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  1. There’s a gym on Calle El Conde walking away from Paco’s on the right about 4 blocks up. It’s on the second floor. I think the glass door on the street says “gym” or something like that. Its only about 200 DOP for a day pass, which is like $4 USD. I can’t remember this gym’s name. I am not sure if Gimnasio Colonial, which used to be around the corner, is still in business or if it moved here to this location. I didn’t ask last time I was there. I just used the gym.
  2. “...in overall terms, nothing unusual is going on in the Dominican Republic. In fact, you're less likely to die there than if you'd just stayed home. The State Department has tallied all deaths of U.S. citizens abroad from so-called unnatural causes since 2007. Compared with the seven Americans who have died so far this year, 15 died through June in both 2011 and 2015 of causes like auto accidents, suicides, homicides and drownings. In 2009, 14 Americans died through June. In 2016, the number was 13. Those numbers don't include deaths from natural causes like those that are suspected in some of the recent cases; overall death totals are likely to be even higher. "We have not seen an uptick in the number of U.S. citizen deaths reported to the department," a State Department official told NBC News on Tuesday.“ https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/no-dominican-republic-hasn-t-suddenly-become-more-dangerous-n1019166
  3. My understanding is those deaths were not in Boca Chica, but at all-inclusive resorts in La Romana, Punta Cana and Sosúa. Most likely, these deaths are related to bootleg alcohol being used by alcohol distributors to the resorts, which is probably not something you’d have to worry about if you avoid resorts and hotels and mingle in Santo Domingo. But we will see.
  4. “By Acyr & Jamie”. isn’t Acyr the one behind Meio Mundo and the short-lived Manhattan Rios? If so, should we expect this new sauna to feature those same kind of garotos (twinks, barely legal, average guy next door builds)? Not my type, but those who love them need a place to go, too.
  5. On my last Barcelona visit, I walked into Sauna Thermas and at the door was a beautiful, muscular man probably in his 20s. I was thinking he was a working boy checking in or out, but he was a disappointed customer who was asking for a refund. He was visiting from USA and thought it would be a regular gay sauna without rentboys. They gave him the address to Sauna Casanova and a full refund.
  6. Not only is the current President in the mold of Donnie Dollhands Drumpf and Duterte, but also Rio’s current mayor Marcelo Crivela is a conservative Pentecostal former gospel singer. However, to everyone’s surprise, Crivela thus far has not governed Rio like some fanatical Evangelical right winger — probably because he knows what’s best for him politically. Trying to turn Rio into something like Salt Lake City would be a cultural and financial disaster.
  7. But is it a sex trade business? Also, just because one business uses or infringes a trademark (in this case, a service mark, but same difference), that doesn’t mean another has the right to use or can get away with it. That’s like saying, “but Dad, Jimmy’s Mom let him smoke dope! Why can’t I? You parents are SO mean!”
  8. The name “Lions Club” will almost certainly run afoul of international trademark laws. Every Brazilian intellectual property attorney will be chomping at the bit, because this would be an open and shit case of trademark violation and brand dilution — as an organization like Lions Club International, with branches in Rio, would find being wrongly associated with a sex business very distasteful. Tell your friends to go with another name. Please. There are companies and legal offices that do trademark searches for a reasonable fee. Other than that, I hope this new sauna is a huge success!
  9. Only two other Presidents went through impeachment: Richard Nixon and Andrew Johnson. Nixon resigned from office right before the House vote (after Republicans went to him privately and told him he would lose an impeachment and removal fight in both the House and Senate. Aaa I’m sure you already know, Nixon was in his second and last term. Johnson became the first president impeached by the House, but he was later acquitted by the Senate by only one vote. Not seeing the writing on the wall, he attempted a run for a second term. but landed 4th on the end ballot in the party primaries — with almost all of his support coming from racist rednecks in Tennessee that liked his pardoning of treasonous Civil War Confederates.
  10. The impeachment of Clinton didn’t even start until October 8, 1998, only a month before the midterm elections. In the midterms of November 1998, the Democrats picked up only five seats in the House and the Republicans still maintained majority control. In 2000, which was the next Presidential election post-Clinton impeachment, the GOP regained the Presidency and the House. Looks like the GOP won that battle. And BTW, Clinton was a very popular President, one who won both of his terms by popular vote and who had a 73% approval rating at the time of impeachment proceedings. Donnie Dollhands Drumpf is a one-termer who steadily remains the least popular President in the 60 year polling history, and only “won” by the electoral college (and the help of a foreign adversary). And Clinton was impeached for lying about a fucking blowjob — insignificant compared to the multitude of treasonous crimes committed by the Dotard In Chief. Trump supporters are the absolute worst. No, what’s even worse is a gay (closeted or not) dick-sucking, male hooker-hiring Trump supporter, doing the bid of an Evangelical Right that wants you dead.
  11. It seems he either took your advice, or was already one step ahead of you. Done, done and done. As we discussed earlier. The game never really changes, just the playas, the fans and the arena.
  12. That’s what Trumpsters like to believe, and want others to think. There is no history in the USA of a President being re-elected after an impeachment proceeding.
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