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  1. Are these guys just advertised on the usual sites? Or is there a whole different network that mortals are not aware of?
  2. Does anyone have any experience of Berlin Pride (CSD)? Thinking of going this year. I probably will try the Fuggerstrasse bars. A lot of negative reviews here, but part of me still enjoys the thrill of these seedy joints! And I'm hoping they will be a bit livelier during CSD.
  3. Yes money boys. They don't appear to be druggies, but not angels I'm sure either. I've found some of them quite good looking... but again, if you are into that sort of thing. Probably similar to the German hustler bar scene, in Berlin and Dusseldorf, but in this club at least you don't have to take them out to have fun.
  4. Good thread idea! I don't see it mentioned much on this forum, but Milan is good - Afterline Club. I've been a few times. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. There are usually a couple of gogo dancers, and every so often they have a gogo compeition, with up to 10 hot guys. There's also a good number of MBs there - not the dancers, but young Romanian/Albanian guys who flit in and out of the place - if that's your kind of thing - you can take them out, or to the darkroom downstairs.
  5. Has anyone been to Black & White in the last year? Any success? I was there a couple of years ago, but was a bust.
  6. I'd still take Sebastian Bonnet now, no matter what he looked like
  7. Yeah I went to this last year. It was raining so heavily we had to shelter under the bridge haha. But then it cleared and the Bel Ami guys came out. They were really nice. And it was great to see them in the flesh.
  8. Escape have updated their profile and cover photos on Facebook. A good sign
  9. Haha. I said "maybe later" a couple of times, and they kept coming back. I should have known better! But in fairness, I wouldn't have described any behaviour as aggressive. The guys I spoke to were very nice. I just found it difficult to get rid of them without being rude
  10. I visited Thermas last week for the first time. Very interesting experience. Lots of GP - some very hot. I spoke to an Egyptian and had a nice experience with a young Cuban. But to be honest, I don't think this scene was for me. I didn't like the setting and found the guys coming up to me to be a bit pushy (which I expected - it was obvious that I was a newbie!). I definitely prefer the bar/club set-up of Thailand. But I would still encourage anyone who hasn't been here to visit. I'm glad I did. You will most likely find something of interest to you.
  11. Does anyone know if Martin Polnak still escorts? I saw a old post about him on the website Cityboys, but he doesn't seem to be on it anymore.
  12. And also in Debt Dandy video 227 - which is like Czech Hunter
  13. He's on Flirt4Free (BelAmiOnline Chat) as Paul Morisette
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