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  1. 200 to 250 + tips (0 to 100) It is more expensive than a sauna, but cheaper then a boy from a website + hotel/motel
  2. If anyone tells you that he is "ativo liberal" is better to check what the person means by that. In my experience each person has a different definition for that, but it usually means that he will have sex with men, but only as a top. For all the other fun activities (including kissing) it is better to double check.
  3. I do not know if it is true for the garotos at the saunas but usually people from São Paulo travel from Christmas time until the middle of January. The city is less crowded during these dates. Carnival is becoming bigger in São Paulo, but the week before Carnaval also has huge events, may paulistas go to Rio or Bahia for Carnaval. The two main touristic events in São Paulo are the F1 race and the Gay Parade.
  4. Hi, In all of them the masseur will be naked during the massage and you can expect a "HE". Extras may require tips. Usually you select the masseur talking with the clinic on their whatsapp and when you arrive in the place your masseur you lead you to the room. You will only see your masseur and maybe the manager. If you ask they may let you to choose the masseur when you are there, but you have to book an appointment, they usually do not take walk-ins. Inhouse and Gold have better structure, with some ensuite rooms with private showers.
  5. I know. I prefer massage places or websites. I feel more secure that I will find what I want. Saunas, as people wrote here, are quite random. You can find 15 guys that are perfect for you or zero.
  6. Hi guys. I am Brazilian, but I have never been to the Saunas #shame. One thing that people discuss in our blogs/sites is that many garotos now prefer to use the websites/apps, it could explain the sensation of less boys at the Saunas. Bolsonaro is a tragedy, but i think it is too soon to blame him for the frequency at the saunas.
  7. Hi @ppappi22 some hints: Safety in São Paulo- the Paulista avenue region, Pinheiros, Vila Madalena and Itaim are the more touristic and safer regions. General advice is to avoid wearing expensive jewelry. Rua dos Pinheiros has a ton of restaurants and Vila Madalena has lots of bars. The most famous museum is MASP in Paulista Avenue. Saunas are basically Lagoa, Fragata and Rainbow. Massage places: Inhouse and Gold Therapy. Download WhatsApp to communicate with Brazilians. It is the best way to reach us.
  8. Curitiba is not a popular touristic destination and we joke in Brazil that natives there are kind reserved/cold. If you are looking for a different place to visit I would suggest Florianopolis/Balneario Camburiu in Santa Catarina.
  9. Did you like the Frango a parmegiana? It looks good in the picture. You must write a book! I love your posts
  10. Great report! Did you enjoy the Mortadela sandwich? I like the bolinho de bacalhau.
  11. Any experience with models from mike18 or matureontwinks?
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