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  1. UBER is uber cheap in Brasil. GIG to Barra was about US $17
  2. Heading to Rio for a few days. Wondering how Manhattan Rios and Pointe are on a Sat or Sun. Never been to Manhattan and the last time I went to Pointe several years ago, I was almost the only one there. Thanks in advance!!!
  3. How do I sign up? Going to Brasil in 2 weeks
  4. don't tease us. . . . pic please? even if it's just a body pic of this god!
  5. What's the current word on this new sauna. Is it alive and working? Planning a trip in a few weeks. Obrigado!
  6. I've been to Fragata at least once a year for the last 10 years or so. Only once did I engage the services of a garoto that I found attractive. Just sayin'
  7. so what's the current word? Is it in business, how is the atmosphere?
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