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  1. When people are desperate and see the mirage they’ll drink the sand.
  2. For sightseeing in São Paulo look into the free walk tours they give you a great overview of things like Batman alley, via Magdalena, soccer museum, masp, itau cultural center, ims, Japan house head over to Liberdade for a wonderful Japanese experience! Large market on Sundays! This is just to name a few!
  3. I’ll be honest if it’s your first trip to Brazil I would stick to sex in the saunas or love motels. definitely do dinner with a garado but taking it back to your place man may not be the right move. All about your comfort zone.
  4. He wants to tear your ass up...you’re the bottom in this scenario!
  5. I agree I would love to hear more about Merida
  6. Interestingly he was replaced by another gay politician David Miranda, husband of american reporter Glenn Greenwald.
  7. I saw this too...I hope it will boost the place to have a bigger space. I had one really good programa but Wasn’t too impressed when I was there.
  8. Scott cheap flights mentioned this today
  9. So it sounds like fragata is best on tuesday and sundays rainbow still not worth it lagoa the other days do I have that right
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