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  1. Go for the chernobyl NPP tour! Not joking is extremely interesting and safe.
  2. Guys seriously...don't go there. It's just 10 meters far from one of the most dangerous and biggest favelas of Rio. Check the map....the area inside the red lined circle are the Vila Alianca-Coreia favelas The favelas in this zone of Rio have the bad feature to be very close to each other and to be controlled by criminal gangs at war or worse by the Milicia (which extremely increases the risk of raids).
  3. Can quote tomcal 100%. BB sex between Garotos in "x-ways" is common, the guys know and trust each other. Many guys once they know you and if they like you (physically), will offer BB sex. Just decline the offer if you're not into it. As I said, I have personally seen many of the regulars I am spending time with in RJ or SP, taking prep. The percentage increases between the guys who are openly gay or bisexual. For sure, I wanna add something obvious... having BB sex with a sex worker that you don't know while you are not taking prep and testing regularly is a very stupid thing. I can also tell you that in Bogotá and Medellín I was offered BB sex from the 95% of the guys.
  4. I think that the statistics is talking only about the free of cost PrEP therapy. It's not free for everyone, the cost depends on the income you have, and even in the worst case, is no more expensive than Paracetamol. I saw many friends of me in Brazil and even some GPs taking PrEP. At the same time, there's a lot of people who don't take it and there's a lot of BB sex going on.
  5. Check this: https://www.instagram.com/gigoloerotichousee/
  6. Well as pauleiro and many of the readers in the Latin American section, I live in São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro. Depending on my job I am spending most of my time in one of the 2 cities above. Sometimes I end up to other cities of Brazil for a 5-10 days. My top 5: SP, RJ, Bogotá, Medellín, Barcelona
  7. Nothing new here... Bolsonaro hates us. It will remain one of his dreams, since gay sex tourism is an essential huge source of income for the country, and especially for already bankrupt cities like RJ. In the end something like Orlando in the US, still has to happen in Brazil, even low scale.
  8. "I hope I can play with their hair..." Hahaha I cannot stop laughing at this...please keep posting these awesome reports!
  9. That is true but as I said on a portion of text i've added later in the post is..."Many crimes in Brazil are not even reported to the police. So the statistics reported by websites like safearound, numbeo and similar, are not reliable. " So unfortunely the only data we can use to make comparison is the intentional homicide rate, and we can only assume that minor (non lethal) crimes, can be considered proportional (not necessarily 1:1) to that rate (as it is in the major cities of the world). To all the new users of this forum....don't be scared. Keep in mind that in all of these cities there are some NO-GO zones, which are ruining the data for the whole city. On average the intentional homicide rate in the Zona Sul, is about 20 times lower than in the Zona Norte/Oeste
  10. It's not a personal anecdote; I am taking in consideration only homicides rates in this statistics, because the way the minor crimes are managed in this type of economies (developing countries or 3rd world countried), does not allow to make a proper comparison. Many crimes in Brazil are not even reported to the police. So the statistics reported by websites like safearound, numbeo and similar, are not reliable. The numbers that I've taken into account are the countries intentional homicides rate (out 100,000 people): Brazil: 29.56 (2016); Colombia: 25.50 (2016); DR: 15.18 (2016)....for comparison: USA 5.35 (2016); Canada: 1.68 (2016); Italy: 0.67 (2016); Japan: 0.28 (2016) Then I've taken in consideration the number of cities by country, which are in the top 50 of the world cities with the highest intentional homicide rate (2017 data): Brazil: 17; Colombia: 3; DR: 0....for comparison: USA 4; Canada, Italy and Japan 0 Then I've compared the intentional homicide rate (always out of 100k people) of the cities which we usually visit for the reasons we all know: Salvador (Bahia): 54.8 (2016); Recife: 47.89 (2016) Rio de Janeiro: 40.0 (2017); Medellin: 24.71 (2018); Bogotà: 12.7 (2018); Santo Domingo: 12.7 (2018) Sao Paulo: 10.9 (2018) So in the end....considering that the most visited cities in this forum are the ones highlighted, and keeping in consideration the 3 factors above, i can say that...yeah DR is a lot safer than Brazil and bit safer than Colombia.
  11. Your vids? Anyway DR is a lot safer than Brazil and bit safer than Colombia
  12. The only thing which is stopping me is the gorjetas system.
  13. So I must know who they are... They should be fine to play the rape-like experience I have been planning for months
  14. In my opinion, Ipanema/Leblon/Barra are out of consideration; running this kind of business in there is nearly impossible right now because of the costs. It would also be quite hard to get the customers (without a proper adv campaign which could also attract problems) and garotos due higher prices you'd be forced to ask, and to the location which mainly hosts a category of guys who usually don't go to saunas for a lot of different reasons. Also...most of the guys who do sex tourism in Brazil are unaware of the existence of saunas, and since this business heavily depends on the local customers, it would be too far from the most populated areas of the town and from the business centres. Copacabana/Gloria/Catete/Flamengo are also out of consideration because they are too close to saunas working at full steam ahead. (Unless you want and you have something very different to offer which 117 and 202 don't have). Centro has a good bid/ask ratio, but is just too sketchy and dangerous, even during the weekdays now. This is keeping aways tourists but most importantly, the locals if the situation doesn't improve. Botafogo...that's the place where i would open a sauna. It's not too far from the north, it's not too upscale, it's easy to reach by metro and by car...it hosts a lot of businesses, and more importantly it hosts a TON of schools and 3 big universities (which means, young, fit, horny boys). It's not too expensive. I should quit my job...and run a sauna in Brazil, in Botafogo...sometimes I have this dream of running my personal harem, full of fit and hung guys flirting half naked with me and with the happy customers, who're keen to pour tons of R$ into my bank account... DREAM MODE OFF
  15. The only time i went to an "unknown" GP's apartment i got robbed (in a soft and smart way but...). In this specific case, it was the apartment of 2 random guys met in the middle of Rio de Janeiro...the pulsing hearth of prostitution. I'm not impressed by this story...the american guy risked his life. We'll never know the truth about this story...if he followed them spontaneously, if he was under drugs, if he was drunk, if he just didn't want to pay for the reason "X"... The only sure thing here is again....DO NOT MEET PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW (OR TRUST) IN THEIR APARTMENT IN BRAZIL.
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