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  1. My two bff's Zdeny and David have bern with me 24/7 past few dsys. Tom Selak is flaking asking high price, no bottoming, and sucking only with condom. Bizarre to deal with. Im staying at the Intercontinental in Old Town for the first time. Cant deal with Old Town in tourist season..Even though its same price as Alcron/Jalta etc the guys are impressed. It has a ritzy rep here.
  2. Update: I missed Up before it closed on Friday but Down at 10pm was active. Maybe 20 customers, almost half escorts. A couple were ok. No one was worth taking back to the hotel in a rainstorm.
  3. I am in Up at 7pm on a cold raining Thursday and there are 2 cute blond escorts and a very cute bartender here. Why every time I come to Up it's good but not for anyone else?
  4. FB is weird like that. It shows a young guy auditioning in Escape.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/100004008790858/posts/1596936493783295/ Dancer trying out at Escape.
  6. What's much scarier is that the visa-waiver program is reciprocal and because the US refuses to extend it to Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania of the EU, the EU has put the US on notice it will end it if those countries aren't included. Elimination of the visa-waiver program is what I thought when I saw these headlines today. An EU "Notice That I'm Coming" like our ESTA is harmless. When you deal with a lot of visiting friends who are from visa-waiver countries, you appreciate how difficult it is for non-visa-waiver countries' citizens to get visas to the US. People from Visa-waiver countries come in immediately 99.9% of the time. People from other countries must apply months ahead and 90% at least are rejected. The semantics of "Visa" vs "Visa-Waiver" are scary for good reason to a lot of people.
  7. Actually there is an important difference. Citizens of visa-waiver countries are presumed to qualify for automatic entry unless some flag comes up on that person. Citizens of other countries have to apply for a visa and wait a long time for the process, during which there's a burden of proof on them to show they qualify and they are normally rejected. I've had several Czech friends visit whenever they want but Polish friends, from just a few miles over their border, are always rejected for visas because they're Polish.
  8. The new ETIAS will just be a reciprocal program with ETSA. Sort of notification you're coming so if you're banned they won't turn you around at the US airport and make you fly home (that happened a lot before ESTA !) The ESTA program can be dangerous when they think you're going in and out with too many 90-day stays which seem like you're living or working here. They actually can deny one. Many people try for the 6-month regular visa instead of the 90-day "automatic" visa. A lot of countries like Brazil have fairly automatic visas for US citizens (which is not reciprocal) but charge high visa fees
  9. It (ETIAS) is not a really a visa. It is exactly the same as the form citizens of countries in the US's visa-waiver countries have to submit (ESTA). They almost automatically get 90-day "visas" to visit the US. Citizens of countries not in the visa-waiver program (like Poland) have to request a real visa and are usually turned down. Huge difference.
  10. Not sure how that happened but can't be changed. The part that is my response is: I'll be in Prague for a week Wednesday. I don't see the purpose in going to Down ever when Up is so much better. My last two times in Prague I met gorgeous new guys in UP but never saw anything in Down except really, really ugly guys and it was always almost empty. I understand guys who advertise with very old pics being not happy at all when someone posts pics of what they look like today. But this site is supposed to be confidential to members.
  11. There are several hot muscular guys on OnlyFans . My favorite (may be in Perth) https://twitter.com/alecnysten https://www.instagram.com/alecnysten/
  12. I am in Zurich tuesday March 12 and Prague March 13 to 20. I'm staying across from Patagonya but I'm sure it will be dead and I haven't made any contact with anyone in Zurich. Prague is pretty full already but I'll hope to meet new guys too.
  13. We talking about online escort ads vs. guys on Chaterbate.
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