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  1. I hear you. It’s not a majority but i know that escort/porn star Raphael Alencar was a dentist. Scientists, lawyers, doctors are more of the professional upper class. But other “middle class” jobs in Brazil pay a pittance: I.e cops, nurses, firefighters, teachers...
  2. Since you care only about the garotos experience, why are you spending so much time acting like a literary critic. Move on already! he s one of the mostly highly regarded members here, his threads are all successful... so maybe he s being smart by ignoring your (or anybody else) inputs. you re about to make this thread about his writing style.
  3. I assume the same thing. i can feel how frustrating it is for some garotos who have more education than many clients but have to make ends meet in the saunas because they Of the tragic underachievement of the Brazilian political class.
  4. Well said! This negativity will just make us lose great forum users. i love the pictures & details. Perfect thread! Thank you Numazu, you are the reason why Colombia is on my radar and you now make me want to go outside of Rio/Sampa. i think I’ll try Salvador, Bahia first... (I do love my black people. lol)
  5. I noticed the age difference as well. Damn, you go hard on this. Lol But don’t you believe that regardless of which continent the garoto is, he eventually becomes jaded after a few years? It’s not like São Paulo & Rio are small country towns. Those metropolis are bigger than every European metropolis. São Paulo in particular is more of a capitalist jungle than than any city in Europe. They Throw the biggest gay pride in the world for a reason. They have as much of a “gay scene”. And the overall inequality Brazil is known for could make some even more bitter. i mean, clients are gonna be clients anywhere. But in Brazil, Many garoto have to take a 2 hour bus ride back to a favela. At least in Europe, they get to go back to a decent piso or even luxury hotel room. Wouldnt it make Brazil a worst place for resentment from older Garotos?
  6. I love Fogo. Lol Funny enough. I have always felt like Brazilian boys in Europe are much better than the ones in Brazil. its like soccer players, the best ones eventually go compete in Europe where the $$$ is. If you are really hot, why would you stay in Brazil for $R100 and hour when you can make 4 times that in Europe and don’t need a visa. Is it just my experience?
  7. @Latindude i appreciate your insight but can socio-economics be sepsrsted from race in any country that was built on slavery? Isn't it harder for a darker skin to work in the service industry in Latin America? If so, how can one be expected to improve his or her socio economics outside of sport & entertainment? I have always felt like it was a cop-out use to push the "Racial Democracy " myth and not deal with the actual issue. I do see value in people being able to embrace all parts of themselves (including the white heritage). But sadly, this is often use in order to draw a division between dark skin black (like me) and lighter skin ones. in the USA, we had the same house slave (lighter skin blacks who were allowed to work inside the slave owner's house) Vs. Field slaves (darker and could only work in the field). But i am glad that in the US, people of color realize that this ranking system was bad for everybody as it would by definition still put white people at the head of the food chain. We still have colorism issues in the USA but nowhere near what we see in Latin America. Dark skin have access to all kind of jobs at the very top of their professions: Johnny Cochran (legal), Ben Carson (medical), Oprah... Every major us cities has had a dark skin black mayor. And a light skin man who wants to become president can marry a dark skin women and see her be a political advantage: Michelle Obama.
  8. You’re Such a smooth operator. thx for the input. You are appreciated.
  9. Tattoos are my weaknesses I know you have had this conversation before with solace but I will confirm that some desirable men chose to pay for sex. It is not only for people “who can’t get it for free”. Christiano Ronaldo, tiger woods, mike Tyson, Sean penn, Hugh grant, the entire French soccer team are some of the people who could get laid with ANY WOMEN on earth but have still been caught with prostitutes. in my case, I can get that rio beach play experience in Sobe without having to worry about getting my things stolen, language barrier, sneaking locals into my hotel room... Paying for garrotos: * provide a controlled and safe environment (saunas) in a wild city (rio). * it’s 100% all about me. It’s about what I like, when I want it and how I want it. I don’t have to worry about what my partner likes and having to please him. The money is what pleases them. * Keep me from being stalked by somebody who thought we had “a special connection “ when all we did was have great sex. Money clarified things and we don’t even need to exchange numbers or contact infos. * The fantasy & power that comes with being a client. Having the hottest guys not just hook up with you (that s easy), but actually work their hardest to sell themselves to you, advertise hard. Kinda of the same way groupies have to fight for a rockstar attention * It saves a lot of time compare to regular dating/flirting or Grindr catfishes. But you are right man. To each is own. That’s the beauty of this forum, our diversity.
  10. In order of preference, mines are: bae #1 Bae #2 Bae #3 Bae #4
  11. I am mostly into Padros & other black guys Myself. They tend to be less likely to charge 300Reals in Brazil. I could be attracted to the Mediterranean look but I go through phases for that one. 100% attraction. They tend to have both: perfect bodies & perfect faces.
  12. Well I did say it is my 2nd visit. Also, I am a 6ft, muscular, 35yo black man who s lived in Devlopping countries before & grew up in the DC inner cities, and when not at work, I have an urban/hip hop swag. (Think rapper 50cent). Trust me, I have “developing country” smarts and people are usually intimidated by me, not the other way around. I am definitely moving forward with my plans on hooking up with gogo boys. I do appreciate advice on this though. I understand one can never be totally safe from violence nor from being a victim of a hustle.
  13. Yes, I am a newbie. I have been to Brazil only once a few years ago and I am going back next month. last time, I stuck with the more fairly priced garotos but this time I really want to experience the best Brazil has to offer. from what I seen doing my research online, the best guys would be the Lagoa Gods & the Gogo boys from The Week. I am not sure if the Gogo boys are receptive to programa as Andhow much they would ask for. But I remember that a lot of them started as sauna boys and a lot of sauna boys work out in order to be come Gogo boys. So I only asssume they don’t stop programmas once they make it as Gogo. I read some references here about the lagoa gods but they were always 1 post in a thread about São Paulo in general. And mostly from people who were writing about how they said no to those guys because of the price. I don’t think I found a thread that focuses on them and the experience with them.
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