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  1. Hi Tom, now that I've started to post on the forum I'd be most grateful if you could reconsider my request to join this private club. I'll be able to post some photos when I return to the UK in just under two weeks time thanks
  2. Belo Horizonte Really had a great time in Belo Horizonte last weekend. Immediately impressed by the friendliness of the locals during our first time visit to the city. Rented an apartment located in the city centre less than a couple of minutes walk from both Olimpo and 1097 Sauna. Felt safe walking around the immediate area of our apartment, mostly due its central location. Favelas appear to be located outside the city centre so this might have something to do with it as well. An abundance of good restaurants and bars located in short walking distance, all making our time in BH very easy indeed. Olimpo and 1097 are located less than five minutes from each other. The two saunas offer very different yet enjoyable experience. 1097 is rather basic establishment offering good working sauna and steam room, a couple of ground floor lounge areas, friendly bar and upstairs cruising area with several free rooms. These rooms are very basic containing plastic mattress without linnen. Went there early on Sunday evening when the place was chocked full of young brown skinned guys, lots of which were walking around naked with their extended manhood on display. Certainly worth a visit if favela guys are your preference. In complete contrast Olimpo offers luxurious facilities in probably the best appointed sauna we have visited in Brazil. Excellent sauna and steam room, high class suites, lots of cursing areas to explore on both floors of the venue and plenty of places to unwind and relax. Some of locals spend their time playing cards in the lounge area which add to the laid back feel at the sauna, along with most friendly bar staff. A wide variety of good looking guys on offer, certainly of a higher standard than what we saw in Specifico. Was told by a customer that the average price is 70 although one guys did offer his services to us for 50. Visited Olimpo each evening from Thursday to Sunday. As expected Friday and Saturday were the busy nights; not so on Thursday and Sunday, although there were plenty of guys to keep us interested during each visit. Saturday was the busiest evening with a most entertaining drag show, bingo and hot gogo boy show. The performer turned out to be one of the hottest garatos working at the sauna. At Olimpo I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Junior Rodriges from hotboys.com.br https://www.hotboys.com.br/modelo/243/junior-rodrigues This link doesn't really do Junior justice as he has a most delightful smile and fun personality, along with his massive endowment - close to 10 inches! As I'm active I took Junior, along with a hot passivo guy, to a suite from an extremely hot and lengthy session. Junior's porno experience certainly come into play as he would constantly direct the activity to ensure we're all having an extremely hot and uninhibited time. This experience was so good that I once along took Junior, the hot passivo guy and the aforementioned gogo boys for a fourway session on Sunday evening. Our session lasted around an hour and a half and was undoubtedly one of my most enjoyable sexual experiences in Brazil:) The most pleasing aspect of this was my undoubtable feeling that all three boys were having as much fun as I. Junior would always ask for a tip after the session so more than happy to add an extra 20 to the already agreed 100 per guy.
  3. First post from a long time UK member with several years experience of enjoying the delights on offer in Latin America. Annually I travel with my friend in Aug/Sept around Brazil with visits to Rio, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza and São Paulo on the agenda for this year. Have now reached midpoint of our vacation. Thankfully my friend is fluent in Portuguese and is duly kept busy with translating duties on my behalf.Will normally have encounters with two seperate boys per evening, always paying 100 reais. Might go up to 150 if the garato is exceptional or a smooth talker.As usual enjoyed visiting to 117 and 202 in Rio as well as a couple of very promising visits to Manhattan. Gave Meo Mondo (an old favorate) a complete miss this year due to constantant poor reviews from everyone we've asked this week. To me it looks as the younger favela boys have relocated to Manhattan. Found this to be rather intimate venue with limited space to circulate, however this made it easier for 20/25 or so garatos to connect with punters. The place does have a more happy energy than the other Rio saunas, particularly during the show and bingo times. Payed 100 for a couple of really hot sessions, though suspect that most of the boys will accept 70 reais.Highly impressed with the refurbishment at 202. Gone are they days when we would watch cockroaches scrolling along the dance floor. Thanks to Junior's efforts 202 now offers a modern clean environment with some refurbished rooms particularly welcomed and clean and most relaxing jacuzzi. My only complaint is the downstairs area gets too noisy as the music get louder during the evening. This results in more of a night club experience than a relaxing sauna environment, however the high energy environment can also be fun after a couple of super strong caipirinha served at the bar. 202 was exceptional on Wednesday night, full to the brim with lots of hot working boys for all tastes. This resulted in the invitalable hours wait for the free suites on offer. 117 has been our favorate sauna this year in Rio. Very busy on Saturday night and Tuesday night with the best looking garatos and drag shows in town.Price per garatos is unchanged for the last couple of years at 100 per session. A few will ask for 200/150 but all tend to settle for 100. Truly a great price given the current strength of the reais against the pound/euro.Will post reviews for Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza and São Paulo later on this week.
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