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  1. Then you are setting yourself up to be an easy target, don't be surprised when somebody takes advantage of that melting brain... Report back when it happens.... With all the free and paid sex in Rio, why make yourself an easy target in a third world country where your watch or cell phone are worth more than your life to some....Geez
  2. Keep letting these idiots think with their little heads...It's amazing how dumb somebody horny can be...(myself included, at one point in time)
  3. Rio is still a developing third world country that...Developing is the key world While Bangkok is very cheap and affordable, they also understand tourism and want to attract ANY and everybody.... They also have the wealthiest royal family in the world... So while there are trashy, dirty places all over Bangkok, I have been to and seen some of the most upscale, elegant places as well.. Rio has them to, just not so much in the city center and definitely not in Gloria(interesting area to chose to stay)
  4. you said that you missed two very important and well known sites in Rio but it doesnt compare to Bangkok or Thailand... Travel to both countries regularly and they don't really compare... In my opinion, you should have ventured out MORE while in Rio to see more than the saunas and then you would have something to actually compare...' Aside from the well known sites, there are tons of things to do in the HUGE city and surrounding areas of Rio that are interesting and different... While I tend to go to the saunas daily on my much shorter trips, I have done other things as well...something you might try on your next trip, there is an island not far from Rio called Ilha da Gigoia...its beautiful...very nice restaurants and close to the malls in Barra... Venture out... I love the shopping, food, city sights of Bangkok but don't usually fuck Thai guys..PERIOD... If you are more into muscular Asians or that is what you are used to, there you have it... Brazilians in general are more fit and have more muscular toned bodies than the Thais or other Asians I saw in BKK... Great report
  5. As an adult, you can choose to do whatever you want to do... Nobody will care if you are hairy or smooth in Brazil....Money is green if you are paying Brazilians are NOT hairy by nature...
  6. Will chat you my whatsapp number....we will be there during the same dates... For some reason, another member felt the need to reply to me to a direct question I asked YOU... Some of these guys need HOBBIES or at least local boyfriends to occupy their time..
  7. How is the haze in SP? Still crazy because of the forest fires??
  8. Hey Tom...Glad you had a great trip What days will you be in Rio on your October trip? If we are in Rio the same dates, would love to meet the legendary Tomcal face to face...Ill be there October 23rd to 27th, leaving out Sunday evening for the states... Also, where the hell are you meeting all these cousins and brothers??? Sounds kind of hot and been a long time since I hooked up with brothers OR cousins....
  9. Love the song...Never even knew that was a video for it...Maybe there shouldn't be after watching this... Thanks...
  10. Sure...going into the sauna and looking... They don't have the guys working posted online or a list where you can call and check....
  11. You dated yourself with this one...
  12. While some of the crowd may be within that age range, given the cost, I saw a ton of guys older...Most 25-30 year olds, even with great careers can't afford that...My hot chiropractor is maybe late 20s and is still in the saving up phase for international traveling... Age should not deter you from doing or going anywhere... I will say that the vast majority of the guys are very fit, muscular, attractive...Not all ...but if you are the typical older gent who has let himself go, you should probably go to Mykonos another time to avoid getting your feelings hurt since most of the guys there aren't looking to be hired OR they are already with their sponsors... It's refreshing that you know younger guys who dismiss gay steroidal overbuilt guys...then they should party where they fit in...there are tons of options... I had an amazing time and can't wait to go back....
  13. Interesting feedback... I can speak for myself....And my experiences... I never had a sugar daddy sponsor any of my trips directly (I did have one help pay for my first townhome in college)and I didn't/don't have to save money to go on any of the trips I go on...Circuit parties included....several this year alone... (Great income and excellent credit PLUS planning in advance) Many of the gays that I met have careers so they can do whatever they want with the money they earn from said careers...not having kids may play a part in having the income to fuck off when traveling... I can say that I travel a lot differently now that I am older than when I was younger... Some key things- 1. I travel to more Circuit Parties, more international ones 2. I haven't had my Marriott hookup in years so I rend to rent private apartments or homes so I can do whatever the fuck I want to do, when I want to do it... 3. I tend to travel solo or with one person now versus in my 20s and early 30s.... 4. I tend to venture out more versus just the norms...Sydney Mardi Gras was great...going back again next year....Mykonos should have been done years ago...Heaven and Hell in Brazil looks promising... 5. I'm still budget conscious because my momma didn't raise a fool BUT I will enjoy myself...I spent what I consider a ridiculous about in Mykonos renting an ATV last minute because I couldn't rent a scooter due to the type of license I have...
  14. Depends on what you find expensive...It's relative... I didn't find the food or getting around expensive since I didn't have a fancy dinner in Mykonos town or use private cars/taxis...I rented an ATV, stayed near Elia beach, had drinks at Paradise Beach and ate at various places around the island... While Mykonos is much more expensive than Bangkok or Rio...it wasn't anymore expensive than Nice, Monaco or Madrid... The whole island isn't gay of course, I can't think of anywhere that is.. I was there for a huge gay event so my changes are having another buff man interested in me was extremely high since I went to two gay parties and the gay beach... I wasn't there looking for "working guys"....
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