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  1. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Nice to get away somewhere warm :)!
  2. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    So envious! I guess you must have to have both boys in bed so Zdenek can translate your desires to David. How lucky is that? :)Although i’m sure David is intuitive and should know what to do what comes naturally.
  3. Cany10011

    Refugee from that "other" site!

    Actually, i miss his random posts.. found them entertaining. I hope he is ok as i don’t think he has posted anything in the last week the other site was up.
  4. Cany10011

    How Much Do You Walk A Day?

    I try to run at least 5 miles on most days.
  5. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Perhaps he uses a marzipan flavored soap
  6. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Thanks Pauleiro... i just ddn’t want to get the visiting boys or me into any trouble... given the current political climate. I’m away in Canada this week and have no idea what the election results are like... will have to turn on CNN later.
  7. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    I guess the guys i bring over (i.e., Montreal strippers) looked whoreish and were asked questions like who bought your ticket? And had their cell phone conversations reviewed.... that is why i was a little leary inviting a Czech or polish “friend” especially with their limited English over for a long weekend as that may arouse suspicions. One person had their visit denied and was forbidden to enter for 5 years.
  8. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Tasso It seems like from this trip, Prague is indeed worth revisiting... but requires a lot of elbow grease. At least you have contacts that you can use to fly them over to visit you stateside. That alone i think is worth the investment My only concern for me is that they may not be able to pass the scrutiny of immigration’s probing questions.
  9. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    I recall the Radisson had a small restaurant, albeit Michelin starred.
  10. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Thanks Tasso! The hotel you are staying in looks real nice. I’ve only stayed at the Radisson Blu near the former Escape bar.
  11. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Wow prices have gone up. Tasso, since you have been to Prague so many times, what do you do besides the boys? Is it worth going there and paying something similar (or slightly less than the US)? I have been to Prague twice, but not sure what other touristy things i would do to fill in my time between the boys ...:)
  12. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Wow Tasso ! He actually let you take pics? That is awesome Really nice momentos of your encounter. Wishing you lots of fun on your other encounters!
  13. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Very nice to see all your pics of the boys and of your travels :)
  14. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Unfortunately, all the links are now deactivated. I'm glad you had a go at him though :) sounds like fun!
  15. Cany10011

    Warsaw, Poland

    Yes, it is a boy bar in Prague. Now closed unfortunately....:( lots of twinks there but not for everyone’s taste. The bartenders were far hotter. I once went when there were a few hunky police lined up along the staircase and silly me, i thought they were part of the act, but they were actually conducting a routine inspection for underage dancers... I hired once a twink from Escape whose name “escapes” me now but he certainly was a blonde beauty.