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    "OhPease" es muy brillante...safe travels
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    Sorry...I couldn't resist. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/why-poop-morning-according-science-031524541.html Why You Have to Poop in the Morning, According to Science People who worry about everything from if they’re pooping enough to why they’re pooping so much may want to pay less attention to how often they poop and focus on timing instead. That’s because the morning bowel movement is the best of all bowel movements, according to doctors. It’s not because the morning is the only time dads have for a little privacy (and reading). Rather, morning dumps are great for the entire family because the human body is best equipped evacuate during this time. Even if you’re not a morning person, don’t hold them in. “In the morning, when we first wake up, an internal alarm clock goes off in our colon, and the colon starts contracting more vigorously,” gastroenterologist Dr. Sarina Pasricha explains. “In fact, the colon contracts and squeezes three times as hard in the first hour we are awake compared to when we are sleeping.” When people are asleep, the small intestine and colon work to process all the food leftover from the previous day. About 30 minutes after waking the urge to poop sets in. Morning routines that stretching, drinking water, and most notably, coffee, help to move digestion along. About 30 percent of people report the need to go after a hot cup of Joe. “Drinking early morning coffee works synergistically with gut motility to create healthy bowel movements,” Pasricha says. Still, that’s not to say everyone should be pooping every morning, or that there’s no such thing as pooping too much. Anywhere from three days a week to three times a day is considered normal. Diet and exercise make the biggest difference between weekly and daily dumpers, and traveling can disrupt a person’s digestive cycle as well. It’s estimated that 40 percent of people experience constipation while on vacation, which isn’t the best way to relax. This is at least in part due to jet lag. “Sleep disturbances alter the natural colon peristalsis,” Pasricha warns. “People can have irregular bowel movements. Uninterrupted deep sleep is important in maintaining healthy pooping behavior.” Ultimately, taking a morning poop is not vital for a person’s health, Pasricha says. But it sure is a pleasant diversion. “Typically the best time of the day to have a bowel movement is in the morning. However, some people may not have morning bowel movements and this does not necessarily mean there are any issues,” Pasricha. “It is okay not to have morning bowel movements as long as people are having regular daily bowel movement ...
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    It was a good read....
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    Holding back the years... Thinking of the fear I've had so long When somebody hears... Listen to the fear that's gone... Strangled by the wishes of pater Hoping for the arms of mater Get to neither sooner or later... Oh-oh-oh Holding back the years Chance for me escape from all I know Holding back the tears... Cause nothing here has grown... I've wasted all my tears Wasted all those years Nothing had the chance to be good Nothing ever could y-e-a-h... Oh-oh-oh I'll keep holding on I'll keep holding on I'll keep holding on I'll keep holding on... So tired Alright oh now Well I've wasted all my tears Wasted all those years And nothing had the chance to be... good... Cause nothing ever could Oh yeah oh... I'll keep holding on I'll keep holding on I'll keep holding on I'll keep holding on Holding holding holding A-a-a-h... va-la-la-la-la-la-la-la la I said ooh yeah That's all I have today It's all I have to say That's all I have today It's all I have to say...
  6. MsAnn

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    The ongoing erosion of a Constitution and a Democracy. Worth the read... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/01/opinion/william-barr-testimony.html James Comey: How Trump Co-opts Leaders Like Bill Barr Accomplished people lacking inner strength can’t resist the compromises necessary to survive this president. By James Comey "You can’t say this out loud — maybe not even to your family — but in a time of emergency, with the nation led by a deeply unethical person, this will be your contribution, your personal sacrifice for America. You are smarter than Donald Trump, and you are playing a long game for your country, so you can pull it off where lesser leaders have failed and gotten fired by tweet. Of course, to stay, you must be seen as on his team, so you make further compromises. You use his language, praise his leadership, tout his commitment to values. And then you are lost. He has eaten your soul."
  7. MsAnn

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    I just received a rather unpleasant email from one of my far-right "friends" praising the accomplishments of the Trump Administration and surmising that quite possibly he would go down in history as the most accomplished President in the history of our country. I simply sent him this. He has yet to respond.
  8. MsAnn

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    https://nationaltoday.com/earth-day/ Earth Day – April 22, 2019
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