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  1. Isn't there a consumer board that you can report them to?
  2. OK you came on this thread to post like 5 times just to "dismiss" sure How about someone with some insight into this situation.
  3. More like about culture I mean how many of you know what "patricinha e mauricinho" means Unfortunately spending a lot of time in saunas doesn't give you the real Brazil experience who could have imagined
  4. whatevs a figure of speech man. You might learn something though, if you think the guys who come to 117 are actually a real cross-section of the guys who live in Rio atm at least: they're not.
  5. alright not exactly 100% what I'm talking about but this comes close to the look I'm talking about (and there's also a way of acting that goes with it, they're tops straight (or whatevs) who come only to do gay4pay, and are below like 26-27 yrs old, and they're from a certain socioeconomic status/culture in Brazil or at least act according to that culture) also this or this
  6. "Most of the guys you fucked": there's your problem, in part. These guys I'm talking about wouldn't let you fuck them. So it's not the guys I'm talking about. I think it's very possible that for people who weren't visiting the saunas 10 yrs ago or more, they don't know what I'm talking about. I'd have to show you the type in Rio in person in that case. I gave one example at 117 (although he's non-white). I don't really know how to put this though. You're right it's like we're on different worlds because I frequented the place this whole year and there are 0 white guys. And no I'm not saying they need to look like Ryan Gosling. Would you mind dm'ing a picture of a guy you're talking about? Give me like 20 min and I'll post a photo of the type I'm talking about.
  7. To people who don't have issues over not having sexual access to a certain type, my question still stands. Not really interested in social justice/political talk. This is actually an interesting question to think about, there's been a very real change in the type who shows up at the saunas since at least 2011-3. The question is why.
  8. I see I've triggered the social justice brigades! Get over yourselves. Nobody comes on your threads to bitch about your preferences, so be nice and do the same. Nobody cares about your issues, guys. Yes it's spelled "capish" in American Italian slang lol I'm an Italian from Long Island now I'm going to get lectured by someone who looks up wiki And yea the only architecture in Brazil before Europeans arrived were grass huts, that's just historical fact, sorry to say.
  9. You might need to do a bit of googling yourself. The "Moors" were Berbers who don't look like what you think they do. South Europeans have always been olive skinned and it doesn't come from Moorish or even Semitic blood. This is irrelevant because even north Europeans can get very dark in summer. The only people who can't pretty much are the Irish. This is why skin color is not a reliable guide for race. It's a genetic reality that is measurable in the latest studies, and that insofar as we're concerned, mostly shows in facial structure. (You're also wrong about the Moors "building" the Spanish cities, that's just more fake news my friend. Pls learn some Spanish history and the timeline of the Reconquista. Some of the most pleasant Spanish cities on the north coast were never under Moorish control and much of Spain was liberated long before 1492. You're talking about a couple of cities in the south. Madrid is a very nice city, most of that architecture is after the colonial age.) Brazil was actually founded by Europeans, not "colonized" by them, unless you mean those as synonyms. There was no country "Brazil" before the Portuguese and Dutch arrived, or any country at all, just grass huts. Whether you like it or not, the historical reality of Brazil is that the upper class and upper middle class have remained predominantly white, which was renewed by immigration from Europe since Brazil's founding. It is also the case that it is the LOCALS, not the tourists in Ipanema and Leblon who are the Brazilian whites I'm talking about. And I come to Brazil in part because I'm attracted to THEM...capish? They're no more equivalent to a white person in Europe than you are to a guy from Nigeria. It's a different culture, different oulook, different look and different way of life. Stop being a racist. I've lived here over 8 years, I know the people very well, and you have a lot of prejudices about this place and don't know what you're talking about. To the rest who've replied. The problem I'm talking about in my original post is very real, whether you guys want to admit it or no. I don't know what the situation is in the saunas in Porto Alegre, but in Rio at 117 there always used to be a couple of the "white bodybuilder" or "white surfer dude" types in 2010-11 and before, and that's no longer the case. Other people I know, who don't post here, have complained about the same. Someone who WORKS at Lagoa in Sao Paulo has told me that this is a real problem there as well and that their profile of garoto has changed since the owner there got sick/died. At 117 there are presently a couple of white guys, but they're in their 40's I believe, and there are also a couple of very good looking but very gay white guys too. Not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the surfer/bodybuilder "Patricinho" type, of which there were always a couple, usually straight bodybuilders who did gay4pay, but that's no longer the case for quite a while. I was wondering if this is because of changing economy in Brazil or because the policy has changed inside 117 itself, or because they do online now, or if they have another place they go, or whatever. The closest current example would be Fernando, who you all hate for being the best-looking guy there and for being arrogant, but he's not really white as he himself will be quick to tell you. However in looks and general manner that's what I'm talking about, and that hasn't been around 117 in years, although, again you do see them among the (very rich) local boys in Ipanema. I was wondering why this is. I would be more than happy to be proven wrong if one of you can direct me to an example or dm me a photo. I'll buy you dinner or something. I'm looking for a new guy.
  10. White is mostly about facial structure, not skin color. Skin color is highly changeable because of tanning in the sun. I'm attracted to a certain facial structure. Maybe things have changed recently but for the last few years there are almost no whites at 117, almost all are mixed with black/Indian and it really shows in the face. Of course Italians are white, and Portuguese too, and I like them very much. There always used to be some, but no longer. If someone has an example of a young white bodybuilder who frequents 117 now I'd be convinced. You can also dm me if you don't want to put their picture in public. I see I triggered some people! Sorry but we all like what we like. This has been a real change for me in the last few years, and some others I know have also noticed it. SolaceSoul: Brazil was founded by white people (Europeans). They still exist there, you know, not just in Europe! And I go to Brazil not just for the men, but because I like the country. But I do like the Brazilian whites quite a bit, and you see plenty of them in Ipanema! BadBoy: I'm not talking about the "gays in Ipanema." I'm talking about the local guys who do bodybuilding and martial arts. They are very rich though, probably they would be able to pay US on this forum! Very hard to get that kind of guy. Yes I like the straight (or "straight" whatevs not in mood to argue) young bodybuilder (or surfer) types who do gay4pay. There were always a couple at 117, no longer though.
  11. I like young white bodybuilders (or even just very fit young white guys) and there aren't any at any of the saunas, including 117. This is very frustrating for me. There always used to be at least a couple of regulars who were white, like 10 yrs ago, but that's no longer the case. Anyone know why? I understand the socioeconomic situation in Brazil may have something to do with the very low % of white guys who end up working in the saunas, but there used to be at least a couple or so, now there are none. You see plenty of hot white locals in Ipanema and Leblon but they're not for pay.
  12. He's not very nice and sometimes gratuitously difficult. That said, he's incredibly good looking and exclusively a top and that's important to me. When I was there, there weren't really alternatives. Maybe one or two guys at most who came near to him in looks, but they weren't regulars. Has that changed? Are there others similar to him now who are also more agreeable? I hope so! I did think there was a chance the original poster was asking about him, and in that case I could have given some pointers. But yes Fernando isn't everyone's cup of tea.
  13. I knew a Fernando who fit the description, but he's a bit older now, must be about 25 or so. But could maybe pass for 19. He did charge a bit more than the other boys. Anyway, dm me if you want to talk about him. I've been with him many times if it's the same guy. Insanely handsome but somewhat aloof. Depends what you like.
  14. I find it strange that there are so many college students in Boston. But so hard to find a straight young guy who wants to make some money on the side? Anyway, I'm not wise to how or why to find them. I've tried craigslist and it's a bust. Any idea how I can find straight college guys who might be into this? And if not (I think I remember a member here saying it's actually quite hard) any ideas about why this is hard to find. One would think this is an easy way to make some cash and beats having a job, so why don't more do it.
  15. So now that the main site has been shut down, where or how do you find them? Craigslist is also bad, and the quality on backpage is always not so good. Any advice? Been out of the loop for a while, as I haven't been with any guys.
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