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  1. I don't have a visit planned until November.... not fair lol
  2. Did anyone go to this? How was it? Where was the original advert? Did anyone go to this? How was it? Where was the original advert?
  3. Did anyone go to this? How was it? Where was the original advert?
  4. So where would you suggest for muscle men / bodybuilders? Tomorrow as it happens I'm flying to Rio ;-)
  5. Hmmm I'm in Rio next week and staying in Copacabana. Usually in the day I walk to Copa beach or walk or get train to Ipanema beach. I take a rucksack to carry my book and suntan lotion, if I take mobile hide it in front of my shorts! I'm guessing if I take the same precautions as previously things should be OK... crime rate is pretty much same as last year and year before? Some of these posts have got me worried.
  6. Was able to click on the link via my iPhone and it worked
  7. hmmm I can't see this, has it been taken down?
  8. That's almost my week planned! What to do Thursday? Any good walking tours in Rio?
  9. The 38 countries may not need a visa but you do need as ESTA... current price about $14 purchased online in advance. Wonder if Brits will need the ETIAS to visit Europe?
  10. So I'm in Rio and staying in Copacabana 18 - 29 March - who else is in town and would like to meet for a beer at the beach in the daytime or sauna in evening? I know a few guys are in town so if you're game add details here or PM me. Obrigado!
  11. what are the going rates to take a boy for an hour or overnight in Kiev?
  12. 2 weeks to go and i'm in town...……………… way hay!
  13. I'm in Rio 19 - 30 March - arrive back in UK just before Brexit lol Let me know if you or anyone else is in town and fancy meeting for a beer, I'm staying in Copacabana. DM me. Also - Lufthansa have a European flight to Rio... almost half-price return tickets... booked for November!
  14. where do they find the boys to work in these places, especially the new twinks? adverts, word of mouth between friends, brothers?
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