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  1. MsAnn

    The Organ

    Well I personally, along with my business partner, leased Jay new digs for his then expanding car collection in Burbank. Ok...never actually met the man, but was privy to a tour of an amazing collection of art, which was, is, will be, the thing of legends...Yes, I was a valley boy, and proud of it. I would pass him most mornings as he crested Mulholland heading north to the studios in Burbank, and me heading south to the "city". He was always in a different car, from Duesenbergs to Bugatti's ...THAT was art. See you in 30 days...
  2. MsAnn

    The Organ

    I made it through 8 seconds...
  3. MsAnn

    Justin Bieber's tattoos.

    God bless you, but as discussed before (I believe)...uninspiring.
  4. Valid point...But I agree, I never ate that crap and never liked his commercials, so I'm hardly one to consult.,
  5. https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/David-Beckham-to-Present-Soccer-Stadium-Proposal-to-Miami-Commissioners-488047121.html My babies coming to Miami!!! David Beckham to Present Soccer Stadium Proposal to Miami Commissioners Soccer star David Beckham is appearing before City of Miami commissioners Thursday to discuss his proposals for a new soccer stadium on the site of a public golf course. Passionate residents and workers went before the commission at city hall in the afternoon to voice their opinions on the new sports complex for Beckham's Major League Soccer franchise. Beckham and his partners, including Jorge Mas, want the location of the complex, called Miami Freedom Park, at the current Melreese Country Club, off Northwest 37th Avenue and the Dolphin Expressway near Miami International Airport. In addition to the 28,000-seat stadium, the land would feature 110 acres of permanent green space and 23 acres of youth soccer fields which would be open to the public. The park could bring in $40 million worth of annual tax revenue and the group will also donate $20 million to the city to help operate the park while creating 11,000 jobs over the next three years. Beckham Expected to Present Stadium Proposal to Miami Commissioners Soccer star David Beckham is expected to appear before City of Miami commissioners Thursday to discuss his proposals for a new soccer stadium on the site of a public golf course. (Published 4 hours ago) "I’ve seen this movie before. A millionaire wants public land or public money to build a stadium or build a project. It has to happen right away, it's an emergency, they promise millions in tax revenue and thousands of jobs. Don't worry about all the details," one woman said. "I’m very much in support of allowing soccer to be on the ballot or the proposal to do Melreese as a soccer facility," one man told commissioners. Commissioners won't be voting on the actual project Thursday, but will be considering language for a November ballot on the possibility of bringing soccer to Miami. It involves who can lease the public land and whether to override competitive bidding, which is required by law. Soccer Legend David Beckham Visits Miami Children's Hospital Edgar Estrada for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
  6. The club rules are usually set, but bartenders are your friend, they are all knowing and will usually give you a heads up as to how far those rules can be stretched. So ultimately it will depend on several things. The amount of privacy in the VIP area, amount of money you are spending, whether or not the stripper is willing to take things to another level, and the comfort level you establish with the dancer early on. I have found that showing a dancer respect, generosity and a positive attitude will get you a long ways. If I'm interested in a dancer, and want to hire him outside the club later, In the private rooms, I remain fairly vanilla and respectful, and make the deal for a hire later on that evening or the next day. Most dancers escort outside the clubs. Many are straight, but gay friendly and willing to play. They are used to getting propositioned, so don't be shy. They have heard it all, and nothing rarely shocks them. good luck.
  7. "The request could not be satisfied" "Request blocked" Story of my life.
  8. Thai media is being tight lipped about the names of the boys being released, but CNN did report yesterday that one of the first boys out was the coach, because he was in the worst condition. Apparently they said that he gave all of his food to the other boys and was very weak. Either way they are all incredibly brave.
  9. MsAnn

    The Organ

    LMAO...You really sucked me in at first with Lloyd Bridges