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  1. Wow.. interesting. Did not know that poles had the highest refusal for travel visas because of overstays. I guess they blend in well.
  2. Whatever it is called, it probably won’t be a big hurdle for most forum members to obtain and it’s good for 3 years. So it pretty much seems inconsequential especially so many visitors need to jump through bigger hurdles to visit the US (i.e., tourist visa, which are often more timely and difficult to obtain). PS: i really wish it would be easier for some polish guys to visit (have chatted a view on PR, but most cannot come).
  3. Good Avalon! I hope you stabilize and have a plan to resume things that make you happy.
  4. I was there last August and it looked like that.... with the mini fridge and TV playing porn. It is a nice room, but i sometimes felt sheepish as there are so many working boys lurking just outside the door.....
  5. The picture looks like the same bed and layout (minus the champagne bottle and towel art) of the 10 euro room.
  6. I used cabify in Barcelona, but now, i learn it has been suspended too.
  7. Lucky you! It looks like there are a look of cute escorts in London. Wonder what will happen to the escort scene with brexit?
  8. If the pics are truly accurate and reflection of the type of boys working there, then I think 100 euros is great value. Even cheap. In NYC, the rates are double to triple. Overnights are more than 1000 for most guys and some ask for 2K. The cityboys overnight rate is 400 euros for 12 hours. Where are you located redxs? What are the escort rates where you are?
  9. At Thermas Day (Amsterdam) I I met a hot dutch farm boy and had the hottest time with him (non commercial) as well as a smoking hot persian athlete. Both were fun (and free)!! I couldn‘t believe my (traveller’s) luck.
  10. Before the Euro took effect, my friend took me to Amsterdam‘s boy brothel “Why Not”. It was replete with hot available boys for extremely cheap prices. I believe it was about 50 guilders. If none of the onsite boys satisfied your lust, you could pick one from a catalog. The sex rooms were clean, had a nice jacuzzi and shower. Wish those places still existed...
  11. My friend had the same scam in Rome. He was chatted up by a good looking guy who took him to a bar and immediately 2 hookers appeared with drinks... my friend got off easy... at 800$ worth of drinks. At least he didn’t lose a kidney or an eye.
  12. Nice hunk of meat... and the steak doesn't look bad either....
  13. I’m sure you have no problems warming them up Regardless, i avoid Times Square at all costs... but the city is nice to explore during the holiday season.
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