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  1. Hi @ppappi22 some hints: Safety in São Paulo- the Paulista avenue region, Pinheiros, Vila Madalena and Itaim are the more touristic and safer regions. General advice is to avoid wearing expensive jewelry. Rua dos Pinheiros has a ton of restaurants and Vila Madalena has lots of bars. The most famous museum is MASP in Paulista Avenue. Saunas are basically Lagoa, Fragata and Rainbow. Massage places: Inhouse and Gold Therapy. Download WhatsApp to communicate with Brazilians. It is the best way to reach us.
  2. Curitiba is not a popular touristic destination and we joke in Brazil that natives there are kind reserved/cold. If you are looking for a different place to visit I would suggest Florianopolis/Balneario Camburiu in Santa Catarina.
  3. Did you like the Frango a parmegiana? It looks good in the picture. You must write a book! I love your posts
  4. Great report! Did you enjoy the Mortadela sandwich? I like the bolinho de bacalhau.
  5. Any experience with models from mike18 or matureontwinks?
  6. If you were going to São Paulo I would suggest you to postpone your trip. Everybody leaves SP during the first two weeks of the year. Rio and Salvador should be packed. The garotos know that and plan accordingly.
  7. Posto 8 in Ipanema is well known as the gay friendly section of the beach. It is near Farme de Amoedo street. Is that what you are talking about floridarob?
  8. Sorry for the incident. It is always better to avoid going to the boy's place or bringing him to your home/hotel. If you bring him to your home/hotel make sure the lobby will get his ID info. It is better to go to a sauna or a motel. The guy is clearly a scammer. One could say you lost the bill but to charge 50 reais more for a 100 payment is absurd! It is quite normal that boys charge more for a credit card payment. The transaction fee can be as high as 5 to 10%, but 50 reais was way too much.
  9. Brazilian here. Soccer is a really big thing in Brazil, although I do not really like it LoL But some players are worth watching...
  10. Hi Numazu. There is a massage house near Lagoa that works on Sundays. It is called Gold Therapy. Although it is a massage place some boys will do extras. You could give a try. https://www.goldtherapy.com.br/empresa/
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