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  1. Latbear4blk

    Logging into and out of Boytoy

    I logged out right now; logged in again to Boytoy homepage with no problems, click on the Menu for the Forums Homepage, I was logged out there. This time I had to reload the page 8 times to get in.
  2. Latbear4blk

    Logging into and out of Boytoy

    My logging in issue continues. Today, after logging in to the Boytoy.com home page, and clicking in the menu to go to the Forums Homepage, I had to reload the page 12 times before finally logging in. Sometimes it will not let me in after 20 reloads, so I have to go back to the boytoy homepage, log out, and do the whole process again. Often, I would not be able to log in not even to the Boytoy homepage. A message would pop up with an apology. All these problems happened using Safari in a MacBook Air. Logging in using Safari in my iPhone was always perfect, until this morning. After logging in in Boytoy, I was logged out in the forums for the first time. I was at work and was not able to look closely to the issue. If others are having the same issue, this may be a major obstacle for our traffic, @TotallyOz. This has been going on for a while now.
  3. Latbear4blk

    Pelosi Eats Trump's Balls for Breakfast

    Are they really your friends? I ask, because in English you use that word with much more lightness than we do in Spanish. I hope you meant acquaintances. If someone watches that video and does not see how Pelosi was the only adult in the cage trying to make the two stupid orangutans stop punching each other, I would completely lose my intellectual respect for that person. That blindness can only be explained by hopeless stupidity.
  4. You need an exorcism. Switch to Samantha.
  5. Latbear4blk

    Name the New White House Chief of Staff

    You just ruined my fetish. Up to now I used to love eating ass.
  6. Latbear4blk

    Winter in Havana

    La Havanna is not even included in the Expartisan lists. I wonder what quality of life you can have their with an American retirement account.
  7. Damn. I wish they were looking for Italo-Argentinean gens.
  8. Latbear4blk

    Bob Dole salutes Bush's casket

    Another kind of eulogy, from a Chilean brother. Only for those who read Spanish or can descifre Google translations. @nynakedtop will like it. Nuestras noches con el presidente Bush
  9. Latbear4blk

    I LIKE PINGA en español

    Guys, until January the full version is available for free in the JustFor.Fans account. I hope you like it.
  10. I am also known as Jose Soplanucas, Absolute Monarch, Queen of ILIKEPINGA.COM

    1. flipao


      Thank you!  Have a wonderful Christmas!  I will discover your blog.

    2. flipao


      I love your diaries.  Thank you so much!

  11. Latbear4blk

    The art of an apology.

    From my point of view, Hart shoes more civic responsibility and a superior understanding of what public service is than Justice Kavannagh.