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  1. likeohmygod

    Do not Post any photos

    Guys it's not a thing about law. Just as you don't wanna see your picture while half naked inside a gay sauna filled with garotos posted in the internet, don't do it with garotos. Without involving law which in brazil is extremely complicated
  2. likeohmygod

    Mezzaninu Falling?

    I have been here during the first week of December. Wasted time and money for 2 days since i did not found anyone interesting. Quite unusual since the 4/5 times i have been there i did have a lot of fun. Maybe it's the month...
  3. likeohmygod

    Any updates on Salvador...

    Well I've always found Grindr to be a quite safe and great source of hookups in there. Did not enjoy the sauna/cruising scene.
  4. likeohmygod

    "Leather" Brasil !?

    I'd be happy to be his puppy
  5. likeohmygod

    it finally happened

    Everyone has different reactions during this kind of events... There are people who get mad and get stabbed/shooted. There are people who trigger their survival instinct while keeping enough focus to don't do the most stupid thing (run away) and who manage to get safe. There are people who just don't react and that the only loss they get is entirely economical. Nothing can be said about tomcal's reaction.
  6. likeohmygod

    Client Murdered...?

    So it is the same story i was told about, but i was told the guy was spanish. Sad story. For sure i know about a guy who got beaten down from a sauna guy so hard that his face was far from the one on his ID card. I am not one of those who tell the users to don't take sauna boys at home... But for sure, it's not something you wanna do if you don't speak Portuguese. If you're a grown man you can understand by talking to a guy if he is trustworthy or no. And there's another thing foreigners tend to forget... Brazilians are strong people. A 20 yrs old magrinho could be much more lethal than a 40 yrs old muscle man with a knife, in a country where there's a strong martial arts culture.
  7. likeohmygod

    Client Murdered...?

    What happened to the French guy? Did not know about this story
  8. likeohmygod

    Client Murdered...?

    I am not very sure about what to say about this story. All of the people I've been talking about this incident in Rio, told me different stories. I am beginning to think that this could be a fake story. At least in part. Only time will tell us the truth.
  9. Numazu i wanted to thank you for all the great reports. They are a huge entertainment during lunch time at work. Like a multiepisode TV show.
  10. The censorship on the Murilo's cock pics is disturbing hahaha I love your reports
  11. likeohmygod


    Both. Have a look at the forum...is fill of information. If you're new to Rio, stay the southern bairros.
  12. For fuck sake... You all... Stop coming to Brazil the only times of the year i am outside of it The only good thing is that i will miss the excess demand of GPs you guys will cause haha.
  13. likeohmygod


    Lapa is not the place where you should hang out at night.
  14. He's not good but not that bad neither. The medias are telling the same stories about him since 2014...they became so much repetitive that many people begun to question themselves if in the end he is really so bad as they wanna make you believe to. We will see but usually, what a person says during the years while the odds of election are near to zero, is usually different from what a person does when it happens to be elected president of the most important country of the S.A. Could be better..... Or worse.
  15. Guys don't worry... I am not depressed about what happened. I just wanted to say that stupid errors can lead to huge losses. In my case the loss has been tiny luckily, maybe thanks to the fact that i can speak Portuguese and that i did not get mad, in a situation where the only thing i should have done to don't have problems was to just pay.