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  1. Nothing on the Internet remains private.
  2. I was always taught to give gifts from the heart, without any expectations in return and without any conditions attached to them. If you are reluctant to give a gift because you are unsure of how it will be received, what the receiver will use it for, or what the receiver might give you in return, then you are probably better off not gifting anything — just keep your relationships purely transactional and call it a day. I would think that this rule would apply to any relationship — including even employer — employee, or contractor-contractee relationships like garoto-client or hustler-trick.
  3. Havana trip November 2017

    Havana, Cuba is probably the safest city to visit in the Western Hemisphere. Cubans aren’t trying to get thrown in Cuban jails — and crimes against tourists are taken more seriously because the government doesn’t want the bad publicity. That being said, doing something in public that is illegal or frowned upon can easily get you locked up, even as a tourist. So, don’t be stupid. No public sex, no drugs, no porn and no obvious solicitations. Hotels do not allow Cuban visitors. Get a casa particular or rent a room in a casa where the owner or landlord allows in advance Cubans to visit, The law there requires all casas to register all visitors, whether tourists or Cuban, in a book at the house, and ID must be shown. This is usually just an informal book, like the kind you’d see at a wedding reception or a funeral. BTW, if you’re American, most hotels are now off limits, because they’re state-owned or operated. Trump has banned this. Another reason to stay at a casa particular — they are all privately-owned.
  4. WED: NDD4 (Point 202) vs 117? Help!

    Look, I have never been a Meio Mundo fan because my type tends not to be there, so unless that sauna is an option for you, your two choices for garotos are 117 and 202. I’ve never had a problem hitting both on slower nights.
  5. Cuban tour guide in Havana

    Ok, sure, Jan. Whatever you say.
  6. CuCa - Sao Paulo escort

    Or maybe that big dick does!
  7. Rio - not the same anymore

    Of course you wouldn’t. Trolls usually avoid mirrors. And gyms. And treadmills.
  8. Rio - not the same anymore

    Trust me, I know. Sometimes, Just for shits and giggles, I’ve gone out of my way to meet internet trolls in person, just so that I can laugh in their miserable faces. They almost always look like you’d expect a troll to look.
  9. CuCa - Sao Paulo escort

    The Garatolsndia ad indicates he speaks English, so you can contact him in advance by phone, text or WhatsApp to address your concerns personally.
  10. Cuban tour guide in Havana

    Wow. This is really the textbook definition of “a distinction without a difference”. It is exactly what I mentioned to you in my previous text — that you seemed not to want to get or accept. But to each his own.
  11. Rio - not the same anymore

    Reading Kevin’s posts reminds me so much of this gay law professor that I had in law school over 20 years ago. He was scrawny, very insecure, geeky, not anything at all to look at, socially inept, and always inappropriately speaking up just to be heard. He thought it made him seem charming, witty and bright, but everyone just thought he was obnoxious. It probably all stemmed from his insecurity about his personal appearance, as he was a real troll.
  12. Cuban tour guide in Havana

    You may find other Havana tour guides online, but the likelihood of finding another one online who is also openly gay are slim to none. If you prefer, you can just take your chances when you arrive that you will meet or be introduced to someone who can act as a professional tour guide in Havana and has the necessary relationships.
  13. Cuban tour guide in Havana

    I can’t speak for him, but it seems as if you are viewing it through an Amerocentric lens. Think of the personal and public damage that this guy could endure if Cuban neighbors, government workers or police labeled him as an escort or a facilitator of prostitution in a still-Communist country.
  14. Cuban tour guide in Havana

    Luis is a professional tour guide who is also gay and knows the Havana gay scene. He can take you on standard city tours, beach tours, nightlife tours and gay nightlife tours. He can act as an interpreter if you need it. He is a professional and is not an escort or a pimp. There is a gay casa particular in Old Town Havana in which the owner will be glad to introduce you to boys — many of whom are his friends and regulars. However, they may or may not be your type. Google “gay casa particular Havana” and it will pop up. One of the easiest things to do in Havana is meeting guys who will play for money if you are a tourist and in the typical spots. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Why would you even need a third party facilitator?
  15. Which favela? Some are much safer than others.