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  1. redxs

    Take Care Down Here

    May sound stupid... but I like to take my backpack to the beach with stuff in. What would you suggest? Put stuff in cheap supermarket carrier bag?
  2. Am I mickey or is there another in town too?!
  3. redxs

    Poimte 202 photos

    So is 202 now in pole position with 117?
  4. We can meet for a beer hopefully... we've never been in town the same time!
  5. Anyone in Rio 27 October onwards?
  6. redxs

    Rio: meeting guys safe?

    lol cool... last time I visited Rio a federal cop took me to the shooting range at the Rio HQ! (but I met him on Tinder lol) certainly I will try this... it's ok to chat up straight bar staff? suppose the Rio vibe is a sexy one. certainly some parts of Europe I wouldn't dream of this - personal safety would be at risk lol
  7. redxs

    Rio: meeting guys safe?

    Where did you find the bar tender? Which bar is he at? - always looking for somewhere gay friendly to visit evening time in Rio not long till my next trip!
  8. redxs

    Corujinha's anyone??

    What was this place and why was it special?
  9. I'm not sure the guys are seeking overnights per se? Usually I ask a guy before cabin that I'm looking to take a guy out for dinner and overnight too.
  10. But why Tuesdays in particular? do they go to discuss steroids / working out tips? or has it developed over time that Tuesday is muscle men night! Personally I like muscle men which is why I'm interested!
  11. redxs

    MR as a sex club?

    I'm confused.... so is it a bar, a hustler bar or a sauna? I'm pleased if it's a bar / hustler bar as little to do evening time sometimes.
  12. why is 117 good for muscle on Tuesdays? I also prefer the location of 202... handy as most tourists are based here or Ipanema, so beach in day, 202 afternoon / early evening, Ipanema night-time can't wait till end of October for my next visit!
  13. redxs

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Hey I sent you a PM. What you doing in the day? Solo traveller here. The parade... do people just follow it as it goes through town and ends up in the park?
  14. redxs

    So cute boys in Prague !

    So this weekend will there be anywhere in Prague with naked boys dancing or uninhibited boys looking for fun? The dance party. Alcatraz? Which is the best bet?