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  1. I needed 24 hours of resting. Last night I slept 10 hours, which is completely unusual. Buenos Aires seems ready to welcome me warmly, but I am a little bit frustrated. I love the city, but after living here 20 years it is nit a place for exploring and adventure. My plan was writing and devoting to family and friends in the mornings and afternoons, and fucking as much as possible at night. However, I am having technical issues publishing video in my blog. I mentioned before that post that I should have published a week ago, but I am stuck because of the technical problems. I cannot read a new book until I finish the one I am reading. Similarly, I cannot start writing a new article until I publish the draft I am working on. I am very frustrated with this, just try a Tweet to Wordpress to see if that way I can get some help. Besides that, everything looks good. My Airbnb is located just one block away from La Biela, the Recoleta landmark cafe. Today I had breakfast with my mother, but tomorrow I will be there. Compared to the apartment I got in Rio, I am not sure which one I prefer. This one is located in a very fancy area, and is nicely furnished, and the bathroom is more roomy. However, the kitchen and h appliances suck. In Rio the kitchen was fully equipped and I had a full fridge, and I am missing that. I am also missing Brazilians' friendliness. Porteños, after a week in Brazil, are often rude and unpleasant. I am having saudade. To add to my saudade, Luiz texted me with a sketchy story typical of GPs. He went to his mom's home to get money to pay his rent. When he was living was jumped and robbed. He sent a picture of his bruised face. He is asking me to lend R800 that he would pay back. I responded with a sketchy story of my own. When I arrived to Buenos Aires I sold my dollars and was scammed and given forged money. I had to ask for help to my friends and relatives, and suggested him to do the same. I did nt her from him again. My Grindr is driving me crazy. I am talking to three guys (for free hook ups) right now. As you know, I do not have sex with average guys. I am a pretentious below average slut. Tonight I am meeting a 21 y.o. Venezuelan who is coming to my place. On Friday, we are going to Kim 0, a strippers bar I want to know, with a 27 y.o. morocho, and then I will kidnap him to my nest. The third for free guy has yet not appointment, but looks good. About paid sex, tomorrow I am meeting Fran. I got infatuated with him about one year ago when I saw his first video for LatinLeche. He is listed in the plans I linked at the beginning of the thread. On Thursday I am meeting with Carlos Aleman. And those are all the appointments so far. Stay tuned.
  2. I am not sure Jonathan will still be in Rio (he was visiting from SP), but if you see him go for it. Excellent boy, almost as good as Italo or Luiz. Even if I was not able to meet them, I am confident to recommend also Yuri Oberon (only top) and Estevão Olivera (vers).
  3. You cannot miss him if you go to Pointe and he is there. He is super nice, friendly, energetic, and passionate. I am in Buenos Aires already, and he is still texting, telling me how much enjoyed his time with me. I wanted to leave Rio behind, but Rio does not let me go.
  4. I slept up to 8am, and he arrived 9:30. He called Henrique (the friend he had recommended as a bottom but could not take my dick), and arranged with him to bring to the beach premium quality weed. At 10am we were calling an Uber and heading to Ipanema. Traffic was worse than usual, as Avenida Atlantica is closed on Sundays, but it was a short trip and soon we were setting up camp between Posto 8 and Posto 9, a barraca with the rainbow flag up. We got cadeiras, a parasol, and relaxed to enjoy the sun and the peace. There was activity, but this is the cold season for the locals and it was not crowded. Actually, a significant number of the beach goers were Argentinean tourists. Not only I was impressed by that, but also for the number of Argentinean vendors offering empanadas argentinas. I called one of them, bought empanadas, and chatted a little bit. He shared that he was living comfortably by working a few hours selling empanadas in the beaches. As I said, he was not alone, there were many of them. IMG_3433.MOV I also learned that Yerba Mate is a very popular infusion for Cariocas. I knew it was popular in the South, amongst Gauchos, but not in Rio. Of course, I then realized it was probably one more trace of the Guaranitic influence. The Tupi Guarani area of influence used to reach well up to the North of Brazil. Not only the names of fruits and places was a trace of this pre-columbian culture, but also Yerba Mate. Beach vendors would walk around carrying tanks with the beverage and big bags of biscuits to eat with it. I did not try the biscuits, I wonder if they are similar at all to the ones usually eaten in Argentina with mate. The day was beautiful and we stayed up to 3pm. We said goodbye to Henrique and headed to my place. Diego wanted a farewell sex, but I think he finally understood that I just like kissing and fondling with him. We did it a lot and got some pizza while I was packing and cleaning up the Airbnb. At 4:30 we kissed (and kissed, and kissed, and kissed) goodbye, at 5pm I was calling my Uber to go to Galeao. I had the chance to know both local airports. When I arrived, my flight from Campinas landed in Santos Dumont. I loved the layout of the airport, so open to Rio’s beautiful landscape. Galeao is less particular, and more universal, just like any other big international airport, closed and refrigerated. I want to finish this report now, so when I arrive to Buenos Aires I can refocus on Argentina. It is going to be hard. I am leaving Rio completely in love with the city, I liked it even more than Salvador. I am socially challenged (that is a big deal of my difficulty to fully enjoy saunas) and need a long time to relax, feel comfortable, and start actually building relationships. I will be back, and will stay longer than just one week. One of the things I liked is that my portuñol worked much better than in Salvador. I do not know if I am getting better or if Rio’s inhabitants are more used to Argentineans’ mumbling, but I was able to communicate far better than in Bahia. Later on I will write in my blog more in detail about some experiences, but in this travel log I will be switching from now on to Buenos Aires, with apparently a quick escapade to Montevideo. See you all soon.
  5. I am right now at Galeao waiting for my flight to Campinas first, and Buenos Aires finally. I will have plenty of time to update this report, and the wifi here is way better than in my airbnb. Let’s start where I left. After my successful night at Pointe, the first one when I actually enjoyed the sauna scene, I was exhausted. Despite sleeping 8 hours, I got up the following morning still tired. I was still without spending a day in the beach, and thought about doing it. Fortunately, before leaving, I decided to text Luiz and Jonathan to organize a threesome in the afternoon, expecting they would take their time to respond. I am quite confident I would have gotten their interest with 150, but I really liked them and offered R200 to come to my place at 4pm. I was wrong, both responded immediately and affirmatively. So I decided to stay home to rest and be ready for them. The day before I had three wonderful orgasms (with Diego before leaving, and with Luiz and Jonathan at the sauna), when I usually am a one shot shooter. Needless to say, I did not want to underperform with these two geishas together. Surprisingly, considering the standard Brazilian unpunctuality, both arrived almost together, just 15’ after 4. Jonathan was staying also in Copacabana, just a 15’ walk from my place; but Luiz lives 1:30 hours away. Kudos to him. Jonathan wanted a shower, so we got started with Luiz. I could not praise this boy enough. As you all know, I am a big slut and have been with many, many men in my almost 4 decades of active homosexual sluttyness. Luiz is in the same category than Italo, absolutely exceptional, the best of the best lovers. He gives himself totally into it, with generosity and, at the same time, with selfishness. He is focused on pleasing you, but he also looks for being pleased. Exactly what I like, a sex freak. When Jonathan came out of the shower we had been passionately kissing and fondling with Luiz for 15 minutes, and we were very horny and ready to fuck. However, we had to cool down to meet Jonathan where he was and bring him up to our state. It did not take much time. Although Jonathan is not at the level of Luiz or Italo Andrade, he is also an excellent lover and just a pinch below. In just a minute we three were kissing and fondling, and in 10 minutes started also to perform oral sex in all the possible combinations of three. I am sharing these pictures with their permission. Luiz does not want to show his face, but he is hot and with a very sexy and kinky expression. The level os passion of these two boys is out of the chart. It was smoking hot. After a while, I started to fuck Luiz while he was sucking Jonathan. His ass is super receptive, I did not need lube to get in smoothly. We played in that position for a while, until Jonathan lost control and busted. He could not go on and asked for a break to smoke a cigarette and regain energy. Yes, get used to it, almost all these boys smoke tobacco. It is weird, though. I usually taste the flavor coming from their lugs, but not here. Several of my partners asked for a smoke after fucking, and I was surprised every single time. While Jonathan was smoking his cigarette, Luiz and I moved into the bedroom, where I had set the A/C to help us with the heat. The previous action was all in the living room. In bed, we started kissing and fondling again, waiting for Jonathan. He soon joined us and we, again, went through all the combinations for oral sex allowed for three. I asked Jonathan to fuck Luiz, and he did it while I alternated kissing each of them. Then I asked Jonathan to choose who he wanted to fuck him first. As Luiz’ dick is longer but thiner than mine, he chose him. We went one fucking several times, in different positions, I forget now the details. I do remember that towards the end I asked Luiz if he wanted me to cum inside oh him, and he said no (I did not ask Jonathan because he demands a condom while Luiz is into barebacking, I do not like busting with a condom on). I was surprised because I did cum inside of him in the sauna. And then I remembered @tomcal's observation: one thing is what the boys will do alone with you, and another thing what they are willing to do in front of other boys. So I asked him to kiss me to cum together. He kissed me in four while jerking off, and in the middle of our interaction Jonathan started to fuck him again. We exploded almost together, and just a couple of minutes later Jonathan pulled out, took his condom away, and busted on Luiz’ back. The whole experience was the best threesome I ever had for free or for a fee. Both of them were consistently hard (with the exception of the break Jonathan took after busting at the very beginning, it took him a while to recover his erection). Perhaps part of the success was due to the fact that they had already worked together for another client, so they knew each other and were comfortable. I never felt excluded, and wonderfully I never felt I was the center of the action. It was the perfect threesome where no one is left aside and each one is fully cared of. No one single participant was the center, we all were. After busting we stayed together kissing, hugging, and chatting. When we left bed we took the pictures. Both of them had very sweets words for me, that I am going to keep for me. Let’s just say that they complimented me for making sure they were enjoying the experience. Apparently, most clients do not do that, according to them. Of course, I am aware it could be bull shit to make me feel great. Well, they did an outstanding job at bull shitting, and I choose to believe them. We had been almost two hours together and they had to leave. Jonathan was going to 117, Luiz to spend Saturday night with his family. I took a shower, try to recover my breath, and an hour and a half later I was leaving to have my second time in 117. It was Saturday, it was supposed to be a strong day over there. I was arriving to 117 about 8pm. This time, thanks to @Tartegogo's tip, I went straight to the smoking bar in the building's backyard. I liked the place, it reminded me of Sauna Fox at Salvador. As Tarte noticed, the contrast between the first bar, freezing with A/C and empty, and this back space warm and crowded, was remarkable. However, I did not like the boys' attitude. There were some boys heading insistently on me but I did not like them (I am very picky when I am paying). The few boys I did like were Divas who would not make eye contact with me. I hang out over there 30’, did not see Jonathan who would have entertained me, and decided to go to Pointe. At 8:45 I was walking into Pointe 202. Uber is wonderful in Brazil. The sauna was crowded, very lively and friendly, I definitively like this sauna much more than 117. A little bit after 9pm they had a show with a nice drag queen and a White stripper, a little bit too old for me. Despite liking the atmosphere and enjoying the company, I was not lucky. I talked to about six boys I liked, but they all were or only top or versatile. Of course, I think they were the versatile kind I am not interested in. As I said before, self sacrifice is a turn off for me. Nevertheless, they were very friendly, we kissed and touched, and I invited with drinks to all of them to reward them for their time with me. One of them, who went out of his way to seduce me, and who ever tried to introduce me to boys he thought I would like, ended with me paying for his ticket (R20 for GPs) besides his drink. I was coming from having outstanding sex, otherwise I would have accepted a programa without penetration. I am confident that all those boys trying to convince me to rent a suite with them would have accepted R50 for a session of kissing and oral sex and mutual masturbation. I guess that will be my future once my erection loses strength. I was expecting to find Diego, but he had spend the day in the beach with his girlfriend (he took her to Praia de Grumari where we went together before) and decided to stay home and rest instead of coming to the sauna looking for programas. When the crowd was fading and it was clear that I would not go with any of the boys, I left and went home to sleep my last night in Rio. Earlier on, I had good news. Officially, I had to check out of my airbnb at 10am, although my flight was departing at 9:20pm. After explaining the situation to the owner of the condo, he let me stay up to 5pm without asking for any extra payment. At 2am Diego woke me up. He called to apologize for not being in the sauna and to beg me to spend with me my last day in Rio. He promised he would come to my nest before 10am (that was always our dates time, and he never made it punctually) to take me to Ipanema. I go on in another post, I am afraid of reaching the words limit here.
  6. And 117 did not have a second chance because I ended going to 202 again. But let's start by the beginning. Diego came over this morning to spend the day together. We had talked about going to Ipanema, but ended doing something different. He has been so fantastic, and made such a difference in this trip, that I wanted to reward him. And of course the problem is, how. Cash? We had talk about me sending him a cheap phone once back to the States. His phone was stolen in a sauna, and Diego has been out of the grid for some time now. Imagine a GP without a smart phone. Not even a GP, imagine any Millennial without a phone. When he walked in, he was very excited and happy because had finally obtained his Carta de Travalho. It was a document he needed to start playing soccer professionally and make R$ 1,000 monthly. He came in sharing the good news, hugging me and kissing me out of excitement. Imagine his face when I asked him what telephone he wanted. He could not believe it, kissed me again, and started to jump around happy for all the good things happening to him today. We got on line to check phones and decided to change our plans for the day. Instead of going to Ipanema, we would go to AquaRio with a stop in Rio Sul, a big shopping center, to buy his new phone. He had never been in the aquarium and the prospect added even more excitement to his day. It was immensely gratifying to be now the one giving and making a difference in his life. Once in the shopping, he chose a Galaxy at R 1,200. Which is a fraction of the money I am able to save each month. For less than half of my monthly savings, I was able to make a difference in Diego's life. Once with his new phone, we headed to the aquarium. Diego had been very careful about picking a phone with a good camera, and was very excited to use it for the first time in AquaRio. I liked the installation for itself, but it was an additional pleasure to have Diego over excited like a little kid with his new phone and this field trip. The aquarium is relatively new, privately own, and with relatively expensive tickets. The museums I visited charged R10, the aquarium was R100, because we got the discount for Mercosul citizens. This was the biggest aquarium I ever visited (I never went to the ones in Baltimore and Florida) and really enjoyed the experience. After the aquarium, we returned to my Airbnb. We wanted the last afternoon together to be "tranquilo". There still was some excellent weed left overs, we ordered a delicious local pizza, and hang out while waiting for the delivery. Once the pizza arrived and we ate, it was time for "sexo". Diego was more demonstrative than ever before out of happiness and gratitude. He commanded me to bed (he had being consistently very demanding about having sex even more than once in a day), we got naked and started to make out passionately. After a while, he turned around and gave me his back in position to get fucked. I kept kissing, licking, and hugging him, but did not try to fuck him. He turned from being laying on his left side to be fully face sown, and pushed me on top of him. I let my hard dick go in between his thighs, like faking a penetration, but he wanted more. So I stopped the whole thing, moved to his side, and told him very clearly "I do no want to fuck you". I reminded him of a conversation we had already have, where I explained to him that my pleasure comes from my partner's pleasure. Self-sacrifice is a huge turn off for me. Diego hugged me and kissed me more, and told me that I was the best. After kissing me for a while, he pushed me to his right nipple and started to jerk off while I licked and sucked it. I alternated between kissing and licking his nipple while he played with edging for a while. This was actually the best sex we had, he was finally relaxing and allowing me to please him instead of vice versa. He busted first, then I followed, and we fell asleep. I do not like sleeping with anyone in my bed, it is one of the reasons why I do not do overnights. I do not like waking up and not being alone. But we both fell asleep and slept for a while. When we wake up, it was almost time to go to the sauna. Here we had another change of plans. I wanted to go to 117 because the thread about Brazilian Saunas has a table that recommends it as the best option for Fridays. However, Diego insisted that the info was wrong, that the best place to go to was Pointe because there was a show and the cabins were for free. Fortunately, I listened to him, because tonight I am reconciled with saunas. From the very beginning Pointe felt great, very animated and friendly, with more boys than clients. We arrived about 8pm, and sat in a table to check the crowd. I got immediately infatuated with a dark chocolate boy. I asked Diego wether or not he knew the guy, and he told me that he knew him and he was "boa gente". After hanging out for 20' (always making out), Diego went to change clothing to start hunting for a programa. As soon as he left, I made eye contact with the pretinho and he came to sit with me, gorgeous beautiful. His name was Marcelo, from Bahia, 23 años. He told me he was versatile and into kissing, and immediately demonstrated his kissing skills. His fee was 150 (I know, I could have negotiated it down). He wanted me to look for a room, but I wanted to see the show first. So he left to go to the sauna. After 10 minutes returned because the sauna was too crowded, he said. The show was not starting and, when we asked, we were told that there was a delay, so we got one of the suites. Once in the suite, he got quickly naked and show me a huge dick in full hard. However, he would avoid kissing me, and therefore I would not get hard. I reminded him that he told me he was into kissing, but he ignored my complains and started to suck my dick and jerk me off trying to make me hard. I insisted that I wanted and needed kissing. So he stopped and told me he was not going to do it. I gave him R50, and a goodbye. Bad beginning for the night. I returned to the bar. There were a few guys I was interested in, but I was not making eye contact. Until finally a short black guy, with a smooth athletic body and a delicious mischievous face came to me. His name was Luiz, Carioca, 22 years old. As soon as I told him that I was into kissing, he started kissing me like the world was going to end. His price was 130, I promised him 150 if he made me happy. The boy was amazing, the first time I had excellent sex in a sauna. He made me feel wanted ad took my dick like a champ hard, deep, and long. We had not discussed busting, but we busted almost together, first I did it inside of him, then was his turn. After busting we kept hugging and making out, traded WhatsApp numbers, and agreed on a possible date for tomorrow afternoon. He earned his 150. Happy with the turn of events, I returned to the bar to see if there was still fishable material. I saw a guy I had seen to days before and liked a lot. Black, tall, athletic, with a very pretty and boyish face. We locked eyes and started talking. His name was Louis, also from Bahia (I am surrounded by bahianos), and versatile, but not into kissing. Bad luck. When I was almost ready to go, I saw Jonathan. 19 y.o., from Sao Paulo, visiting Rio. I do not have to describe him because I have a picture and his vivalocal link, let's hope it works: https://m.vivalocal.com/acompanhantes-gays/copacabana/com-local---/183904068 He looks now like the picture I am posting here, the ones in his ad are outdated on his hair. We quickly established compatibility, made out in the bar for about 15' while I was recovering from my session with Luiz, and went to a suite. Another excellent experience. We also traded numbers and agreed on a possible meeting tomorrow. I am fantasizing with getting these two kids together to my airbnb if I can coordinate times. Happy and exhausted I returned to my nest and decided to write this report before going to sleep. Tomorrow is my last full day and night and want to be doing something else. Tomorrow night I wanted to go to 117, but Luiz, Jonathan, and Diego are going to 202. Let's see.
  7. Damn it. That was my mistake. I am right now with Diego, and we will go tonight, I will have a second chance.
  8. Yesterday, after Wagner, I was exhausted. I have been planning a walking excursion to the beaches in Copacabana and Ipanema that is always being postponed. I canceled it for the second time. Although I needed a nap, I wanted to catch up with my writing, I am so behind. I am working in a new post for my blog that should have been published last Tuesday. By the way, if you guys have not seen Rhyheim Shabazz and Jay Alexander last scene, you are missing something. When I am back to working, brribrrip, Grindr again. A pretinho very sexy offering me a program for R100. He was so sexy that made me horny again, even sent me a video playing like a puppy with his dick hard. I was in. We set an appointment at 5 (it was noon), I would text him at 4 to confirm. I tried to keep writing but I was too sleepy and now had an extra motivation to rest and recover strength. I took a nap. At 4 I text him to his WhatsApp to confirm. He responds it is ok. At 4:30 he texts me he is on his way. According to Grindr, he is 12 miles away. At 5:30 there is no sign of him. So I use the translator and text a joke: "Brazilians' only flaw, besides Bolsonaro, is that they are never on time", adding a big smily to make clear is a joke. He did not like it, and responds that he was having lunch with his family when I texted at 4 (an earlier agreed confirmation time), and asking if I wanted him to turn around and go back to his home. This reaction was a yellow flag for me. He would be the only guy I was inviting to my place without being recommended by a third party. His reaction made me quite distrustful. I asked him what was his estimated time for arriving. He would be arriving at 6:15 for an appointment at 5. I canceled. It was not a big deal, I wanted to have some energies for my first visit to 117. As I was frustrated with my saunas experiences, I decided to do some homework. I reread the thread Brazilian Saunas. I had read it three years ago, when I started fantasizing about traveling to Brazil. Now, with four Brazilian saunas in my background, I was impressed at how accurate, detailed, and useful @tomcal posts were. After the reading, I head to 117, the best sauna to go on a Thursday according to a table posted in page 5 of that thread. I arrived about 7:15, sat in the bar after a walk around, and summoned the spirits of @tomcal, @Tartegogo, and @numazu1. Actually, I just texted with numazu who calmed my natural anxiety and helped me to relax. If this was one of the popular days, I was underwhelmed. Many boys but not so many clients, the place looked semi empty. Many gorgeous boys seemed to be more interested in watching porn in their phones than in paying attention to the clients. Sitting in my table I rejected about 2 bodybuilders and 2 guys in their thirties. Out of the crowd of hot boys, I had selected about three I was interested in, but they were ignoring me. How did they dare. Finally, one of them made eye contact and came to my table. Edouardo, 23 y.o., from Niteroi. He works during the day in a street post selling burgers and street food with his aunt and his big brother. Tall, broad shoulders, beautiful muscular arms and huge butts and dick. I asked him whether he liked women, as I am tired of bad sex with "straight" G4P boys. His response was "women are difficult". Point for him. He insisted on going to a suite. As I still had fresh in my memory Tomcal's anecdotes, I told him that I wanted to kiss with several boys and would choose the one who kissed me the best. Edouardo asked me how I would determine that, and we immediately started kissing. Damn he was good, of course, as most Brazilians, and his dick got immediately hard without playing with it. It was a little weird that when he was sitting with me, he was less attractive than when I would look at him from some distance. So I kept sending him to the counter to get drinks and contemplated his beauty. The other boys I wanted seemed to be busy, it was early, so I took the programa with him. When I asked his price, he told me 150. I know that means I could have had him for 100, but I feel bad paying so little, 150 is my price to go. The suite was very roomy, much better than the one I got in 202. We did not waste time, as soon as we closed the door, we started to make out passionately. He was the first sauna GP that did not need to clean his ass for me. He was ready to bottom, a very good sign. He did well, the first sauna GP I fuck and I feel he is enjoying it and not doing me a favor. An additional extra good point for him: I do not even know whether or not the room had a TV to play porn, he did not need it, and made me feel he was actually into me. I would not say this was excellent sex, but was good, the best I had so far in the sauna setting. He asked me if I wanted him to cum, but I told him he could save it for other programas, it was just 8, and I busted jerking off and kissing him once I pulled out after fucking him in a couple of positions. When we finished I payed him (I was not using the locker) , freed him and the room, and went back to the bar to see if I was lucky and could get another one. The two boys that would worth a second fuck were with clients, so I finished my drink and went back home. I think I like more 202. Please, notice I have been very few times (once in 117 and twice in 202) in these saunas to have a strong opinion. I am sharing just my initial impression. I prefer 202 layout although 117 seems to have better quality facilities. I like that the boys in 202 seem to concentrate in the downstairs bar making it easier to see the offer, while the guys in 117 are spread all over the place and sometimes just flash through the bar without paying much attention to the folks hanging out over there. It looks like the guys in 117 are less in the Twink side and more in gym joke type, with many body builders. They also seem to come from a less challenged social background than the boys in 202. Something that definitively like more in 202 is that all the boys are working the clients, paying attention to you and trying to get a programa. In 117 at least half of the boys struck me as divas waiting for you to go to them. If possible, I will go again to 117 tonight (please anyone let me know if these are not the right choices) and my last night here, tomorrow Saturday, to 202. Let's see if that is enough to turn my impressions in strong opinions. Last night I slept like a baby. I was exhausted. Right now I am waiting for Diego, it is going to be our third day together. Hopefully we will go today to the beaches in Copacabana and Ipanema. By the way, I just remembered one of tomcat's comments about the sauna boys. He points out how affectionate they may be in private, as opposite to no public demonstrations of affection at all. This was true in my interaction with Marcelo back in December, in Salvador. However, it is not an accurate description in Diego's case. I am making this point not to argue with tomcal (I would not dare) but to highlight how special Diego is. When we are riding Uber around, he always makes sure his leg is strongly against mine, and holds my hand. He has also held my hand in public when we were having lunch in Praia de Grumari. See you all later.
  9. Yes, his face is also beautiful. I made a mistake reporting his age. He is 28, and not only smoking hot but also very educated and sophisticated.
  10. I got another glitch for your team, @TotallyOz. When I fill the search box, and then click on the icon for search, I am logged out. I have to log in and, the second time, the search runs.
  11. I've noticed that my typos and mistakes have increased. Gladly, I am quite busy and writing in a rush. As my health is doing great in this trip, I do not have all the extra time I had in Salvador, when my back was acting up. Diego is a wonderful companion. Not only is 100% reliable and honest, but also very aware of budgets and look after me paying the best prices when we are going around. Yesterday he took me to Praia de Grumari (in some places it is called Praia de Abricó), about one hour and R$80 in Uber. The views are paradisiacal and it is a nudist beach. According to Diego, you must be naked on weekends, but nudity is optional during the week. After hanging up around we had a generous lunch in the beach restaurant, the most expensive check I had to pay so far, but eating and drinking with that view worths it. I am told you can easily have sex in the many discrete little corners in between the rocks. I was not looking for doing anything and just relaxed and enjoy the sun with Diego. A guy not far away from us was jerking off, I am not sure whether he was looking at Diego or at a group of women working in a nude photo shot. Here you have some pictures. Back in Rio in the afternoon, we relaxed at my place. As the sex he is able to give me is not what I am looking for, I was not really interested in doing anything, but Diego insisted that he wanted sex. He insisted a lot. So we played for a while, took a shower, and went to 202. It was a big night in the sauna, many GPs of all sizes and kinds. Surprisingly, the A/C was on and the feeling was very comfortable despite the crowd. There was a lot of people but not enough to make the place feel full. A beautiful drag performed a few songs lip singing and two strippers did a show. I loved the drag, I was underwhelmed by the strippers. Hot guys, one of them a very good dancer, but in my opinion they were not sexy performers. I made a mistake that is not helping my appreciation of saunas. Instead of following my guts like @numazu1 advises me, I went with a friends recommended by Diego. He was not able to take my dick. It was the day that cabins are free, and we had a long wait to go in. Once the fiasco sex was over, I felt like everyone was leaving and went home horny, frustrated, and hating saunas. I am better now and will keep trying. However, I must say that out of my several visits to the three saunas en Salvador, and my two visits to 202, I am only getting class C sex. My experiences with GPs out of saunas are much, much better. I am not ready yet to definitively judge that saunas are not for me, but I am close. Probably if I had more time to explore the offer and find the guys who truly enjoy bottoming, I would have a better outcome from my visits. I am not quitting yet. I went to sleep horny, and I woke up horny very early. My plan was devoting the morning to writing, but I was hit in Grindr by this: Wagner, carioca, 25 y.o., GP two blocks away from my place, R200 in calls, 250 outcalls. We quickly established compatibility and made the appointment. The guy was dynamite. Without reaching the highs of Italo, but indeed excellent outstanding sex. He may start publishing his escort services and you may have a full review in that case. We are planning a second meeting on Sunday. I have to check out at 10am and my flight departs at 9PM, so I will probably stopped by his very nice apartment for a last farewell. See you all later.
  12. He is a cutie. Check his performance in one of Latin Leche videos, to have a little sampling of him.
  13. I disagree and it is not my experience, but I do not have time to discuss this.
  14. I did not see the problem when I posted, assuming he was a GP offering himself, but I see now after reading @Riobard post what the problem is. However, I am not afraid but sorry for violating his privacy. I was wrong at posting those pics. If you follow my history you will see that I am evolving to a more respectful for privacy stand. Thank you for confronting me. If @TotallyOz is reading this and want to delete the Grindr pictures, I would appreciate it. My apologies to everyone, it will not happen again.
  15. Grindr and Scruff are working better, I just do not have much time for more hook ups. The few GPs who contacted me via apps all asked for R150. This is the best looking (to me) who contacted me via Grindr: On Monday I was supposed to go to the beach with Diego, who I was expecting at 10 AM. However, the day became slightly cloudy and it was too cold, so instead we stayed at my place. First we played for a long time, he is a good kisser and gets hard very quickly. He told me he was versatile, but he is not. He really tried, though. I mean it, I may be a newbie at Brazil, but I have been with many G4P guys who would fake they were trying to get fucked. He really tried, but I did not feel he was enjoying it, and raping guys is not one of my fantasies. After we both busted kissing and jerking off, we got lunch, some weed, and returned to the nest. This is Diego, you can find him in 202 or 117, I am sharing this picture with his permission. Someone told him that pictures published out of the USA cannot be seen in Brazil, hopefully I educated about that. He has a girlfriend and do not want to put his face out. But trust me, his face is damn sexy. We spent the whole afternoon smoking and chatting, he was very opened about his life and I am not going to share here. Just let me say he is another good guy struggling with life. He is very honest, my place was full of temptations and he behave better than most escorts I have met in America. He did a great job an entertaining and treating me like his boyfriend, we were all the time hugging and making out. Until of course we were ready for another session of full sex. This is when he really tried to get fucked. My dick would go only half way and after keeping it there for a while he would not be able to take it anymore. The whole process was kind of hot. I would feel I was hurting and try to pul out, he would stop me and push me to stay inside and trying, and this process would repeat as I was getting deeper and deeper, but never getting to a full penetration. He is very accommodating, and was clearly a guy used to be in control struggling to be in a submissive role. If you are into bottoming with a sweet but dominant man, he will be your dream boy. Right now I am waiting for him, he is coming at 10 and we will try again to go to the beach. He charged me 150, I paid 250 plus perhaps 100/150 more in food, drinks, and maconha. I was happy and not in the mood for more sex, so I did not go to the saunas. Instead, I took a walk around Copacabana. The concerns for security are obviously visible. All buildings are caged and staffed usually 24 hours. Mine is. However, so far I have not witnessed or feel any risky situation. Yesterday I went to the National History Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, and walk around the XXII memorial, Flamengo Park, and Flamengo neighborhood. I absolutely love this city, it is indeed the most beautiful I have been to. Not only the architecture is very diverse and beautiful, but the landscape, the geography is just amazing. I am not going to post pictures here, most of you can lecture me on Brazil. I feel very much at home. When I was in Cincinnati grading AP exams, I befriended a colleague from Recife. When I told him about how surprised I was when I visited Salvador at my comfort with the people and the city, about how safe and welcomed I felt, contrasting it to the horror histories often shared in America, she told me that the security concerns in Rio are real, but exaggerated by the Gringos, who feel in Brazil as a Black or Hispanic person probably feels in America. She also made a comment about me being able to pass as Brazilian and not being targeted by thieves. I know that some of you are going to get upset, but that was her opinion. I am aware of the security concerns. I do not walk around with a backpack or anything that can be taken. I try to be aware of my surroundings when I am using my phone. I am not bringing to my place anyone who is not recommended by a friend or acquainted. I specially liked the Museum of Modern Art. Their permanent collection is impressive. However is not close to its similar in São Paulo, when I visited back in the late 80s. Even the MALBA in Buenos Aires is better, I think. Then I had Italo Andrade visiting me. He was one of my best sexual experiences ever, for free or for a fee. He charged me 200, and I offered him 300 to include a photo session for my blog. This is Italo: I save the details for a future post. The only reason I am not hiring him for the rest of my staying is that he is right now traveling to Recife, to visit his family. I cannot recommend this boy more. You can check his work in Flavaworks and several Brazilian porn outlets, he has been working in porn since he was 17, he is now 22. I know, he started with Marcelo Maestro with illegal age. Right now I am waiting for Diego. The plan is going to the beach and then to a sauna, whatever is the best sauna to go today, he will know. He will do his programs, and I will do my thing. Hopefully. I am definitely not a fun of saunas, but of course I must go as often as I can. Diego's phone was stolen in a sauna, and he has insistently advised me to be very aware of mu possessions and my pockets, as he has witnessed GPs making out with clients and in the process getting into his pockets and taking his money. See you all later.
  16. I do not have much time to write, I am going to be brief, and later give more details. The beach day was cancelled, it was too cold. Instead I spent the day with Diego, from 10:30 to 5, we had sex twice, good sex, his fee was R150, I gave him 250. I just met Italo Andrade, $200, check link to his ad in my blog. The meeting was amazing, if he was not leaving tomorrow I would be renting him for every day for the rest of my stay. He busted three times during our date. So much better than anything I have gotten so far from saunas in Salvador, and my one time in a sauna here. See you all later.
  17. Please check my thread, I do not have time to write.
  18. I've been only for three days in Rio. So far these are the fees I am dealing with, all prices are in Brazilian currency: Boy in sauna: 150/200, negotiable rate according to what you want to do. Personally, I do not like sex in the sauna, but it is the safer option to go to. Escort publishing in Internet: 150/200. I got two local porn stars for 200 the hour in my place. (I am only inviting these guys to my place because I got recommendations from a third party) Spending the day together (I am not into overnights): Apparently the standard time is something like 10AM to 5PM. I was quoted 150, ended paying 250 because the guy was just amazing. He was also recommended by a third party. I do not know whether or not these are representative prices, but they are the prices I have dealt with so far.
  19. I am in Rio! Azul's flight from Baires was great, I was in my Airbnb in Copacabana by 8:30 PM. As I was tired, instead of going to 117, I went to 202. The lady in the counter warned me that Sunday was a slow day. I walked in and a group of about 7 GPs were hanging out in the bar, and I was the immediate focus of attention, as there were not many clients around. Carlos, a mountain of muscles (not my type) gave me a very warm welcome, but I invited him with a drink and did my best to get ride of him. When I was starting to regret my decision to go to the closest sauna instead of going to the best one, I hooked up with Diego. Diego is a pretinho I had met in Salvador, who is one of @numazu1's boys. Our friend (he still reads the forums now and then) likes sending me pictures of his harem to make me jealous, and Diego is actually the only boy in his crew that I always loved. I was not in the mood to fuck, so we just made up, he did a programa, and came back to me and we kept making out. He is an excellent kisser and exactly the kind of guy I like: athletic, smooth, and not over muscular. We left together just a few minutes ago and made an appointment for tomorrow. We are going to spend the day in the beach, besides playing, and he quoted me only R150. Of course, I am going to be much more generous than that, the guys is delicious. I am disappointed at Grindr. When I arrive to Baires o Corrientes, the app does not stop hitting me. I have been here for about 4 hours and just 3 hits, all of them not appealing. I need to do grocery shopping, I am starving.
  20. I am so fucking out of shape. I really need to start doing cardio or swimming regularly. I met Carlos today and left his place exhausted, I do not think I have energy to meet the other Venezuelan boy tonight. Carlos was great, although the whole situation was weird. He is now living with other two students I could hear getting in and out of the apartment while we were making out and fucking, and that lack of privacy took a lot away from the experience. We will keep meeting once I am back from Rio, and I hold a full report until then, as I want to give specifics about his availability or lack of. Right now, it looks like he shut down escorting for the locals, but it may be interested in finding a way of being reachable for visitors. We will work on that once I am back. As I have decided not to go out again (well, I may change my mind), I am packing right now. It looks like I am going to have a quite cool Carioca weather next week.
  21. Is anyone else having this issue? The alerts (o notifications?) stay up even after I read the responses, checked the reactions, or opened the messages. Sometimes they disappear just to come back a few seconds after. Also, I receive emails letting me know about a new message in my mailbox. I go to the mailbox, but the notification is about an email I already read. So, instead of just checking the messages listed in the little window that unfolds when I click on the envelope icon, I click in go to Inbox. There I can see the messages I did not see before. It is kind of annoying. I apologize if I did not respond quickly to some private message.
  22. Back to Buenos Aires, leaving tomorrow to Rio. My trip to Corrientes finished great. I saw the Baker a second time, and this time he greeted me with a wonderful kiss. He is also a top, so we ended having another hot session of oral sex. I got his WhatsApp, this guys really wakes my curiosity, He is completely atypical for Corrientes, and when I tried to learned about his background, he would always respond with evasive jokes. I only learned that he speaks English better than I do (yeah, I am setting a low standard, I know) and some French, and he is originally from San Luis del Palmar, a small town not too far away from Corrientes. I wanna know more. I met another hot boy through Grindr, 22 years old, student in the local School of Architecture. Like many of the guys I interacted on line over there, he was very closeted and concerned about being discrete. He even deleted his pictures as soon as I viewed them, so I have nothing to show. He did not have a place and neither I did, but he did have a car. We ended fucking in his car, parked in the Parque Mitre, right across the street where I was staying. Hot but uncomfortable. WARNING FOR VISITORS TRAVELING TO AEROPARQUE JORGE NEWBERY. I flew back to Buenos Aires yesterday afternoon. I had not noticed this is a long week end here. July 9th is Independence Day, and the government made also Monday a non work day to encourage tourism. Local flights do not use Ezeiza, the international airport out of the city, but Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, right in the middle of it. When we arrived and I wanted to take a cab, the line was about 200 ms. (I am in the metric system, guys). If I wanted a remise instead, I had to wait 2 hours and pay twice the fee. Uber was sowing no available cars in the area. So I got in the line. In Buenos Aires, taxi drivers have a powerful Union and several mafias around transportation hubs. Most times the danger is not for the passengers, but to other taxi drivers who are not paying their mafia fee. However, quite frequently drivers would attempt to scam their passengers by not running the taximeter and asking for abusive fees. Until last year, to fight against this, city police set cameras to film the cars licenses and the drivers faces. This year they added an extra lier of security. Before getting in the line, passengers have to go to automatic stations pretty much similar to the check in stations in all airports. You enter your destination address and name, and the station prints a duplicated receipt with a price estimate for the trip. When you get in the car, you handle one copy to the driver and keep the other one. After 55 minutes in the line, I finally got in a car. My driver was great, he was the one who told me about the mafias. The ticket estimated $AR 270 for the trip, the taximeter marked only AR$ 210 (from the airport to Recoleta). Even if this weekend traffic was exceptional because of the national holiday, I am told that the line to take a cab is always ridiculously long. My warning and advise to travelers is: if you are arriving to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery you should rent a remise service before departing from your place of origin. It is going to be more expensive than taking a cab, but you will avoid a line that, I am told, is never shorter than 30'. This morning I woke up early and took advantage of the sunny day to walk around. Buenos Aires looks more beautiful than ever, at least this privileged area does. It may be a good idea to bring some cash to avoid paying the fees for withdrawing from ATMs (about U$S 10). I am using my CC and DC has much as I can, but in some places they do not accept them. In a few hours I am meeting with Carlos Aleman. As he is retired now, he does not live alone anymore, and have to kick out his two room mates to see me. When I return from Brazil I will have my own place. Tonight I am meeting (if I have any stamina left after Carlos) with a 24 y.o. boy, also Venezuelan, who hit me in Grindr. All the pictures in his profile and in his IG have his face, so I am not going to share, but he is very attractive. His headline is "No Flacos!" ("no skinny guys!"), perfect for a daddy bear like myself. The boy is hot enough for me to pay, but this is a for free hook up. For a while, very often, the guys I am hooking up with or hiring tell me I look younger in person than in my pictures. I just decided to change my profiles in Grindr and Scruff. I am not lying, but I am not sharing my age. I also changed my picture. In the previous one my goatee was visibly full of grey hair. I trimmed it to make the hair very short, look now remarkably younger, and took new pics. New pictures are up. My Grindr is quite active, of course I am a novelty. So far only one guy has contacted me asking for money, AR$ 1,500. He is cute, but not cute enough for me to pay. Tomorrow at noon I am leaving to Rio from Ezeiza. If you read the post in my blog that I shared above, I have already booked Italo Andrade and Estevão Olivera. See you all soon.
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