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  1. lol. According to him he is 100% str8 and feels nothing with men but otoh he is amazingly passionate in bed with men. Go figure.
  2. Really bad to hear that Club Tobi's masseurs are not as georgous as they used to be. It was a reason to go to Columbia ! I hear Adrian no longer works there and Christain left a couple years ago. Those two muscle guys were perfection. While Medellin is much cheaper and better looking guys, it may be better now to get a close hotel and concentrate on Theatron and St Moritz in Bogota.
  3. I'm getting a whole slew of young soccer players on Facebook friending. Many look in the game. Some even with rainbow socks. But they look so young. My #3 Roald Ekberg of BA will be visiting me for 2 months so I can't venture over but I may return with him. It would be nice to know how to approach some of these outstanding-looking new guys. (Before they get "found").
  4. Ordinarily Id agree and know a couple that did it once in porn but dont normally. BUT Tomas Selek did it very rough and hard in about 15 porn films, the whole film, in a couple months. Probably as many bottoming vids this past year as anyone. ( maybe it got damaged or caused hems...that I would believe as much as he was bottoming).
  5. let us know? a blah report on him and when I asked he said a high price and no bottoming (!?!) lol-Prague's biggest porn bottom !
  6. What happened to Tomas Selak? So many mentions of that prodigious porn star and now none?
  7. Of course Roald Ekberg is the best but so far this time only he is coming over. I need more to rotate. They did say that they had recently filmed with some stunning Hungarian identical twins for Bel Ami. I don't really follow BA much and it takes a year for videos to be released . They seem to be the "hot" thing coming. Roald (David) has a fraternal twin who sometimes visits with David. Looks just like David except brown eyes and hair. I'm sure Carlos has already filmed for BA and just hasn't been released yet. Also, if he's in Bratislava he must be doing the BS live chat shows also.
  8. I'm not sure Chinese Joe is the one who's up to that task. Am I the only one who sees Biden as having an enormous liability in a general election with his Chinese influence? Will it not come up in primaries at all? China is very much for free trade in every other country but not in China. It does the minimum necessary to pretend. Even though in a totally free-trade environment it would win hands down. But in a total surveillance police state like China free anything is impossible.
  9. David (Roald Ekberg of Bel Ami) will be back here in DC starting September 15 for 2 months. His twin brother Dani and Tom Jacobs have new girlfriends who will not let them leave. I plan on taking him to Hawaii with a stop on the west coast while he's here.
  10. If they're in Bratislava I'm sure they're working on the Bel Ami live chat and are easy to talk with. I found going through the BA site to BA chat isn't so good because it doesn't group BA rooms together . You get hundreds of rooms worldwide. But there was another site that had BA cams grouped together making it easier. Very often there are only a couple people tuned in and the cam guy is eager to talk with anyone it's so boring.
  11. I realize Paul is mostly pushing his OnlyFans now but he needs to let people know where he is if he expects "subscribers with extras". If he's in Bratislava then he's probably doing the BA live chat and BA does not like their guys advertising escorting (BA actually has copyright to the screen names they use too, but has never enforced that). Paul would make a lot more money concentrating on NYC and LA escorting. And he needs to find a rich husband while he's still got looks.
  12. Have we established if Cassidy and Carlos are in California or Bratislava? .......Continents matter.
  13. Not to mention Biden being bought like a crackhead hustler.
  14. Everything but the hair color looks like a twin of Paul Cassidy But I think Paul has been in been in LA for a very long time. https://twitter.com/PaulCassidyReal/status/1160693660515745792?s=20
  15. I worry less about Russia than China. I wish it would implode but afraid the US will go before China.
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