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  1. floridarob


    Go to the Northeast, perfect weather year round and guys that typically don't travel to GIG or GRU to work....and cheaper. Now that I've gotten your curiosity , when are you booking your ticket.....or did you already before you replied, lol
  2. floridarob

    Do not Post any photos

    Doesn't mean it is even a member......these boards can be accessed without signing in, no?
  3. no worries, you'd win the triple crown of slut
  4. floridarob

    Puerto Vallarta

    Because you were there...or always is??
  5. floridarob

    Winter in Havana

    Keep in mind a couple of things..... The percentage of Americans there vs Italians, Russians, etc..... AND what is "reported"....is a communist country that "reports" what it wants..... It does happen, rarely, yes...but almost all occasions is between sex workers and clients. And Chicago.....is Chicago.
  6. floridarob

    Winter in Havana

    Keep in mind, there have been a number of gay and straight tourists killed in Havana....that Caribbean blood gets hot fast (not in the good way). paying 100..??? how much were you paying the other guys? I used to travel to cuba every other month for a month back in early 2000..... good sex back then was as good if not better than Brasil, as of my trips last year, was maybe 50% chance of good sex. Smelly feet has always been a thing in Cuba, clean bodies but smelly feet.....now I see bad breath, crooked teeth, non- performing guys, thiefs.... but rarely, there is someone good. Just with the exchange rate being so good in brasil and being able to go to a store and buy or eat whatever you feel like, Cuba has fallen down on my list.
  7. floridarob


    enjoy the cruise, try and find a cutie worker (is what I do) to hang out with on shore.
  8. Imagine if we earned the freq flyer miles for the tickets we have bought for others??
  9. floridarob

    January in Mexico

    This used to be a quiet respectable town.....
  10. floridarob


    Been on MANY cruises to Cozumel....problem is the entire islands' economy is cruise ships...so when ships are in , EVERYONE is working. Those that aren't, study and live at home with their parents. Not saying it's impossible to hook up, but during the few hrs that you will be there, you'll waste the day hoping/hunting. Playa del Carmen would be a better option to look into, or bringing someone from Playa over to you....but you'll need a place in Cozumel.
  11. I always say how I still go to Fragata and some people think I'm crazy..... However, I prefer the guy next door look over the big muscle guys.
  12. Solacesoul pretty much summed it up ;-) Also, keep in mind the question was what is the most you've paid.....during the recession Adam4Adam was a great place for $50-60 sex in USA, and Barcelona normal was 40 Euros......in the Sauna and Grindr
  13. floridarob

    Mexico City?

    Grindr, also check out this page: https://mx.mileroticos.com/escorts-gay/distrito-federal/ Also, street hustlers 500 pesos on Hamburgo after you go past the Hotel Galeria Plaza Reforma (Old Westin) up to Praga, then to your right and around the block. Most people do this driving in cars, no problems with the police.... Fair going rate on apps is 800 pesos...usually is the Colombians and Brazilians asking 1500+
  14. When I lived in Houston, there was a guy with money...oil money. He bought a kid he liked a townhouse and a Bentley. And from what his friend told me, he's done that for more than one that he liked.....