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  1. My favorite sex is verbal sex, especially if it doesn't seem forced or contrived. Many guys are way too quiet for my taste, while others should never talk dirty no matter the circumstances. The nice thing about amateur porn is the exposure to ordinary folk who just happen to have raw talent. Here's a newTumbl video that explains what I'm talking about: "Yeah, tongue my shaft!"
  2. The tracking activity is more ominous, if you read the article to the end. If you are logged into Facebook and you search porn on Google, the specific porn you search is being documented and tracked, along with your IP address. Since most companies outside of porn will never permit porn advertising, it begs the question: why is this data important to record and track, and to whom is it important? Many porn websites are not encrypted. Your computer and all the info on it is extremely vulnerable if you visit these sites. There are laws that protect consumers for violating the privacy of your health records. There are no laws to protect you when you search for porn, which many will argue is as private as your health info. Searcher beware.
  3. I'm not a newtumbl authority, but I've been hearing that the site is experiencing growing pains. I think it's safe to say one can expect some glitches moving forward. The growing pains may be caused by a variety of sources. Site attacks can be one, especially from competitors and haters. Whoever started newtumbl was smart enough to be in the right place at the right time. But as word gets out, and word seems to be getting out fast, the growth of the site can overwhelm everyone. I hope the owners have enough seed money to deal with all the challenges. I also noticed on one of the popular daddy blogs that a popular blogger was experiencing deleted photos from mods. I didn't see the photos in question, but it wouldn't surprise me if one featuring an underage boy didn't find its way on the site. I have no idea how this site is able to prove that all the models are 18+. Trying to control members and the photos they upload is not a fun job.
  4. I pay very little attention to TMZ, but a business colleague sent me this link on celebrity donations to Pete Buttigieg's campaign. It's interesting to see who in Hollywood is supporting Pete with actual dollars. I have a few friends on the list. Pete Buttigieg 2020 Presidential Campaign Celebrity Donations
  5. In America, White male voters often vote on whether or not they'd like to have a beer with the candidate. With a female candidate, these same voters will ask, "Do I want to fuck her?" Nobody wanted to have sex with Hillary, and she lost. I don't think the same will be true for Ivanka. Oh, to Be Ivanka! Don't miss the comment section. Such fun reading.
  6. A sign of the times. My favorite new GIF: Tablet Mess
  7. If I were down and out, I would want Steven Kesslar's support. We are all human and capable of making misguided decisions at certain points in our lives. Much like Hooboy's review site, I enjoyed Rentboy when it first hit the scene. The coding and user interface were not perfect, but at the time, the site was better than anything else. Then Rentboy decided to upgrade. The business became about maximizing profit to the detriment of the user experience. The new coding was a disaster. Ads were everywhere, and the user experience sucked. With 30 pages of guys, I could never seem to get past page 10 without the software shutting down and revealing its bugs. I remember asking myself, "Where are the profit dollars going?" Up someone's nose? Into someone's ass? They certainly weren't being spent on making the user experience the best it could be. Then, as a favor to an escort, I read Rentboy's TOS for escorts, every word, and I was appalled. There's only one word to sum it all up: GREED. I started to wonder if Hurant actually had contempt for escorts. I advised my escort friend to create his own website and build a reputation by word of mouth.
  8. Very good news for Pete Buttigieg. His formula is working so far. Pete Buttigieg Raises a Stunning $24.8 Million in Second Quarter I'm on my third donation to his campaign. I urge my fellow homos to send his campaign whatever you can afford. Pete is good for America. We need to elevate him as high as we can for as long as we can. https://peteforamerica.com/
  9. Donatella Versace a gay icon? Who the fuck anointed her? As far as I know, Donatella Versace was never in favor of her brother "coming out." If it had been up to her, Gianni would have remained closeted his entire life. And the way she notoriously treated Antonio D'Amico, Gianni's lover for 15 years, is well known among gay friends and fashion industry associates. Donatella Versace is a media whore who will say and do almost anything for publicity. The fact that some idiot anointed her a "gay icon" demonstrates to me how shallow and desperate some in the media are, and how some gay brains are fried from party drugs. If this isn't some lame publicity stunt and Donatella truly wants respect from the gay community, she can start by publicly apologizing to Antonio D'Amico. A public apology to her dead brother would also be fitting.That would be a fair place to start.
  10. All I can say for now: Chuck Todd Sucked!
  11. I thought the "show" was a disaster. The pre-show even more painful. Had to fast-forward through most of it. I'm totally sick of the talking heads, even though I have respect for a few. The media and its race for profit and ratings can be a sickening lot. Their hunger for never-ending sound bites and anything salacious is tiresome. No wonder so many in the body politic hate the media. They often beg to be hated. I'm sick of the "SHOW" aspect of these debates, the over-inflated who-has-the-biggest-dick production value. These debates are nothing more substantial than a beauty pageant. I'd rather watch a town hall with questions from the audience. I'd rather see something that offers real and serious substance. I want to hear more about policy and less about posturing and preening. Chuck Todd needs to be stripped naked and his ass whipped. His question to Tulsi Gabbard about old comments regarding gays was USELESS. A waste of our valuable time. No offense to the Trans community, but I don't want to hear one word about them at these debates. If the Dems set their focus on Trans, or any other sexualized minority groups, they will LOSE against Trump. For sure. I hate the acronym LGBTTQQIAAP. Hate it. That cheesy play on words does not accurately describe me. I don't want to be lumped into some perceived group of wierdos. That said... Elizabeth Warren performed better than I expected. She is still not at the top of her game, but she has improved. Her post-debate interview with Chris Matthews revealed her intimate take on corruption in Washington. If she can hone this message and remain sounding like an ordinary, folksy citizen, she could continue to rise. I'm just not sure she has what it takes to dethrone Trump. Cory Booker had a decent night. But America is not ready for another Black president. Nobody cares about the crack shootings in his Newark neighborhood. Nobody in America cares about Newark except Cory. Julian Castro had a good night, but he WILL NOT be elected president of the United States. Pipe dream. He's way too short and he looks greasy on television with his slicked black hair. Beyond those three, it was a bad night for everyone else. Beto O'Rourke fell very flat. A flat tire. No energy. Speaking long sentences in Spanish will not get you elected president in this country. It's no different than Jon Huntsman speaking Chinese on the debate stage. An erection killer. Beto offered no new words. He was scripted, using stump stuff that loses impact upon constant repeating. Bill de Blasio was obnoxious. He's got his own bully style that's a serious turn off. It's easy to see why most New Yorkers simply don't admire the guy. John Delaney needs to get out. Tulsi Gabbard did not elevate her status. Jay Inslee got the biggest applause, saying that Trump is America's greatest threat. He's got a strong voice on climate change, and we need that. Tim Ryan was useless and bad. Amy Klobuchar puts me to sleep. The tone of her voice is irritating. She has no talent to motivate or inspire people. She comes off like a retired nun running for mayor of a small town.
  12. I don't wear cowboy boots anymore, but I've lost track of the number of times I've been in this scene with guys who look very similar. Thank goodness I have good knees. Cleaning some ass.
  13. He is a cutie. Sure hope he has a smart head on his shoulders and experienced mentors advising him. Being known as a young, handsome, "out" gay actor in show business will attract a lot of unwanted attention, especially with lips like his. Sort of like throwing bloody meat into shark-infested water. At least today, you don't have to end up OD'd in some alley off Melrose.
  14. All gay men using Google Chrome to browse the internet should read this article, especially if you use gmail. I'm surprised more isn't being made out of this. Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software Not sure if you need a Washington Post membership to view.
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