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  1. https://www.crowneplazabarcelona.com/
  2. Saw muscle guys but no locals. Suggest looking online for local guys.
  3. Just returned from my first visit to Barcelona a quick weekend trip. A wonderful city although I have just scratched the surface. I visited Sauna Thermas everyday. Thank you to all the earlier posts which are a great help. From my own experience I would say the staff are very friendly and helpful. (I do not speak Spanish.) The place is well run and clean. A great selection of boys. Something for everyone. All the boys I met where friendly. Yes some will approach you with more enthusiasm than others but none were rude and a polite no always worked. I have a wide taste in guys and met a few different types over the weekend. 1. Brazilian - European - Muscle 2. Ghana - Black - Twink 3. Columbian - Black - Muscle 4. Polish - White - Athletic 5. Mali - Black - Tall Twink 6. Brazilian - Latin - Twink 7. Polish - Blond - Muscle 8. Polish - White - Athletic 9. Brazilian - Latin - Tall twink All agreed to EUR 50. I look forward to returning, but São Paulo and Rio are next week.
  4. My first time back to Club 117 in a few years and my first Tuesday. I arrived at 16:10 by Uber. There was already a few gartos and customers, which was pleasant as I thought I was too early. A warm welcome from the guy on reception with great English. Got myself changed and headed to the bar to check out the guys and people watch. Able to see the new guys walk through. Chatted with an American guy while checking out the guys which was very pleasant A great selection of guys but with so many beards, that rules them out for me. I had time with three guys. The first a young tall black muscular guy with hard abs and pecs. He was all business but delivered. Second guy was young muscular Everest already mentioned in this forum so don’t need to repeat how amazing he is. Finally then another young black guy who arrived just after me. Took a while to track him down but wanted to finish with him. Yes I have a thing for young muscular and black. I was tempted by a young white twink but may be another time. I am in Rio for a week with a friend and only have one night free so had to be Club 117 and Tuesday. I do not have experienced of other saunas in Brazil, but can only speak highly of Club 127. I left about 20:00.
  5. I have been fortunate to a few weekends in Bangkok over the last four months. I am a fan of Thailand and asian boys, and find the city easy to navigate and enjoy even in the hot humid summer. A few comments: o Tawan - Always so much hope and excitement when I visit, but always leave disappointed and let down. No change on a recent visit. May be I am just unlucky or to picky. o Jupiter 2002 - The best, I have visited on each weekend stay and never left disappointed. Quality boys of may types, muscle to twinks. I normally do not enjoy the show, but at Jupiter it is different, I actually can go just for the show, though does not stop me leaving with a guy on a couple of occasions. o Hero - Still the best and consistently good over each visit, good selection of boys who provide excellent service. Even if the rooms are small. o Senso - Yes more expensive, but a small quality selection of boys with a better than average environment to enjoy the service. o Arena - What I hear you say. I have to admit the only attraction is the muscle, the facilities are appalling, I am persistent as I also remember the days of H.I.S. in the same complex, hoping for improvement. It is just convenient for where I stay, and did I mention the muscle. Big surprise this visit, now on the 3F my persistency has paid off, same great muscle, but new facilities, clean big tiled room and nice shower. A great change and would now recommend to all to go see and give yourself a treat. o Cutey and Beauty - Not top end, but a friendly crew that can sort you hair, hands and feet. o Uo FuKu - Japanese Restaurant - Authentic izakiya in the middle of Silom. o Tarntawan Place - Showing its age, but great location and value in the middle of Silom, with friendly employees. Hope the above helps. I enjoy the forum. Can't wait to visit Brazil, Cuba and Columbia, the reports are so enticing.
  6. Incredible. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Tass, Thank you for your report. Medellin is almost top of my list of places to go but I fnd little information so your report is valuable. I am going to SP in June then it is either Cuba or Medelline. Look forward to your next report.
  8. Iluvmen, Thank you for sharing all the information. Can I ask can you take guys back to your hotel room at the Travel Inn Lodge? Also did you book direct through the hotels website or via another intermediary. I am planning a visit at the end of June and looking forward to some great experiences.
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