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  1. Cany10011

    Warsaw, Poland

    Yes, it is a boy bar in Prague. Now closed unfortunately....:( lots of twinks there but not for everyone’s taste. The bartenders were far hotter. I once went when there were a few hunky police lined up along the staircase and silly me, i thought they were part of the act, but they were actually conducting a routine inspection for underage dancers... I hired once a twink from Escape whose name “escapes” me now but he certainly was a blonde beauty.
  2. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Then, really, is Prague worth revisiting without the regular stream of escort boys who could come to you? Or, do newbies have to resort to planet Roméo (with many fake and flakey escorts)? I mean, there will be direct flights from Newark and there is a direct one from JFK, but is Prague really worth the hassle?
  3. Cany10011

    Belami porn star?

    Thank you Audihb for your insights I know the average salary in the Czech republic is low, i didnt' realize how much the boys get paid. If they escorted, they probably would get a lot more money than doing porn.
  4. Cany10011

    New York City - any tips?

    Thanks Riobard for sharing that. But i believe someone should tell Tim at Adonis that there is a typo on the ad, the Sunday event listed at Pieces should be at: 8 Christopher St, New York, NY 10014. The address of 753 9th Avenue is the Atlas Club in Hells Kitchen. I like staying in chelsea/ west village areas. It is a chore for me to travel uptown.
  5. Cany10011

    Barcelona - Sauna Thermas

    The few i were interested in, said they didn’t want to do it with their “friend” so we just had one on one.... and, i had rented the large room for the occasion! Even more reason to re-visit.
  6. Cany10011

    Barcelona - Sauna Thermas

    Wow.. you did 9 guys in a weekend? What great stamina! The max i did per day was 3...
  7. Thanks Meteorb... I‘m glad to hear about your trip. Not many reports on Ukraine on this forum. Really helpful. If I go to Poland, i’ll definitely share the info
  8. Thank you Meteorb... this is so useful! The guy i met in Stockholm last year was from Minsk and he was one of the hottest escorts i met. I must go back or fly him somewhere else in Europe (not sure if i can “invite” him to the US without much paperwork). I was also thinking of Poland as an untapped source of fun guys for hire... will have to do more research on that, but really appreciate you sharing your experiences with Ukraine and Belarus. Were there any visa complications (if any?) How was it bringing back a boy to your hotel? Any issues?
  9. Cany10011

    Russia ?

    In the US, prostitutes are known to “flock” to the Super Bowl cities for increased business. There must be some stories during FIFA! Even at a recent medical conference i attended, an Eastern European “massage” guy said that he had no downtime to go out to eat or visit a museum as he was inundated with conference goers.....he mentioned he had between 8 and 10 clients a day!
  10. Yes! I’d be greedy and say yes to both (at the same time)
  11. @numazu1 Thank you for the masterful account and vivid details of your trip. I usually love to travel with friends, but think i may take a page from you and travel with garotos instead
  12. I believe he is on Düsseldorf boys website....cityboys.eu .....so tempting! Thinking about a trip to Deutschland this fall..although that is no guarantee he will be there.
  13. Perhaps try email Tim from adonis lounge. I've been to his parties in nyc, and he seems to have a nice selection of guys. Not sure if they do "private" parties, but doesn't hurt to ask: https://theadonislounge.com/la/
  14. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Velvety looks so much more muscular than when i last saw him 2 years ago! Thank you for sharing
  15. Cany10011

    So cute boys in Prague !

    I would feel awful canceling after he travelled so far... I am not sure what I would do...