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  1. Here is an update on the New Orleans scene. There is a very good article in ambush magazine this week, detailing what caused the Alcohol Board to investigate the Rawhide and Phoenix. The entire article can be seen at: https://www.ambushpublishing.com/issue/ambush-magazine-volume-37-issue-07 (page 24+). However to summarize: During Decadence 2018, a few women tried to enter the Rawhide for a leather event that was advertised as open to all. They were denied entry because they were women. One of the women complained to the New Orleans Police, who in turn contacted the state alcohol Board. The complaint reads "This establishment allows lewd public sex acts, including oral, anal, group sex, and masturbation in clear view of patrons. There is also a room in the back of the bar in which people engage in obscene and lewd sex acts. Male prostitutes solicit (including those that may be minors). Drugs are rampant. Wed, Fri, Sat after 9pm are best times to view" Of course, this triggered the ATC sending in a minor to buy alcohol along with under covers documenting the acts with hidden cameras. The bar only lost its liquor license for 1 week, paid a fine, and had to stop the activity. Naturally, business declined. In December, supposedly the owner of Rawhide (he also owns Good friends, Lafitte's, Glover Grill, and others); filed complaints against The Phoenix (in the article he admits "crying foul"). The letter to the commissioner of the State Alcohol board requests that they conduct a confidential investigation of the Phoenix Bar based upon information and belief that lewd and improper conduct occurs on a regular basis within the licensed premises ........" Following this request, in the following months, someone filed a complaint that pornography was being played on the TVs, that a customer feared for their life because there were no emergency exits upstairs, the Louisiana gaming commission received a complaint that a "no minors allowed" sign was not on the front door (turns out someone removed the sign, hmmm), the fire department was called from a concerned customer that no fire extinguishers were in the bar (they were there), and the building and permits department was called claiming smoking was being allowed inside the bar. All complaints (except to Alcohol board) were not substantiated. The article points out that the gay bars were not a target by the city, state, fire, or any other agency. What started out as a complaint to 1 bar, turned into an internal gay community complaint "to even the playing field", so to speak. However, this has had repercussions on other bars as well such as the Corner Pocket. Since these well publicized events, there is substantially less fun allowed in the bar. Not sure if this was the major factor, but bartenders at the Pocket said this was the worst Mardi Gras ever. Truly a sad chain of events, that have substantially altered the New Orleans scene, most likely forever.
  2. And another bites the dust....... again...... Posted Feb 17, 2019 on their Facebook page: "Hello to all This message is to inform you that the bar l ' Adonis had to end its activities. After putting all our heart and a lot of effort, be assured that it is not without pain that we have to close our doors. Several disputes with owner of the building have had the effect of rushing our decision which is unfortunately irreversible. We take this opportunity to warmly thank our customers. You have accompanied us from the departure until the end of this beautiful adventure. A big special thank you to the many dancers who have involved and who have produced themselves on the stage of the adonis every night and in all sensuality. Finally, a thousand thanks to our faithful team who worked very hard to serve our customers and thus contribute to develop the company. Of course, it is after ripe reflection that we decided to stop here but we leave our head high. Continuers that we are, we will be back very soon with another project. Stay tuned!"
  3. Another Bar hit by the ATC in New Orleans for "violations". Undercover agents with hidden cameras filmed "acts" taking place on the 2nd floor of the Phoenix (just like Rawhide mentioned above). Interesting Timing right before the Busy Mardi Gras events. Needless to say, other bars including the Corner Pocket were exercising caution this weekend. Times are definitely changing....... This is posted on the Phoenix Website: for full statement: http://www.phoenixbarnola.com/announcements A STATEMENT FROM OUR OWNER CLINT TAYLOR REGARDING THE CITATIONS FROM ATC February 23, 2019 We want to take this moment to thank everyone for the outpouring of support from our incredibly loyal and beloved Phoenix family. You’ve been in our corner for more than 35 years now, and we have overwhelming felt that support these past few days, too. On Thursday afternoon, ATC cited us that we were in violation of some state laws. The citations were not unlike what we have seen them recently give other gay bars. We plan on attending our hearing and stating our case. We feel it’s important to state the bar was not raided. Patrons were not arrested. ........ As we work toward our hearing date, the entire bar is open, upstairs and down. While we wait for that date, there might be some slight differences to what you’re used to seeing. Most things will go on as planned .....
  4. I would have to say New Orleans (Corner Pocket, OZ, PUB, Phoenix) + many other gay bars and Montreal (Taboo, Campus, Adonis,Stock) + many other gay bars also. I had fun in Ft Lauderdale (just went to Leboy) last year. Was hoping to get back there this month, but looks like it will not happen.
  5. Went to the Corner Pocket this past weekend. Decent crowds and good set of dancers. The dancers pictured below were dancing along with 5 or 6 others. The boys are still very interactive - My hands were very busy The long time DJ, Lisa Beauman, passed away this week so they are trying to find a replacement. Things calmed down for a few weeks after the Rawhide bar 4 blocks down was cited for customers having sex in the bar. They had to add lights among other things so needless to say that bar is struggling a bit. Rumor is that they may try to become a dance club. No arrests since the undercover agent was there for a different reason and "stumbled" upon the action.
  6. Axiom2001, I would go in September. This year, it was a hot summer, so Montreal saw temps in the 70s and 80s all month (which is unusually high, normally in 60s/70s) but October it was mostly in the 50s. As far as gay hotels, the gay area is centered around St. Catherine Street form Berri-UQAM to Papineau. If you search priceline, you can select the "montreal downtown- latin quarter" for hotels. If you like chain hotels, then the Governeur is in the area, and a Marriott Fairfield will be opening in Dec. There are many B&Bs along with Air BNBs. You can use trip advisor and search Montreal Gay village , then click on restaurants to get some ideas/reviews on food in the area. I can't help much on the culture side, I spend my time in the bars , St Catherine, or the Casino when I go.
  7. FFShawDC, Stock is still going. I do not go for the muscle boys so I never go to stock. I stick to Camus days, Adonis, and Taboo. Although, while walking past Stock, I did see several nice looking dancers entering the building.
  8. I spent 5 nights in Montreal for Thanksgiving weekend. The Weather was cold with 1 day of light snow and several days of light rain. Stayed at the Gouverneur for the location and the price was only $95 US per night. You are now asked "did you bring in any cannabis" (lol) as the last question at Customs on entering Canada. Started at Campus around 6pm Wed - pretty dead. Few dancers and few customers. However, Alex, (twinkish, some facial hair), a dancer I had met previously was there so I had fun. There were maybe 3 other dancers (Chris, Johnny, not sure other names). Both have been there a few years. The stage was empty 90% of the time. Diego (weekend bartender at Taboo) now works Wed day and Sunday night at Campus. At 9, I went to Adonis. Nice Bartender Tommy was bartending. A few dancers (twinkish) ,who were rarely on stage. However, I had a good time drinking / talking to the bartender. Also ran into a US friend I had not seen in a few years. Thursday, I started out at Campus again around 6pm Alejandro was working as a waiter ( have known him for years). Few dancers including Alex again. Stage empty most of the time. A few more customers, but not what I would have expected on a Thursday with a US holiday. After gambling for a long time with Alex, and then a back room dance or two , stayed at Alejandro's shooter bar for the next few hours talking and getting drunk. Never made it to any other club. Friday, I once again started out at Campus around 7pm. Several dancers, mostly on the muscle side. Unusual, since they would historically start at 9. Stage once again empty most of the time. No dancer that interested me , but I wanted to gamble a bit. However, several of the employees were occupying the machines for over an hour., leaving the machines reserved as they either sold or smoked weed (it was pretty obvious what was going on). I left at 8:30 deciding this would be the last night of the trip at Campus (Alex was not working the rest of the weekend). I went to Adonis and another cute bartender, Francis , was working. By 9, Sam, the waiter showed up. Cute and very nice !!! Took off his shirt while he worked About 5 or 6 dancers for the night (all mostly twinks) including William who has been around for a few years. Stage was empty more times than not. There was a new cute dancer, Tommy, who was working (2nd night). I took him upstairs, but he started out saying "I can not do nothing sexual" and never took off his underwear. He was new so I guess he needs to figure out what he is comfortable with, but needless to say not going to spend many songs if they are staying in their underwear. Had a great time drinking with the bartender and drinking / flirting with Sam the waiter. Still have not made it to Taboo this trip, mostly because of the conversation / fun I have had with bartenders. Saturday, I started at Adonis around 9pm. Francis the bartender called in sick (I guess we both had quite a bit to drink the previous night). Sam had to tend bar and handle the tables. Good crowd as the night went on. At 9:30, he looked at me and said "I guess its time" with a smile. And I said "hope you mean to remove the shirt". He smiled and took his shirt off, and exposed the top inch of his butt crack for me for a min (joke from previous night). There were about 7 dancers (mostly twinkish) including Joey (several years), Damian (cute from Chile), Adam, new twink dancer Emil (sp?) and several others. Ran into a Montreal friend who I had not seen in many years. Had a great time with my friend and Sam the bartender. Decided I need to have some more fun, so I tipped Damian while he was on stage. Afterwards, he came over and thanked me. We talked and went upstairs for awhile Beautiful body (and he was cut - unusual to see in Montreal), nice kid, but it was his last night He was leaving Montreal. Sunday, started out at Adonis around 9pm. This time Karl the owner and Alexander his boyfriend were switching off as bartenders. There were 2 dancers and about 5 customers. However, 1 dancers was named Will (twink). I talked to him a for a while and then went upstairs for a few songs. He was fun, the best time I have had in the back in Montreal in a few trips. Did not speak much English, but that did not stop the fun. I decided to finally get to Taboo. I walked in, there were 4 customers, bartender Zach, Gerry, and NO dancers. None. Zero. I stayed for 2 drinks and gambled but went back to Adonis to hang out with Will and have some more fun upstairs. I had a great trip. Good to see some old friends, some really sexy/sweet bartenders, and a few nice, sexy dancers. However, The clubs could be so much more. How do you have 7 dancers but a stage show maybe 1 out of 4 or 5 songs? How do you have 0 dancers and expect customers to stay? Managers need to manage. Some seemed more interested in drinking and socializing. With some effort, these clubs could improve significantly. I know it is the cold / slow season, but I hate to see the clubs like this. If my trip was solely to see dancers, it would have not have met expectations. However, for me, the trip is a combination of friends/bartenders/dancers/gambling, so I enjoyed the trip. L'Adonis facebook page has some shots of their current staff / dancers. https://www.facebook.com/barladonis/ Bartender Francis on right (from L'Adonis facebook) Waiter / Bartender Sam (from L'Adonis Facebook)
  9. Yes, they will grind, etc while you are seated at the bar. They can be very liberal if they know you and/or you are tipping well (even can be a hand full ). Just don't sit near the front door. As with any situation, your mileage will vary depending on the night, crowd, and dancer.
  10. Spent Friday and Saturday at the Corner Pocket in New Orleans. Thur-Sun, there is a $5 cover charge after 8pm (special weekends like Halloween, Mardi Gras, Decadence, cover can be higher). Ladies are required to be accompanied by a male customer. Friday night is the "amateur" contest. This basically means that the dancers do not have to call in to work that night, and anyone over 21 who has an id and a $20 deposit can dance. Saturday, dancers must call in to get on the list. Sunday is also a contest, where anyone can dance. The bar is rectangular and the dancers dance on the bar in their underwear, which is where you are "encouraged" to deposit your tip. When not dancing on the bar, they are circulating around in their underwear. The bar is small compared to most bars; with poker machines, the main bar, pool table, and small bar in the back (open only on busy weekends). There are no VIP rooms. At one time in the past, lap dances were permitted in the back area of the bar, but that is no longer the case. New Orleans Police/Council/etc. have stepped up their actions against strip clubs in the french quarter. This has mostly been against the clubs on Bourbon, but rules/attention spill over to all bars. Several years ago, the council resurrected an old rule that strippers had to be 21+. As a result, the boys at the pocket are 21+ with an occasional 18-20 that slips through the cracks. The DJ arrives at 10pm, and shortly after the dancers will be split into groups that get on the bar in 10-15 min sets (typically 3-5 per set). Before that, they get up on the bar when they feel like it or if one of the managers ask for some dancers to get on the bar. On Friday, the contest starts around 11ish. Dancers are called up so you have 3 dancers on the bar at a time. There are 3 customers who are the judges. You can volunteer to be a judge. This can get you special attention and a free drink. Personally , I find it distracting, since I would rather spend quality time with a few that I like On the weekends, the bar is open 24 hours. Dancers officially end at 3am, but some stick around, especially for the right customer. You need to be careful, because 1 block over is the edge of the quarter and begins a dangerous area. I personally restrict myself to the boundaries of Burgundy, St Louis, Bourbon and St. Ann at night time. I never stop if someone approaches, it is the easiest way to get robbed. I just keep on walking. The bar for me runs in cycles. There are months were there is nothing that interesting, and the are months were there is plenty to choose from. This is also true for what can be done there. Some months when they have been cautioned, the underwear is "not flexible". Other times, it can be a very hands on experience. This past weekend, I would say there were plenty to choose from and it was a very engaging experience. The dancers: you can see actual dancers from the club on their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/cornerpocketnola/ , their website cornerpocket.net, or ambush magazine https://www.ambushpublishing.com/ . About half are current and half are from the past (and may appear again in the future). There is a mix white/latin/black (majority white), and a mix of 21-35 year olds (majority mid 20s). Some are available after hours. Although absent this past weekend, there have always been 4-5 brothers (yes, actual brothers/half brothers ranging from 23-30s). For those who have been before, the dancers this past weekend included Cody, Mitch, Slater, Rafael, Jonathon, Michael B, Aaron, and some recent guys Jordan, Donovan, Conner, and about 10 more. 20-22 on Friday, maybe 16 or so on Saturday. There was a time in days past where they turned away dancers when they had 30, but I have not seen that recently. Other options: Both Oz and Bourbon Pub have dancers after 9pm on the weekends. In general, Dancers tend to be on the older and beefier side compared to the Pocket. Oz has a "boy next store" strip contest on Thursdays at Midnight. Both bars are open 24 hours on the weekend. For a quieter, more neighborhood bar feeling, there is the 700 club on Burgundy and the Double Play on Dauphine. Both bars have the cheapest drinks in the area; and are good options to have a few before heading to the pocket.
  11. Just wanted to update on the slot machines. Today, I received 20 $5 lottery tickets in the mail. So apparently, you are not paid in cash for some reason. The tickets yielded $68 in winnings that i either have to mail into GA lottery or wait until I go back to Atlanta. Very odd, but at least I did receive something.
  12. I spent 3 nights in Atlanta at BJ Roosters. Click on the links if you would like to see some of the dancers. They look better in person. http://www.projectq.us/atlanta/bj_roosters_boys_suds_up_for_a_saturday_car_wash?gid=19130 http://www.projectq.us/atlanta/dollars_fly_at_bj_roosters_hunk_auction?gid=19186 There is no cover before 9pm and a $5 cover after 9pm. Dancers start at 9pm each night. On Sunday, they are only open until midnight so it is a short night. Fri/Sat there were 19-20 dancers, Sunday there were 13 dancers. There is a mix of Twink/Latin/Muscle/Black - something for everyone. There were 4-5 Twinks that peaked my interest. I was told that the majority of the dancers are scheduled for 4 nights a week. I was also told some week nights there may be as few as 4 dancers. Good crowd each night. The bar is u-shaped with 4 bartenders on Fri/Sat and 2 on Sun. There are tables, a dance floor, 3 pool tables, some slot machines, and an outside area. Warning: Atlanta still allows smoking inside. I do not recommend you play the slot machines. Although you can win over 3K, I won $100 and was told I had to leave my name to get paid the next day after mgmt took it out the nights till. The next night, i was told I had to wait for the owner to arrive. After I was told by a dancer he was in the bar, the bartender told me I had to go find him. When the dancer finally stopped the owner, he told me the slot machine company only comes on Monday, so he would have to mail me the money. Really??? I would have put that money back into the bar if I had been paid, will have to see if I ever receive anything. The boys get up in groups of 2. They divide the bar into 2 zones, so after the initial set, there are 4 boys on the bar (if there are an odd number of dancers, the last set has 3 dancers so 5 total on the bar). The boys dance in underwear, they cannot get naked. You tip in either an arm band, leg band, or underwear. After their set, they roam around the floor, play pool, and are available for VIP dances. There are 4 VIP rooms which are very private, very roomy, with curtains. There are no monitors. My VIP experiences ranged from tame (kept underwear on , but did show a bit) to exceptional (I will leave it to your imagination). Songs are $20 each, no charge for the room. Bud light 16oz alum bottle was $5.25. Water was $4.50. Definitely worth a visit. I had a good enough time that I did not consider going to Swinging Richards.
  13. I spent Wed-Sun in Montreal during Labor day weekend. A little history first: I have been viewing this forum since its beginning but have never posted. I started going to Montreal on a regular basis around 2003, took a few years off, and started going 1-2 times per year in the past 4 years. In the early years, I was fortunate enough to meet several posters on this forum. I also met several chatters from Montreal Boys Live. who are still friends today. I prefer twink/boy next door type guys, so I have only been to Stock once or twice, and have only stayed at Campus past 9 to hang out at the shooter bar with the bartender, Alejandro, that I have known for many years (and sometimes with a day time dancer next to me ) I have read many posts/threads about Montreal now vs. the Old days. Honestly, you can apply the same arguments to ANY city. Yes, it is not the same as the 2003 era; but in my opinion, still a pretty fun and enjoyable city. I arrived Wed and took the 747 bus to the Gouverneur hotel (yes it is not great, but it is close). During the trip, I exchanged money at the bank and also withdrew using the ATM. The best exchange rate I received was my Capitalone360 Debit card, since they pay all fees. The lowest rate was the bank, but we are talking 1.245 vs 1.28 with the "official" exchange rate at 1.29 that day (using website x-rates.com). Wed, I started out at Campus at 6pm. There were only a few customers and a handful of dancers. The stage was empty most of the time. Honestly, I did not expect much for an early Wed; but it was relaxing, I gambled, had a beer (or 10); and saw some nice looking dancers (although none peaked my interest). I ventured down to Adonis around 9. The bar had several customers and several dancers. Nothing interesting, except... The cute twink bartender Felix who was wearing only underwear. He is a very nice guy, also. Spent a few hours buying drinks and having a good time. Never made it to Taboo. Thur, I started out at Campus again around 5pm. Campus was very similar to the previous day. A few more dancers and a few more customers. A few potential dancers, but I did not go in the back with anyone. I just enjoyed the drinks, gambling, friends, and stage shows. After Campus, stopped by Adonis. A few dancers and customers, but nothing caught my eye. My friend liked Cedric, a long haired twink. Finally, off to Taboo. Diego was working behind the bar, and Gerry was also there. About a dozen dancers, most on the twinkish side. I went in the back with Marco, who is very well endowed. Even without curtains, it was a very private experience. Fri, After lunch, we went to Le stud to gamble and have a few beers. Next, we went to Cocktail to see Steven the bartender (Francis from Taboo years ago). After a few drinks, it was off to Campus. As expected, more dancers / more customers than Thur. Better consistency of boys on stage. I took Ludovic in the back. Good time, but he exaggerated the song count. Next stop: Adonis. Friday night and NO dancers, very few customers obviously. On to Taboo. Good crowd, good selection of dancers. A few trips to the back room. Sat, I started out at Campus around 6pm. Anyone who has been to Campus Fri/Sat knows the bartender, Joey. Sat was his last shift after many years. He did not say where he was going. Bigger crowd and more dancers. I took Alex in the back. Nice guy, but was "stressed" so he could not rise to the occasion. At 9:30; I was heading to Taboo, and Alex asked if he could come with me. Good crowd, a few less dancers than Friday. Alex stayed for an hour or so. Had another back room experience with Marco. Jean Sebastien was the DJ, and he looks as good as he did 10 years ago! Sun, it was off to the airport via the 747 bus. Btw, construction between the city and the airport; and traffic made the trip almost an hour. Great trip. Relaxing time seeing friends, familiar faces, and cute dancers. Until next time!
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