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  1. Met Jackson recently at CampusMTL on a quiet Thursday night. He's tall, blonde with lean muscle. 4.5 stars. A very generous lap dance.
  2. I love this song and the video with the beautiful Jacques Perrin (with Rosanna Schiaffino).
  3. I'm living vicariously through your stories. Until I get my hands on some $$$ that's all I can do. I live two hours from Montreal, but the "boytoy" scene there is not all that. That is my jaded opinion, but I might go back for a quick gander soon. Thanks again!
  4. Ojibear

    April Rio Trip pt. 2

    Grandma got run over by a reindeer ...
  5. Here is the link. http://gorgeousmen24.blogspot.ca/2012/04/brazilian-rent-boys-naked.html?zx=e8913448e099fec7
  6. Time flies by quickly and youth dissipates. However, in North American many rentboys continue on working well into the 40s if they look after themselves. A mature escort is sometimes a better choice. Gay society is youth obsessed which is ironic because we are only young for a 1/3 of our life spans. I was never attractive enough to work in the sex trade, but in any business one should always have a viable exit strategy.
  7. You're an engaging raconteur. Your story is sexy and hilarious!
  8. I believe even gay men in Latin America use lidocaine. Apparently, this is because of the abundance of big dicks down there. In my limited experience, big dicks are the rule rather than the exception.
  9. Ojibear

    The Organ

    Lana Turner at the Johnny Stamponato murder trial. Lana's daughter stabbed Stamponato in act of self-defense.
  10. Ojibear

    Club in São Paulo

    Which club did this take place in?
  11. It never ceases to astonish me the stupidity and hatred that young heterosexual men are capable of!
  12. It was bitterly cold on NYE in Montreal. As a result it was very quiet at Stockbar.
  13. Ojibear


    Why do gay men frequent filthy saunas? Why do the owners refuse to clean up the place? Because they can get away with it. They're greedy bastards. Why spend the money to offer a clean venue, when it can they can pocket the money? Years ago I was confronted by a security guard at a gay bar in Toronto. He was furious at an Indigenous gay couple and he approached me and said "all you 'Indians' are no good. Any more trouble from "you people" and I will bar every last one of you." I handed him my drink and walked out. And I never went back. I thought, why should I spend my money at an establishment that stereotypes my people as all being "no good". Demand decent treatment and you will receive it.
  14. Ojibear


    The Roma of Europe get a bad rep. They've received shoddy treatment for generations. They were victims of the Holocaust. If they were treated with more respect, maybe they wouldn't be so desperate. As an Indigenous man from Canada I know first hand how brown-skinned people are treated in the Gay community. Not very nice.