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  1. It's all good my friend lol.
  2. Hmm..i wouldn't call it miserable. I love the food and I'll have more of that when i go back. I swapped phone numbers with the Pattaya guy and we've been texting each other since so i'd definitely see him again. Maybe I'll join more tour adventure as price is reasonable. Maybe try jet skiing. I probably wont bother with shopping, which most people claimed as best Thai experince. And i know places to avoid for getting a massage. Maybe ill give bar with gogo boys another go but its not hot on my agenda anymore. Hit and miss, yes... but certainly not miserable.
  3. Hi everyone, it’s been months since I last posted on here re my first Brazilian trip. Although I have not posted anything since, I have been actively lurking and liking posts that I found interesting. Thailand had been on my bucket list and I finally ticked that off when I visited the Land of Smiles late October. Before going I referred on to this forum for some useful information but there wasn’t much (compared to info on Brazil). I also went to GayThailand but didn’t get the info I needed. Anyway, I went and here’s the acount of my adventure … -I arrived raining in Bangkok but it stopped quickly. I got stuck in traffic for nearly two hours from airport to the hotel. My hotel is near Surasak station and I paid the cabbie total B685. I think I got ripped off because my friend said that it should only be less than B500. -My hotel and the room is very basic. The hotel dont even have a diner. I’m on a shoe string budget so I didn’t mind it. The room is small but comfortable and I like that there’s plenty of places to eat nearby. -I had dinner at a Korean restaurant as it’s the only one open that late. I didn’t enjoy the food (too spicy and too bland). I then went back to my hotel, had a quick shower and headed to Soi Twilight to see dancing boys. -I walked about 15 minutes to reach the venue. I can’t remember the name of the club that I went to.. just as well coz it’s forgettable. I ordered Heineken overpriced at B350, watched the show but quickly got bored. Boy am I disappointed by the quality of boys onstage. They’re mainly twinks but none I found attractive. Maybe I went on the wrong night (it was Friday). The show didn’t titillate me so I walked out after finishing one beer. I had a look around outside, checked out the massage boys in blue shorts, and again disappointments. I didn’t try to go to another club fearing it won’t have what I’m looking for. I also don’t want to pay another overpriced beer. So I decided to call it a night. I picked up fresh mangoes and pomelos along the way. Had a few skewers of Thai sausage as well. -Instead of walking back, I decided I’m gonna try tuk-tuk. The guy wanted B300 but I said no then he chased me and lowered it to B150. I said yes coz I wanna experience it. Hated it. It was uncomfortable, hot wind blowing in my face and I had to hold on tight as it was bumpy. Well at least I can tell my friends that I’ve tried it. -The next day, I visited Wat Arun, Wat Pho and The Grand Palace. I enjoyed those despite the heat. I cant remember what i had for lunch but i remember it being overpriced and not delicious. -I had a massage. The proper one from a girl but she’s not good. I had mango and sticky rice and that compensated for the bad massage. -I went back the next day and had asked for a different girl. She said she’s the teacher but she’s not good either. I didn’t come back anymore because if the teacher is not good, then they’re all shit. Tom yum gum made it better later on. -I checked out Chatuchak Market.. massive market with lots of interesting items on sale but all I bought was 4 keyrings for my friends. I am not good in haggling so if I think the guy is ripping me off, I just walk away. I had mango ice cream, coconut water and fresh fruits on skewers. -I also checked out MBK but again I’m not good in haggling so I didn’t buy much. I found the quality dodgy too. Sure the Adidas tee looks almost as good as the original but what will happen to it after one or two washes. I did buy my mom two blouses and for myself a box of eye drops. I had chicken dish from a Hongkong restaurant for lunch. -I went to DJ Station. Had a bit of a dance but it got very busy where it was so hard to dance coz we’re too close with each other so I went outside but everyone’s smoking like chimney so I left at 2am. I had noodles from 711 as midnight snack. -Then off to Pattaya where instead of getting a cab (B1500), I travelled by BTS and bus for total B144. The bus is comfortable and I noticed a few farangs onboard. Then from the bus terminal to my hotel, I got a ride from a motorbike and paid B40. I had larb and beer. Larb was spicy. I loved it! -That night I visited the bars to watch go-go boys. Again meh. Two guys fucked on stage, fun but I didn’t get hard. A sort of cute dancer tried chatting with me but I wasn’t really that into him coz he’s too thin so I pretended I can’t understand his English so he walked away. I too walked away from that place after one beer, which was overpriced as usual. -I then went to Jomtien and sat outside the club with my drinks. I decided I’m not gonna see any more shows. I saw a cute massage boy so I called him. He was fantastic and he is still on mind. I paid B2000. What a hot kisser that young man was. I was in so much ecstacy to eat anything afterwards. -The next day I went to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary where I had a blast and took plenty of pictures. I still want to go back but I’ll probably avoid Bangkok. I just didn’t like the traffic. I don’t mind the crowd that’s why I’ve been taking the BTS. Thai people are lovely but I met some bad apples too. On my next visit, I think I’ll stay in Pattaya as that’s where I had the most fun. Thanks everyone for reading.
  4. Tomasian

    Rio trip April/May 18

    Just wondering if the gentleman you're referring to is circumcised. If yes, i met him as well.
  5. Tomasian

    The Sao Paulo diaries

    Estou precisando pagar aluguel da minha casa e nao consegui o dinheiro todo. Me desculpa te pedir isso. Voce poder enviar algum dinheiro pra me ajudar? Por favor. I received the above message from my garoto. I speak very little Spanish and no Portuguese but when I saw the keyword 'dinheiro' mentioned twice, I immediately knew he is after some dinero. I'm sure that some members received similar request from their garoto(s), have you guys actually send the money? I replied that I'd like to help him but it turned me off a bit.
  6. I think I met the same guy the poster was referring to. Was he wearing a cap? I was in Lagoa last Saturday night and met the guy who I think the poster was referring to. He wore a baseball cap when I met him, not the leanest body but nice face and nice eyes. He showed me around the sauna when I told him that I' was a newbie. He told me that he also speaks Spanish, which I speak very little of. Despite the language barrier, I find him very friendly and sincere. He almost had me under his spell but when he offered to go to my hotel room, I said no because (a) i wasn't that into him (b) i had my top 5 garotos and he's not even on my top 10, LOL. When he asked me to buy him a drink at the bar, I pretended not to understand what he said, then I thanked him and walked away to pursue other garotos. Sorry that you have to part with so much money. And that brand new perfume. Agh..
  7. Tomasian

    The Sao Paulo diaries

    I'm currently suffering from the same depression. Or maybe because I'm still jetlagged. But I fell in love with the city and its people. Did you find it easy to find a job there? I assumed you speak Portuguese fluently. It'd be nice to migrate there, I think.
  8. Tomasian

    The Good Fight - The New Wife Remake

    I am a big fan of this show. I can't stand Rose Leslie's acting though. She is the one playing Maia Rindell. Everyone else is good, but there's something about her acting that i find off.
  9. Sorry but i did not go to 202 on wednesday because i had a stye. I went to my photoshoot earlier that day and it was very windy on the beach and the sand got in my eye. It started with an itch, redness and now i have a fully developed, painful and unsightly stye. Shit! I couldnt even go last night to the TV Bar to check out the sex show. But i did go on a date with Doug yesterday. He picked me up at my hotel 1pm and we went to AquaRio with his friend driving us. I actually enjoyed our outing. He was sweet and we're like 2 buddies hanging out. We went back to my hotel at 4pm (no probs with hotels, we just walked straight through), and we made love, he slept for a bit and then left just after 5. Total expenditure: R674 (R300 Doug; R150 driver friend; R180 AquaRio; R44 lunch), or about AUD250. I hope this stupid stye go away when i go to sao paulo on Saturday.
  10. I wrote a lengthy reply but i am bummed that its not appearing. The shorter version is; "Good for you! Filipinos make great wives/lovers" Then i wrote something about travelling and hiring in Manila... but ill pm you instead.
  11. He sent those pics to me which i believe were also on his FB page.
  12. Im off 22nd May. Yes, i'd love to meet you too. I read you have penchant for Filipinos and would like to visit Manila one day.
  13. I wonder if there is any way of editing my precious message so i can delete or crop his pics. Sorry if i violated the rules.
  14. After my first visit to 202 and 117 and having just so-so experience with the two men, I was ready to write off the sauna adventure. I was hoping to experience what Tartegogo had written in his memoir but I didn~t experience even a fraction of it. I realised I can~t have that because I~m no bigger slut than he is (wink-wink) . Love you Tartegogo, you made me come to Rio xoxoxo I remember Reading someone´s post of having underwhelming experience and tomcal commenting that maybe sauna just isn~t for everyone. I thought tomcal is right and that I am one of those unfortunates. So on Monday I was bored at my hotel room with nothing to do, I thought I~d give sauna another go. I headed for 202 (tomcal says it~s best Mondays). While walking I envisioned what~s gonna happen if I went in: i´ll be harrassed for business, I~ll be disappointed by the quality of men, I~ll be wasting Money..it will all be a waste of time. I was a few yards from the 202 door and did the 180. I went back to my hotel room, bought some grogs (booze) and wrote a few e-mails to my friends instead. Tuesday came and I visited the Ipanema beach, Gorgeous beach with lots of sexy talents (see pic of 2 boys in speedos) and I got horny. I decided to go to 202 but it was closed. I thought maybe it~s a sign to not go anymore. But I´m not gonna wank with porn in my hotel room that will be sad. So I fired up Uber and headed for 117. My Uber driver is a very goodlooking Young man named Marcos. I was gonna offer him an indecente proposal but language barrier is a bitch! He~s friendly and seems very welcoming. (i am using hotel computer and brazilian keyboard has diferente characters auto-correcting some of the words, so desculpe if some words don~t make sense). Marcos may have been a goodluck charm that evening because when I went inside, i was blown away by the number of goodlooking garotos presente. I didn~t know where to look. There~s 3 on the stairs. There~s 4, oh wait 6, standing on the hall. 6 more of my type inside the TV and porn room. In the bar section, there~s .... fuck it, I lost count. I checked out the back where they smoke, and men is aplenty. I exclaimed to myself: ~welcome to wonderland!~ But there~s one guy that stood out for me. He looks like Marcos the Uberer. But then this other guy immediately started selling me his business which I was semi-interested (I said shit, why did I bring only R250???) I didn~t catch the name of Marcos look-alike. I sucked him and he didn~t cum (R100). That~s okay. Next guy is Diego. He wasn~t the one I was pursuing but he grabbed me and took me to the porn room and agreed to my rate of R100 (suck only and no cum). Previously there~s a guy who gave me a massage (he said massage only no Money) and he massaged me right on the chair at the bar and he was good and gave me a lenghy one so I gave him R50. So there goes my R250. But there~s plenty more man vying for my reais and I want to taste as many as my money can. I went out and took R500. I came back and hook up with Douglas - big muscles, handsome face. He wanted R150, I said and he agreed to R100. I think we got on really well and we are meeting tomorrow and he~ll show me around Copa with no time limit for R300. He whataspped me last night and again today just to say hello and that he~s looking forward to our meeting tomorrow. He sent me his pic on whatsapp which I attached here. Has anyone met him before and is he honest? I hope he doesn~t rob or kill me tomorrow LOL. So I guess I don~t fall under the unfortunate ones who has no appreciation for saunas. In fact, I'll pay 202 another visit as it~s free cabin tonight. I won~t do a 180 this time. Thank you all for Reading and have a great day. I know I will (cheeky grin).
  15. Sorry its meant to be tounge-in-cheek but i realised its a little insensitive and i apologise. Desculpe sincerely.