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  1. Ola, I'm rereading posts on here about Cuba because I hope to be there next month for some almost 24 days/nights.  ...will be in Habana for four days before joining a group.  We return to Habana for 3 or 4 days prior to going elsewhere before the end of the trip.  My query for you is: do you speak Espanol?  I don't and find it difficult to converse in Ingles to a non Ingles speaker.  Might get an electronic voice translator.

    Did you ever write about your experiences other than what you wrote?  I'd be pleased with a response before 1 March.  Gracias!

  2. oh yes, i forgot Las Vegas. i think the cafe you mention is close to las vegas, always many guys around there. thanks
  3. hola alaskabear. where are the new gay clubs you'r talking? i only know the " mixto" and cafe cantante on saturday disco night. thats very bad that the humbold bar is closed. i miss it. and the cute waiters gracias
  4. i agree with alaskabear, its same as cruising 20 years ago. and cruising is everywhere, just open your eyes, have a smile and things goes on. of course many of the guys are not gay, but what mater. i did had some propositions from guys with their gf most guys can be found at the beach, las vegas, malecon, avenuda 23, yara, parque central, calle obispo, at bimbom are end of the week, sometimes many hundred guys looking for..... also a gay disco on saturday is " cafe cantante" very hot after a few mojitos and rhum on my last visit in june, i found my bf. so finish to f....around, in cuba
  5. hi rent boys can be found only at thermas sauna, rate is about 50€, they also have a room to rent for 10e/1hour to take them out to your place be ready to pay 100/150 many moneyboys on gayromeo or pasion.com, telechapero.com have fun!!!
  6. gracias for your report ojibear i was in cuba last year and will go again in a few months. you complain about the food, i always had good diners , of course, not "haute cuisine" but not bad and for a good price. restaurant " los nardos" oposite the capitol is great, same as " el cafe de flor", to change money its easy in every big hotel. i changed many times in melia cohiba. gaybar " humbold" is closed and also the owners carlos gay hotel. so bad!!!!
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