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  1. From time to time we hear about people who talk about good old times , where Corujinha and Maxim’s were great meeting points full of GP’s. As we know, the places are still there, but GP’s are long gone . If we want to revive old days, we have to tell the GP’s in the saunas that we will be at Maxine’s in the afternoon, pre- sauna and at Corujinha in the evenings , post- sauna. I think the GP’s will come back . Don’t they go where the trade is?
  2. It means ah ta= ah está = oh, that it is, = ok, sure
  3. Is this because there are no escorts in Lapa, or because it’s dangerous?
  4. I know Lapa is the place to hang out at night in Rio. Are there any bars where one can meet escorts? Any streets, places outside ?
  5. Thank you for the info. In what way is he obnoxius? Full of himself , rude ?? Is he still modeling? Is he in the US , or back in Brazil?
  6. Any news what happened to model Edilson Nascimento ?
  7. Just saw his ad on Rentmen. He charges US$ 200 for an in-call, 400 for an out-call! Better to meet him in a sauna and pay 200 reais !!
  8. If he advertises as an escort, can someone please post his mobile number ?
  9. Can anyone give updated info of the escort scene in Zurich? I know Caroussel has closed down long time ago, but how is the Sauna Paragoya(?)? Any other bars, or is it all on internet?
  10. Any recommendations for a sexy personal trainer in Rio ?
  11. I just got an email from my friend . After having bought and sent the air ticket to the GP, the GP wrote him a message that he has to cancel because his brother is getting married !! Well, I warned my friend, now he should be happy that he has limited his loss only to the value of the air ticket ! My advice : shop locally !!
  12. A friend of mine is going to Puerto Vallarta for a week and is paying a GP from Rio US$350 a day plus all expenses and travel to join him . The friend doesn't speak Português and the GP doesn't speak English, so all communications are only physical in bed ! My friend has only been once with the GP before , some weeks ago in Rio. I have tried to warn him and suggesting he is letting his small head take control. Interested in other people's opinion. Btw , isn't Puerta Vallarte supposed to be a gay heaven with plenty of GP's to choose from ? Extra paying for someone to join from Rio to me it's a bit like bringing a sandwich to a grill party ! Wouldn't he be better off going to Rio to meet the GP and perhaps learn some Portuguese??
  13. If you hooked up with him, would be nice to hear your experience . My friend went with him, had to pay above the usual rate, but told me his performance was so so , even though he was very charming. I wouldn't pay for charm alone, but perhaps someone has experience with him where the performance also was good ?
  14. Apparently a new disco, HELP, has opened on the premises of former Le Boy. Anyone been there? There is also a new disco in Rua Prado Junior . Any info ?
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