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  1. I just set my Planetromeo profile there and I'm getting tons of messages. Guys are very tall and super hung. Super hung!
  2. I wonder why there's so little information on the Antilles. Having lived many years in Paris, some of the most impressive cocks I had were from that region, Guadeloupe, Martinique, etc. I know flying there is relatively complicated, but I think there are directly flights from Miami, San Juan, Havana, etc. Anyone?
  3. No. I replied on Grindr, next door dudes...
  4. I was there about one year ago and didn't find any visible 'meat market'... Old San Juan is lovely, but very touristic, Miami price.
  5. It's winter! Boys hide and hibernate, if not migrating to grindr and planet romeo... lol. Seriously, internet is changing La Habana. Boys hang out where the wifi is... The 25/O park is definitely very happening, but they might be too occupied with their apps... Personally I think Infanta is very cruisy, as it connects La Rampa, El Malecon and several wifi parks.
  6. I think he's one of my readers from the Taiwanese forum, so he knows the avant-story of Bieber boy. Welcome here haobahaobahaoba.
  7. Thank you for your advise. Seems they are evolving. Here is the reply I got from the hotel (I specified that 'my friend' will be male): Dear Mr. Feng XU, Thank you very much for your email. It is fine if you friend comes to your room during the day. Best Regards, Mr.HUNG NGUYEN (Mike) Sales Department
  8. Thank you! So far I booked Essence Palace Hotel, double occupancy. It’s very well rated and crazily cheap. Do you think it’s too small to be flexible?
  9. Singapore is the promised land for anyone, except for very dark-skinned. I know it sounds racist but it's a fact. I lived there for three years, and here are my observations: 1. Military service is still compulsory. For two years those young lads do nothing but sport and body building. Once you have a good body, you do everything to keep it. Singapore has one of the highest gym density in the world. Natural libido over charged. 2. Real estate price is over the roof. Most Sin locals live in stated financed apartments. But they only have access to these apartments if they are married or reach a certain age (35 yo if I remember well). So most young guys live with their parents and don't always have place for fun. It's a small city state so they are very cautious about going to a hotel with locals. Therefore, if you are a foreigner with a hotel room or an apartment to your own, and you are not too bad yourself, you are a catch. 3. I'm sorry to say but they do have something against dark-skinned people. When I was living there, I did some tests, putting some really tanned body pics on my profil. One of the first questioned I'd get was always "your race?" I sometimes answered "not Chinese" playfully, and the chat stopped there most of the times. Do they prefer more white than Chinese, I don't really know. I'd say half half. 4. It's a very rich city and most Singapore young people earn more than in the states. So no need to worry about them asking for money.
  10. I grabbed one set of the 1500 dollars Cathay Pacific first class error fare HAN-NYC return tickets. So two trips to Hanoi impose. Any idea how to maximize the fun? My last visit there was three years ago, only went once to a sauna to have a massage there. I remember it’s beside a lake. You can choose boys behind a glass wall and the one I chose was good. Very cute with great abs. After about 40 minutes massage, he started teasing me in a very ‘profesional’ way. He removed his shorts two minutes later and made his way into me. He was mild at first but very quickly understood that I liked it rough. Great visual with his lean yet muscled body tensing up. He energetically fucked me to cum. I can’t remember the price but it was very cheap, by any standard. One particular thing, mobile phones were not allowed in the sauna. Maybe the owner didn’t want customers to contact the boys afterwards. I’m definitely bringing small nose with my mobile and line on it this time. Besides the typical tourist attractions, the young designer fashion scene is burgeoning. I had great problems bringing boys back to my hotel last time. I don’t know if it was just my hotel, an isolated case, or it’s common in Vietnam. Any updates? Thanks guys!
  11. You might be right on the 1st. I guess he felt he had to comply in order to be able to go to Varadero with me. But at that point, I wouldn’t have dropped him even if he had said no. Btw, he didn’t voice his worry. He stated that I was ‘promiscuous’. I guess that’s how he sees me since the very beginning About the 2nd, it’s not true any more. We actually met some of his friends in the same hotel. They are both Cubans and were traveling together. He was very at ease there.
  12. I just want to write a brief report after my 3rdannual long trip to Havana. The first time was for 10 days. The second was for 4 weeks. And this time two weeks. I did write a very detailed 118-page diary-like reports inspired by Numazi the Great, but I did it in Chinese and published in a Taiwanese forum. If anyone’s interested, I’d post the links here. I’m sorry that English is not my mother tongue. Please bear with me with all possible mistakes. Prior to Havana, I did a little detour in LA, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Panama, Cartagena and Barranquilla. I had in total 32 days. Puerto Vallarta and Cartagena are very touristic places, with all the typical traits. Not that many prepagos as one might imagine and the local free boys are actually taking initiatives messaging me a lot. Guadalajara and Barranquilla are normal cities with mostly locals looking for fun. Panama is full of spoiled expats. But a very common thing in all these cities is guys talk too much but don’t always take the next step. They just keep on talking, as if that’s what they do all day long. I still get occasional messages from some now, six weeks after I left Latin America. Mexicans don’t always have the largest cocks but I have to praise their sexual power. I never encountered any Mexicans with ED problems. Actually they are all hard as rock and some cum too fast. No wonder ‘retardante’ condoms can be found everywhere and are more expensive. They certainly love showing off their ‘dureza extraordinaria’. Some tried weird positions on my which made me worry about breaking their tool. It was my first time in Panama, and I only met one local boy, twice. Big butt, huge cock, fucks long and nice. I had very positive opinion based on that very limited sample. He’s a sailor and worked around the world. One fantasy fulfilled… Cartagena and Barranquilla feel very different from Bogota or Medellin or Cali. I was offered for 30 dollars by one black prepago in Cartegena but I was not happy with his look. I met three local guys instead, including one super cute mulato and another one travelled with me to Barranquilla to visit his family. Barranquilla is such a boring, The main attractions are mediocre malls. One can end up of doing a lot of shopping there. How can such a city give birth to great artists such as Shakira and Sofia Vergara? I met one ‘indigena’ boy and unlike other Asia-originated blood, he’s equipped with an oversized tool. We hang out mostly by the rooftop pool. We also went to the zoo. Sex was good. But in general, I don’t consider Colombians as hung as Cubans, with the exception of Calians (guys from Cali… hummmm, Word wants to correct me). I had another mission: taking a Yellow Fever shot before reaching Cuba. A Taiwanese friend was refused at checkin from Brazil to Cuba without the yellow certificate. It got me worried. I called Copa and Avianca many times but no one could give me a definitive answer. Some said don’t need it because my flight to Havana originates from the north of Colombia, which is not considered as an epidemic zone. Some said I need it because I visited Panama before Colombia. Some said it depends on airport agents. And some said it depends on Havana border control. I was worried. I couldn’t find this vaccine in LA, neither in Mexico. I was told there was a ‘falta national’. In Panama the clinics changed the price from 5 USD to 100 USD but still couldn’t follow the demands. I was there on their national day anyway. I finally got my chance in Cartagena, and it was free. But one problem, it was less than 10 days (required advance for the vaccine to be considered valid) before my Havana flight. Out of desperation, I did a Chinese trick. I downloaded a yellow fever certificate online and photoshopped my name on it. Then I showed it to the doctors in Cartagena med centre on my phone asking for a replacement of my ‘lost’ certificate. I got the back dated yellow certificate, but the doctor refused to give me a new shot as they are supposed to be valid for life. At that point, I absolutely wanted my shot. Up on arrival at Barranquilla, I queued another two hours and got a shot there, and got a new certificate, a white one, not yellow. I was told to go to the main municipal med centre to exchange for the international yellow certificate. I did so, with accompany of my ‘indigena’ friend. No one asked for the Yellow Fever certificate anywhere. Back to Cuba. The first shock I had was how much the Cuban government increased price of the ‘visa-on-arrival’, from 20 Euros to about 70. So I strongly recommend you buying the Tarjeta del Tourista before boarding your plane. From Colombia it costs less than 20 Euros and even cheaper from Mexico. I had to buy it every time upon arrival because I’m from a country that is supposed to enjoy visa exemption in Cuba and hence most airlines refused to sell it to me. But of course no Cuban border control officer would accept his country loosing the valuable visa revenue. I protested furiously, not because I cared about the money. It’s not even one percent of the price of the bag I was carrying. I just felt it was so unfair. I was actually invited to attend their 40thHavana movie festival. So much for being ‘honored guest’! The lady was at first very hard on attitude, pulling up all my entry history and threatening blacklisting me. I responded hard, threatening taking the next flight back to Bogota and never return. I actually considered doing it. Then she started playing the ‘I hate this too, as I have to deal with it on daily basis’ card, and she played it well. I felt sorry for her. I paid the visa fee. I’m not proud of myself. On my taxi ride from Jose Marti airport to Havana, my driver told me he could get ‘Tarjeta del Tourista’ for 30 CUC. I wonder how that works. Havana felt the same at first. I rented a casa in the same area as before, in Vedado near Las Vegas. It’s not because I planned to go out every night. I actually never went there. It just happened to be the area I chose to stay in the first time and I stick to it. I did try Havana Central last time for a couple of days but didn’t like it at all. Streets are dirtier, buildings are shabbier, and people look sadder. Havana Vieja is way too crowed. Restaurants are twice more expensive and half good. So Vedado it is. I changed casa every time, because they are never perfect, most of them with noise issues. They are all around the small wifi park at 25 y O. After a few days, I started to see the difference. The most visible one was the burgeoning restaurant / café / bar scene in that area. Cuba finally recognizes private properties in the constitution, and maybe that was the big encouragement. The new restaurants are much less expensive than the traditional state-owned ones. The food is much tastier, and the service is much friendlier. Now you can get a very decent full meal with drinks for less than 10 CUC. Lots of them are offering lobsters for under 10 CUC. The only sad thing is my long time favorite ‘Toke’ stopped serving alcohol because they lost their liquor license after the renovation last year, presumably they were not paying enough tax. My new favorite place is Café Nana, on 25 near M. I was there at least ten times. They charge only 5 CUC for a full American breakfast, with fruits, eggs, juice, coffee, pastry, etc. The second thing that was very visible is the much stronger presence of pingeros in that area. The wifi park I normally use is full of them now and they are very assertive. After spending one evening forced to talk to a dozen of them, with my Etecasa card running (still 1CUC per hour), I decided to activate date roaming of my home mobile. It costs A LOT, but I really couldn’t get anything done with guys coming on me all the time. The rates they quoted vary greatly. From my previous experience I know you shouldn’t pay over 20 CUC, and it can get as low as 10 CUC. There are of course also pingeros online, Hunz of planteromeo and Grindr. They might charge up to 80 CUC but I am very sure you can get them for much less. Most of them are not professionals so they don’t have a fixed price. I had some weird propositions, too. Once a guy who’s deaf hit me hard. He’s actually very cute but I couldn’t communicate with him. He even doesn’t read Spanish. How is that possible in Cuba? Once two scarily young kids stopped me on Infanta. First they pretended to be 16 and 18. Then when I asked for IDs, they confessed that the older one just turned 16, and the younger one only 14. I walked away of course. I did check the legal age in Cuba afterwards, but the answers were very unclear, something between 16 and 18. I ended up not hiring any pingero through out this trip. The reason was very simple and can be found below. My home mobile date roaming worked as a miracle the first two days. Then something happened. Etecsa published date plans! 7 CUC for 500 MB, 10 CUC for 1 GB, 20 CUC for 2.5 GB, and 30 CUC for 4 GB. It was a huge deal in Cuba. Everyone wanted to try them, and lots of them did. As you can imagine, it brought the 3G speed down to snail. As my roaming charge was time based, I was the first victim. But the good side is so many more guys on Grindr. I really didn’t need to hire any pingero as I was having 3 to 4 free boys a day anyway, and the choices are endless. I did bring many of them to drinks, coffees, dinners, etc, like real dates. And I always offered to pay their taxi collectivo (not taxi directo, which charges about 10 CUC for any trip). About 70% of them wanted to keep in contact through whatsapp, and some still chat with me on daily basis. So far only two of them asked if I could recharge their mobile accounts from distance. I refused, and they kept on talking to me. It still costs 30 CUC to get a new local number and it is valid for a year without recharge. I won’t be writing a detailed report in Chinese this time, as those reports on previous trips were actually written real time when I had nothing to do in Cuba. This time with my 24/7 data roaming, I was occupied all the time. Before going there, I bought some small gifts, requested by two guys with whom I chatted on planetromeo. One needed an Huawei phone screen and the other one needed some Zara clothes. A couple of dozens of dollars so nothing big. They both offered to pay me back but I told them gifts are gifts. They both repaid me otherwise of course. Cubans have moral standards. I made some great new friends, including a formal national ballet dancer (seems I’m dating lots of dancers… lol), with a 24 cm cock, and a personality equally big and beautiful. We remained in close contact so far. He was guiding a famous French singer for his discovery trip commissioned by Air France. As I’m also Francophone, we spent a whole day together. I caught up with some old acquaintances from previous trips. Among which, one Salsa teacher who fucks like a machine, one black dancer travelled from Varadero to spend one night with me, etc. The most special reunion was with a 20 yo model / actor, Charlie. He’s cute as a button. But unfortunately it didn’t end well. I actually wanted you guys’ opinion on this so a bit more details: When I met Charlie last time, he was not even 19, fresh and innocent, looks freakishly like Justin Biber. He has a beautiful 19 cm straight cock that goes perfectly with his boyish model figure. The sex was not as wild as with those machine-like mulatos but it felt great. He actually played some small rolls in some major movie productions. Sorry I can’t tell you guys which. He was very distant after that first time sex. I supposed it was a one-time thing. But I still sent him a message when I was back this time. He replied. Then I asked him if he wanted to go to Varadero with me for two days, as I needed some company. All my other 420s have real jobs and couldn’t go. I was not in the mood of hiring a pingero either. Much to my surprise, he replied positively and came to me the very afternoon so we could have an early start together the next day. We had great sex some 10 minutes after he entered the apartment. He got much better at sex, much more skillful, much more powerful. He told me that he didn’t reply me much because I seem too ‘promiscuous’ to him. Yes, that’s the very word he used. I explained that I do have lots of sex but I’m always careful and responsible. We got over that, napped a bit, and went out to FAC (Fabrica de Arte Cubano, great cultural venue, highly recommended). There we met a Canadian boy I was chatting with for while on Grindr, a professional sportsman on national team. So you can imagine he has a body of god loaded with all natural libido. I really like him. We hang together the whole evening and then decided to go back to my casa together. I specifically asked Charlie if he was ok with it and he said yes. Of course a threesome happened. Seemed everyone enjoyed it. I got fucked by both, came with the horse-hung Canadian boy. Charlie fucked both of us and came twice. We slept and all seemed great. We had pizza for late dinner after Charlie helped our sports-boytoy getting a cab back to his hotel. Charlie then asked me if I could buy him a data plan. I got him 1 GB. The next morning, we took the 20 CUC direct tourist bus to the hotel I booked in Varadero. The trip was long but enjoyable. Charlie was taking tons of pictures and twittering his heart out. We did lots of cute selfies together. He showed me lots of funny pictures he got from his friends, most of them making fun of Etecsa, as Etecsa date plan was THE topic of the time. I was enjoying this boyfriend experience a lot. He liked very much my Dolce Gabana jacket so I gave it to him. He put it on immediately and never took it off. I was wearing his jacket instead, bathed in his boyish scent. We arrived at the all-inclusive resorts, one of the Iberostar properties, not the highest standard of luxury but it had everything we needed. I was looking forward to the two days of good food (by Cuban standard), good beach (by world standard), and great sex (by any standard). Then everything went south. The food and beach were good, but no sex. He kept on avoiding having sex with me. He actually tried to avoid being close to me. I put up with it for one day, thinking it might be me imagining things. On the second day I confronted him, asking if anything happened, or if I did something wrong. He gave me again that ‘promiscuous’ speech, emphasizing on organizing the 3some with our Canadian friend. It was the moment when I started suspecting he actually acted nice just to get this all paid vacation. I can’t say I was not disappointed. Since he seemed so disgusted by who I am and what I did, I offered to buy him a ticket to go back to Havana if he wishes so, or I took another one room to leave him in peace. He didn’t let me do neither. I don’t understand his logics. Then he fucked me. I was so confused. I didn’t enjoy it. It’s not just about the fuck. I didn’t need this showmanship fuck. I was actually getting loads of messages and offers on Grindr, from both locals and tourists. So I was trapped with him, not talking to me, avoiding me, dining at different restaurants. He didn’t even sleep in the same bed the last night. He pulled out the extra one. The most ridiculous thing was on our way back to Havana, he actually sent me a message when we were in the same bus, asking me if I could give him money to reload a new data plan. I said no of course. So maybe some Cubans don’t have moral standards. In hindsight, I don’t think Charlie as a bad person. He might really want a paid vacation, so he did what he thought he needed to do to get it. He gave me illusions and they made me happy for a while. I might indeed disgust him for fucking too many boys. I might even disgust him more by involving him in a 3some that he enjoyed. The very enjoyment might have made him disgust himself, too. I just felt it’s a great pity. I actually wanted to him help getting out of Cuba. I know he wanted to. As he’s already an actor and I work in movies, I can easily get him an acting job in Europe or in Asia, if he’s not too picky. I guess I fucked up our friendship, and he fucked up his possible future…
  13. I actually also want to know how he is. I'm not returning to Marrakech in the near future though...
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