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  1. @JuanP and @Alaskabear You guys should bargain. Unless you really want to sleep with a particular guy or he is a model/dancer of some sort that you must have you should always bargain in Latin America it is almost expected. Now, some guys will not budge on the price but many will be willing to negotiate with you. I've slept with Twitter and Instagram models and never paid more that $1000 MXN. I did usually throw in dinner and a bottle of wine or something but, usually the App and online boys ask for more because of the clientele that goes for them. The street boys are very affordable and as some other posters have said I am able to get most of my guys for free. It just depends on what type of guy you are looking for. If you have to have a godlike model to top you roughly he will probably charge more as there is more demand for his services but, you should still negotiate. This is a business like any other.
  2. @Walker: Yes, many say that they are university students and some do speak a bit of English. However, it does help to know some tourist Spanish. I struggle to interact for more than a few sentences and I am often reduced to showing them pictures of the museums I visited during the day. The boys will usually humor you, and let you continue to touch and fondle their lithe/muscular young bodies, as long as you keep the drinks coming though. I stayed there a lot longer than I needed to, just for the ambiance. If you are simply looking to meet a guy for later just use Google translate to tell him what you want and if he is willing to work with you then take him private to work out the details. I would definitely recommend having a secondary facebook account or at least a whatsapp account that you can use. As an aside whatsapp is extremely popular in Latin America and anyone looking to meet boys there should have it for at least that purpose.
  3. @tempguy : & @Alaskabear : Then you guys would love the two clubs mentioned in my post. Both clubs are what I think of as Latin gay show clubs. The boys dance then come around and associate with patrons willing to pay for their company. They will talk to you for free but, if you expect to maintain their attention for most of the night you should buy them "boy drinks" yes, they are more expensive. At Enigma the boys actually get the drinks you pay for, hence the picture of the dancer drinking the beer. However, BarBotas Bar is as always a unique case. In Botas you pay 100 MXN to basically get the boy sitting next to you a water, of that 100 he only gets 20 MXN. I was told by one of the boys that he would rather I just kept on ordering mojitos and feeding them to him surreptitiously then tipping him in cash discretely than keep ordering him waters that he didn't really want. You might be better off ordering a bottle of liquor and watering you boys that way. I was having such a good time that at one point I had 3 boys in my garden; of course the owner had to disperse them to keep me in a rotating maximum of 2 at a time. Now as for touching, I am not sure how far you can go in public but, I was able to touch nearly everything I wanted while I was paying for drinks. If you want to touch areas of the boys that are covered then you should probably take them private. The private at Botas only cost me 150 I think, maybe 250 but I was a bit intoxicated at the time. The guy was good and let me touch anything I wanted. He also mentioned that for more tips he could do more and this is probably where the true monger would make an arrangement for meeting at a later time. I love both of these clubs since they are relatively inexpensive and have great guys on display. The guys at BarBotas are definitely more defined than Enigma but, Enigma has a more relaxed atmosphere. I really enjoyed both establishments. If you have any further questions please ask I will do my best to provide answers/guidance.
  4. I just returned from a week in CDMX and I can say that my earlier reports regarding the demise of Botas Bar were not entirely accurate. It seems that the bar has moved/split up. With the above mentioned Enigma and another bar that I just visited called BarBotas Bar. The guys are definitely hot unfortunately, taking one home is just as difficult as the original Botas Bar. Your best bet is to go private and arrange for a meeting later in the day. Pertinent pictures of both establishments, as well as a few personnel ones from my trip, follow: 88f74b87-2556-439c-bda1-b8a3f5ed8602.mp4 7302ffbc-ce77-47d1-a950-4cb9b85f1625.mp4 14200255-b90c-4b00-8407-80c7bc12e2e6.mp4 ebf5a794-de81-47fc-9033-b7ee0670307d.mp4 fe22713b-579a-46fb-961b-54c89a0ed75b.mp4
  5. It's true, that was actually my favorite show bar in CDMX. The guys were hot and the wait staff friendly. Now the guys were usually straight and just gay for pay but, I just liked to relax with my date while drinking Jack and Cokes. They have a new place though the quality of guys was not as good on my last visit.
  6. @Riobard: Given that we are talking about the rough trade in Latin America bringing the legend of Tristan & Isolde into this is very interesting. Foreign travel and forbidden love may await you In Peru, I was praying the whole time I was in Cusco that there would be no labor action to prevent me visiting and returning from Machu Picchu. The rural economy in Peru is very underdeveloped and these people see literally millions of comparatively wealthy foreigners pass through their country. Many of the indigenous population now have access to mobile devices and entertainment from the industrialized economies. They see the good life on the screens and right in front of them and many now want a taste of it themselves. Given the wealth disparity in many Latin American countries I'm grateful that things have remained relatively stable so far; we can't have the entire Hemisphere acting like Venezuela. I just pray that America doesn't get the Latin America disease as well.
  7. @Riobard: Yes, I found Tristan very interesting as well, especially given that I did not see many muscle guys when I visited Lima & Cusco. However, I did not visit any of the nightlife establishments or saunas and met most of my guys online. I prefer nice bodied twink bottoms so the apps and a few websites were all I needed to keep me busy; I also needed an American Express card and an Uber account to shuttle guys around the city but that is to be expected. Tristan was a very unique find and I honestly contemplated going back to La Diosa just to spend some quality time with him. Until you see these muscle guys performing live in front of you think that remaining rational is easy. I had a really great time at that club and definitely want to return. In fact I'm debating if I should go back to Monterrey for a few days or go visit Dallas; the cost is about the same with hotel and air fare basically negating each other. However, what is available for the money once I am in the city is definitely more in Mexico. I jest feel as though I get better value once in Latin America whether it is with guys, food or accommodations. However, Latin America is not all unicorns and cupcakes; the wealth disparity is frightening and many coming from an American suburb will find the conditions outside the resorts and tourists locations unacceptable. For those of us with balanced risk perception and real experience in an urban environment the cities of Latin America can be very rewarding.
  8. @Alaskabear: I was having the same thoughts. I mean it's Latin America so anything should be possible with enough money and the right connections. If I could have a dance club like La Colorina, incentivize the house dancers like at La Diosa but, have a system like in Thailand where you could pay a bar fee and take the guys home for a private show that would be awesome. The back room for private dances at La Diosa is a good first step but, I know that Latin America can do better. I will be taking a few weeks off in Feb and March to travel Guadalajara, Leon and CDMX I'll let you guys know if I find anything good since I do plan on visiting the nightlife establishments on a regular basis when I travel OCONUS from now on. I also have no idea why I like Latin guys so much it's probably a fetish I picked up somewhere. Pero, I just love my brown boys and I don't want to give them up
  9. @Tartegogo: Wait, there are boy brothels in Tokyo! Why am I just now hearing about this? https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/tokyo-boys-for-sale-straight-lads-need-to-pay-the_us_597006fae4b04dcf308d2a20
  10. @Riobard: Yes, Tristan is the same dancer and a Peruvian import. Dios Mio his body was glorious, I even got to grab that ass once, really prime meat! He will come and sit and party with you all night if you keep him in drinks, I saw one mixed group party pull 3 guys over to dance for a few hours. I pulled those pics directly from the club's Facebook page as many of my pictures were contaminated by the club lighting. Private dances are available in the back room the rest is up to what you and the guy can negotiate. I should have gone back and gotten his number unfortunately, I was leaving Saturday afternoon and didn't have time
  11. @Alaskabear: I love stripper bars! One of my first gay experiences was at the old "Corner Pocket" in New Orleans. That was a great bar back in the day, the boys danced on the bar and you got to feel everything you wanted for only a dollar The "Boardwalk" in Wilton Manors was also a haunt of mine while I lived in South Florida. These places in Monterrey are mostly clubs where strippers perform: La Colorina is explicitly a dance club with a side business in shirtless entertainment while La Diosa is primarily a stripper club/bar. There are probably normal guys who would be willing to accompany you for a few hours in return for monetary compensation but, I don't think the percentage is much higher than say "The Tin Room" in Dallas. The dancers on the other hand would most definitely be available for after hours fun if the price is right. Unfortunately, my conversational Spanish is still rudimentary so I tend to rely on google translator way too much in social situations. All night long at both establishments I saw dancers invited up to tables enjoying drinks, having their firm young bodies touched and caressed in the most intimate places then eagerly exchange numbers with excited patrons. Yes, most of these guys are available for a price. La Diosa seems to explicitly cater to this, I didn't see many street hustlers working the club but the dancers were plentiful and really worked the room. Since I had a companion with me, who basically held onto me all night so that the other guys wouldn't think about approaching, they mostly looked at my table longingly. I wanted to invite one over but, my companion didn't want to share me As Tomcal has taught us the supply of gym body guys in Mexico is not nearly as deep as in Brazil or Colombia however, these guys do exist. I have also noticed an increase in Colombian guys advertising on the escort sites. I believe that the Pacific Alliance that Mexico is now in with Colombia, Chile and Peru basically allows for free movement of people between the countries. I'm going to try and bring a Venezuelan guy from Lima to Mexico City next year and see what happens. Mexico is a lot closer and for me and the plane tickets much less expensive than flying to South America. I'm just a middle class guy right now so when I do the trip calculations in my Excel a week long trip to Dallas and one to any of the major cities in Mexico is about the same in price. The fact that I keep choosing to cross the border instead of juts having fun in Dallas, Houston, Miami or Los Angeles must mean that I'm addicted to brown boys and want to experience them in their native environment
  12. I spent about 8 days in Monterrey Mexico. As Monterrey is a one of the wealthiest cities per capita in Mexico I was not sure what to expect. The experience there left me very satisfied and I now believe that Monterrey, Mexico is definitely an underrated weekend getaway. A contact from Manhunt actually came to pick me up from the airport, which is not something I would ever recommend but we had been messaging each other for nearly a month and I was fairly confidant that this upper middle class Mexican guy would not kidnap me We went to my Air B&B which was located in the Centro section of the city near the Santa Lucia waterway. He wanted to be my first in Monterrey and he was very hungry. Monterrey is in Mexico so I did not have high expectations when it came to the gym build that I prefer. In fact, I was so apprehensive that I actually arranged a guy to come up form CDMX to accompany me. This turned out to be an unnecessary expense still, I did appreciate the company and the flexibility of having sex on demand. There are a plethora of saunas to try as well as the money boys on the websites. If desired I would never have to leave the apartment, I could just contact guys online and have them come over for between 500-1000 Pesos. As I spent most of my days going to museums and eating in restaurants with my companion I only investigated these options for reporting purposes. If you are looking for avilable gym bodied guys to take home later these are the 2 clubs that I would recommend that you visit. 1. La Diosa: basically a hustler bar with strippers. The show started at around 11:30 and the guys were very well built. It is a typical stripper bar where you buy drinks for the time you spend with the guys. There is also a back room or private dances on site if desired. Your best bet would be to go and get the guy's number so that you could arrange a meeting later. 2. La Colorina: a dance club with strippers. The show starts late here typically around 1am. There are a lot of shirtless guys just hanging around. You are free to invite them to your table for a drink and exchange numbers for an encounter later. Unlike La Diosa most of these guys will just wallflower most of the night unless you call them over. I was approached twice by decent looking guys here unfortunately, they just were not the type of guys I flew to Mexico to meet. If you are an app user you will never want for companionship just be prepared that many guys are using YouCam and other photo editing apps to enhance their appearance. There was another bar with strippers that I wanted to visit called Mango's unfortunately, they seemed more geared towards females. My final judgement is that Monterrey is an excellent weekend getaway for food and fun. I had a great time there and I did not spend a lot of money. It is definitely possible to visit for a short period of time and find the kinds of guys that you are interested in. https://mx.mileroticos.com/escorts-gay/nuevo-leon/monterrey/ 0d290ad6-2976-4e6f-b0d7-2e3330c9edf4.mp4 288ab342-8337-49ce-86f4-65fa7b4de0d4.mp4 bc8001c2-644e-4e3b-80c2-73f8b49d172e.mp4 e3f87ee0-b490-4601-bcc6-f28dc772960d.mp4 dc4ff4d0-12be-424b-a1d2-432a777ebd93.mp4 fe4f24f2-7b92-403a-9305-1bf15941e44f.mp4 1d.mp4
  13. @Anthonyvan: The flight to Lima, for me, was slightly cheaper than flying to Rio. Lima definitely felt more expensive than Colombia I would say I felt a 10-15% price premium when eating at a nice restaurant. Now as I said before, I feel the quantity of muscle boys is definitely higher in Colombia or Brazil. However, the number of twinks is definitely higher than I usually find in Mexico so as a top I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did not use any professional money boys, except for the masseuse when I first arrived. I did pay for a few Ubers so that guys could come to my Air B&B and I also paid for a few nice meals with great local guys. However, if you are just going for sex you should probably stick to Colombia or Brazil where the markets are more developed and the variety is greater. I don't consider Peru a sex holiday destination, it is more of a traditional vacation where you can have great sex. There are saunas and clubs to take advantage of, the people were very friendly and the tourist areas feel very safe. I really loved my time there and plan to go back to see more of what that beautiful country has to offer.
  14. @floridarob: Thank you! I really value the experience that members of this site bring to bear. No one here has to post, report or assist but, many do anyway. I do a lot of my own research but , as I have learned from a few years of travel "the google map is not the territory". http://bit.ly/2yZI1Dk
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