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  1. Is this place still happening? Who will be in Rio this Sunday, May 26? If this place is of interest to you, let me know and we can explore the place together!
  2. How did your trip go?
  3. Brazil? Santo Domingo? Where was this?
  4. I was at Paco’s all afternoon. Francisco indeed has blue eyes as I called it out to him. He doesn’t know where he inherited it from since both of his parents didn’t have it. Francisco is definitely a pimp and not just a tour guide. He showed me his ‘talents’ but they’re too rough and old for my taste. All have big dicks though. He still organizes the prison tours but I used my goopd judgement and didn’t avail. All in all, he’s a very friendly guy. I saw the guy who teased you from the telephone booth, @1tennisace. Looks like he really has a big dick. But since he has no ID, my place didn’t let him in. I didn’t feel bad because it is for everyone’s safety. He also looks young and I wouldn’t be comfortable if I won’t have guarantee that I’m not corrupting a minor. Manuel was my only guest today. I won’t expound anymore. Everything good has been said about him already and they are all true. He was hard all throughout and he fucked me like he’s proving a point on what Dominicans can do. I met a couple of guys here who are into the same thing. We kinda formed a support group We might check out Juan Binbin tomorrow.
  5. He who has the money holds the power. That's economics. If you don't want to be at the mercy of your clients' hours, shift careers. Open a store that serves clients 9-5.
  6. Thank you, SolaceSoul. Do you mind sharing Freddie's contact too?
  7. I didn't go. I realized I'm really into into big dicks.
  8. Wow! Bareback! Are you on Prep? I'm surprised GPs fuck bareback.
  9. How's the HIV rate in Santo Domingo and in the Dominican Republic in general? I'm sure it is possible to get infected anywhere but is condom usage a wide practice among men with their women and men having sex with men (gay or escort) there?
  10. He sent me a PM when I inquired from the main chat. And he hasn't seen my photos yet so I don't think he has any basis to use as judgement. He's 20 and probably has no clue yet on real rates. Or probably he really believes he can fool a gringo with that rate.
  11. I clarified that and he said 5,000 US dollars He even converted it to COP which is around 16,000,000
  12. I engaged this guy on Chaturbate and he quoted me $5,000 to give him a blow job I asked if his dick is made of gold He's @jacksoncottonwood on Instagram.
  13. If you're white, Singapore is your promiseland
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