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  1. Not second guessing anything and at the same time not saying that Rio has an unbearable crime rate...just saying don't do that or this. From the moment one experience becomes public, commenting a reaction which could produce worse results than the main cause, is something which should be done, in a forum where we've spent so much time highlighting the "don't react" thing. It's always a personal opinion...in the end someone can do whatever is believed to be better. Not prohibiting someone to go around Rio armed with a gun to engage a potential thief in a gunshot. Just saying that the experiences of a man can be misinterpreted by others (and also by the person who has lived them, since not necessarily something that has nearly killed you in the past, will not kill you the next time that happens).
  2. Overdrama is a thing... Facts are another. Comparing the violence in Rio to the one in other cities is kinda stupid. The other sections of this forum are so full of reports of people getting mugged in London, NYC, Prague... The fact that it's a so beautiful country doesn't reduce the risks... That doesn't mean that I am willing to move away from Brazil despite the last year's huge increase in violence
  3. I'd like to repeat that I have nothing against you, but i wanna use your experience to tell people to don't do anything you did...Many people need to watch less Rambo movies, cause shit here in Brazil happens even to people living here from when they were born. Experience has nothing to do and doesn't make you bulletproof. And unexperienced people as much as the experienced ones often tend to underestimate the risks and to misjudge situations. Like the 25 yrs old MMA fighter who some months ago reacted to an assault got shot in the head by the older friend of the flip-flop wearing 16 yrs old thief in Tijuca who was keeping the situation under control and who came from around the corner to save his friend from the beatdown he was receiving. That's why most of the people won't help you if you get mugged. Most of the people would never risk to get shot to save a gringo from losing his DSLR camera or iPhone, there are too many weapons and too many people willing to kill you for no reasons in Brazil...bad combination.
  4. Glad that you're still alive, cause sorry if i might look impolite but what you've done is the best thing you could do to get shot in the head or to get stabbed. It's so crazy that I am having a hard time, trying to believe that what you wrote actually happened. You can have all the experience of the world, but the truth is that unless you're very lucky the thieves in Brazil (even 14 yrs old ones) will have a gun or a knife and will use it if you try to run after them, if you try to escape or worse if you resist. Leave high stake games to Casinos...
  5. I'lI will go first. The guy with the biggest cock i've ever seen in Brazilian Saunas, was at 117 in the mid of April 2018. I'm talking about a black guy, 1.95 meters tall, toned body (towards gym-like), who was always spending most of the time inside the video room. He was always wearing a black/red Nike's hat. If i correctly remember his name was Breno...25 yrs old, from Bahia, but he disappeared (not sure if from just Rio saunas or from Rio). I could not get his phone number. He was wanking inside the video room when i've seen him for the first time and he asked me to grab his cock with my hands to check how hard and huge it was... I have small hands....when closing them they measure around 8cm...3 hands weren't enough to grab that cock. I'd say it was around 26/27cm....around 10.5"
  6. So...broken statistics time! I wanna help all those horny bottoms (me included) looking for "rolas enormes" in Brazilian saunas. The rules of this thread are simple...answer the question and post some information about the guy, which sauna and when you've last seen him. THE ONLY EXTREMELY IMPORTANT RULE IS: Do NOT post any picture of the guys you name....a description will already be helpful for those interested and willing to ask another sauna boy "Hey i'm looking for a guy who looks like this...i forgot his name". Use the name the boy is using in the sauna...don't worry the more discrete guys have told you a fake name, not their real life one. If someone wants to see pics, keep everything within private messages. It would be kind to don't invent, and to give the users enough info to look for the guy.
  7. So of course you want a second number to deal with the sexy guys from all over the world, without letting them know your real number. You all know that the primary requirement to get this is to have a second SIM card. I've already wrote a guide to help you to get one with TIM in Brazil, with nearly no hassle (which you can find at the bottom of this guide). This is a two alternatives guide, where I assume you already have a working brazilian (or whatever) number,. ---ALTERNATIVE ONE--- For all those people who have a Dual SIM phone capable of app clones 1) Check your phone's settings and look for a feature called "App clone" or similar, and activate the clone for Whatsapp...you'll get a second working installation of whatsapp 2) Configure the second app as you'd do with the first. The feature can have different names...and even if you have a dual SIM phone, it's not a guaranteed feature. Huawei has it in all its mobile phones. If this feature is missing check the next part. ---ALTERNATIVE TWO--- For all those people who have a Single SIM phone or one unable to manage app clones natively 1) Using your own phone or a old one or using a friend's one, switch the phone off, put the new SIM inside and turn the phone ON. DO NOT OPEN WHATSAPP FOR NOW 2) Open the Play store and install this App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lbe.parallel.intl 3) Run the app above (Parallels Space) and follow the easy instructions to setup a secondary whatsapp app. 4) Run the cloned whatsapp and configure it as you'd normally do, providing the new phone number 5) Once the SMS has arrived and whatsapp is working, you can switch the phone off and replace the SIM with your original one, use your phone as you'd normally do...you now have 2 whatsapp apps. ----------------------------------------------- The above procedures only work with phones running Android....not my fault if you've decided to invest your money in an expensive brick...emh...iPhone
  8. Guys get a dual SIM phone, or just download Parallels and setup a second whatsapp application. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lbe.parallel.intl
  9. Just because you don't like prison porn...I'd love to get gangfucked by hung criminals....but it'll just stay a fantasy. Not worth the risks :D.
  10. Well so i'd say that as expected the prison experience, while it stills something that i'd like to do, it's a too risky experience for people needing to have fun. @SolaceSoul I did miss the second link, thanks for the information. I am still confused about this Fransisco/Franchisco. I have already been to SD, but I've only used Grindr to find sex. So guys I feel like i've missed the best, and while i can consider myself to be an useful guide for Brazil, Medellin and Panama, I really need some help to get fun for my next trip. Help this skinny white XXL BBC addicted :D. @Kevie770 As I said, I will rewrite all the info for a official guide so it can be useful to everybody. Are there saunas? Bars? Is there a cruising zone to get escorts?
  11. Hey Solace i think that the conditions of prisons in Latin countries is well known. The question is how safe would it be for one of us to go there and to have sex with an inmate. I confess that the idea turns me on a lot, but that doesn't mean that I'm ready to get stabbed or to get kidnapped and pass the rest of my life inside a prison in Santo Domingo :D. I believe that if there's a guy who brings people to the prison to pay inmates to have sex with them, this must be something which happens regularly, and which must have some kind of organization. I believe that coniugal visits happen in a safe area of the prison. That's why I would like, as many others i bet here, some detailed information, because it looks so hard to imagine how it might work. @Kevie770 How can I get in touch with Fransisco to arrange something like that? And what's Francisco's house? Is it a brothel? Or is actually the home of this guy? What this guy actually does? Can we compare it to Manny and Freddy?
  12. I would like to ask @SolaceSoul and @Kevie770 to read this thread and to answer the other horned up users (like me :D) technical questions in this other thread, so it will be easier for me to write a guide.
  13. So guys, I've been in Santo Domingo and had a great time alone, but from what i've been reading lately, I've missed a lot of information, which could have easied up the task of finding hot hung boys for a hornied up bottom like me. I believe that the information is so confused around the forum, that it takes a new thread with just information, keeping the stories and personal experiences separated. So please share your precious information on this thread keeping to keep your detailed reports away from here since this thread will later be deleted. I would like to ask @Kevie770, @1tennisace and @SolaceSoul to join the thread since they look to be a precious source of information. I will try to rewrite all the info to make an updated definitive guide to SD with the help of @TotallyOz, to delete when all will be done, this temporary thread. In the beatdown's thread I've read that in SD there are 2 people which are a kind of reference for finding good guys. Correct me if I'm wrong...Manny for the muscular ones, Freddy for the twinkish guys. These guys are also offering other kind of services from what i've understood (like being a guide or a driver). We could provide the contacts to the readers if you believe that these guys are ok with that. I'm not sure if a guy called Francisco, does the same type of job. In the same thread you've talked about a club named BinBin, and about a sauna. What are we talking about? Are they worth it? Then there's the prison thing...which from what I got, Kevie770 has been brought to by this guy named Francisco. @sanddunes asked "What exactly goes down at the prison? The guards will leave you alone with the prisoners?" I would add, how does it work? Quality? How much does it cost? But more importantly...what about safety? Since at @floridarob's question, Solacesoul answered that it's a real prison.
  14. I don't have the same tomcal's enthusiasm about the new Manhattan bar (not calling sauna...read below), and here's why: While the facility appears to be good, and some good effort has been invested, it does suffer of some HUGE design flaws. The bar (and cruising) area is extremely small and dark, I'd say that it has the 25% of capacity that 117 and 202 have (combining the 2 bars). It's good but small. People who are social smokers like me, will not like this new "sauna". THERE'S NO OPEN SMOKING AREA. If you wanna smoke, there's a small transparent booth inside the bar, which can host just 3 people at the same time. It's never going to work...IMHO. The rooms, might be 16 and with brand new air conditioning units, but what's the point? They're considerably smaller than 202 ones, and there's no separated (but still ensuite) bathroom like in 202 and 117 and i might be wrong, but there's also no WC. Just a shower. This is not a huge problem for me, and i'm not sure if it's the same for all the rooms. Did i tell you that there's no sauna at all right now? The wall facility is hosted inside a 4 floors building: ground entrance, 1st (bar and reception), 2nd (suites), 3rd (offices , customers common showers and lockers). I really hope for you that you don't have problems with legs, cause it's a steep climb to reach the top floor. It's just unfinished, and really needs a good adv campaign. If it wasn't for tomcal's original post, i would have been unaware of its existence until the Friday it opened, the only day i know for sure it was full of customers and boys. Every single other friend who's been there in the following days described the situation as "uma mierda". (Not counting tomcal's last Friday's experience).
  15. I went to the new Manhattan on Monday. 1 garoto, 0 customers. Don't go there for now... They will do an adv campaign
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