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  1. tassojunior

    Facebook Lies

    Even on Rentman? I do think the videos in providers' ads are very effective. https://www.truthdig.com/articles/lawsuit-facebook-used-faulty-data-to-convince-publishers-to-go-all-in-on-video/
  2. in re: Romeo/Hunqz: Putting this another way .......Both Google and Apple ban escort etc firms from having Apps on their system. To access these type sites you have to use the internet browser on your phone or device. Romeo has an app on Google and Apple so it had to separate off it's escort side and make it inaccessible from the Romeo app, which is now sort of a Grindr. The new escort side is called Hunqz, and like Rentmen, you have to bookmark or google it and access it through your phone's browser. Oddly, once you get to Hunqz, you can sign in with your Romeo sign-in, which is nice because it combines your messages and contacts so they can be reached even on your phone through Romeo. You just can't open an escort contact's profile. But you can message them through the Romeo app once you've even said "Hi" to them in Hunqz. Or you can add them to your 30 free contacts as favorites. On Windows the sites are combined. The advantages of Hunqz over Rentmen are that since Hunqz is free or very cheap, it has many many more guys and they charge less than the older established ones on Rentmen. It has been the go-to gay escort site in Europe for many years now and everyone knows it and it's the place they first think of listing. Hunqz photographs are much more candid and vivid and there's a lot less misleading photos than Rentmen. The porn actors usually use a couple porn photos together with a few current candid ones, but most guys just snap live selfies for the ad. The downside is guys change their profile names a lot so that after a couple months or so half your contacts end up as "deactivated" or "not found". Also, because of language problems, many of the guys have "agents" answering their messages and setting dates. It actually is more efficient than trying to contact a guy in the US and the guys are punctual to their appointments. You have to learn to use WhatsApp as most European escorts rely on it. Traditionally European cellphone plans charged for texts (a lot for ones across borders), while WhatsApp is free so it became the standard instead of texts. Enter the escorts WhatsApp phone number into your Contacts, complete with the + and country code and they will appear as a WhatsApp contact. In Hunqz to search different cities change your location in your profile if the cities don't open.
  3. tassojunior

    Some notes on Bogota

    Keeping to 1 thread helps a lot from our experience with the Prague thread.
  4. Although a very few are forking over the $270/mo for Rentman, 90% of Europeans working guys rely on Hunqz. You can enter it on a phone through your web browser but the Romeo app doesn't support the escort section other than messages. Just google "Hunqz" . Once you message a guy the conversation will show up on the Romeo app. You just can't browse or open escort profiles on the app. To cruise another city go to your profile and change your location to that city. It will say it didn't work. It did. Hunqz, I think, is much better than Rentmen. Much more selection of fresher guys and much better (and more honest) photos. Guys who I know advertise on both charge $50 to $100 extra for the clients from Rentmen.
  5. tassojunior

    So cute boys in Prague !

    I've seen him. Super nice clean-cut Slovak student. Super nice body and eager to please. He travels a lot lately. In other news.....Dominik's and Pavel's new Hunqz AND their Rentmen ads are gone again. Really frustrating. Vit is still n Belgium with his new bride and not answering anything. David answered me on Facebook and I'm going to have to do some major texting in the next 10 days to line the guys up. Like herding cats.
  6. tassojunior

    Planet Romeo

    I like Hunqz a lot. Much better photos. There is no Google or Apple App for Hunqz and escorts can't be accessed through Romeo anymore on those platforms. On Windows it's easier. One odd thing is if you want to search a different city than yours , you must go to the profile settings and change your location to the desired city. It will tell you it didn't work but it did.
  7. tassojunior

    Take Care Down Here

    Wow , about the same time as my experience. Maybe my guys were your muggers. What were you doing walking from Rogers? It was very far away from the Copacabana Palace.
  8. tassojunior

    Take Care Down Here

    Not Rogers Thermas----it's been closed a long time.
  9. tassojunior

    Take Care Down Here

    I for one like antedotal experiences because they give life to and help explain statistics. We read the statistics but often our experiences don't explain them until we hear how they have happened to others. In this case it's weird because on my only trip to Rio many years ago I was almost mugged in exactly the same spot, right behind the Copacabana Palace on the main street at about the same time---dusk. I was staying down at the Sheraton, an enclosed remote hotel. I was in no danger in cabs to Rogers Thermas or at Rogers or in the area around Rogers in any way but this one spot I was. 2 guys were following me, then passed me and suddenly stopped 100 feet in front of me and looked back while talking. It was 100% certain they were determining how to mug me. I have no doubts. I immediately took a sharp left turn toward the beach and the beach side of the hotel. As soon as I got past the edge of the building where they couldn't see me, I started running. I relay this story to as many people as possible because there's a false sense of security next to the biggest hotel and only yards off the beach. My advice is that it's 100% safe walking along the beach itself but 100% not safe on the 1st street behind it. That would never occur to most as it did not to me. We don't think such a tiny distance can be so big a deal. I also have a neighbor who's brother works a lot in Rio and has been mugged every one of a dozen trips to Rio in the business district.She says twice it was at ATM's. And he's Bolivian. I would be wary of "downtown" and ATM's from those stories.
  10. tassojunior


    Like me, you're in DC. Almost Zero choices for $200K/yr part-time jobs and no Congresscritter. In 2 years you can help determine whether the Democratic party corporation wins 91% or just 90% of the DC vote counted by machines full of Chinese-controlled chips . Welcome to US "democracy".
  11. tassojunior


    D doesn't like contacts by Instagram. Last time I messaged him there he responded "Why you write me on internet?" He is an Adonis, not an Einstein. The new Romeo number makes almost a dozen I have for him now. The number on RentMen is different. It's the one I am most certain is his agent. https://rentmen.eu/dominik_dominik I'll just group them all and message to the "group" every time. A lot of work for someone who speaks no English.
  12. tassojunior

    So cute boys in Prague !

    There are several model escorts. The huge No No is they never do porn. That is the career-killer.
  13. tassojunior

    Vienna - any advice, tips?

    Bratislava, Slovakia, the headquarters of Bel Ami and home to many of it's stars, is practically an exurb of Vienna. If you sign onto Flirt4Free and go to it's BelAmi channel rooms, the guys there are in Bratislava chatting and would be good hook-ups or connections. I would search Hunqz for Bratislava as well as for Brno and Olomouc Czech. Also, many of the guys listed in "Prague" are in Brno and Olomouc and even Ostrava and are used to commuting a couple hundred miles for a date. "Bel Ami Land" is basically Bratislava and southern Czech across the border from Vienna.
  14. Bolsonoro, like Trump, is largely a race thing. In the population of 200 million, whites and mixed-race (pardos) are about equal % while blacks have sunk to well under 10% now. In the US mixed-race usually is identified as "colored" while in Brazil many of them self-identify as "white". The "whitening of the population" is shown in this painting in the National Museum. A black grandmother, a mulatto daughter with a white husband, and a quadroon grandchild.