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  1. I have noticed that something is wrong with the clips I uploaded from the hotel, in this post I just put all of them for those interested. IMG_2794.MOV IMG_2791.MOV IMG_2783.MOV IMG_2782.MOV IMG_2776.MOV IMG_2773.MOV IMG_2767.MOV IMG_2759.MOV IMG_2757.MOV IMG_2754.MOV IMG_2514.MOV IMG_2506.MOV
  2. The trip is over. As a spoiler, somehow I was confused about my last day and right now I am horny, back in DC, feeling like a victim of premature abortion. Back to the point where I left my previous report now. We ended the excursion in the canals uplifted and well rested. Unlike our previous field trips, most of the time we were comfortably seated in the trajineras, and our walk through downtown Xochimilco had been quite short. We were ready for our strippers night at Boy Bar, a 15 seconds walk from our hotel. I had time to relax in my room and catch up with some tasks, like writing my previous report. We had planned for meeting later than usual, but by 7 we were bored in our rooms and decided to go out before planned. We walked the Zona Rosa, enjoying the amazing weather. Which deserves at least a few lines. We were so lucky. All the days were perfectly sunny. Temperature would reach the 70s during the afternoons, and drop to the very low 20s in the nights/mornings. Although you could feel very hot, it was a dry hot, which is an improvement coming from DC. All the neighborhoods we visited were extremely friendly. I noticed gay and lesbian couples holding hands, kissing, and cuddling everywhere. Imagine in the famous Zona Rosa. Calle Amberes, where our hotel is located, becomes almost 100% gay at night. The party slowly starts at about 2/3 PM, and go ons up to 5 am, with pick after midnight. The street is taken over. There is one crowded bar next to the other, with guys trying to lure you to choose them, quite insistently unlike other street vendors. The competition is hard, there are really many bars to choose. IMG_2798.MOV Right across the street we had Machos, probably the most popular option. However, all the places seem full, with mostly guys but also many women mostly in their 20s and early 30. Despite that predominance, it was a diverse crowd. Very diverse on ethnicity, if you perceive the differences in between Latinos. Very diverse on age, and even on nationality. It is a very touristic zone and I heard many different languages, but specially English. Besides gay friendly, it is also a sex friendly zone, with several sexshops I was planning to explore before "aborting" my trip. Two of the sex shops were right next door to our hotel. Out of Amberes, gayness fades a little and although is still predominant at night, the atmosphere becomes more mixed and family welcoming. We sat in a sidewalk table at a bar by Calle Rosa, parallel to Amberes, only for pedestrians at night. As ee were expecting a long night, did not want to have diner that early, but at the same time we were hungry. A sexy waiter brought us beers and a "sampler" with fries, nachos, wings, ribs, and tacos. This was the only occasion in the whole trip when I did not enjoy the food. Quite bad, cold when it had to be warm and vice versa. We devoured it anyways, while enjoying the diverse crowd walking by. After five days there I was starting to feel more attraction for the guys. I love Mexicans, but my dick doesn't. At the beginning of my trip I would see an attractive (to me) man now and then. Now it was happening more often. My limitations were a huge obstacle for the hook up apps. My Grindr was smoking, machine gunning alerts. My trip companion would often laugh at the vibrating while we were eating. Most of the hits were twinks and/or guys not falling in my parameters. In my experience, most people have more options than me, I am confident you will have plenty of free sex from the apps. Scruff also gave me some hits. Both gave me a few escorts. Even Tinder gave me a few matches, and unlike all he matches I got in the USA, I did chatted with one of them. Even when the apps have never worked for me, CDMX was the place where they worked the best. As I shared before, I did meet and fucked with a boy I met in Grindr on my first day in the city. I exchanged whatsapps and videoconfefrenced with two other boys I was planning to meet yesterday, but of course you will soon learn why I did not. I was considering hiring an escort just to have a review to publish in my blog, there is no lack of sex for free. I am 57 years old, and not in good shape, posting real pictures in my profiles. If you are in your 40s and in good shape, be ready for an orgy. Back to my last night. After hanging in the sidewalk table in Calle Rosa, we moved one to have dinner. The boy who developed my website is a Mexican teenager, and I had asked him for some recommendations. One of them was "La Casa de Toño", and we went for it as two branches were at walking distance. Both locations seemed to be very popular with a line of people waiting to be seated. We got in the waiting list as we were told it would be 10'. They were calling us before that, and taking us to our table. Clean, without any luxury kind of place, with a mixed feeling of traditional cantIna and fast food place. Instead of having waiters assigned to specific tables, they have all of the waiters (they seem to be many) servicing all of the tables. As a funny note, all of them have the word "Supervisor" in their uniforms. I wonder whether it was intentional or a mistake made by the company who produced the uniforms. Perhaps the restaurant got a huge discount for a misprint in the order. Sorry, back to reality. The menus with pictures are under a glass covering the tables. Once you make your choice, you place your order using a form pretty much like sushi places. Everyone is super busy, but at the same time friendly and willing to answer all of your questions. No bilingual menus here. Once they take your order, they bring you anything as soon as it is available. The first thing I got out of my order was the dessert, a delicious flan de chocolate I put at the side waiting for my food. The food was delicious. Actually in all the places we ate a whole meal we immensely enjoyed our food. I am going to bring my companion's "American credentials" here. He is a 100% American from Arizona. Pretty much every time we ate, the food reminded him of how bad and processed what we eat in the USA is. Even the chips smell and taste like corn, pure corn. Bread is good or above everywhere, which is very important for an Argentinean like me. I was surprised at how popular "milanesas" are, another Argentine myth is gone. It also surprised me the popularity of soups. When you go to a restaurant and do not order soup, the waiter will ask if you want one. There are street vendors offering soup. As I do not enjoy spicy food, not even very mildly spicy, I did not dare to try any. My trip companion loved them. The place was busy. As soon as a table was freed, an army of waiters would clean up and rearrange everything to be soon ready to take the next client. However, they do not push you. I saw groups and couples just hanging out in "sobremesa" without being rushed by the staff. It was well passed 10, and he moved on to our last night in Mexico, although in that moment my fired was the only one aware of that. We stopped by our rooms to retouch our make ups and powder our wigs, and about 11 we were ready to go to the only surviving stripper club in the Zona Rosa, Boy Bar. Remember that there are other places in other neighborhoods, apparently fancy ones. I did mention some of them in a previous post, but there are more I forgot or do not know about. We did go to Tom's, where we saw strippers, although it is not a strippers bar. The bar is almost in front of the hotel. The cover is only $M 55, but you have to pay again if you choose to leave and want to come back. There are three levels. The first floor has the strippers bar and a dark room, and is only for men. The second level is a dance club with a balcony, a big bar, and a dance floor, mixed crowd. There are go go boys there, but they keep their underwear. The third floor opens after midnight and is just to socialize. The whole venue looks well staffed, cleaned, designed, and contemporaneous, the crowd was very diverse and well behaved. Unfortunately, you cannot film or take pictures in the strippers bar. There is only one stage against the center of one of the walls, in a very softly lighted environment. The stage is surrounded by small round tall tables and tall stools. Drinks are very affordable. We ordered a water and Jack &Coke, $M 120. Yes, the bourbon was for me. I do not like beer, which is the only thing I dared to order in not so good looking places, concerned about the quality of the ice in the drinks. The establishment looks like serious business and I went for the coctels. I was asking in all the restaurants we were eating whether or not their ice was made with filtered water. Every time I would make the same joke when the waiter responded affirmatively: if I get sick I will go to use your home bathroom. They loved it. The stage is actually a shower, walled with plexiglass. One at the time, the boys take a 10/15 minutes shower with 20' intervals in average. All of the boys were hot and in their 20s, and with a constant hard on. We saw 5. One of them, probably the older one, a hairy Lebanese in his late 20s., approached us after the show and gave us his card. My friend hired him the next day by U$S 150 the hour, and he is very happy with his service. He paid too much in my opinion, but it is probably what a stripper charges. I did contact Jordano Santoro, who asked me for U$S 200. Each performer came escorted by the same guy that would stay focused only in his phone the whole time, and then escort the boy back out of stage and view. We assumed he was the guy managing the boys. Unfortunately we did not see again any of the other guys, besides the Lebanese one. I was ready to hire two of them without blinking . At 2:30 we had a live sex show. This takes place only on Thursday, the place opens Thursdays to Saturday. My friend loved the show, I did not. It lasted only 10 minutes, and in my opinion was rushed, without connection between the performers, pretty much bad sex with an audience. Both performers were older than he previous ones. The bottom had a smooth well shaped body with big round butts, probably in his early 30s; the top was a rough, gym body, bald guy, hyper masculine looking, with goat tee and hairy body, nice size dick, probably in his early 40s, but his back was full of little pimples. The whole thing was so forced and artificial that it made me feel uncomfortable. However, everyone else seemed to be enjoying it. Once, the top guy tried to grab the bottom's hair, but as it was too short, his hand slipped and failed. Both performers and the whole audience laughed at he accident, it was the only moment I enjoyed, the only few seconds that were real. It was well after 3 when we went to sleep. My friend was leaving soon after noon and made the appointment with the striper late in the morning. I thought I had the whole day to forget about Mexican culture on focus on Mexican sex. I walked up about 7:30, with the hang over of the three drinks I had the previous night. I cannot sleep longer after 7. Of course I am not mentioning anything here because I do not want to bring politics, but since the previous afternoon I was anxiously following the Mueller report release news. Then I had two videoconferences with hot Grindr boys I was planning to meet in the afternoon. At that point, I had decided not to look after an escort and just enjoy the abundant for free offer. I had breakfast in the hotel, and when I was ending my friend joined me. He was meeting with the Lebanese stripper at 11, was planning to check out and leave to the airport at 1:30. By the way, the Uber situation in the airport is confusing and I did not research in Internet. My friend and I, both had problems calling Uber from the airport, and I was told by Airport staff that Uber was not allowed there. However Randisan had no problems calling for Uber when he stopped in his way to Cancun. The Uber driver who would later take me to the airport told me that the airport agent misinformed me, that they can work legally in he airport. If you can call Uber from the airport, do it. The cars will be better and the fee significantly lower than a regular taxi, even when the taxis fee is much lower than an American Uber trip. I wanted to check a local supermarket to see if there was any candy to buy for my students. I walked around the neighborhood and did not find anything interesting, deciding to buy later some boxes of mazapan from a street vendor. I also wanted to explore the prices of toys and accessories in the local sex shops. I am a slut shopper. I would do that later, so I went back to my room as I was expecting to meet the first boy at 12:00/1 pm. At 11:30 I got an alert in my phone saying that my flight was departing at 12:50. Until then I was convinced that the 19th was Saturday, next day, and had ignored all the signs telling me otherwise. Of course I had kind of a panic attack. Fortunately I was showered and dressed for my date, I packed in 5 minutes, ran to check out, called my driver, and arrived to the airline counter at about 12:35. Such an achievement was only possible because it was Viernes Santo, and there was no traffic. However it was too late and I missed my flight. United Airlines people was very kind, and I got everything rescheduled for 2 hours later than originally booked, with no penalty. And that is the end of the story. It was a wonderful trip, and now I am back in DC, writing this on Saturday morning, horny, feeling like I did not complete my mission, and ready to run some errands and look for someone to fuck.
  3. If you do that, you will have your best birthday ever. Everyone else sailing the canals (a loooooot of people) would join your celebration as they pass by, everyone is unbelievable friendly and welcoming. You can accommodate up to 20 people, the vote comes furniture with a long communal table and 20 chairs, you can rent big speakers to play music. You can bring your own food and drinks, or you can come hands free and buy everything from the floating vendors or on the places you choose to stop by the sore. OMG, you will have so much fun. A bunch of horny fags partying in the canals would be an amazing event.
  4. You cannot miss that experience. It is going to be more expensive if you have a whole boat for yourself. I think our mistake was that we did not hire the tour in advance, in tripadvisor for instance. Do it and you will save some bucks.
  5. Yesterday, the decision was going to the Museo Nacional de Arqueología. Before continuing reading, there is not going to be any sex stories in this post, you can skip it if that is want we are looking for. We started the day with a 25' walk up to the Castillo de Chapultepec. It is in the middle of the homonym park, a beautiful green oasis in the middle of the city. We took the Paseo de la Reforma to enjoy the arquiterrures and views. The castle is a reminiscence of pre-revolutionary Mexico, when they were still trying to be European-like. The place looks just like a thousand of European-like palaces around the globe, not interesting at all to me. But the views of the city are astonishingly beautiful. Unfortunately, the level the pollution in the air is quite high, up to the point that the sky is not fully blue, and you cannot see the beautiful mountains ranks in the background. We did not stay long, and walked down to cross the park, pass by a nice lake with boats very popular amongst the locals. There are street vendors everywhere, quite loud to my taste, but very respectful. I like that when you say “no, gracias”, they do not insist as it is my experience in other cultures. The Museo Nacional de Arqueología is a very modern and functional construction. Visiting it was an overwhelming educational experience, adding to our previous visit to Teotihuacán. We spent almost 4 hours there and all we could check was the first level, rushing through the last rooms, and a flash walk in one section of the second level. The 1st floor is where all the archeological displays are located, which is what my priority was, the second level is about anthropological displays, not one of my priorities. The experience just added to my respect and admiration for Mexican social sciences and for the way they have integrated precolombian history to their identity, as I mentioned in another post. Reading the quotations in the walls of the building brought me near to tears. I know, I am a cheesy emotional bitch. Right in the front of entrance lobby there is an excerpt that reads something like: “The Mexican People raises this monument to honor the admirable cultures that flourished during Precolombian times in the regions that are now territory belonging to the Republic. Facing those cultures’ testimonies, the Mexico of today renders homage to the indigenous Mexico, in whose example recognizes essential characteristics of its national originality” (Adolfo Perez Mateos, President of the Republic). Such a recognition brings me to tears again when I am writing this post. I wish all the nations of the new continent were able to integrate their role history the same way. Throughout the museum there are more quotations sculpted in the walls, sometimes beautiful poetry, or moral maxims, or excerpts from the Popol Vuh and other ancient texts. The way he museum is built and their displays design is just another example of how forward looking and superior Mexican social sciences are compare to most other national academies. I tried to document that in some of the pictures, but you have to be there to actually appreciate the talent behind this unique place. IMG_2758.MOV IMG_2757.MOV IMG_2754.MOV After about 4 hours we were exhausted and stopped in the restaurant of the Museum. A fancy but very nice, relaxed, and friendly place with a menu consisting of traditional but very elaborated dishes. It was not cheap for local standards, but very affordable to us. I had a ribeye chicharron on a bed of avocado, a soda, churros, and coffee, for $M 500. Once we rested and enjoyed our meal, we headed to explore two neighborhoods: Condesa and Zona Norte. The first one is full of nice building art deco style, and both areas seem to be residence for the local upper middle class. Very often I would feel like in Palermo or Recoleta back in Buenos Aires. We even found an Argentine “parrilla” in Roma Norte. We were back to our hotel about 7pm, too tired to do anything else. We did make a quick check of the bars around Amberes, but they all were too noisy and crowded, and we just went to sleep. My original intention was hiring a local escort, but I was just into going to sleep. I know I planned the trip expecting to be more adventurous and trying more of he local guys, but it has switched to a culture centered experience. This morning we had an early breakfast and headed towards the canals of Xochimilco, which are the left overs of the original canals built by the Mexicas when constructing this city on top of a lake. We called Uber, $M 250, which is the higher fee I have paid so far. The driver was very talkative, which I usually do not like, but I did enjoyed answering his questions and his responses to my owns. When we were approaching to the docks of Nativitas, already in Xochimilco, a guy on a bike came next to us and asked the driver to followed him because there was a traffic jammed on the regular route. The guy is one of many employees that Xochimilco’s city hall (Delegación de Xochimilco) uses to help up visitors to the area. They have a laminated credential hanging from their necks. I am not sure if the traffic jam story was true or just an excuse to take us to other docks, where he may be getting a tip for bringing clients. Whatever his motivation was, we were soon in one of the 11 docks you can choose to get in a boat (trajinera) to sail the left overs of the old lake. Everyone was extremely nice and friendly. We were only two, so the bill was more expensive for us. The price for the tour we chose was $M 3000. You can pick from a 45’ tour to a 5/6 hours one going up to the ecological zone and the Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the dolls). 3000 was the price for the whole “trajinera”, we paid 1500 each. The boat can accommodate up to 20 people, which is what the locals do, having little floating parties. You can rent speakers and bring your food to eat on the boat. Most people buy their food from the many vendors in boats. When you rent the boat, you can also order anything you want that you think you may want during the tour (drinks or food). We just ask for sodas, and hey brought a bucket with ice and 6 bottles of Coke Zero. By the end of the tour, we would pay only for the bottles we drank. IMG_2794.MOV IMG_2791.MOV IMG_2783.MOV IMG_2781.MOV IMG_2773.MOV IMG_2767.MOV IMG_2759.MOV Our tour was about 2 hours sailing the main canal, and stopping in any place we wanted along the route. Besides the sailing vendors, the coast is full of restaurants, nurseries with local plants, and mini zoos where you can learn about some of he local fauna. There is also an amazing amount of boats with mariachis bands offering their services. The water is not really clean, as the canals are in the middle of the city nowadays, but they do their best to keep it as clean as possible. All he bathrooms along the tour are ecological, with a city certificate. There is vegetation and fish (carpas and mojarras), as well as abundant birds. The depth of the canals is 2 meters, and the guys driving the “trajineras” use long logs to move around, pretty much as a Venetian gondolieri. You can see in the pics and clips how colorful and festive the atmosphere is. Once our tour was over, we paid a $M 200 tip to our “gondolieri”, who not only navigated the boat but also guided us throughout the experience, answering all of our questions and giving us recommendations about what to eat from the sailing vendors. I cannot stress enough how friendly and nice everyone is. We landed back in Xochimilco, and took a walk around. This area is not as fancy as Condesa, Roma, Zona Rosa, or Polanco, but a very popular neighborhood, probably a typical local middle/low middle class residential area. It is some kind of commercial hub with a big traditional market and any stores offering retails and wholesale products. It is probably where the street vendors working the fancier areas get their supplies. I guess some European or American visitors may think it was a poor and unsafe area, but they would be wrong. I never, never felt unsafe in any of the places we walk through. We ended in the central square, in from of the local city hall, and called for an Uber. Great day, uplifting, rich cultural experience again. Right now I am relaxing in my room and catching up with this log and my blog networking. My friend is leaving tomorrow (I stay one more day), and he may be right now visiting the Palacio Nacional. I decided to rest because I do no want to be too tired to go to Boys Bar tonight. Hopefully, we will have some sex to talk about n my next post. This is a great, great city full of adorable people.
  6. Thank you for the tips, @rodiem25! I do not think I will be doing bathhouses, but all the museums you mentioned are in my To Do List. We went to Tom's last night. If that is a leather bath, I am Queen Elizabeth. You pay a $250 cover that includes 6 beers. As soon as we paid, a security guy who heard me speaking in English to my friend, approached asking if I spoke Spanish, and warning me about keeping my wallet and phone safe if I decide to go the the bathroom, because it is actually a dark room. We arrived before midnight and the place was starting to get packed. After checking the three levels of the venue, we settled camp nearby the entrance to the dark room/rest room. By the way, in the top level there is a place where you can check in your belongings if you are planning to dive into the dark. Being by the entrance allowed us to have a view of the men getting in and out. I did not feel tempted to go in fishing, based on the fish I saw circulating. My friend did, and did not report anything interesting when returned. My friend is into watching, and one of his reasons to come to CDMX was checking the famous stripers places. Unfortunately, Botas Bar and BB Bar are now closed. When we were considering running away from Tom's because to was getting super crowded, I engaged in conversation with a patron who told us we would have a strippers show there. So we decided to stay. This boy shared about three new strippers venues in Polanco, a fancy neighborhood. These places would be Envy, Guilt, and Saint. He was very insisting that these were expensive, pretentious, upscale venues unlike Tom's and the bars in Zona Rosa. Based on a quick google research, Envy and Guilt seem to be a discos/night clubs with a relatively high cover; Saint does not seem to have a website, but the online reviews describe it as a pretentious upscale night club. I am not sure whether or not we will explore these places, but the info is out there. Carlos (the patron I was talking to) did not know that the BB Bar was closed, but he did recommend us a place just across the street, Boys Bar, where live sex shows and strippers would be hosted. We will check Boys Bars tomorrow, they do not open today. The strippers show started in Tom's. First a beautiful very much Aztec looking man shoed up on top of the bar counter dressed up as a priest. Remember, this is Semana Santa and the theme of the night was religious, even the porn in the screens was Resurerection. The priest spread holly water around the patrons and then proceeded to undress, keeping his underwear. Beautiful, beautiful boy. I would have probably gone crazy if instead of being dressed up as a Catholic priest he would have shown up in traditional Aztec warrior gear. After showing off his body for a while, he took his underwear off and allowed the patrons to touch his nice hard dick. After he left, the next guy came up in monk gear. He also got naked and I think there even was a quick fellatio after he showed his hard dick, but I did not find him attractive. At this point the place was so crowded that was hard to move around. We were a little bit bored, the crowd was friendly and young, but no one was activating my dick. We did not know at this point that Boys Bar was not open, and the hope to watch a life sex show got us out of Tom's. Moving from our position by the dark room, at the back of the establishment, was a challenge. The place was a trap in vase of panic. This is one of those unusual occasions when I am happy to be big. Somehow, I pushed my way out of the bar. Once out, we noticed tat not only the place s packed, but there also were many patrons hanging out outside smoking cigarets. We called Uber, and 50 Mexican Pesos and 10 minutes later we were back in the Zona Rosa, learning that Boys Bar opens Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays. To Do List for tomorrow. I do not know yet what is our plan for tonight. If m friend leaves me free I may try to reach out a guy from Mileroticos. During the day we still have to choose between going to Chapultepec to visit the Museo Nacional de Arqueología, or the docks in Xochimlico, to sail the left overs of the original lake.
  7. Were you there @Lucky? My sources tell me that this one was the most orgiastic pool party ever.
  8. Thank you @floridarob and @rodiem25 for the suggestions and tips. Hopefully tonight I will get a local escort for reviewing, but I am not sure yet. To be honest, although I am having a good deal of sex (my traveling partner would smack me if I say otherwise), what I am enjoying the most is the cultural experience. Yesterday field trip to Teotihuacán was a very enjoyable educational experience, and so was today's visit to the Museo del Templo Mayor. I am impressed at the work of the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia. I have always admired the way that Peru and Mexico integrated their precolombian history to their national identity, specially Mexico after the Mexican Revolution at the beginning of the XX Century. Other peoples, including Argentina and the USA, start their national history with the arrival of the European colonizers, we look down to the original peoples, we exterminated, betrayed, and erased them from our national identities. Mexicans recognize a continuity and an identity with a history tat foes back to the AC years. I admire and respect them so much for doing so. Hopefully, there will be another earthquake that will demolished all the churches and buildings built by the Spaniards on top of the original Mexica city and the INAH will be able to recover more treasures. But you do not care about that. You want sex. After my hook up with the Colombian guy, I had to mute my Grindr and put a few local escorts on hold, because Randisan was arriving in transit to Cancun. I mentioned him before, so I am not going to link again to my review. Last night I went to bed early to recover from the Teotihuacán field trip and welcome him as he deserved. He arrived about 2:30 am, took a shower, woke me up, and we had our first fuck. We slept a little bit more, and fucked again at about 7, before going to have breakfast. After having breakfast in the hotel, we has a pictures and video session for my blog. Here you have just three pictures, but we also did video. Despite being exhausted, some of the clips I am not sharing here made me horny again, and he gave me some head, we did not fuck a third time. After I am back to DC I will write a full review and start sharing the pics and videos in my JustFor.Fans account. He left at 1PM today heading to Cancun, where you can find him if you are interested on hiring him. I rested a little bit and then, with my friend from Daddy's, we went to explore the Museo del Templo Mayor. I am right now resting and recovering before going out tonight. We were told Tuesday is the best day t go to Tom's, and we will be there.
  9. I do not like that website, but it looks like the best option in here. I have a couple of guys I contacted there and in Grindr saved for later. So far I did not have to pay for the only hook up I have. Tonight my boy Randisan is coming to spend the night with me, also without paying. Tomorrow I am going to Tom's, let's see what happens there. After that, I will try some of the guys I have saved. Being in my third day in the city, I am starting to find the local fauna more attractive. On matters unrelated to sex, today we went to Teotihuacán and had an amazing time. I walked my yearly quote and I am exhausted. I will try to find more time the next days to keep p with this traveling log, but now I have to sleep. Randisan is landing here after midnight.
  10. I always thought Brazilians were the Kings of Party. Hell I was wrong. The whole Zona Rosa was a big street party last night. Quite mixed, but overwhelmingly gay and lesbian. The problem is I do not find the guy much attractive, just a minority. When I go to Brazil, I am turning around continuously, flabbergasted at how hot the guys are. Not here. Now and then I see someone hot to me, but not very often. My Grindr has been dr iving me crazy, with guys I am not interested in. If you are into twinks, you will have lots of fun, for free. Unfortunately, I am not. The guys I am checking and finding attractive are all Colombian and Venezuelan. Last night I ended meeting a beautiful tall Mulato Venezuelan living in Colombia and bringing him to my hotel. He is not a professional so I am not going to talk much about him. The boy was beautiful, but is returning to Bogota tomorrow, so I don't think I will see him again. I do want to meet some escorts to have new reviews for my blog. I have been exploring Rent Men, here you can see the prices and the array is just ridiculous. Some guys are asking for 400 U$S, and other for 700 Pesos Mexicanos. One pro contacted me through Scruff (which has been active but not s much as Grindr), saying first that the was only top. When I told him I was not interested, he also offered bottoming. His fee was 1200 Pesos Mexicanos, and I told him I would call him if I did not get anything for free later. I did get the Venezuelan hottie, so I did not call this Middle Eastern beauty. He is on my list. Right now I am having breakfast in a coffee shop by my hotel corner. Grindr has been machine gunning me since 7am. Only one interesting boy I am chatting with tight now, and one escort from Costa Rica who looks hot, quoted 1900 Pesos Mexicanos for full service, and disappeared after I sent him a picture os my dick, per his request. These are some of the pics he sent me: Prices are very low. Yesterday we had diner with the Venezuelan boy at a fancy pizza place. A premium pizza, 2 sodas, and a mousse of chocolate, 500 Pesos Mexicanos. My breakfast right now, only $M 117. As an Argentinean, I love pastries and all things bakery. The coffee was (is, I am still there) delicious, it makes you realize how bad the coffee we drink in the USA or in Buenos Aires is. However, the pastries were a disappointment. I tried the "bolitas de queso" because I was curious whether they follow the Paraguayan or the Brazilian recipe. Brazil wins, but these ones were not good, they were gummy like when they are warmed in a microwave, even when I saw them using a convection oven to reheat them. The other pastry is a pan au chocolate. That one was better, but not as good as the ones I can find at good bakeries in the USA. While I am writing this post, I am chatting in Grindr with a 20 y.o. boy, one of the few Mexicans I do find hot, who is telling me he wants me to be the first one who fucks him. Of course I believe him. We may be meeting in a couple of hours. Going back to tonight, the crowds were intimidating in all the bars, that was one of the reasons I took the Venezuelan from Grindr instead of going out and hunting in the bars. But this afternoon the friend from Daddy's is joining me. Having a partner will make me much braver to attack the clubs. Tomorrow Randy (Randisan in my reviews) will be here in his way to Cancun. He has left Buenos Aires and is now based in Lima, but he is a free spirit and will probably continue traveling. I am quite sure I will meet him to remember our hot encounter. You can check him in my Reviews.
  11. I just finished my nap and took a shower. My Grindr does not stop making noises. I will wait a little bit closer to 10pm and then go out to scout the bars in ZR.
  12. I was told they are not allowed to pick up passengers from the airport. The app did not even work properly when I tried. They told me that they may take you to the airport from any point in the city, but from the airport it is better a taxi cab, according to the staff in the Information desk of the airport. Then I asked to the taxi driver. It looks like they have a powerful union, like the one in Buenos Aires, and they are trying to make the things difficult for Uber.
  13. Landed in CDMX a couple of hours ago. Uber is not allowed in the airport. Instead, I hired one of the taxi cab companies with official booths in the airport lobby. The driver was great, and the fe only 235 Mexican Pesos, about 13 bucks. I am staying in the Room Mate Valentina, in Amberes street, right at the heart of the Zona Rosa. The hotel is part of a Spanish chain, no luxury but modern, clean, functional and spacious. My taxi turn into Amberes St at about 2PM. Three guys, one of them quite hot, were ostensibly cruising in the corner. According to the driver, they were street hustlers, taxi boys. All the bars along the street seem to be open and playing loud, very loud music. Again, at 2 PM! Just a minute ago I went around the corner to buy bottled water. The neighborhood looks really fantastic for fun, all restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Traffic is scarring, just as bad as in Buenos Aires. There is no much difference between riding a taxi cab and a cart in a rollercoaster. I am exhausted, my first flight left DC at 6 AM. I am about to take a nap, then a shower, and then go to explore the scene around the hotel. We planned this trip originally with two other friend from Daddy's forums. One of them dropped out in the last minute. The other one is arriving tomorrow, as he is right now in Palm Springs. Going to take a nap now.
  14. Does anyone have updated prices for boys in CDMX? I am not interested in paying for a private dancer, but a standard one hour hire to fuck in your hotel. Gracias!
  15. I attended last year and had a great time. I would be back this year but instead I am leaving DC tomorrow to spend a week in CDMX. Last year I wrote details reports in my bog, you can look for them. https://ilikepinga.com/2018/04/16/palm-springs/ https://ilikepinga.com/2018/04/17/trio-restaurant/ https://ilikepinga.com/2018/04/17/pool-party/
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