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  1. Bucknaway

    Michael Cohen flips.

    This is the. Same lawyer that was secretly recording his clients. Right now he would plead guilty to sexual assault of his mother when she breast fed him as an infant if it would keep the serious charges off his back.
  2. Bucknaway

    Michael Cohen flips.

    Take him down! The guy is a bum!
  3. They didn't produce a tape of trump using the N word, they speculate that at his age he must have used it and they are talking about what to do if such evidence should surface....
  4. Out-trumping Trump? PISH-POSH! But this is a cliff hanger I can't wait to see how it ends. I'm betting on Trump.
  5. Its Omarosa, if Dynasty the TV show was real, Omarosa would be Alexis Colby. She is the one to Love/hate
  6. Other world leaders? What are you spinning now?
  7. I'm surprised she was hired by him. Everyone knew she would live up to her nature. I'm not mad at her and I think I understand her. I hope this book makes her rich.
  8. In the beginning, I was expecting less tweets. I also thought he was hurting himself with him willing to counterpunch every slight or attack. Then I remember Georges Bush. He would not fight back and the press and late night TV drove his ratings into the gutter. Every news report on him was negative. I wanted him to fight back but he never did. Now we have Trump. The news is relentlessly negative. They called him a joke, they called him crazy, they called him stupid, a liar, a bully, a thief, a Russian agent and more. The news tries to sabotage him with other world leaders. Sabotage his negotiations and his efforts to make peace. They attack his family, his business, his friends and anyone that helped him in his election. If the president didn't fight back and tweet his successes, we would not know that Korea is returning our war dead, we would not know that they are no longer firing missiles and deconstructing their missile test facility. We would not know that it was his tweets that forced North Korea to come out of its shell and engage the world by joining in at the olympics. If it were not for trump tweeting, we would not know how great the economy is or that Black and Latino unemployment is at RECORD LOWS. We would not know that the usa now has more open jobs than job seekers. We would not know that food stamp enrollment is the lowest it's been in decades. As the president is now fighting for us ty fixing the trade deficit. Is the news media trying to help? No. Are they trying to be balanced on their reporting? Are they proudly reporting his accomplishments? No. Even now the newspapers want to collude and do a same. day editorial attack on him. If the president stopped tweeting, the media would live it and do all they can to drive down his approval numbers. Its him and his accomplishments that has minority voters boosting his numbers with their support and starting the #walkaway campeign. Also, the President has a ton of other accomplishments but I'm typing on my phone and I can't come close to listing g them All. I learned to accept the man as he is. We may never have another president like him. (I leave it there. Its low hanging fruit for a clever reply).
  9. I hope she sells the book to everyone she Hope's to.
  10. Bucknaway

    GDP under President Trump

    Im interested in your opinion, not some strangers opinion. We can throw links back and forth all day. What's the fun in that?
  11. Bucknaway

    GDP under President Trump

    So you are hoping and praying the usa is not doing as well as claimed and as the gdp increases we can look back at your posts and laugh. Hey, maybe Putin is making America great again with Trump LOL That would be a hell of a thing. Imagine the President of the USA having Russia help to make America great again? Only trump could do that.
  12. Bucknaway

    GDP under President Trump

    Again, nothing to do with the facts of the GDP. I love it when you do so good the opposition can't deny it.
  13. Bucknaway

    GDP under President Trump

    I'm not talking about Mr trumps claims, I'm talking about the reality of the GDP. President Trump has proven the wizzards of smart and the so called economic experts wrong time and time again. They said he would crash the markets and they are setting records. They said the GDP would fall, it too os setting records. It's now to the point that the talking heads have no track record of being correct when it comes to predicting the outcome of what this President is doing. And Mr Trump is doing one hell of a job.
  14. Bucknaway

    GDP under President Trump

    What does any of this have to do with the GDP? Why don't you want to focus on the GDP? Hmmmmm. Please get on topic.
  15. Bucknaway

    GDP under President Trump

    A gay board member calling a woman a bull-dyke LOL Talk about gay on gay hate. Anyway. What are your thoughts on the GDP? You know Trump is working hard to get it even higher Anyway, she and her guest are on topic. Please try to stay on topic