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  1. Theolover

    Pointe 202 strippers

    They look amazing!
  2. Theolover

    Mexico City?

    Thanks for sharing the pics, looks like you had fun !
  3. Beautiful baby too no doubt....
  4. Theolover

    Montreal Trip September 21-25 2018

    Thanks for the report. Montreal is one of my favorite cities. Stock is always my fave
  5. Yes please! I love reading about your adventures.
  6. Thanks again... what beautiful young men!!
  7. Thanks for this incredible post numazu1. It was a great read and I loved your pictures
  8. Theolover

    Is THIS Work Appropriate ?

    looks fine to me
  9. Theolover

    Harry Styles just a Little Bit Gay

    Great post. I think he is great as well and agree with all of the above!
  10. Theolover

    Jockstrap commerical causing an uproar

    seems cute to me lol
  11. Thanks for posting! I am loving Timothee Chalamet and also cannot wait to see Beautiful Boy. I have watched Call me by your name 5 times and it is probably one of my favorite films ever.
  12. Sounds like a fun day.. Thanks for sharing
  13. Theolover

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Thanks for posting. He too is another stunner.
  14. I have not seen it yet but I cannot stop listening to this song from the soundtrack. Just beautiful...