopia site and I was determined to visit some of them when I was in China in 2009. But, I found that it was impossible to find a taxi driver who could understand any English at all. In fact, in Shanghai I had to walk to an International Hotel and ask the doorman to explain to a taxi driver that I wanted to return to the cruise ship. I am returning to Asia for a 4 week vacation in February, and I am determined to visit some of these places, particularly in Singapore and Hong Kong; but, also in Sanya, Shanghai and Beijing if at all possible. I will post any information I have. I find these sites invaluable for real information on the escort scene in foreign countries and I cannot thank the posters enough.
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