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  1. Since this thread was a dud for the size queens, I posted some photos in the porn section: You need to be a member to see them. A good reason to join this club.
  2. RockHardNYC

    What's The Deal With Gay Republicans?

    Perhaps both? I've always had a tie fetish. My collection is known to be striking and beautiful. When I wear a tie, inevitably, someone always compliments it. I'm also a fan of Charvet shirts. As for weight, I always seem to be on a diet. Or at least conscience of what I eat. I dread the middle age bulge that so many friends are sporting now. I'm fighting hard to maintain my 37-38-inch waistline. My weight hasn't fluctuated much in the last ten years, but repeat clients often ask if I've lost weight. I tell them no, it's gravity. Which is probably the truth.
  3. OK. So the journalist who used the word "dazzling" has never seen a penis before. Too bad for her. In all fairness, Chris Pine seems to have a pretty cock. When he lets his bush grow out, he has a forest. You're not going to see much detail in this film, but I zoomed in at 200%, and all looks mighty fine. I'll bet he's a lot of fun when his cock gets hard. I admire Chris Pine for taking the plunge. And I'm not just talking about doing a nude scene, coming out of a pond in what probably is very cold water. I also love his frank talk about doing full-frontal. "Why is it expected for women but not for men?" There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a pretty penis. Pretty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Pine let all the world see his junk. He had to know many would judge. He does not look like a modern day porn star, and that's what porn watchers want from Hollywood's leading men. IMO, Chris Pine owns a special kind of courage. I'll be paying more attention to Chris Pine in the future.
  4. RockHardNYC

    What's The Deal With Gay Republicans?

    Words matter. When judging a public speaker, you not only have words to judge, you have other visual things. Smart voters dig deeper. They tend to study everything before judging someone. I don't need to see the inside of someone's heart to determine whether he/she is a racist or a homophobe. Words matter. Behavior matters. I supported Obama when he was officially against gay marriage. I did so because I knew how he truly felt. The same is true for Hillary. Politics is complicated. You can't always express how you truly feel because the moment is not ready. On the other hand, if I know that a politician is a homophobe or anti-gay, or talks and walks like one, he/she does not receive one penny from me. No vote. I don't give a shit what the other ideas are. I know several struggling artists who developed serious illness in the past ten years. The ACA's Medicaid program has saved their lives thanks to Medicaid expansion in NYC, given to us by Nancy Pelosi, Barrack Obama, and our state leaders. When I think of all the red state officials who denied Medicaid expansion in their states, and I think of all the low-income people whose lives suffered, perhaps died, it sickens me to my core. IMMORAL. The Republican agenda is always about money: theirs, and nobody else matters. Both sides are not to blame.
  5. RockHardNYC

    What's The Deal With Gay Republicans?

    I saw many Beto O'Rourke speeches. His lips moved a lot, but I didn't hear any lies. He even admitted late in the game that calling Ted Cruz "Lying Ted" was not his proudest moment. Very impressive man. Never, ever thought I'd consider voting for a Texan. I would consider Beto. Some would argue that lying, in one form or another, is necessary in the business of politics to succeed. One needs to WIN an election to make a difference. Some would also argue that lying is necessary in business, period. I have certainly learned that lesson the hard way. Personally, I hate liars, but I know now that lying has levels. There are moments when you simply can't tell a customer the whole truth, simply because they don't want to hear the whole truth, and telling the whole truth might put a bullet in your foot. Much negotiation of ideas in life is a calculated gamble. You can't always be sure of the outcome, regardless of the amount of homework you've done. A little harmless lying can build confidence, and often, you need confidence to cross the finish line. I've grown up to know that not all lying is intended to do harm. Intent matters.
  6. RockHardNYC

    What's The Deal With Gay Republicans?

    People are often creatures of habit. Lots of people do things simply because they and others have done the same things for a very long time. Lots of people vote for people who don't share their best interests. It's difficult to rationalize. Lots of irrational people out there voting. What does anyone mean when they use the term "liberal socialism?" Gag me with these elusive descriptors. I have been a fiscal conservative most of my life. That does not mean I'm going to vote Republican. I don't need their tax breaks. I don't define "fiscally conservative" by giving HUGE tax breaks while skyrocketing the deficit. The Republicans whined like banchee bitches, screaming DEFICIT to anyone who would listen, refusing to give $1 to Obama's agenda, and that's when the cost of borrowing money was at its lowest. Now look at those whiney little hypocrite bitches. Personally, I don't believe in deficit spending or living on credit, even though, early on, I didn't have much choice. I was delighted by Bill Clinton's surpluses. It didn't take long for George Bush to spend those in a flash, all in the name of giving wealthy people more tax breaks. It's selfish crazy. For the most part, Republicans are a power/money hungry bunch. They behave entitled to power. They are liars and hypocrites, especially the ones in my rather large family. They're happy to embrace HUGE deficits when their man is in office. They love guns more than the children who die by them. They prefer a fetus over a child shot by a gun. They don't want their tax dollars going to anyone educated in public schools, especially minorities. Many are racist. They scream freedom, until it comes to who you love and what you do in your bedroom. They love to play God, while fearing God at the same time. Republicans who are now Trumpists are the sickest bunch of all. They are embracing Fascism. They deserve our contempt. Nothing stuns me anymore. It's the Trump effect. Very hard to find a good and honest man these days who possesses a backbone with a caring heart and soul.
  7. Earlier in the film, Pine has sex with his wife in a tent. The scene is very dark, but lots of people were talking about the pubic hair moment when Pine gets undressed. Here's the scene that shows Pine's pubic bush at its fullest: Then, when the sex begins, the director decides to focus on Pine's ass. Pine has a fine ass. Clearly clean shaven for this setup. You can't see the movement in a still image, but Pine's thrusts are very erotic. Unfortunately, none of the nude scenes last very long. And the scenes are very dark. For your viewing pleasure, I brightened the light a bit. I could be wrong, but I thought I heard they used an ass double for this scene. They don't like to talk about these decisions in public. Kills the fantasy.
  8. Talk about HYPE. Just goes to show how desperate some folks are to see actor cock. Or just cock. Oh well. The size queens are going to be mad as hell. Chris Pine's "dazzling penis" is certainly no Rocco Siffredi in Anatomy of Hell. Nowhere near Michael Fassbender in Shame. Here it is. I had to enhance it just so it could be seen better.
  9. The "dazzling" penis arrives tomorrow, Nov 9. I happen to be a Netflix member. Perhaps I'll be the first on the internet to post a screenshot. Considering all the press, (I've never seen so many reviews on a guy's penis before), I'm surprised one of the "reviewers" has not uploaded a photo yet. For those who may not be interested in sitting through a Braveheart-meets-Thrones bloodfest, sources tell me that the penis scene begins at the 1:27:52 mark. I'm so looking forward to fulfilling my fantasy of giving Chris Pine a long and sloppy blowjob and ball licking.
  10. RockHardNYC

    Why didn't one of you guys tell me?

    I hadn't heard of him until last night, when my son informed me that "an openly gay guy won the governor's job in Colorado." I consider myself a news junkie, so I was surprised his name and sexual orientation never came up in any of the coverage I watched. I record my favorite shows, which cover three networks. Perhaps it's a good thing. Being gay these days may be considered "ordinary?" But ordinary enough to win in Colorado? I'm amazed.
  11. RockHardNYC

    House of Cards minus Kevin Spacey

    I have not loved House of Cards for quite some time. For me, the show jumped the shark a long time ago. Hate when that happens. The creative team is very good at building suspense and weaving useless plot devices. They know how to create well-dressed, soap opera drama. Robin Wright has always been a serious talent. The role of Claire is a dream job for a good actress. Her wig in Season 6 drove me crazy. As did the Stamper character, who would have been killed early on if the story wanted to make any sense. For me, it would have made more sense to make Stamper a closeted homosexual, who was obsessively in love with Frank. Frank did dabble with men. Perhaps that could explain Stamper's unbridled devotion. Otherwise, you do all this shit for a man's "legacy?" Made me laugh out loud.
  12. Pine did an underwear scene in one of the Star Trek films. He was wearing underwear that looked like he borrowed from Benjamin Nicholas, a style that would look great on both. There was no Dirk Diggler evidence. But cute and sexy is all I ever require.
  13. RockHardNYC

    The Wicked Witch of Trumpville.

    Now this partisan bitch is blaming late-night comedians for the hate crimes in P.A. I don't know what is more galling: 1. This bitches talent for SPIN., 2. Her assumption that every American voter is flat out ignorant, blind, and deaf. I can't wait for this woman's career to be over. She and Huckabee Sanders are USELESS. They don't deserve the jobs that they have. It sickens me that my tax dollars, and I pay plenty of them, are going towards their salaries. Please dear God, I want so badly to tell these bitches, "YOU'RE FIRED!" It'll be such sweet irony.
  14. RockHardNYC

    And Cesar Sayoc was his name...

    NYC is in the midst of a Nor'easter. While the winds howl outside my office window, I thought I'd give drag-Sayoc five more minutes of my time. Here's a better version of my earlier attempt. A tribute to Halloween.
  15. RockHardNYC

    And Cesar Sayoc was his name...

    Apparently, he had a lesbian boss restaurant owner who knew him for some time. I think he delivered items by truck or van. She was interviewed by CNN yesterday. She said he hated gay people. He told her on numerous occasions that she was going to hell for being gay. She said she kept him on the job in spite of his beliefs because he was reliable. I, too, read something about the stripper job. Florida has a lot of seedy strip joints, and I just assumed his was hetero, based on his strong anti-gay sentiment. If it's OK to judge a book by its cover, Sayoc looks like a closeted, fucked-up gay. In prison, he may soon be sucking cock to stay alive.