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  1. tassojunior

    Russia ?

    Check out the Russian guys on Chaterbate for your answer.
  2. tassojunior

    Columbia: full list of hot spots

    I'm sorry . That's really disappointing. Babylon did have a couple of the nicer looking guys available. St. Moritz had several extremely good-looking guys but actually getting sex rather than an erotic massage was almost impossible. A real hustle place. It's amazing the difference in attitude and price between Medellin and Bogota. Guys are more readily available in Bogota but aren't as good-looking, cost more than twice as much, and do a lot less. Big-city sex hustlers vs. appreciative country boys.
  3. tassojunior

    Columbia: full list of hot spots

    I could well be wrong-not sure how I pulled that up. But the Babylon building looks about like that white building. And when I was there Babylon certainly had "masseurs" for hire. That's the reason for the place. It and St. Moritz are the main two and close by each other.
  4. tassojunior

    Johnsons in FLL

    Nope. Boardwalk has amazingly gone downhill more.
  5. tassojunior

    So cute boys in Prague !

    DC has been a little slow past few days. Holidays and bitter cold. Theyre doing just OK.
  6. tassojunior

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Guys first hour in USA. 1st Chilpote, doing Rentmen ads.
  7. tassojunior

    So cute boys in Prague !

    We can all hope David never learns the word "no".
  8. tassojunior

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Danny, David's fraternal twin, has a Romeo profile but not a Rentmen one like David or Zdenek.Like David he speaks zero English. This was the first time I met him, and I have to say he seemed very polite and charming....Id do him. DOWN bar is still as depressing as before and there's little there. However, as I showed in the above pics, UP was surprisingly active with good looking guys during my trip. Three different days at about 5 pm there were a half dozen good looking guys. Pleasant surprise.
  9. tassojunior

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Ok. Im excited. David and Zdenek arrive in 8 hours for a 1-month visit with me. Their first time in the US. Since David speaks not one word of English this will be different. He has to have Z to translate everything. It turns out David is only 25 and Zdenek is only 22. Dominik and Pavel wouldn't come.....they're straight this month. And Sexy Fillip is too busy in Zurich.
  10. tassojunior

    The Other Forum Closing

    +1 Fonts should always be sans serif online and M4M has the worst.
  11. tassojunior

    The Other Forum Closing

    I suspect they just had a huge drop without all the catfights. Marylander keeps trying to pick one and I see Kenny lasted 1 day. I dont know how they plan to start back up after a month .Never happened afaik
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  13. tassojunior

    So cute boys in Prague !

    David, Zdenek and Danny seeing me off 3 weeks ago. For fraternal twins D and D are dissimilar in several ways.. .skin tine, hair, eyes.
  14. tassojunior

    So cute boys in Prague !

    UP in the daytime has gotten very good. DOWN later at night is just passable. For Ubers or cabs it's across from the King David Hotel. For Metro it's a block north of the main train station. http://www.updownbarprague.cz/en/home/