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  1. Not to mention dick sizes.....I know (from experience) that there are big dicks in Thailand....just they are the exception, whereas Brasil is the norn,lol I'll never forget walking down Silom in BKK one night and running into Rodolfo from Lagoa, He's a HUGE size queen. I asked what's the owner of the most famous sauna in Brasil, filled with big dicks doing in Thailand. He told me not to worry, the guy with him was the winner of the big cock show from a gogo bar!
  2. I've stayed in the new apt building behind the airport bus station, is modern and some units are done nicely, staying again the 1st week of Nov, will be interesting to see if Nov 1 will hold true for Lagoa's opening....
  3. what a memory ...HOWEVER, you can remember the name of 2 twink twin brothers you did in 2004 and where they were from......
  4. So where is the new sauna going to be??
  5. My Observation has been that ANYONE at this point ( I understand falling for the Con to vote for him) that still supports Trump is: 1) Super wealthy that his tax programs benefit them 2) Just plane racists and or stupid Check your bank accounts and let me know which one you are......
  6. I just went for the 1st time the end of June.....going back in Sept. Laboratory was also an amazing scene!
  7. According to everyone I know , it's neither. I know someone that was deported recently, he said he hardly leaves the house for fear that he might get kidnapped.
  8. I've been to Salvador a few times..there a only a couple of small gay bars that only the openly out and obviously gays go to, is a small country and everyone knows your business if you are seen there. So, like a friend told me....go into any bar/cantina...after a 6-pack everyone is gay in Salvador, lol. The last time I went, my friend (who was deported from USA, then later kidnapped and murdered in Salvador, yes it's a dangerous place) had lined me up with some of his friends that he knew would fuck anything, so was even easier having them all lined up......and two of the guys I was with were also later murdered, what a shame how terrible Central America has become. This is why they try to come to the USA as refugees, but many Americans think they are looking for a free ride, smh
  9. No research other than these guys telling me to go, that I'd love it.
  10. It's been many years since I was in Marrakech , but the area outside the old market was one of the cruisiest places I've ever been...also, whatever shop or store I went into...if the guy was cute and you locked eyes for a minute, they knew what's up. I've never been to Tunisia, but some guys I've met both in Brasil and BKK said that is so crazy good there, that they have bought a condo there.....is on my radar to go.
  11. Just got back from Berlin....slings are common things in bars and clubs, lol Lab oratory was mind blowing on naked night as was the horse fare....
  12. Tomcal , Namazu , me will be here in Merida.....not sure if you know Patrick, the barback/cleaner from 117.... I invited him to come up for his vacation....will be his 1st time out of Brasil. Planning on taking him to Playa del Carmen for a few days after Merida. When will you be here? where are you planning to stay?
  13. I think your prices are out of date for BKK...I initially thought you were talking about Pattaya until you mentioned Tawan....and yeah, I've been about 50+ times to Thailand and as many to Brasil..... Lucky, Oz, Planetime....can you guys see if the BKK prices seem right, my memory isn't good, as you all know lol As far as Brasil, I think people pretty much answered the question about what a sauna guy charges for sex in the sauna, the rest is up to negotiation....there not a price list or menu in Brasil...I've known guys that don't charge anything if they go to dinner, a weekend trip or to Europe if you cover their expenses.....and others that ask a king's ransom.
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