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  1. Thanks Tarte for your insight and for your past, entertaining posts. You are certainly correct that it is an option that one can approach a guy at any time. I would just say that a shy guy/first-timer does not have to worry about approaching Guys as he will be approached. Jack, if you see the one guy that just does it for you across the room, by all means approach him, introduce yourself, and maybe ask if he wants a drink. I have confessed previously that I fell head over heels for exactly one sauna boy after many visits. His name was Alex, a Guatemalan at Thermas in BCN (not a common national background for saunas). Trust me, I approached him on several visits as he was probably the hottest man I have ever seen. I can still picture sex with him and the enthusiasm he showed in tonguing my hole so gently and so thoroughly before fucking me hard with a scarily thick cock and never forgetting to stop frequently for dep kisses. If you see your own personal “god,” grab him while you can!
  2. Hi Jack You specifically mentioned my review so I hope I can help. We all had a very first time so questions are understandable. First, I have no idea which post mentioned “sauna attire” but there really is no such thing in my experience. When you arrive, there is first a front desk where you will pay an entrance fee and you will be given a towel, a locker key and flip-flops. It is good to know your shoe size in European size (for instance, US size 12 is 46 in Europe/Spain). You simply go to your locker, take off all your street clothes and store, and put on the towel and flip-flops. I maybe have seen a few people at different saunas stay in street clothes but I think it appears a little odd (others may disagree). Yes, there is a bar area to get a drink at Adan and every sauna I have visited. They charge it to the number on your locker key and you pay a total as you exit. Engaging the guys really isn’t an issue. They will one by one begin to engage with you and quickly. During my first visits, I found the hardest thing initially was finding a polite way of turning guys down (I usually say something like “I am just hanging out for now”). They will then look for someone else and a new guy is sure to approach you soon. When you find one you are interested in spending time with, they will usually begin my strokzing your leg, kissing you etc. You then try to communicate your preferences (for me, things like top or bottom, will they deep-kiss, will they cum, etc.). Then, you negotiate a price (I try to get them to agree that is a “final” price and not open to further negotiation). I would recommend personally that tips are appropriate for those that go “above and beyond” but I know others here say “never.” The guys will lead you to a cabin (in some saunas, you go to the front desk to retrieve a key...which means that you will have the room added to your sauna bill...but that isn’t the case in the two Spanish “rent boy” saunas). After you have your fun, , you meet the guy at your locker and pay him (typically after a shower). These are the basics I would think for a first-timer but happy to answer any additional questions you may have! Do keep in mind, the saunas in Brazil and Barcelona are certainly more highly recommended but there is no reason to miss Adan if you are in Madrid.
  3. I had posed a question on the status of Sauna Adan but just returned from Madrid and can give an update myself. I think some of the negative reviews here were a little exaggerated. The sauna is located a few blocks off one of the largest streets in the city and is an easy and safe walk from anywhere in central Madrid. I found the individuals working at the front desk perfectly polite (nothing like some previous posts). The facilities were fine (definitely not as nice as Thermas in Barcelona with a much smaller bar area but nothing so horrible that it should deter anyone from going). There were usually about 20+ guys working when I went (around 6:00 in the evening). It is definitely not anything like the numbers at 117 on a Tuesday night (I have never seen a selection like that!) but I think most people will find someone to their liking. Everyone with whom I had a programa or with whom I had a conversation (during 3 visits) was from South America. Lots of Colombians but also Brazilians and Venezuelans. Others had reported meeting Eastern Europeans but strangely I never met a person from that region. A few were a bit long in the tooth maybe but I think you get that anywhere. Here was something I found a bit unique about the experiences. It seems 50 euros is a set price and no one really tried to haggle over the rate at all. Many guys at Thermas tend to first give a higher price and I was quoted outrageous “gringo”prices at first in Brazil. Here it is just assumed that everyone pays 50 euros. On the negative side, the programas seemed a bit shorter than perhaps ones I have had at Thermas or in Brazil. Maybe longer sessions could have been up for negotiation but I actually enjoyed the elimination of haggling and worrying if I was paying more than others! Also, the guys all seemed willing to be versatile. I only bottom myself but I have the “curse” of being a bottom who is rather well-endowed. Some of the guys definitely seemed interested in bottoming for me but didn’t happen! In summary, I don’t think Adan is quite as good as the experiences in Barcelona and Brazil but anyhow me in Madrid should check it out as it works fine and there are so few places in the world where you can have this experience.
  4. Tasso or others- I have been to Thermas many times but I have never been clear about the "private" rooms (likely because I don't speak Spanish fluently and haven't tried to ask). In Rio saunas, the gp typically goes and gets a key to a room once time together has been planned. At Thermas, we have typically just used any open room. Would a visitor request a private room at check-in (in the way one does at a mom-remtboy sauna usually)? Are the private rooms on a lower floor? Are there sheets that are changed like at many saunas (I know you just lie towels down in the cubicles). May be interested in renting a private room sometime although I never had an issue with the normal cubicles (never noticed a lack of AC). I asked this in another thread and never received an answer. Sorry to sound like a broken record but does anyone have any updated info on Sauna Adan in Madrid. Basically, is it still open? (No active website I can find) ANY other info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thanks Episevilla for being the most recent poster on Sauna Adan. There has been some conflicting info here on whether the sauna is still open. Can anyone else confirm it is still open? The place seems to have a bad reputation with many who have commented. Is it just that the place needs renovating? I wouldn't call the saunas in Rio luxury palaces but they serve the purpose fine. Or is just a limited selection of guys? Mostly just looking for updated info!
  6. Thanks all for the nice feedback. It certainly provides motivation to do more reporting. I am glad the non-sauna comments are appreciated as there is so much to experience in the city. I returned to 202 tonight. I didn't expect it to be as busy as it was as on Wednesday and that was definitely the case. I decided to go there (against the general advice here) as it is just so close to my hotel. Strange how the place doesn't do better business since it is so much more convenient to where most would stay when visiting and the facilities/staff are nice. Anyhow, it didn't really matter that it was less busy as I went with one guy and that was all I needed. He went to completion three times... I was shocked when he was ready for the third time so quickly (I am about 15 years removed from that sort of energy!!). So good experience. If I have one quibble with Rio saunas (compared to Barcelona)...it is that the "re-negotiation" of the rate is brought up seemingly more with Rio guys during the programa. Not that you end up paying anything outrageous..but it is better (from my perspective) not to discuss money again once you've started and agreed upon an amount. Maybe others know the language to use with a guy and avoid that happening. Some non-sauna items: -I knew about Carnaval and the big event in the sambadrome. But, I didn't realize how much it goes on for locals and others in the weeks leading up to that event. This was a big weekend for block parties which are how most cariocas celebrate Carnaval. They are all over the city and hotels can recommend good ones from postings online. They involve a band playing great music with the crowd dancing and drinking with friends. People dress up in costumes (more homemade, not the elaborate ones you see from the big event). Those here would probably be most interested in the hot guys whose "costume" of choice is "as little clothing as possible." I am attaching one pic which gives a flavor of a block party with the highlight being the guy in the center. He is not a GP obviously but is a "look" you find in the saunas. He caught my eye as he was an absolute mountain of a man (like 6'5" or so). He could show up to work in a sauna wearing that outfit and he certainly would get my attention!! - Everyone will see Christ the Redeemer and you should. But, make sure you hit Sugarloaf also. For my money, it has equal or better views and is a more enjoyable experience. The C the R statute has a relatively small viewing area and it is like being in a crowded club...with the added fun of selfie sticks in your face and people lying on the ground for the perfect photo. Sugarloaf is indeed popular but there is more space to savor the views and even have a drink as you look over the beautiful city -I thought the cathedral (near downtown) was worth a visit. Unless you are a big fan of uber-Brutalist architecture, I think most people would find the outside rather ugly. But, it works better on the inside with the amazing stained glass windows. -Here is something I would recommend skipping (unless you are a huge futbol fan)...Maracana stadium. The inside is closed (lots of problems since Olympics), not much to see outside, and not really an interesting neighborhood from what I could see. -It can't be stressed enough how casual the dress is in Rio. I packed mostly dressier shorts and polo shirts...and I have felt conspicuously over-dressed at times. I have even eaten at a few nicer restaurants. Does not matter. As long as you put on a shirt...any shirt really...you are "good to go" -Talking food. I have found the food good but haven't had a spectacular meal yet. I think I was spoiled from my last visit to Brazil when we spent time in Salvador/Bahia. The food there (especially seafood) was some of the best I have ever had. I will note one rather unique restaurant option in Rio. The "per kilo" buffets. Let me be clear...this is not "fine dining" but the one where I went had perfectly decent food with lots of options. I mention this option here as it seemed to be a popular choice for solo diners (and some here may be traveling solo). The one where I ate appears to be among the best known and is on the same street as 202 (on the block closest to the beach). Again, thanks for the feedback, I hope a first-time visitor to Rio and/or saunas found something useful in my reports.
  7. Your advice on Uber is probably the way to go. Ironically, I had recently deleted Uber as the CEO was involved with a committee formed by the new US administration. To his credit (IMO), the CEO has since resigned from the group. There had been mixed reviews of Pointe 202 here but I went on a Wednesday night and it was packed. Rooms are free on Wednesdays and I think the facilities were just as nice as 117 and, more importantly, the selection and variety of men was on par with what I had seen the night before at 117. Of course, I say "variety" but dark-haired, muscular, week-old scruff, and fashionable tattoos are the predominant type at both establishments! The asking price also seemed the same at $150R. 202 is very convenient to Copa hotels and near a Metro station if coming from elsewhere. Guys did say that it is much less busy on other nights. I did have the experience of one guy showing me pictures of his wife and 10-year old daughter. I know that situation is common but still takes a little getting used to. This may be the type of info that no one here cares to hear so I apologize if that is the case. But, I thought I would mention a few other attractions to keep one busy during the day outside of the ones everyone knows. -The bonde (tram) to Santa Teresa provides a look at a neighborhood in the hills of Rio that has a very different vibe from the beach areas. The neighborhood has a mixture of arty/bohemian shops and cafes and restored mansions. There are great views from the tram and the station is close to Cinelandia metro. Runs every 20 minutes and costs $20R. -Esacadaria Selaron (same neighborhood): stairway to Santa Teresa neighborhood that is covered in tiles (created by one artist over his lifetime) that is colorful and interesting to see. Fun to spot where the tiles originated (people from around the world sent tiles to the artist) -Catete Palace/Museum of the Republic (right at Catete Metro): like a smallish European-style palace with gardens. Was home to Brazilian presidents and one (Vargas...a bit like a Brazilian FDR maybe) shot himself in the bedroom. They have the gun and bullet he used on display. Mostly of interest to see European styles transported to tropics. -Forte de Copacabana (south end of beach)- great views and the two cafes provide one of the most pleasant places I have seen to sit and have a drink/snack (and espcially on a hot day....just sitting there and taking in the view under shade trees is worth the $6R admission). As an added bonus, it is an active military installation and there are plenty of hot young soldiers walking around. If I hear no feedback, I will skip the travel commentary. But, bottom line is that no one should hesitate checking out 202 (at least on a Wednesday!)
  8. I thought I would start a thread detailing my February 2017 visit to Rio. Many of the contributors here are veterans with the scene (and I thank them for all their input) so I hope my contribution can be what it is like as a first-timer. I have visited the city previously but it was with friends and I did not partake of the delights of the saunas. I hope to give some advice on "first-timer" mistakes and I also hope to share some of the non-sauna things I do if anyone is interested (again, I have already done the big ones such as Corcovado, Sugarloaf, Botanical Gardens previously). I arrived today and was pleasantly surprised with how efficient, modern and friendly the immigration/customs process was at the airport. I was prepared for long lines but it all went quickly and smoothly (arrival at about noon during high season). It was much faster than my experience in US airports recently! It was then that I had my first-day problem. Perhaps veterans can offer some advice on this one. I was thoroughly ripped off by the taxi from the airport to the hotel. I took a taxi from arrivals curbside and it was yellow/blue and had an official license (things others have said to check) I also know my geography well enough to know it took the direct route. But, the meter was obviously rigged as the amount was way above what is expected (I would be embarrassed to even say how much it was). I knew the amount was way too high but sometimes you just get off a long international flight and don't have the energy to fight in a language you don't know...so I paid. Anyhow, the hotel told me that rigged meters have become more of a problem lately and that arranging a ride with a company inside the airport is better. Lesson learned for me but it was frustrating of course (who likes to be taken advantage of?) and maybe others have advice on how to avoid this scam. I rested a bit at the hotel pool and then headed for a Tuesday night at 117. I was there in an early timeframe (5-7) and the place was packed! If it gets any more crowded later in the evening, it would be a fire hazard! There were people standing throughout the hallways (with the GPs flashing their goods). The selection was outstanding! This is NOT a complaint but it may have even have been a bit overwhelming for a first time (I may have been better off with a "training wheels" night for a first visit rather than arriving on what others say is the busiest night of the week). Rooms are free on Tuesdays but the desk clearly states they are free for 30 minutes only. At the front desk (staff friendly and helpful), I was given a key. Lockers are in the basement. I was a bit confused by this part as someone just magically appeared at my locker with towels and sandals (they even had my right size although no one asked my size). I did notice that there were obvious regulars as the GPs seemed to know many of the customers and groups of boys seemed to gather in groups around certain customers (maybe some regulars here?). I have to say that I was a bit shy being my first time and went with two guys who approached me (rather than me choosing...honestly, I am not sure where I even would have begun as there were so many hot guys). I bought both guys drinks (they go for Gatorade) and was happy they eagerly kissed right in the bar area. I have been to Thermas in Barcelona and have noted many guys there won't kiss where their buddies can see them outside of a private room. The going starting rate seemed to be $150R. I know others here have said that is overpaying but again I am a newbie! I ended up paying the second guy a bit more because I wanted to do so. I have noticed the etiquette on this message board is to not delve into explicit details so I will respect that. But, he did something I didn't even request but he did it passionately and I loved it! Both guys did ask for more to "milk" but honestly that wasn't a must for me. Here was a surprise for me...the women sitting right outside the rooms who come in and clean them when you are done. God bless them as that must be a difficult job to explain! Is it common to tip them in any way? I thought about it but didn't have cash when I went upstairs to the rooms. After your time, the GP follows you to your locker area (while staying a respectful distance away which was nice). The guys do seem very interested in getting your WhatsApp number for later meetings. I found the checkout process professional also. One additional note on going to 117. I obviously had a bad experience with a taxi so I took the Metro to/from the Club. I found it modern and very easy to use. You purchase cards at machines located near the turnstiles. I did notice the machine I used didn't give change so make sure you have an appropriate reais bill for how much you want to have loaded on a card. The walk from the Gloria Metro stop was short and seemed very safe. I find Google Street View helpful so I knew exactly where I was going. The area near the station is full of people in an informal market of food and other wares. Some will always use taxis I know but I really found the Metro a safe and quick option. Hope this is helpful. I will report additional info as I experience the trip. I may try 202 tomorrow.
  9. Thanks Bobbalino and hope you are enjoying your trip. I will be in Rio next month and new to the sauna scene there so I hope you don't mind if I ask you or others a couple of questions. Do the private cabins in all three Rio saunas lack AC? Does a more expensive option buy you AC? (I have mostly read here that it buys you more space/a private bath but no mention of AC vs. no AC). That could be a very important factor in making a choice for rooms in hot weather! Also, I am curious if your less than stellar experiences at 202 and NMM signify a lack of guys working period or a lack of guys working who are your type? I have read here that guys at 117 are perhaps more attractive/muscular on average ( the muscular part isn't as essential to me) compared to the other two saunas. I haven't read that the rate for programas at 202 or NMM are any less expensive than those at 117 if the selection is so much better at the latter. I am just trying to figure out why the guys at 117 are consistently viewed as better by many here (quantity/quality/more of a certain type?) I love hearing the perspectives of everyone. Just please don't tell me to "look it up on Google." I know what Google is and use it everyday but come here for more personal and updated insights! Thanks.
  10. Young11 I am not sure I will be super-helpful as my last visit to BA was about 6 years ago so much could have changed. I am like you in that I don't really want to go on the web (although soytoyo.com does seem like a great site). I also share your interest in tops who kiss passionately. When I was in BA, I did stop by and the Ideal Cinema a few times and it worked. No, it is nowhere as "easy" as the Brazilian saunas and there is less privacy. But, I remember it as a huge place with multiple screens. It took awhile to figure out what was going on where. If I remember correctly, the first floor had working guys and it was fairly easy to pick out the working guys (and inexpensive). I did get fucked by one incredibly hot/hung top who literally pulled me out of the seats and topped me on the edge of the stage. On the second floor were several theaters and I remember some being for female/TS for pay. One was full of (I assume) straight Argentines who were looking for bj's for no cost (I had a couple of good expereinces there). Of course, you had to find an attractive one!! All in all, I found it a rather unique place (mostly due to how many different theaters and "themes" in each one.. I have no idea if it still operates as I remember but maybe others here can chime in. I do remember that it was in a safe neighborhood right in the center of the city so there was little investment in checking it out. In any event, happy searching and the city is lovely!
  11. Thanks Tomcal and Bobbalino for your replies. I know you both have contributed to this site often so I really appreciate your insight! You have convinced me that I should definitely give Pointe 202 a try and I hope to give a report on what I find! I really look forward to seeing how the Rio saunas compare to Thermas and find Tomcal's comment about the environment helpful. I have always found Thermas to be safe, enjoyable and friendly. But, it definitely is a place where most are circling to make the connection without much other socializing/entertainment happening (which is perfectly OK). But my impression is that the saunas in Rio have more going on with shows, etc. I would say that I have found a large percentage of boys at Thermas to have decent fluency in English and I have enjoyed getting to know them and their stories a bit more. I have read on this site that the boys in Rio may not be as fluent in English and I am sure my Portuguese is even more limited!...so I am hoping that I am still able to make a little additional connection with some of the guys in the way others here have described.
  12. More a lurker on this site than a regular participant but I always enjoy the contributions of others. I will be visiting Rio (first time on my own) from February 14-21. Like trzinko, I would love to hear from anyone who may be in the city at the same time and may want to meet up for coffee (or just traveling to a sauna together for extra safety and company!) I did also have two specific questions that probably have been discussed previously but I thought I would throw them out and see if I get some more current feedback. Others here seem rather down on Pointe 202 (compared to club 117 or meio mundo). But, it is so convenient to my hotel in Copa!!! Just wondered if the more experienced her recommend skipping 202 altogether (or if a specific day of the week is better for a visit). My second question is VERY broad but I love reading what others have to say. I have visited Thermas Sauna in Barcelona 20+ times and I have always had positive experiences. For those who have visited both Thermas and saunas in Rio, what would you say were the biggest differences in your experiences between the two (especially in how you approach/interact with the boys). I appreciate any feedback and love hearing different perspectives. I would also be happy to report on anything of interest to others who may be planning a visit after February (especially from the perspective of a relatively "newbie")
  13. Thanks Lurker. I appreciate the very helpful information. Wanted to make sure I was using a reputable company.
  14. Thanks to all for this extremely helpful information. I am an infrequent poster but greatly appreciate the stories and insights of others. I have been to Brazil twice before but with friends. I am thinking of making a third trip alone early next year so I can more fully partake in the saunas, etc. I have read the posts here that the sauna culture not last for many more years and that has motivated me!! I may be asking questions here several time before my trip but I had one basic question now (I apologize if this is the wrong thread or if this has been covered elsewhere). But, what is a reliable/relative fast company to use for obtai ing a visa (mine has been expired)?I would probably be using the "concierge" service noted on many sites. Thanks so much for any help!!
  15. I can give you impressions based on my 5-6 visits. Very safe neighborhood in my opinion. Eixample neighborhood; perhaps 5 or so blocks west of main gay area. I have usually gone between 5-8 the evening. It seems many guys start to leave at around 8 (get back home for dinner?; I know it is a great pre-dinner activity for me!!). I have always seen at least 25 guys working during that time period. I have been given rates from 50-100 euros but never paid more than 80.
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