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  1. 1. I never said I don't pay. This is an escort forum, and I've hired plenty of times. Mainly for the thrill and convenience. And I've also dated or hooked up with other hot guys IRL without financial compensation. Any escort could tell you that they have a surprisingly decent amount of good looking guys hiring them. We all have our reasons and it's a pity that we can't just respect this and call people like me, who anyone could see from my many comments and some posts since 2014 have only shared on here with the best intentions, a liar or fraud. 2. Obviously. That's how the escorting world works. But I didn't give that guy a cent. He has a successful corporate job and has a very successful modeling career on top of it. He paid his own way throughout the relationship. 3. I doubt you'd be saying that if you saw him from the front. I deliberately chose that pic where he looks leaner than he is (he's jacked) because he is very, very well known and would be very unhappy to know that pic was published online. But I'm sure he ain't reading this forum so...
  2. Hahahahahaha, I actually laughed out loud reading this. I generally resist feeding trolls, but dude you're just too irresistible. God forbid a 35 year old white guy could be good looking enough to attract how guys in another country without having to pay. Dude, I spent the last 12 months dating and traveling the world with a 25 year old very well known male model. "BULLSHIT!!!!!!" I hear you screaming from the rooftops. Well you'll never know, unless you had my or his Instagram. Like that's going to happen! Although I am happy to share a (face covered) nude snap from a recent vacation together with the board. And if by remembering the "good old days", you mean the vibrant sex/dating life I've always had and still have, I guess you're right. I do enjoy thinking about the stunning men I actually have dated/fucked/enjoyed friendships with over the past 25 years. The fact you choose not to believe stories that are 100% true is your choice. And I know nothing I'd say would change that. But it sure is fascinating to encounter someone so bitter that they spend their time attacking someone they don't (and won't ever) know who shows up here with only good intentions. I have developed a few friendships with trusted, sane posters on this forum. We've gotten to know each other, privately shared photos and stories about guys we're hooking up with or dating. Attitudes like yours are self-isolating. I'm not responding to anything else from you, but please feel free to keep slinging shit since it appears to make you happy.
  3. I'm honestly so surprised (of course I shouldn't be given how other genuinely interesting specific topics in these forums are overtaken by bitterness and petty arguments from the same posters). Badboy, you ask me questions, I go to the trouble to give you honest and thoughtful answers then you respond with shit like that meme. It's been said many times before, but these forums could be an amazing source of shared info were it not for the constant trolling. I wish there was more careful moderation on here and that the back and forth sniping and hate was removed so that we could stick to the topics asked about or shared. I would post far more in that environment.
  4. Sorry, I haven't been on here for a few days so only just saw this. I always find it a little embarrassing to rate my own looks, but I can say that I have always looked much younger. Now, I'm late forties and without fail when I meet someone new through life or work, they look shocked when I tell them my age and say something like "wow, I really thought you were early to mid thirties!" so I guess at 35 I probably looked like I was 28 or so. I've always worked out and when I was in Rio I was in close to the best shape of my life. A few of the actually gay sauna guys (because as we know most of them are gay4pay or bi) spoke with me and said "you know you don't need to come to saunas and pay for sex, you are hot enough to get any guy you want for free". I explained that I loved the thrill of the saunas and had no problem "helping" a guy out with some money lol. So, I hope that describes me a little, but I could add I have very, very blue eyes and I think South American guys really like that feature. And I'm pretty fortunate "down below" - maybe not Brazilian sized but close enough to compete hehe.
  5. Actually, I specifically answered the two things you asked me - when I was there and where I met the bi guys I hooked up with. As I said, both on the beaches and in saunas. While Brazil culture exudes a machismo in public, I found that to be absolutely not the case in private. That was just my experience, I can't speak for other people. The sauna guys I met who suggested a threesome with a girl/friend did so while making it clear that they did not want money for such an exchange. I wasn't interested in a bisexual scene at the time, but I did have many non sexual encounters with sauna guys outside of the saunas. I would put that down to my relative youth at the time and the fact that I was a good looking, gym fit guy with no expectations in Brazil beyond those of most adventurous travelers. I went to the saunas out of curiosity, more than anything else. I remember a a hot garoto approaching me and asking if I would be interesting in joining him and a young local client for a threesome. The client had seen me and wanted to pay for me to join a threesome, lol. I said I didn't need to be paid to participate, as they were both very good looking and I was pretty sure a fun time would be had. Indeed it was. One of the things I have always enjoyed about this forum is the diversity of experiences, advice and stories shared. Like Numazu's amazing trip reports, which detail both his paid play and also the genuine friendships and connections he has formed in Brazil. I've had very similar experiences with guys I met in Eastern Europe and Russia. Sometimes a connection that started via an escort website/bar/Instagram has quickly evolved into something more akin to friends with benefits. I've had guys fly themselves (on their own dime) to the US and other destinations in Europe to spend time with me. I know that's far from the "norm", but it's the combination of such diverse shared experiences that has brings folk like Moonwalker onto this forum seeking advice.
  6. I was there last in 2005. So I can only imagine that the "flexible" sexuality I experienced from so many Rio guys then would be even more prevalent now. I met guys both in the saunas and also on the beaches of Leblon and Ipanema. There was only one guy I didn't score with, an absolute stunner I met on th beach where he was playing foot beach volleyball (that extradinary local sport where guys play beach volleyball with just their feet!). He was jaw dropping, but also quite shy. We ended up having coffee together in Leblon one day, where he told me he was training to be a policeman. There was a hint of agression in his eyes, so I never propsoed a hookup. Looking back, I wish I had at least thrown it out there, becasue he was one of the greatest beauties I've ever encountered. That said, there was no shortage of fun to be had with some truly beautiful men and I enjoyed every moment.
  7. So my experience traveling to Brazil...I was 35 when I was last there, gym fit and I got a lot of attention inside and outside of the saunas, and a lot of the guys I met were bi and offered threesomes with their girlfriends. I agree with other posters in the need to exercise extreme caution when meeting guys in public places like the beach. But I feel that, from your description, you can easily talk with sauna guys about what you are looking for and I think you will have a lot of options and success. And you can score via guys on the beach as well, just use caution. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures!
  8. That's a really great deal Lucky, and flights from Bogota to Medellin are incredibly cheap (I flew business class for $50!). Grab it if you still can!
  9. Respectfully to Lucky, I have not in any way tired of your beautifully written tales of your Brazil adventures! Far from it. I see the narrative progression as you have deepened your friendships etc there and honestly can't wait for more. Def continue this (and future) threads!!! Unquestionably my favorite threads on this forum.
  10. Numazu's epic, wonderful reports have inspired me to book a flight to Rio for late Feb next year. I haven't been down to Brazil since 2005! So I'm so excited to re-explore the incredible sauna scene (and try out Grindr and Instagram for some more local talent). I've been more focused on Eastern European and Russian fitness models the last decade. But nothing compares to Brazilians when it comes to sensuality and sexuality. Quick question - Does anyone know if the United flight from Houston to Rio is outfitted with the new Polaris business class seats?
  11. I just contacted him about doing some travel with me. He seems very nice and that ass is perfection! If you have a session with me, please let me know how he was.
  12. Oz, were the guys you hooked up with locals or Westerners? Singapore, like Dubai, is a major financial city and it def draws a lot of top tier escort talent into town.
  13. Yes, I thought there was going to be an update on Sunday. Clearly numazu1 is having far too good a time down there
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