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  1. My eyes usually glaze over reading your posts, you might think you contribute much here.....confusion ....definitely. But yeah, you're just weird....let's do a poll.
  2. You're just weird....and if you knew me, I don't get offended.
  3. Not sure if you answered my question or was just a general comment about sex workers...??
  4. What other bars/restaurants did you go to ?? Cruising in the plaza grande at all?? Most people don't have money for a smart phone, so the apps are hit or miss....have to do it old school style, street cruising, malls, supermarkets.....invite someone for a beer, if they accept they know whats up....if they turn it down, they also know whats up, lol Or there is the sauna on the outskirts of town, ciber cafes and the ficheros (guys that work for tips at bars) that work at several bars.... CSW..??
  5. Sex hotel...If I meet guys from the sauna, I feel confident enough to bring them back to the apt. street, beach, club, grindr, etc....sex hotel
  6. In USA I only use Uberx (UberXL when I have a lot of stuff going to the airport)....but in Brasil, many times the UberBlack was the same price or just a little more than UberX.....much nicer car and it surely impresses who ever is with me ,lol
  7. I've been there a few times, great sauna in downtown, club 240 https://www.sauna240club.com/. Was difficult to find, but once you go inside , you won't believe how nice it is. Is a disco, Sagitario in downtown in a horrible part of town, I had fun, but if you meet someone..be very careful if you bring them back to your place, I did it...no problems but with rationale thinking I would not have. My favorite club was Vale Todo Downtown, I think is open only on weekends... MiraFlores is the good part of town with some incredible restaurants....Lima Traffic is maybe worse then Bangkok.....you'll find some bf material guys.....you'll wonder why we don't go to Lima more often.... will be checking airfares now, lol
  8. I've said it many times here...Cuba's golden age for us is long gone....late 90's early 2000 was great.
  9. Is open or not.....check before you go. conflicting reports.....
  10. Haven't you heard about this thing called sex....is done for pleasure sometimes They both said they would be up for it...I've been known to do it for free, lol
  11. I'm in my room now with 2 guys, so I asked them this question....they both laughed and said this would be NO PROBLEM here. One wants me to send his picture to you, lol
  12. no talk of the seedy gay places, lol
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