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  1. please tell more about city, beaches, and boys n the city....
  2. peru has a GDP per capita slightly lower then brazil or colombia. culture is the same latin.... so i think the availability of boys should be about the same. this is my asumption, but have never been there. but i have a plan to go. so, i would be really happy, if someone whould share some experience with us.
  3. pauleiro, your discriptions are fantastic. as that i would be there... i can hardly wait, that you get to recife and write us a report. because i have it on my "to do list" i would like to hear more abour boys in the city, beachees, any gay beach and of cource saunas and grindr in the city. waiting for your next report....
  4. studulike, where did the incident happen? copacabana? ipanema? any other beach?
  5. brazilian id is showing date of birth. whenever i have been in doubt, that guy has 18 years, i have asked for id. and it was never a problem. just once with a guy on ipanema beach, who offered himself twice on the same day, but he didn't have id. based on that i have declined a meeting with him. all other boys, who i have asked, had their id available for inspection without any problem. i am not saying that brazilian id can not be counterfeited, but for me this is additional step for security.
  6. i would like that you tell us more about Florianopolis and beaches. gay beaches. any possibility of meeting guys there to meet a rich uncle. i was pretty succesful with this on ipanema. i would love to hear details about florianopolis, because i investigate an option to go there if it is good and better then ipanema.
  7. i would also like to hear more. i have it on my list for next year....
  8. in tawan i did not ask. in other clubs (jupiter) 2.000 bht, moonlight (2.000 - 3.000). moonlight has a really good quality. moonlight models want 5.000, but majority of them do not perform satisfactory - according to mamasan. regular boys at moonlight are much better choice. grindr 1.200 - 2.000 (but sometimes you do not get, what you see on picture)
  9. i have visited tawan about 2 weeks back. there is nothing more to see there. Boys are mostly old, and more fat then mussled. one of them even had more silver hair, then i do. at night when i was there (mid-week), nobody took any boy out of tawan. place is obviously going to history.
  10. i was staying in hanoi for 3 nights in mid january this year. i have stayed at hotel Golden rice. there is no problem to bring back the guests to your room for a few hours. one of them, was coming at 23.00 and said at reception, that he will give me a massage. lady at athe reception was only giggling, but no problem. same at hotels in hoi an and saigon.
  11. it would be great, if some ipanema hotels, would be added to the list....
  12. really great story, and very well written. not to mention the photos....
  13. until now, i have heard or used pills for malaria, not vaccine. vaccine actually exists since 2015/16, but it is protecting small number of people. (according to internet) can someone comment on malaria vaccine? and travel to colombia or any other country from brazil?
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