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  1. Badboy81

    Do not Post any photos

    Well said man....Well said
  2. Badboy81

    Do not Post any photos

    I give details on my escapades but never photos or names...regardless if the guy is working to make money, unless he says he is okay with having his photos or names out there for the public, have some discretion and privacy about your encounters... I get the point of the forum is to share just there is a such thing as too much info, especially if you havent checked to see if it is okay with said guy....
  3. Badboy81

    Do not Post any photos

    Didn't we just have this huge issue earlier this year about photos? This seems to be reoccurring...
  4. Badboy81

    Do not Post any photos

    Well said....totally agree
  5. Badboy81

    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    Looking forward to your update since Ill be in Salvador very soon...
  6. Badboy81

    Any updates on Salvador...

    Sounds good...thank you
  7. Booked a great deal to Salvador at the end of January... Haven't been in years...Any updates on the sauna scene? Thanks in advance
  8. Badboy81

    Smoking Hot Santo Domingo

    Glad you enjoyed yourself... Been over DR and the buggarones there for years..(went often in my 20s and celebrated my 32nd there)... Everybody is sharing the same few guys who are all well known and the begging is the worst DR does have a decent gay class of guys who arent really pros but will give you a boyfriend experience if you pay for food, drinks, entertainment, etc. DR and Brazil are so similar but Rio definitely wins on the culture, things to do and quality of the guys.... DR does have some very attractive guys but the best Dominican trade is in Washington Heights...
  9. Badboy81

    sauna on outskirts of Rio

    Wow...thanks for the feedback... The majority of the guys are twinks and not really the caliber of guys that I would see at Pointe or 117? I may check it out on my next trip in December since Ill be there until Monday...
  10. Badboy81

    sauna on outskirts of Rio

    With all said and done...Is it worth visiting or should I just stick to the ones in Rio? Thanks
  11. Still not sure of what year you were quoting those rates for but you are right....there is always somebody somewhere that will take whatever is offered... Those prices just seemed really low.... The whole supply and demand thing definitely comes to mind...
  12. He seems to be quoting pricing aligned with US rates because that's almost $800 which is absurd for Rio unless he can demand that or he was giving you a rate hoping you would just say no...
  13. 100 USD sounds extremely low....Do you mind confirming what year that was? Also what year the 50 Euros in Barcelona was... This is all relative because you will get some fool on here that will take what you type literally and then get their feelings hurt some escort who feels they are being slighted... Thanks
  14. Badboy81

    Client Murdered...?

    I wasn't taking a survey...I was asking people that I know and trust to confirm if the "story" was accurate I don't believe everything that is posted on this forum but I also like for details especially something as horrendous as murder to be as accurate/true as possible If somebody was murdered by sauna workers, that would be a huge scandal....the sauna scene is not that large that something like that wouldn't be known by workers at another sauna...
  15. Badboy81

    Client Murdered...?

    I asked two sauna guys who work at 117 and Pointe if they heard about this....No from both My buddy that lives in Rio but isnt big on the sauna scene but knows a lot of the guys said he hasnt heard anything about this... Have you gotten any other info?