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  1. Badboy81

    Take Care Down Here

    You can buy pretty much anything on the beach on Rio while you are there.. If you take a book or a magazine, just carry it with you... Again, LOOKING LIKE A TARGET, CAN MAKE YOU A TARGET Criminals don't have xray vision to see what is in the bag, they just see a bag....
  2. Badboy81

    Take Care Down Here

    I have been going to Brazil for years and never had any issues...Rio is about as dangerous as any major US or international city... Nothing happening currently with the economy is anything new...the economy has been all over the place for the last 15 years or more depending on the season and depending on who is reporting... Always use COMMON sense and your best judgement... What made the kid attack you out of nowhere with the place crowded? Not saying this but did you give the guy any reason to single you out? Again....I know that Rio has its dangers but its very rare for anything major besides a bag snatching in Copa or Ipanema due to all the police presence... Everybody use your best judgement and always be aware of your surroundings...
  3. Serious question... With the advance of social media and forums... How much is too much information to share...I like reading info on peoples trips and suggestions but what is considered too much info... I never say names or post face pics of any of the guys that I have been with or tell too much info where somebody would be bale to figure out who I am talking about... Being vague can be a good thing... But I want to know from others what is too much information or too little information to tell...
  4. Does OC have flights to MIA? What is the route you normally fly? Do you always fly to GRU fight?
  5. With tickets being so low out of Miami...you could find a reasonable flight from LA to MIA...?
  6. HBOs show Vice shadowed police in Rio dealing with more violence since the 2016 Olympics... While the info on the show wasn't anything that I didnt already know.. I always advice people to use your best judgement and be on your Ps and Qs at all times.. The whiter/more touristy areas of Rio are still very much safe...its the areas outside of these areas that are sketchy I was surprised some of the places the camera was allowed to show.... Here is some of the info...
  7. Scotts Travel just listed flights on sales for Rio from major US cities... Flights from Atlanta were under $650 RT up to May 2019... Got a great RT deal for February Airlines were Delta, American LATAM still has flights on sale from MIA...around $610 RT
  8. Badboy81

    Tuesday Night at 117

    What was going on...I was just there two weeks before and wasnt there on a Tuesday but didnt see that many guys on Thursday, Friday or Saturday and Sunday was dead....to be expected because of the weather
  9. Headed back to Bangkok next week for a quick shopping trip and pretty much have my itinerary planned out but have a few openings and would like some feedback... Get in Thursday afternoon...heading straight to hotel to shower and change and then headed to MBK for fitting for slacks and suits.... I plan to eat a late lunch there and then either head back to the hotel to take a nap, depending on how I feel or get a massage... Evening will definitely start at Khaosan for more massages and street food/light shopping...maybe stop by Patpong for more shopping Friday is wide open...I need to figure out some things to do...Would love to sleep in after breakfast at the hotel... Saturday morning definitely going to Chatuchuk for shopping...will either go to high tea after shopping or go back to the hotel to shower and change and have a spa day... Head back to MBK to pick up my clothes.... Saturday night Ill maybe take in a sex show or just hang out at Khaosan and maybe Patpong.... Sunday will definitely get up and have breakfast before heading back to the hotel.... I have visited all of the touristy sights in BKK, been to Safari World....would love to try something different. Thanks in advance....
  10. Badboy81

    Rio: meeting guys safe?

    Grindr is great but it will depend on how well you know Rio and how the guys operate there...Knowing some Portuguese is great as well I have had guys come back from Grindr and guys I have met in the saunas...never had any issues but I dont look like the type of person you would want to fuck with If you are asking these questions...Stick to the saunas...you can do anything and everything there... If you have to ask the same question two different ways, meeting random guys and having them come to your apartment is probably not a wise option....
  11. Badboy81

    August 2018 Rio Trip

    Ill be back at the end of October a well...
  12. I always stay in Copa, the apartments I reserved for October and December show much better on the sites and Ill make sure I ask for current photos before I travel over to Rio...
  13. Sunday sucked....Chilly and rainy....Still some people out and about (I went to the farmers market in Copa) but just a terrible day...reminded me of fall in Atlanta...without the sun Skipped Pointe since I had to be at the airport at 6:30 for a 8:55 flight that was delayed for 3 hours...SERIOUSLY Sauna was quiet...there were a good number of boys and clients but the weather definitely deterred people... I should have went with my first instinct and just hired the guy I had at Pointe to come by the apartment... *Sidenote-I realized how much I hated the apartment being in it ALL DAY Sunday and only heading out to get lunch...the location was 5 minutes from the metro station and 7 minutes walk to the beach BUT it was basic as hello and just low budget...Photos lied...I definitely learned a lesson since this was the shittiest apartment that I have stayed in since in all my time of going to Rio... I know the weather will be much better in October and 100% better in December, during the height of the Brazilian summer... Grindr had tons of hotties...I noticed there were more boys for pay versus tourists....
  14. It was easier for me to quote the entire thing versus going off each question....I would advise you do some research and definitely think with your BIG head and not your little head based on the questions you have asked....read, read, and read some more since most of what you have asked has been answered over and over and over again.... Kink is not widely known here so you would need to work that out with whoever you decide to hire and they will give you the rate they are comfortable with...I would advise you get a clear understanding before you start doing whatever said kink is so that the price does not change...Going rate has and has been about 100R...give or take who the guy is and what he wants to charge you.... Why pay for a hotel just for sex when you can do that in the sauna...? And avoid any theft or unpleasant situations... There are sex hotels here in Rio that you can use, that is totally up to you.... There are escorts on all sites you named who will be considerably more expensive than sauna boys....I wouldnt suggest using apps if you are not familiar with Brazil and the who escort culture here...you could get yourself hurt, robbed or just swindled out of a bunch of money...basing this on your questions Saunas are always a better choice for a newbie since they are safe, monitored and the owners/workers will make sure the boys treat the patrons well... Rio is not like LA or NY where you can find "street trade"...there are places where you can find a random guy for sex but why when the saunas have a buffet for you to select from the safer conditions...again, read some of the stories of guys who decided to try seedy places in Rio... Best dates and times have been outlined so many times, figure it out.. LeBoy is long gone....try reading some of the dates from 2018 and 2017 "Friends"...unless you are spending money, none of the boys will be your friends....if you are looking for other guys like you, try stating your dates you will be in Rio and asking who will also be in town and would be interested in meeting up with you... Lapa or the beach are great places for drinks and food and seeing hot guys on Friday and Saturday...there is a gay bar in Ipanema, the name has been said on here but I am not sure if it is still open, it used to be right across from Galitos and down from the gay beach portion in Ipanema...somebody will confirm Both Copa and Ipanema are very gay friendly and the restaurants wont care if you come in weather a gay flag as long as you spend money... Rio does not have a gay neighborhood...the closest thing you will get if Ipanema but again, the touristy areas are very gay friendly and safe with restaurants catering to tourists.... Good luck