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  1. it would be great, if some ipanema hotels, would be added to the list....
  2. really great story, and very well written. not to mention the photos....
  3. until now, i have heard or used pills for malaria, not vaccine. vaccine actually exists since 2015/16, but it is protecting small number of people. (according to internet) can someone comment on malaria vaccine? and travel to colombia or any other country from brazil?
  4. trzinko

    10 hour layover in Bogota

    airport is close, immigration is fast. however 10 hours is little, and i have no idea what to do with luggage.... if you check to final destination, which is not in colombia, luggage will stay in transit system. i have done 3 internal flights in colombia in 2016. on any one of them luggage came 1 flight later, and it was delivered to my hotel. but it arrived.
  5. i was in thailand the last time in 2010, and i plan to go again in the next winter. in 2010 phuket was nice and popular, nice beaches and great clubs with boys. at last i have heard comments about phuket, that were not so good. so i looking for recomendations, where to go in thailand, where you can find clear water and nice boys. and please do not mention Pataya. i was there and i did not find it clean and nice enough. any better suggestions?
  6. trzinko

    Brazil trip March 2018

    i have been to ilha grande in january. beautiful. it was my second time because it is so beautiful. you have to take several tours. particularly south part of island is nice. grindr is almost empty here. several garotos in angra dos rios, which is 12 km away, but not on a island. it is the best that you bring a friend with you from rio.
  7. trzinko

    Rio Cash Exchange

    airport is really the worst. do not exchange there, because they rip you off. maybe only for taxi or other type of transportation. i was staying in ipanema. there are 2 exchange booths on praca general osorio. one in north east corner and one one on west side. they both had surprisingly good exchange rates in january for euro. when international spot rate was 3,94 they paid 3,90, which is excellent for brasil. but i was exchanging money only for the boys, for all the rest i was using cards, which produce similar rate.
  8. trzinko

    Rio - january 2018

    Yesterday was a great party in rio. Show of 13 samba schools in Rio in Copacabana. Great, carneval in 1 hour. I enclose some puctures. Also my friend thiago came. He is 20 years old slim mulato. I will write more about him tomorrow. I found him on internet on one of social networks. Sorry guys, whenever i try to load picture it is saying error 200. Obviously, i will have to get home for you to see photos
  9. I arrived to Rio yesterday mornings ng. Arrival was very fast. I was second at immigrationand when i got to luggage my suitcase was already on the belt. I rented a nice studio just a few steps rrom Rio metro station on Praca general osorio. Wheather is gray, but warm with occasional sprinkle. But it is not beach weather. This is surprising me, because i always come here in january and it was always sunny. In the late afternoon i went to 117. I arrived there at about 18.00. It was quiet a lot of people in the club, half more boys, then customers. What it was surprising to me, all familiar faces, from last year. Only 3-4 boys were new to me. I saw Fernando and Pablo,. While i was in club for 2 and half hours, they did not have any customers. Some negative reports on them here, and Brazilian customers also talk. But as i said, a lot of familiar faces, almost like a renuion. I was hoping to meet Ricardo, but he did not show up. I have chosen Gabriel, 23 year old white boy. Very big cock. Nice session, but not unforgetable. Promised 150 with leitada, paid 170. I have returned to Ipanema with metro at around 21.00. Shower time, all the places on Rua Farme de. amoedo were almost empty, with exception of Tonemai, that was packed. A lot of familiar faces, obviosly the same people take vacations in January. Also some boys , who were there on business. I finish my evening with a few sushis at Koni. Tasty.
  10. i was thinking that there is enough common sense that nobody of the members would talk about this internet sight in the saunas. obviously it is not.... it is to bad, because this talk should be ours and very private. we all know how much english do boys know. the would should never be able to find this internet sight alone..... to bad....
  11. one of the very basic rules for out of souna encounters (beach, bars, clubs, grindr). if guy is young, and he looks below 20, check his ID. every brazilian has ID. do not mess with younger boys, because you may have serios problems.
  12. when in brazil, i somehow avoid boys that have been to europe or US before. i somehow feel that they have lost part of their brazilian "tesao" and that they are not so natural any more. also attitude can be problem with this internationals. luckily brazil is big enough to bring unlimited number of new boys every year.
  13. we have had this discussion several times before. yes, i will defenitely bargain, if they offer me something what is out of market. so, i will not bargain, if they say 100 or 120. but if someone offers 200, i will try to bring price down to normal range. on the other hand, i will always tip, if service is good. i will always give 50 reais more, than what was negotiated, but only if the service was good. mostly is. but i would not pay if if someone, was combing his hair, while fucking me. it maybe sound stupid to negotiate from 150 to 100, and then pay 150. but protects the uality of service. and i think the boys know and expect that.
  14. trzinko

    Reviews of Online Rio Escorts

    i was always very happy with my appartment visits. but i really never paid 300 USD. i think the biggest number for overnight i paid 400 reais, and for an 2-3 hours evening visit... a few drinks, going for dinner and a hot hour in my appartment was 200 reais. at the beginning they suggest higher price, and when i say dinner and 200 reias because this is what other boys request... they pull back and say: i will do it for this amount. a cute 22 year old mulato with six packs was saying: ok, if you are paying the dinner.... when i said 500 reais i thought that i will have to pay for dinner myself. lol
  15. trzinko

    New Meio Mundo

    meio mundo was always my favorite sauna. not so much muscled boys, but more next dore boys up to 25 years with huge equipment. i am traveling in january and i would really like to know the status of meio mundo before i go. so i would appreciate "november and december" visitors to comment on quality and number of boys in meio mundo. thanks,