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  1. Well...in case you'll ever need them: https://www.guiademoteis.com.br/rio-de-janeiro There's really nothing else to say
  2. Yeah so the intel was kinda good! We still have to understand the opening date and if there will some days where Lagoa will be closed, or if the switch will be in "real time".
  3. I got the same intel from a boy who's not anymore working steadily in lagoa, but who's close to Rodolfo. And from what i have been told...nope it's not the failing rainbow. Of course it's not something 100% verified.
  4. Maybe I'm missing something, and the fact that I'm an IT guy with no law background probably doesn't help....so sorry about the stupid question....but I am curious: @mvan1 How are you going to get the place of the new sauna from LexisNexis? Isn't it supposed to store only court cases (buying a sauna or signing for a rent, shouldn't involve court)=
  5. I agree...117 is something unique across the world...I've always told you that. It might have slow days, but overall the quality is very high as is the quantity and the accountability of the management, which has always done a great job. So it's true that Lions is already overdue with rent payments.
  6. https://twitter.com/oficialtaloX/media Check his twitter
  7. Before publishing what I believe is the most desired information (an updated list of the average going rates), I wanna write some consideration about the "Overpay/Underpay question" which every couple of months, pops up in this forum...this wants to be an advice to the newbies, but also a reminder to all of us who are visiting Brazil and SA from years. September update Brazilian saunas avg range (min-max): 100-150 BRL (80-200) (SP and RJ...cut 20 reais while in other cities). Brazilian internet avg range (min-max): 250-350 BRL (200-400) Colombian avg (min-max): 80k-120k COP (70k - 160k) Dominican Republic avg (min-max): 2000 - 2800 DOP (1500 - 4000) (finders fees included, i'd say drop 500 DOP from the avg ranges to get a net value)
  8. I believe that I was right when I was thinking that Rodolfo was recolating to Consolação. This could even further improve the numbers and the quality of the boys going to Lagoa since the neighbourhood is home of the biggest gay community of SP.
  9. @NoGagSuckerSFThe first guy is great. His name is Fernando Maranhao and he did some porn too. Check this https://mobile.twitter.com/irmaosdotados/status/1041433741573451776?s=09: Also the second guy (black, tattooed) was very good.
  10. Just sharing my last days experience in SD... I've spent time both with self provided and Manny's guys...from twinks to model looking guys. 1500 DOP - 2600 DOP - 4000 DOP (Min-Avg-Max), for approx. 60 min sessions, including eventual finders fees
  11. Oh no...another thread about crime and muggings in Rio...while the homicide rate decreased of a 18% YoY. I'm gonna repeat myself ...besides people getting robbed 392 times a week...STOP PUTTING A HUGE TARGET ON YOUR BACK, acting like a tourist, or doing stupid things like acting as a rich person (brazilian or not) while you're in areas at risk. If you don't do stupid things you'll not get mugged. The only time I got assaulted was i guess 3 years ago, while sitting on Copacabana's beach at night...I deserved it as a lesson. This is not something valid only in Rio or Brazil (where the crisis is still hitting hard)....it's still valid in every big city, with some rare and extreme exceptions. But i want to spend a couple of words about 117's place....Rua Candido Mendes outside 117 is not dangerous until you don't pass the Swiss consulate which is 4 or 5 buildings upwards from 117. The route between 117 and the metro is safe even at night, until you walk staying close to the buildings. The robberies and the muggings which occurred to the garotos on the last times occurred in Rua da Gloria, on the road side which faces towards Flamengo; and in Rua Hermenegildo de Barros, which is the road above 117, where Ubers usually do a U-turn and where many garotos park their cars and motorbikes. True, these guys are complaining, but ask them why they think they got robbed and they'll all tall you they did a stupid thing. One was walking on the road side of Rua da Gloria and got stopped by two armed guys on a motorbike, while wearing a huge golden necklace and walking with his iphone on his hands wearing earplugs. Another one was having a Facetime call while walking in the night. Another one was counting the bills at the corner... Another one (which is one of the former) got beaten down because he tried himself to beatdown the assaulters. Too bad it was a 3 vs 1. Got lucky they didn't have a knife or a gun. Don't think that the thieves don't know what's going on in saunas (can be 117, 202, Lagoa....and so on) and how much money is coming in and out from it. Last week I was forced to interrupt a brief holiday in Europe and to come back to Sao Paulo, because thieves incredibly broke into my apartment (and 2 more on the same building). Curiously the same thing happened to a friend of me in NYC at the beginning of July and 2 building workers, got injured too. Around 8 years ago I was sitting "alone" waiting for a late night bus in Dublin and playing with my mobile phobe...which got stolen from a young kid. Oh and then there's a friend of a friend of me in the UK, which got seriously injured by acid attacks. (and for some reasons....i feel like it's easier to die in a big EU city due to a terrorist attack than to die in Brazil due to an assault.) The short version? Act as a local, don't do stupid things and in the case that shit happens, don't do the Rambo.
  12. The owner of Fercho has just sent me this message, where he's saying that due to bureaucracy reasons, he's forced to move the activity. It's been a week that the planned events, are getting posponed in Fercho. So this is it. No clear indication of the reopening date. Knowing the owner he'll send you the guys directly to your place or to a love hotel nearby...but at this point, Mileroticos is going to be the main source of fun for those who go to Medellin.
  13. This is the highest i have ever paid for a sauna boy (amounts in BRL) in the home Brazil. 150 - standard programa 250 - overnight till after lunch 450 - day 1000 - weekend The averages are about 25% lower than the above. For internet guys i would say you roughly have to double the previous amounts.
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