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  1. You tagged me and wrote that I, SolaceSoul, was referring to people of African descent who were not brought “here” (to the Western Hemisphere) through the slave trade, and also snidely commented that some “predble” [sic] academic investigations uncovered that African leaders directed it. I corrected you.
  2. What are you referring to? The overwhelming majority of the people of African descent in the Western Hemisphere (that includes North, Central, South America and the Caribbean islands) are descendants of the African slaves. As for your deflecting snidely comment about African leaders “directing” the sale of African slaves to European and American slave traders, you certainly could use a class, or just a day-long visit to the Smithsonian Museum of African-American History.
  3. That “hot” was self-proclaimed, BTW.
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  5. I have an associate (won’t call him a friend) who runs a “talent” agency similar to your old one, Oz. He says something similar about the popularity of the guys in his roster based on race — although as he deals with less of the “pretty boy” type and more “rugged”, Asians are probably less requested on his roster. However, he also says that the clients that do like the non-white guys on his roster seen to be the most loyal, the most reliable and the easiest for him and his roster to work with. Also, regarding clients’ ages, I have heard many working guys say exactly what Oz just said: that they prefer older clients because they’re easier to deal with and a lot less work than younger clients and/or clients who may consciously or subconsciously consider themselves “too sexy” to hire. I have also heard this same sentiment from guys who don’t consider selves working guys or escort but are just seeking mid- to long-term generous “sugar daddies” or “arrangements” — older is better because it’s less hassle.
  6. He’s “blacker” than I am — and in the USA, I’m definitely considered black!
  7. One major difference between Salvador and Recife: you can’t go into the water in Recife.
  8. Cheap trips from US airports with great weather during Holiday season and hot boys (flight prices may vary): — Salvador, Brazil — Recife, Brazil — Santo Domingo, DR — Havana, Cuba
  9. I have seen quite a few conversations about Asians not being preferred or shunned by many gay white men. To be frank, the conversations I have viewed are usually targeted toward the disinterest of gay white men in Asians, and not toward the disinterest of any other non-Asian group in Asians — and it’s usually from a gay Asian who is interested in white guys, but not others. Frankly, I have a difficult time mustering up sympathy for someone who can’t get a date because he doesn’t find certain available races or men with certain ethnic features (that are incidentally, also his own) attractive. Now, if available Asians aren’t even dating other available Asians, and he still can’t find a date, then I would view THAT as a sociological epidemic worth examining. Also, using the blanket term “Asian” to describe someone’s physical appearance can be very misleading. Pacific Islanders like Samoans and Polynesians (who often really turn me on), are quite often categorized as Asians, and IMHO look nothing like those of Chinese or Japanese origin. I am more attracted to bigger, more muscular, not boyish looking, darker-skinned men, so when I am seeking men, I tend to travel where my type is more likely to be (and available). But on the off chance that a mainland Asian fit that profile and was available to me, I would definitely get turned on. As for Asian clients of escorts, I didn’t realize that they were being turned away by (non-Asian) escorts en masse. I know there are some escorts out there who are either flat-out racist or are dumb enough to select their clients by whom they find physically attractive — there are more than enough of them that have an unwritten “no blacks” policy as well — but I would think that the vast majority of them are about that almighty dollar. I’m not very familiar with the scene in Colombia. But Brazil’s predominantly indigenous population is inland and way north. The saunas (like Tom mentioned) in Manaus, which is in Amazonas, has the largest percentage of self-identifying indigenous (Amerindian/ Native American) people of any major city in Brazil (38.5%). I can personally vouch for my visits to Fortaleza, in the north state of Ceara, having quite a few indigenous and indigenous-appearing garotos at the sauna — a few with very Native American deep reddish skin tones, unlike what would normally be seen in the Southern metropolitan coastal areas of Brazil. I did not hire escorts from ads or online, but you might want to try looking there as well. Belém is another suggestion, as it is a very large city (one million plus inhabitants) and is considered a gateway to the Amazon. If you already have experience in any of those cities, then I apologize in advance for the presumption of your ignorance. I will also add that there are plenty of escorts and GPs in the saunas along the big coastal cities that are indigenous-mixed (mestizo, pardo), and have the facial and other physical features to prove it.
  10. This Is incorrect. Asians, although the most rapidly growing population, is 5.8% of the U.S. population. Black or African-Americans make up 13.6% — more than twice the population of Asians. The total population of Asians, when including Pacific Islanders, multiracial Asians and multinational Asians, was estimated at slightly over 21 million in 2016. There are 46.3 million African-Americans in the USA. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna597711
  11. (1) Racism isn’t a zero-sum game, where only one marginalized group gets shorted while every other one wins a medal. It’s quite perplexing that this is how you view it works. (2) Racism isn’t measured by who wants to fuck someone or give them a blowjob. Plenty of racists during the slavery and the Jim Crow periods in the American South sought sexual pleasure from black people. And to this day, some people, gay or straight, with overt or covert racist attitudes and beliefs will have sex with and even partner up with a person of another race. I know of several white gay guys who sleep with and date black, brown or Asian men and are racist fuckheads.
  12. When I wrote this, I expected at least one #NotAllWhiteGuys comment. Your individual tastes in men are duly noted. I did, however, say “many of the posters here” (and it may even be implied that si meant “most”), but I did not say “all”. BTW, percentage-wise, with over 80% of its population from African descent, Salvador da Bahia has WAYYYYY many more people of African descent than either New Orleans or Houston (or for that matter, Atlanta, DC, Chicago or New York City). I didn’t quite understand the purpose of that comment, but it’s otobably not worth debating it at all, as it was presumably innocuous. https://medium.com/atlantico-online/salvador-the-most-african-city-in-the-world-b93673215231
  13. I will add — though anyone that has followed my posts surely already knew this about me! — that I also unapologetically prefer men of color — especially black (of African descent) and brown (of Latino or Pacific Islander descent) men. I make no excuses or explanations for what I am physically, sexually and emotionally attracted to, and don’t need to. There are more than enough men of ALL colors all around the world that prefer white men. You oppressed white guys will manage just fine, somehow.
  14. As an African-American with all of the messy mixed race that comes with being black in America can have, I will respectfully disagree with the bolder part of your statement. Most black Americans are knowledgeable and accepting of the wide-casting net of the African diaspora that was created by the African slavery trade. Are there a minority of ig pants who aren’t? Sure. However, the overarching dispute usually isn’t that Brazilians, South Americans, Latin Americans or West Indians aren’t black — rather, that their experiences are not the same as black Americans. That’s a different argument, altogether — which can be both right and wrong.
  15. What I know about you, Tom, I like a lot, so don’t take this defensively, as many people do when the subject of race is brought up. There’s far too much to unpack in your post so for now, I will just focus on the above part. Perhaps you overlooked all of the posters who have affirmatively come out and said that they prefer white (or in some cases, coded as “blonde”, “blue eyed”, “European”, “Nordic”, “Germanic”, even “Mediterranean”, and the famous, tired “boy next door” or “All-American” trope). Parisrio was one that comes to mind, but there are others. And the preference of many posters here for the kinds of guys in places like Porto Alegre (a town in an area with predominantly European looking people) — as well as the countless photos posted of the whiter-featured garotos of Brazil, are even more evidence of this preference. Yes, clients and posters focus on what THEY think is “HOT”. The point is that for many, what they think is hot almost excludes men with African / black features (excluding, of course, the stereotypically legendary huge black Mandingo dicks). Now, I’m not suggesting that it is racist or even bad to prefer a certain type to date or have sex with. Like what you like. Fuck who you want, as long as they are willing and legal. But please, be man enough to own it. Don’t say you like all “hot” guys and then just leave out a huge swath of the black or indigenous (and obviously mixed with black or indigenous) men that make up the vast majority of brasileiros.