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  1. All true. Las Vegas club seems still the place to be. Actually you really don't need to worry about this. Lots of cute boys would reach out to talk to you. The first time I went there two years ago, the harassment started already in the cab which drove me from the airport. Just be nice and choose a decent one, then let him show you his Havana. Among all great stuff I did on my previous trips, FAC and Callejon Jaime are highlights.
  2. endlessdream

    How to use Chaturbate

    This is really helpful! Thank you!
  3. endlessdream

    How to use Chaturbate

    Thank you! How do you get a boy to meet you then?
  4. endlessdream

    How to use Chaturbate

    I feel so stupid but I can't understand how chaturbate works. How do you guys choose boys from a specific city? Thx!
  5. I'm flying from GDL to PTY and the only directly flight at reasonable price I found leaves at 5 am. I'm debating between taking an airport hotel and use it to 2 am and finding a good massage place to get pampered for hours. I saw most gay spa closes at 10 pm. Any savvy traveler here has any recommendations? I'm open to all types of ideas. :-) I find myself in a similar situation in Barranquilla, and the flight is even earlier, 4 am. Thank you!
  6. endlessdream

    Good escort experience in Lisbon Portugal

    Yes. TopEscort33
  7. After my short stay in Lisbon, I'd like to share some of my experiences. I met Daniel on PlanetRomeo escort session. He’s a giant, 198cm! Fit lean body. He’s not of the typical escort look, more like a normal boy from the neighborhood. He does have this rustic side which attracts me a lot. He was very clear about what he does and doesn’t. He’s 100% top, who doesn’t like sucking, but enjoys fucking a lot. Exactly what I was looking for. He showed up at my hotel on time, big smile. After a quick shower, a HUGE cock was hanging at my face, which turns into a monster after a couple of strokes. He’s very hygienic, and enjoys my sucking and touching. The fucking was incredible. He’s passionate and again, genuinely enjoys what he does. He fucked me from gentle to wild and we cum at the same time. Wonderful experience. Highly recommend. I actually ended up bring him to Porto for four days. He managed to fuck me twice a day without any problem. Very decent guy, and HOT!
  8. endlessdream

    Cali Colombia Hotel Suggestions

    Not at all. Marriott is cool on that. I brought guys to the lounge too.
  9. For fun. Hampton inn allows visitors. CP no.
  10. endlessdream

    Colombia Virgin

    I know Bogota, Medellin and Cali pretty well. Personally I'd recommend Cali the most. The city is smaller and people are nicer. But you do get bored there after a couple of days.
  11. endlessdream

    Cuba, May 2018

    I've been going there for three years, and the last time was in Dec. I've never seen the golden age of Cuba but I'm happy with what I got there. I'm fluent in Spanish but I don't speak Portuguese. That might influence my decision.
  12. I stayed in Hampton Inn El Poblado and the Crowne Plaza. The Hampton Inn is new but very simple, The essentials are all there. The Crowne Plaza is old, and has a certain illusion of grandeur.
  13. endlessdream

    Cali Colombia Hotel Suggestions

    I stayed at Marriott and it was wonderful. The lounge is phenomenal. The gay life is simpler but guys are abondant. I had an amazing black guy/cock there :-)
  14. Sorry for being so judgmental in the topic, but it is how I feel about the escort situation here in Morocco. Escorts are everywhere and I have nothing against them. In fact, I love them, as long as they are honest about what they do, have a sense of service and be more or less fair. They are not here! The economy in Moroco is bad, so bad that few young guys have a real job and those who do make barely their rent. With the typical Arab horniness and their welcoming nature on one side, and the affluent tourists from Europe and Middle east, it could have developed a healthy and booming escort market. But unfortunately, it hasn't the been the case. The main problem is the lacking of work ethic in the whole region. I can't help comparing the situation to Cuba. Moroccans are as hot as Cubans, equally open to homosexual sex, but far less educated and ethical. Something good which came out of the communist years of Cuba is people understand in order to get something, they need to deliver something in return. Here in Morocco, they just grab and run. Which made things worse is the illegal immigration from the neighboring black African countries. Desperate situations made lots of them rotten. Several points can illustrate the issue here: First, Morocco is a muslim country. The escorts here somehow made this their avantage. Most of them are miserable and have nothing to loose, so they are not afraid of making a scene, especially the foreign black guys from Mali, Niger, etc. I met a young Moroccan cardiological doctor in Marrakech, who told me that two weeks earlier, he was obliged to pay 2000 dh (200 euros) to a disguised black escort when he refused to leave. Second, they never say they are escorts. Actually most of them deny that when you ask. You really need to be vigilant and dig really hard to get the truth. They have ambiguous way of answering your questions, such as: - I'm not escort. (But I still want some money for cab, and I paid 100 times more than normal because I was in such a hurry to get to you) - I just want to have fun. (But you have to pay) - Dont be silly, not everyone's escort. (But I am) ... When you try to let them answer just 'yes' or 'no' to a very specific question such as 'Are you going to ask me for money?', they would become silent, maybe for a day. Then they will come back talking to you as nothing had happened, until you ask them specifically again. Third, they lie about everything, they send fake photos, and they don't perform sexually. Again, if I take some examples of how they answer your questions: - They are my photos. (But they are not of me, but of a 'friend') - I'm always hard. (As hard as I can get, while you keep on sucking me) - My cock measures 25 cm. (Seriously you believe that? How fool) Just to resume, the escort market here is sick and disgusting. And it spoils the normal fun market, too. When people don't have any ethical bottom line, anything can happen. I personally would not recommend Morocco to those who want to meet local boys for fun.
  15. endlessdream

    Contact of a nice guide in Marrakech

    Following my Moroccan trip report, I want to recommend a very nice guide in Marrakech. I rented an Airbnb in the new town, Gueliz, so I didn't have the hotel concierge for my questions and recommendations in the city. I met Karim on the usual yellow app and he turned out to be an educated cultured beautiful young man. He helped me with basically everything in Marrakech and his recommendations were all excellent. You can relay on him for having all kinds of fun, with him or through him if you know what I mean, lol, and the rate is very reasonable. He allowed me to post his mobile here without being too explicit. So if you need any help, before or during your trip in Marrakech, catch him on WhatsApp: +212660005624.