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  1. The photo is from an anti-Bolsonaro protest in London two weeks ago. I understand the protests against him in Brazil were much larger.
  2. I generally leave the sauna 4 hours before the flight. Last time I was in Lagoa on a Sunday (around 4-5pm) there were enough guys there. I then jet-ubered to Fragata (supposed to be good on a Sunday) And though the place was packed with customers (and strippers), there seemed to be fewer garotos
  3. ...and a day later he's removed the Villa Gianni references and reduced his 1 hour price from £150 to £80!
  4. This guy is actually advertising that he's working out of Villa Gianni... https://www.sleepyboy.com/uk/london/escort/BrentStyles ...so I'm guessing he's £100 if seen there.
  5. Bar Fama was the highlight of my last trip to Brazil. Young skinny guys who willingly fell to their knees and then later bent over Me: How much? Him: 30 Reais (about £7 or $8) Me: Are you serious? Him: Yes 30 R Me: You can't sell yourself for that small amount? Him: OK... 50 R It was genuinely sordid, dirty and exciting. They were even queuing up to be my next purchase! Not the sort of place you go to for clean white sheets and rose petals on the bed. (there is no bed)
  6. I would say that by far the most popular website is vivalocal is terms of turnover... http://search.vivalocal.com/acompanhantes-gays/br Another of the many is fatalmodel https://fatalmodel.com/ and a very famous website in Porto Alegre is The Models http://themodels.com.br/homens/ ...and if you go there now, you can see Nicolas and Junior Cristhian who also offer themselves as the double act Irmãos ...and here's a few websites detailing how they tried to blackmail a television presenter in Sao Paulo at the beginning of 2018... https://www.meionorte.com/entretenimento/famosos/garoto-de-programa-pede-r-10-mil-para-divulgar-foto-de-leo-dias-334726 https://www.metro1.com.br/noticias/vida-alheia/50532,garoto-de-programa-quer-r-10-mil-para-divulgar-foto-de-jornalista.html https://amazonasnews.com/day-maccarthy-expoe-foto-intima-de-supostos-miches-amazonense-com-leo-dias/ Nowadays they shuttle around the south of Brazil... Porto Alegre - Balneário Camboriú - Curitiba ...apparently too scared to return to Sao Paulo!
  7. My memories of Tuesdays are there are about 10-12 garotos and very few clients. Buyers market.
  8. Love your writing style, it's fast pace and the surprise appearance by the elderly couple!... made me laugh!
  9. I carry my phone with me to the bar / lockers / cabins etc (but then I don't bother with the sauna itself) It never stays in the locker. I use it for Google Translate and to take photos I take the photos in the cabins at the end of the session Many are happy to pose naked. Some put their towel back on. Only one has ever refused to have his face in the picture (despite his face eventually being all over vivalocal) As well as taking a couple of photos, I now ask them to take a selfie - as I'm interested in how the guy sees himself
  10. Yes!... it's the moment Riobard's been waiting for... the END! Which of course means more of the same old guff... explicit gift giving... full frontal pricing... and even more "Who gives a fuck if they've even got a name?" personal snippets... Day 14: Wednesday - Curitiba Today I explore the city centre... and it seems a lot more conventional... wide streets... parks and squares... not the Blade Runner set that is Porto Alegre's downtown. There's a large park called Passeio Publico (I think)... which has bird enclosures... snake house... aquarium... very interesting... all free... all just walk in. Next Praca Osorino - a very busy square with lots of cottaging in the public toilet... unfortunately I don't possess the currency to make that work... so I sit outside... Two guys on a bench… They’re both garotos. The one on the right approaches me - neck tattoos++ - he's called Lucas... he seems like a nice guy… he offers himself for 70R and suggests a nearby motel... ...but I've got my bag, my cards, my phone... it's all too much of a risk... Last stop is Rua 24 Horas - a shopping mall which... you guessed it... closes at 11pm! Another homage to the Crystal Palace I think.... Wednesday Night It's Sauna Opinião's big night!!!... and the place is teeming with rent boys... The skinniest guy in the building has parked himself in the outdoor seating area. He’s alone and looking at his phone. I go outside. Do the overlong stare. He smiles. He approaches. Wellington …who admits that he is active only... and, given this breath of fresh honesty, I suggest 50 for kisses... I suggest getting a room... he suggests not wasting my money... and he leads me around upstairs until he finds an out of the way spot... he ushers the other guys away... and he kisses well... a nice guy... His street look is the sort of thing they're all wearing. Next I speak to a guy who also admits he too is active only... Is Wednesday night Truth Night?... I can't remember his name... but he wastes no time dragging Gustavo Henrique (from yesterday) to my table. Gustavo is keen for another payday and offers himself for 70. We again go to a room and he does it all. Agreed 100 Paid 120 And so the bar is shaping up... the clients tend to gather and chat in groups (like around a massive table)... the boys mill around, hoping to attract attention... He's been sitting on a stool, rather aloof and not part of the "gang", since I arrived... he's dressed like how your mother would choose to dress you... nice shirt... nice jeans... and as I'm working my way through waist measurements, he's next!... we make eye contact... Romeo Yes! …he says he's passive!... He asks for 120. I say 100 and more if you're good. He agrees... And he is bloody AMAZING! Kisses with passion... sucks forever... and then rides me and rides me... stands and gets fucked... turning for kisses throughout. It's like real sex. His body is muscular... taut and smooth... he has a beautifully shaped muscular backside... he's unbelievable. We're sitting there... clearly pleased to be with one another... I realise the chances of finding anything remotely comparable to him are nil... so I make him an offer he cannot refuse... 500 total to come back to my hotel until 11pm (I'll need to sleep rather than worrying about his departure in the morning)... he agrees. We walk to the hotel. Buy him some drinks. We chat. His hope for the future is to be a body builder... is that a job?... He has a number of problems.... I noticed that he held tightly onto the handrail and closed his eyes in the lift... he has difficulty getting an erection (which he blames on diabetes and hypertension medication that he's taken today)... That said, he does manage to get a temporary erection later which he is overjoyed with!... He's bisexual... has a son... works as a waiter... gets 1200 per month... he was given up for adoption at 1 because the father refused to believe he was his son... adopted by alcoholics who beat him... he left home at 14... he's totally adorable. We chat away... he readily corrects my Portuguese... he finds it strange when I tell him he's like the best of the POA passivo boys... he says most Curitiba clients are passive so his work is limited... he asks about life in London... he seems like a small town boy with little experience of other places... he google translates to say that his job is difficult when he has to leave but he wants to stay (meaning with me!) And then a marathon of kissing... him sucking me... me rimming him... He asks if I'm ticklish? I don't think so. He's referring to the roof of my mouth... and then sets about demonstrating... Every now and again when he pulls back from kissing, I see Leandro. These guys look similar. I feel bad for thinking that. He's totally adorable. Whatsapp exchanged. He gets dressed. Then he pulls out a knife... (the pause was simply for dramatic effect) ...to show me the lengths he has to go to to protect himself on the streets... he says everywhere is dangerous at night. Agreed 500 Paid 600 + CK One Red The perfect ending. Totally adorable. But I don’t see myself ever coming back here. Day 15: Thursday - Sao Paulo Terrible flight from Curitiba to Sao Paulo (where my possessions are taken out of the overhead lockers to make room for people who've brought larger items) And then a purposeful 7 hour stopover in Sao Paulo before the London Flight Here’s my Tomcal-ian plan… 4.15pm Flight arrives at GRU 1hr Uber to Fragata (after ages trying to find the Uber) 6pm Arrive Fragata 8.20pm leave Fragata 1hr Uber to GRU 9.30pm Security etc 11.40pm Flight leaves Yes!... all this for 2.5 hours in Fragata! I don't know... this had seemed like a great plan... but I'm tired... and a 1hr+ traffic jam drive with no air conditioning has left me baking up. I'm hot. I don't know what’s wrong but I feel ill. Fragata on Thursday has lots of garotos and not many clients. The boys are milling round. A few come and introduce themselves. There's a HUGE tall muscular guy with bald head and long beard... must be late 30s... there's an incredibly FAT one who keeps waving his penis around... there are even very short guys... I'm not really up to doing anything… but in the sake of seeing a plan through…a kiss, chat and photo marathon… Fernando has a wife and child... works as a gogo boy... gives himself a fake name here... wants to be able to buy a house... he earns about 1200 from gogo-ing... I kind of liked him because he got upset when another garoto tried to touch his hair when he was sitting alone at a table... Wizzys I have no idea if this is his real name… but he said it was and anyway it’s tattooed on his arm... he had been asking me if I liked bad boys?... “Never” I told him…. he's from Salvador and his parents are dead. Leonardo I suppose he was the prettiest guy in the place... he's from Sao Paulo... like the others he's active (but he asks how much I'd pay for him to be passive)... the answer tonight is nothing… he carefully takes off his chains before lying on the bed and places them on paper towels on the floor before lying on the bed... says it's too dirty. All agreed 100 All paid 100 ...but then all they had to do was lie on a bed and kiss and chat... Uber back to GRU. Much less traffic. Everything went smoothly ....you should see the guys standing in the queue to board…
  11. Day 13 - Curitiba (cont) Sauna Opinião I start with a repeat of Pica-Pau... he's still the same... still fairly emotionless but does the job... and I think he's beautiful... Agreed 100 Paid 120 Vito He's both ativo and passivo... wants 150... I say 100 and more if he's good... we go to a room... He jumps on the bed... arse in the air and is slapping his backside... he is throwing himself at me for passionate kisses... he’s actioning me to constrict his neck... we kiss... he's all over the place... he doesn't suck... we try a number of positions but it doesn't go in... I don't understand... he's not pulling away... he's just not pushing down either... after going through the motions, he admits he's not passive at all... but he "wants to be" !???... abandon ship. Another liar. Is this what Curitiba is all about? Agreed 100 Paid 100 Gustavo Henrique We're both leaving different rooms at the same time... 2 seconds later he's in my room... he kisses well... he sucks with no qualms... and he gets fucked... Perhaps not someone I'd usually choose... but it saved me moping in the bar... Agreed 100 Paid 120 The rest of the night is just spent looking for anything else. There's nothing. One guy... thin and strutting around says he's both... that he was last passive 3 weeks ago... but I just don’t believe them anymore... Burger... Strawberry split... bed.
  12. Day 13: Tuesday - Curitiba Botanic Gardens Famous for its greenhouse based on Crystal Palace... it’s got a little river thing spouting up in the centre… and a little stream then runs out underneath the greenhouse. There a few stepping stones to use to enter the place… it’s all too twee… ... And their living Christmas tree... a cone shaped affair covered in red bromeliads, topped off with gold star. ...It all looks incredibly communist...
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