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  1. Yeah but for those who are concerned about the future, how a president acts is usually very different from what he was saying in 3 or 4 years old interviews where he didn't have even a 1% chance to get elected. Brazil has a constitution too, unless he decises to turn the governments into a militar dictatorship. Saunas will keep working, everything will be the same (from a gay point of view). The biggest change will be in the short-term, on what the police does. If they become much more violent against criminals there's nothing wrong about it, unless you don't get involved in a shooting inside a favela. (and the question here would be... what the hell were you doing in there?). Here (RIO) people are literally praying to see in the headlines of the newspapers, the highest number of dead narcos, during an assault inside a favela.
  2. Here is kinda crazy... Many people don't know yet where to vote.
  3. likeohmygod

    Take Care Down Here

    I usually go to the beach with a kind of a soft bag (which shows that there's not a lot inside and clearly not anything with a shape of something of valuable) when i am alone. If i am with friends or with some muscle garotos, i bring my backpack. Said that... Shit can happen everywhere and independently on how good you're following the rules. In NYC I've seen a guy getting robbed with a knife while leaving the subway station. The only difference is that in the US the guys usually get arrested by police or shot.
  4. likeohmygod

    Take Care Down Here

    Really happy to see that you are fine. Anyway I agree with Latbear. I live here since the beginning of the year (even if most of the time i am outside Rio) and i did not notice an increase in violence, after the Carnaval when during that there has been the peak. Maybe you're overreacting (as i did when almost the same thing happened to me in posto 4, search my old thread in the forum for more information). I want to remember to all the folks that are reading this, that the only way to stay safe in Brazil, is to walk without visible goods, trying to don't look as a target. Backpacks will make you a good prey because they make you look like a tourist. It can contain a computer, a camera, a wallet. A good idea would also be to walk around without any kind of watch on the wrist. (but i cannot stay without a watch) And there's another golden rule to follow. Always keep a 20 reais note, because assaults can become much more dangerous when they realize that they took a risk for nothing.
  5. likeohmygod

    The other boytoy site

    Guys i don't think it is an agency... Maybe there is an agency behind some of the guys, but not behind the most of them. I have used the site many times to hook up and i have always spoken to the garoto in person... Plus there are many guys listed on that site that i personally know and thay have published the same phone number I got from them at saunas. Just skip the ones with an automated reply (agency) and if you wanna be sure about the pics, also ignore the ones who don't provide a video.
  6. likeohmygod

    The other boytoy site

    It's a great site with videos too
  7. Bolsonaro here in Rio is HUGELY popular due to the extremely high crime rate. Especially between young people.
  8. likeohmygod

    Poimte 202 photos

    Sanddunes, in the case you get charged for something you didn't ask at 117, you just have to tell the guys at the reception desk. There won't be problems. The thing is that 117 is a much more discrete environment. The fact that the managers aren't always in the main areas, doesn't mean that they aren't watching and aren't aware about what's going on. That's just discretion which is what 202 doesn't have. The way Junior (and the managers) acts combined to the layout of the sauna, sometimes make me uncomfortable. They're always there somehow close to you. The loud, repeating music is another no-go for me. But i still go to 202 because there are some good days where you can find great guys. Imho, 117 will always be the place to go because it's greatly managed and the selection of guys is huge and high-quality.
  9. Everything can happen and pools in this election especially for the first round do have some problems when you want to check for the trend. https://g1.globo.com/politica/eleicoes/2018/noticia/2018/09/10/pesquisa-datafolha-bolsonaro-24-ciro-13-marina-11-alckmin-10-haddad-9.ghtml Datafolha (Globo) gives Bolsonaro nearly stable during the 2nd round, while Haddad is increasing his percentage while Lula chances of running are approaching the zero. This makes really hard to compare the most recent pools with the old ones, and some are overestimating the stabbing effect. Especially if you consider that a second round win by Bolsonaro, is only forecasted when competing againsta Haddad. The first round will be won by Bolsonaro without doubts. It all depends on who will reach the 2nd place. Right now it's a tie between Haddad (Lula), Alckmin and Silva. Haddad is shown behind but as i said, it's extremely hard to forecast his 1st round result due to his fate being tied to what happens to Lula.
  10. I can confirm the good words about Junior. You can also see him in 117 sometimes.
  11. He will get the vote from most of the undecided after the stabbing. Not sure about what he will do when he will become president....saunas survived even to dictatorship so...
  12. If he doesn't die after being stabbed, he will 100% win the elections. If he survives the stabbing will make him a martyr. Bad news for saunas (even if i don't know if there will be consequences) and gay people in general.
  13. Carretao is very good. I do not agree with some of the things the European friends warned you about. Bringing a sauna guy at home will always be 100% safer than bringing any other stranger at your place. The sauna guys must provide an ID in order to work inside. The last thing they want is to get blacklisted because of a customer who reports a bad behavior. I am not saying that it will be 100% safe as the sauna of course. But you can meet the crazy one (who steals or beats you down) even in Europe or in the US. Speaking about drinks cost... I found the saunas to have the same (if not lower) prices than the bars outside. Not sure about what to be warned about. Do not hook up guys from grindr unless you are proficient with Portuguese. Be very careful since there have been many reports of violent catfishes.
  14. During Sundays you wanna visit 117. Pointe is great on mondays and Wednesdays. In the end it is all about the kind of guys you like. I wrote a guide some months ago about how to get and activate a TIM sim card.
  15. likeohmygod

    bdsm leather scene

    Zero. BDSM is not understood from Brazilians sex culture.