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  1. Coogee

    Brazilian model

    Thank you for the info. In what way is he obnoxius? Full of himself , rude ?? Is he still modeling? Is he in the US , or back in Brazil?
  2. Coogee

    Brazilian model

    Any news what happened to model Edilson Nascimento ?
  3. Coogee

    Photos From 117 Last Night

    Just saw his ad on Rentmen. He charges US$ 200 for an in-call, 400 for an out-call! Better to meet him in a sauna and pay 200 reais !!
  4. Coogee

    Photos From 117 Last Night

    If he advertises as an escort, can someone please post his mobile number ?
  5. Coogee


    Can anyone give updated info of the escort scene in Zurich? I know Caroussel has closed down long time ago, but how is the Sauna Paragoya(?)? Any other bars, or is it all on internet?
  6. Any recommendations for a sexy personal trainer in Rio ?
  7. Coogee

    Puerta Vallarte

    I just got an email from my friend . After having bought and sent the air ticket to the GP, the GP wrote him a message that he has to cancel because his brother is getting married !! Well, I warned my friend, now he should be happy that he has limited his loss only to the value of the air ticket ! My advice : shop locally !!
  8. A friend of mine is going to Puerto Vallarta for a week and is paying a GP from Rio US$350 a day plus all expenses and travel to join him . The friend doesn't speak Português and the GP doesn't speak English, so all communications are only physical in bed ! My friend has only been once with the GP before , some weeks ago in Rio. I have tried to warn him and suggesting he is letting his small head take control. Interested in other people's opinion. Btw , isn't Puerta Vallarte supposed to be a gay heaven with plenty of GP's to choose from ? Extra paying for someone to join from Rio to me it's a bit like bringing a sandwich to a grill party ! Wouldn't he be better off going to Rio to meet the GP and perhaps learn some Portuguese??
  9. Coogee

    Fernando from 117

    If you hooked up with him, would be nice to hear your experience . My friend went with him, had to pay above the usual rate, but told me his performance was so so , even though he was very charming. I wouldn't pay for charm alone, but perhaps someone has experience with him where the performance also was good ?
  10. Apparently a new disco, HELP, has opened on the premises of former Le Boy. Anyone been there? There is also a new disco in Rua Prado Junior . Any info ?
  11. Has anyone hooked up with sauna boy Fernando at 117? He is 19 years old, ripped , nice cock and very friendly . I have been told he is there every week-end and Tuesdays. Apparently very popular with high end steady customers !
  12. I wonder how many programmas a garoto has a night at 117. I spoke to one who said he worked four days a week, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays . His going rate was Rz 150. It could add up to some good money, especially compared to the normal Brazilian salaries.
  13. Coogee

    Hustler Bar

    Thank you for all the replies. It is true that most of the gay for pay boys at the sauna don't hang out in typical gay bars . However , Le Boy, Incontrus, Corujinha, Maxim's were venues where they could frequent to get clients. These venues don't exist or have changed radically. My question remains the same , are there any other places outside the saunas where one can meet escorts, like in the past ? It looks that there are none ?! Too bad Le Boy closed . It was a fun place with some available boys and lots of eye candy. Now there will probably be early nights !
  14. Last time I asked a question , the discussion turned into a fight between members! Hopefully not this time ! My question is, are there any bars /discos in Rio at the moment frequented by escorts? I do not mean the saunas . In the past we had Maxim's , Incontrus, Le Boy, Corujinha. Maxim's and Corujinha have changed its clientele and the other venues don't exist anymore. where do escorts and potential clients hang out at night ? Nowhere to go after the saunas close ? Has internet taken over completely? Sites like Netgay? Hope my questions are clear ! Thank you for any info !