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  1. Just additional advise, if it was not mentioned yet, do not use your ATM card to withdraw local currency at the Airport. Skimming is prevalent in Brazil, you never know, its a risk. Since its your first time if you need cash just go to Money change for just $100 and then next day when the bank opens, go inside and withdraw some more cash. That's what I do, $3 fee charged from my Bank in the US per withdrawal. It's another option for you. Weather in May sometimes it rain and not too hot. I will be there from May 25 - June 3. Rio then SP. Have fun !!
  2. so did Ricardo proposed a marriage to you ? He did it to me after two encounters because I am from the U.S.and for the reason he said, he wanted to see America and wanted to see the snow... well I told him you don't need to marry a U.S. Citizen, you need a tourist Visa ! We messenger in FB. He even proposed if we marry what is yours before is yours and he will not take it from me, he just wanted to come to the States. that small boy has a big cock ! very clean and smooth ass, delish! I am going back to Rio next week ! might see him again...
  3. I have AT&T and when I goto Brazil for 9-10 days, I use the $40 Passport Plan with limit of 200MB Data Plan. I need it because of Uber to and from Sauna and even from Airport to your hotel or when you go back. In fact I have not used up all my limit. It is cheaper than $10 a day, AT&T has that plan too. You can use your WhatsApp while outside if your not connected to a Wi-Fi to talk to garotos. My Friends have T-Mobile with international data plan is already included in their plan. I am going this on November, Thanksgiving Week and I will use same thing again. Ask Verizon if they have same $40 thing with a limit.
  4. I am coming to Rio/POA/SP this Friday till June 4th , any fellow members in Rio/SP this week and next week to meet and chat ? I definitely will report something back... its my 10th time, i got hooked with Brazilians ! :-) BTW, i love the pic, would love to meet him there this coming wkend...
  5. You can also try Audio CD lessond to learn basic Brazilian Portuguese which I did. I bought Pimsleur CD Lesson for $99 (used) containing lessons in 30 CD's , 30 minutes each lesson. Not bad and definitely you will learn a lot and it helps. There are 3 Parts of the course, Anyone coming to Brazil end of May (memorial weekend) thru June ?
  6. it's 1USD to R$3.4 as of Friday!, sudden drop of Reals. I hope they will stay for sometime because I am coming to Brazil this Friday the 18th! Hope to meet fellow forum member in SP Thermas Lagoa also this weekend
  7. I always stay at Travel Inn Live Lodge in Rua Borges Lagoa, it is 15-20 walk to Thermas and reasonable prices. Renovated rooms. I will be in SP Nov 18-21
  8. There are Garotos in Grinder. This April i was in SP and while I am at my hotel room resting, i checked guys in grinder. I almost picked up one in SP. He is a hot 20 boy muscular and smooth bod, 200 Reas he will come to my hotel because he is 3 blocks away, it is just taking him so long to respond back to me so I left my hotel. You will know them in Grinder if they have "GP" in their profile. One garoto i talked speaks english but just not my type, he has toned body , i prefer beefy guys.
  9. i usually stay in Moinhos do Vento in Mercure Manhattan apartment, or Ibis very nice and good location but they become pricey. so now I am staying still in Moinhos but in Hotel Laghetto its reasonable price , my first time there tho I will be in Porto Nov 21 and in Rio 24-28 so i guess meet u at 117 !!
  10. good for you Tom Cal you have enough contacts in POA!, my boy who I am coming back for supposed to be there decided to work in SP! after I bought my ticket ! grrrrr because he cannot make more money in mezzaninu. I am coming back to Brazil in November (thanksgiving week) since he wont be in POA when I stop there, I asked him how about his muscular friend i saw in his facebook pictures(he is not sauna garoto he said) and he asked me " u want short time or overnight ? " and i said of course overnight (that would be my first time with garoto overnight). So the deal is still up in the air. He is not really garoto de programa but its exciting and what a challenge to be with someone like him ,i will make him to become a garoto :-) Oh well, any fellow Members who would be in Brazil Nov 18 thru 28 ? I will be in SP, POA then RIO. It would be nice to meet fellow members and chit chat :-)
  11. Hello fellow members, I apologize for delayed report I was busy when I came back until I got lazy downloading some pics to post here. I cant show all but only their backs... I went there by myself since last year since none of my friends don't want to come with me anymore and that is how I came across with this site and it encourage to go by myself. I went there this April to celebrate my birthday there and find a hot garoto. I stayed there for 10 days, SP -> Port -> Rio. I booked the Travel Inn Lodge which is in Rua Borges Lagoa, 15 min walk to Thermas (for the past 3yrs) so I dont have to take the cab/uber and go through the traffic at 4-5pm. SP is my first pit stop. Fri/Sat and Sun are busy with garotos. As always, for me, this is where you can find a lot of good looking boys with hot body. On my first night, there was a garoto (moreno) very nice smile, white teeth, trying hard to speak English but i enjoy talking to him. Not my type but very nice and sweet. I kept looking around and there are other hotter guys than him but they seem to be always occupied and my garoto didnt leave me by the bar, until i told him i wanted 3somes. so there was one flirty garroto nice ass ( i am an ass guy) it turns me on when they wear briefs or skimpy swimming trunks like this guy.. I squeezed his ass as he passed by and he started talking to me and the moreno guy and told them i may want a 3 somes and we kissed at the Bar both of them I kissed (tongue twiser lol ) and they dont care with many people around just like last year with my Rodrigo. So we went to the suite. The other whiter guy , he is a professional hustler and I think he has something, his eyes are a bit red that is why he said he will do every and he did. We went to the room started kissing three of us standing on the bed while i am stroking their cock then the other garoto sucking my nipple while i was kissing the other and then he go down on me. it was just 5 minutes and this guy started to bend over and say fck me fck me .. i was just warming up hmm seems to be in hurry but we took the 30min in the room. That was my first of the nite I had a second one i couldnt post the face pic but boy he is very many hot with little beard , haircut trimmed on both sides with thick hair brushed up. dirty blond hair and he said he is of greek decent, str8 dont suck but will kiss. He was the guy of the nite for me, has big cock i didnt bottom but when i was on top of him looking at his face very hot , gets me hard till i came. he doesnt have to fck me to get hard, looking at his face gets me hard. I went there Fri/Sat and Sun. What I noticed 5 years ago, there are not many garotos on Sunday , but this time, those hot cute boys on are still working on Sunday. Then I went to Porto on Tuesday. (I need a break on Monday to reload :-) ) .. I stayed at Moinos do Vento and I used Uber and they are so cheap cost me 4-5 USD to Mezzaninu but it is Dead nowadays. I was there Tue and Wed 5years ago and packed with cute boys especailly the bingo nite on Wednesday ! I only saw 5 clients some are not even going for garoto. On Wednesday I found my boy , my type and he is good and I will come back for him definitely this Sept/Oct. I miss him so much already !! The picture of young boy below in the shower is from Porto I met on Tuesday he really looks like Harry Potter .. oh I mean Daniel Radcliff. He is good kisser and a bottom! very sensual and very friendly always smiling. Then my last pit stop is Rio! my favorite place to relax. I used the same apartment posted by one of the member here. It is in Ipanema right outside the Gen. Osorio subway. Very convenient and around the area are restaurants by the kilo and starbucks is 2 blocks away! So I was there Friday and it is usually pack. I saw one boy very hot just like those boys in the internet, like Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher boy, he can be a model. So I went to the smoking area and sat next to the bar table and when i walk outside we talked and when we talked he just want to go, he grab my waist and turned me around and lets go... i dont even know his hame and he didnt ask my name and little conversation,well that was a turn off for me no matter how hot u are. I can tell I will waste my money on him. So i took other guy. Noting much sexciting story to tell you. It was ok for me the boys i got. the one i like was the twinky, i am not into it but for some reason i found him cute, he is the last pic. He looks like a high school boy but he is 26 and he speaks English! we started talking in the smoking area, he let me rub his body and his cock , he has a smooth body which is my type and he is a bottom. so i took him in the suite and he was good overall. Try Uber, from Ipanema to the Airport, it cost me R42 which is 13USD only ! very cheap ! and Uber drive in Porto dont accept tip. I tried to 2 drivers they said not necessary.., ok they are very nice I think I wrote a very long report. So that's my story.... Thanks to all members who contributed on this site and it helped me too , Now I can travel by myself !
  12. Where to stay depends on your budget. There are lots of hotel/apt style in Moinhos de Vento which is in an upscale neighborhood so you can go out take a walk during the day and next to the Park. Where I stay usually is at Mercure Manhattan Hotel, it has a gym and pool if u want to bring someone overnight to swim and buffet breakfast. Citibank is few blocks away. Not scary to walk around since there are lots of nice restaurants and small shops around. It's good neighborhood and close to Sheraton Plaza/mall. You can just take a cab to Mezzaninu. There is easy taxi app just like Uber to pick you up and take u to the sauna. Happy Trip ! I will be there in 2 weeks !
  13. Or you can try to go "The Week" club, a famous big club. It's in Rio and Sao Paulo, I saw numbers of garotos from Club 117 go there after the Sauna around midnight. Same as in Sao Paulo. It's a mix club, gays and str8 couples and maybe bi couples. :-) I might go there next week in SP
  14. If your purpose is transportation from GIG to your Hotel, I suggest to take the cab, prepaid with your credit card, safe driver and very knowledgeable with you destination. The counter to pay is just outside next the exit door from baggage area. The cashier speaks little English. Last year it cost R145, it increase every year so maybe it is R160 this year. After you pay there is a guy who will assist you and even open the taxi door for your. I do this every time I go to SP. I intend to use Easy Taxi when going around. Have fun in Brazil! I will be there in two weeks!
  15. I am planning to do the same in my trip in two weeks! this April 22, but i would try them out first in the sauna and get to know him (or them) then meet him again next night for an over night fling, now i have to look for that hot boy .... after my 6 trips, i will try it, I can't wait
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