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  1. Has anyone been invited to and attended or heard of the invitation-only Klub MeeTinGs located in Rio Centro. I received invitations to the weekend events which start late Saturday and continue until Tuesday morning. I understand it is a well-heeled and attractive invitation-only crowd. Just wondered what happens. I think they got my WhatsApp number from another customer I speak with at 117. But we did not discuss this club. Very little info is available.
  2. Looking for new contacts to visit my apartment. The guys usually drop off after a year so I am now looking for new guys. Thursday I go to Lagoa. Not great at all. I have good sex with a guy, not exactly my type but I feel the need to establish some credibility. Then go back on Friday left at 9 nothing of interest. There we two very muscular guys definitely my type but not very attractive. I should have spent time with at least one. Saturday did not go a washout literally because the longest hail storm I every experience moved through Sao Paulo about 5 pm. The guys at Lagoa just do not seem to be the same quality of physical specimens, the dick sizes have not changed but the physically fit just lick your lips gorgeous guys were just not there. The last guy I met at Lagoa was from Recife and was amazing in every way. It did not take but one look at each other and we are in a room and then went for pizza saw him for over a year. But he wanted to move back home a few months ago. Was happy he could do that he really missed his family. I will try 117 on Sunday. Do not remember how Sunday's are for the number of guys at 117. Just a note since not many people on this forum hires from the escort websites but for your information. I hired three guys in Sao Paulo one on Thursday and Friday another tonight all looked as good as their photos but the sex was not great. One guy was an amazing kisser but none of them knew how to fuck not like the Dominicans I had a few weeks ago. If you are interested they quoted and I paid R$350 plus Uber and they all stayed at least two hours.
  3. The price of the watch misses the point. If you try to blend into the landscape the less opportunity you have to be a victim. But even making a momentary mistake or lapse in judgment as I did in forgetting to lock my luggage I then became a victim. Was I more visible with an expensive watch which looks like everyone else's or the tourist sitting at a cafe on the Conde wearing a shirt with an American flag that said, F Trump? That is the point.
  4. In Rio and Sao Paulo, March 6 through 27. My very unofficial one-year exclusivity contracts with my guys have expired so I will be looking for new ones. Please accept my apologies if the new potential fitness model at Lagoa or the dreamboat from Belo Horizonte that you saw just walk through the door at 117 is suddenly taken off the market.
  5. In the DR as I write this post have been in Santo Domingo since Sunday. Sunday sex with a competitive fitness model, a personal trainer last night and tonight a 6'3" 235 lbs ripped man. I am seriously having my fixer check out the prison trip I read on this post. It is amazing to me just how different sex is with the men of Brazil and the DR and I love both.
  6. Sitting in an apartment in the Colonial Zone as I write this post. Walked home from the Plaza Espana after dinner back to the apartment at 10 via the Conde never felt afraid. Of course, I was with a tall, extremely muscular personal trainer from San Cristobal. But just always be aware of your surroundings and do not look like a tourist. I walk around the DR and Brazil all the time wearing a Hublot watch but it looks just like everyone else's $100 watch. I did forget to lock my suitcase on the flight from Miami my luggage was delayed and when it arrived at the apartment a new pair of $200 Nike running shoes were gone. As usual, being a victim of a crime even a small one is our own fault with a just a momentary lapse in judgment. I did not see a warning from the State Department on the trip to the prison for sex. Got my local fixer seriously checking that out for the next trip since it has to be on a Sunday.
  7. Is there a good selection of guys to choose from at Lagoa the Thursday -Saturday nights after Ash Wednesday?
  8. R$800 for an overnight with Romulu and R$800 per night for Bruno for a few nights and he came to Rio on his dime. And continue to pay it with no problem because these escorts in LA would be US$2000 for the night. I had spent time with Bruno in Sao Paulo before he came to Rio.
  9. I found the Brazilian Wolfs.All the photos are posted with permission.Well one is not a Wolf but he was really cute and one is not from Brazil but fucked like he was. They are in Milan. Just spent several weeks in Milan on business.
  10. The photo of this man needs to be taken down unless there is a verifiable charge made against him from a law enforcement agency. It amazes me how there is such bloviating about civil liberties on this site and then a photo is posted which could cause harm to someone who is completely innocent of a non existent crime.
  11. The sophisticated thieves do not steal high-end cellphones especially ones that could have a six-digit password, fingerprint or eye identity entry. There is no money in the sale of these stolen phones. They know which phones to take. The kids who steal phones who can be more dangerous to deal with. They take iPhones or similar open them take out the identifying components and even now that the phones do not now work they sell them as a status symbol. Like the guys who sport 3-carat diamond earrings and are working in a sauna. Everyone knows they are not real. Please share the area you were waiting for your Uber so that it can be avoided. One thing is for sure these thieves will return to the same area again and again.
  12. I still even with guys I have known for over a year and have come to my apartment several times a month. I still have them leave their ID with the doorman. Also, I do not know if it helps. I learned that if you see guys outside the sauna do not give them the exact date you are departing. I always tell the guys my departure date is a few days past when I have already left. For me, it seems that they are much more likely to take something when they know you are leaving and may not see them again. Plus when the guys know the day I am leaving that is the day that everyone's grandma gets sick or mom fell on the train on the way home from work. Over 6 million people live in Rio and two guys the same day mothers' fell on the train and are in the hospital within two hours of the other. What a coincidence! We have all been there. My first trip to Rio 10years ago the other site set me up with a guide who stole R$700 and then he complained I did not pay his full day guide fee to the administrator of the site.
  13. Has anyone used this site olimposbr.com? I don't mind paying for the info but just wonder how accurate it is. Many of the guys are on other sites. Some intriguing options for this evening and beyond. I have hired from all the other sites but Olimpos site disappeared for several months.
  14. I start my roundtrip run at Av. Visconde de Albuquerque and run past the Hotel Fasano almost every day. As I run you can almost pick out which people will be targeted victims and which are potential perpetrators. As so many have said never take a backpack to the beach, never. Don't take anything!
  15. Thank you for your reports. I may just return to the sauna to start a new WhatsApp group of GPs. Have had the same GPs for the last 3 years. Haven't had to find new guys for some time. Never thought fixing a GP sloppy joe's and apple crisp for dinner could keep them coming back and staying way longer than paid that night. But it works!
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