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  1. Latbear4blk

    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    It is not important. That is not why I chose the hotel. I chose it because of the price and the location right on the beach. Afterwards I researched the neighborhood and found reports about Praia do Barra being a gay beach, and a big Saturday night street/beach party taking place just a block away.
  2. Latbear4blk

    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    I think that supermarket is around my hotel corner. Is the are unsafe at night? It is supposed to be the gay hood, right?
  3. Latbear4blk

    Porn Can ONLY be Posted in Photo Forum Area

    It just makes sense. I love you. And I reiterate my apologies.
  4. Latbear4blk

    SALVADOR, BAHIA, Dec 22 to Jan 3

    I am proud of myself, I have not posted in this thread since August. It is not that I am controlling my anxiety about this dream trip, but rather that I just hide it to avoid you all laughing at me. Silence has lasted enough. I have news. Muito Obrigado to the friend @axiom2001, who recommended Fernando. I just closed a deal with him: Airport Transfer: R$150 Walking Tour + African Market: R$500 North Shore Beaches Tour: R$500 -------------------------------------------- Total R$1150 (Brazilian currency) I will be arriving at 7 in the morning, and my hotel check in is at 3 PM. So he will pick me up from the airport and spend the whole day (Sunday) with me walking the Pelourinho and the African Market. The following day we will spend again the day together, enjoying Christmas in the beach. And then I am by myself, horny and unleashed. Question for the Brazilian frequent travelers, as my last time there was 30 years ago and in the South. Should I buy my Brazilian currency in DC? Should I take cash? Are ATMs in Salvador easily available and with a convenient exchange fee? I think you understand what is the advice I am asking for. Thank you! Obrigado! Gracias!
  5. Latbear4blk

    Coming Out Day - I salute you all

    There is a difference between having a sense go humor and making jokes about coming out, and thinking that coming out is a joke. I am for laughing at everything, which does not mean I do not take anything seriously. And I start by laughing at myself. I came out back in the 80s, when I was in my early 20s, in 1985, in Argentina. Once I came out to my parents, I went for 100% openness in all my circles, including my job. After I moved to the USA, I made a decision that is always in question. I do not discuss my sexuality with my students. My supervisors and every single colleague that interacts with me beyond a formal conversation know who I am and what I like. I even have a couple of colleagues/friends who know about me hiring escorts and having a blog about it. To me and to most of the guys from my generation, coming out had a strong heroic/ethical component. However, its meaning is changing as its significance is. I know younger guys who laugh at me when I share how dramatic it was for me the whole process back in the 80s. I do not get offended, rather the opposite. I am happy so many guys do not have to go through this process nowadays, I am happy they can laugh at me.
  6. Latbear4blk

    Porn Can ONLY be Posted in Photo Forum Area

    I may have broken the rules and posted explicit pictures at least in the escorts reviews thread, probably in more places. One of those uncut Latino dicks may be mine. My apologies.
  7. I am starting to think that a a second civil war is not a crazy idea. Will Conservatives allow a reform of the Constitution and the electoral laws to make the USA representation system more democratic? Would let allow eliminating the electoral college and switch to a direct presidential election? Would they accept those necessary adjustments pacifically?
  8. Latbear4blk

    Coming Out Day - I salute you all

    Do not say sorry if there is no sorrow!
  9. Latbear4blk


    True. But we must vote anyway. https://ilikepinga.com/2018/10/13/vote-now/
  10. Latbear4blk

    Take Care Down Here

    You too, Brutus. Hey, no one forces you to read my blog. Please, stop doing it if it bores you. My reaction, if you read carefully the thread, is not at personal experiences, but at the continues use of anecdotal information to make wild generalizations. And this time I do give up. Tis is really, really boring.
  11. Latbear4blk

    Los Angeles Recommendations

    I have no atones to recommend in LA, but if you are willing to try chocolate, Trap delivers an escort experience mirroring his porn performances. Hot and engaged. https://ilikepinga.com/2018/07/22/trap/