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  1. I suspect it'll be more than a bone toss. My understanding is that Beto is far more religious than Trump ever was. The only altar that Trump bows to is money and himself. Religion is an important subject to many Democratic voters. To avoid Hillary, evangelicals voted for the devil in 2016, who also happens to be a mob boss and a traitor. Evangelicals lost their credibility with that vote. They will pay a price. The no-deficit conservatives, especially those assholes from the so-called Tea Party, will pay a price, as well. I suspect for some conservatives, Beto would be a welcome relief.
  2. To be working full-time in your 80's, and be of value, not only do you need good health, you need healthy family genes that age well. For a small group, 80 is the new 60. More power to them if they can make that work. But the numbers aren't quite in their favor. I will want to know Beto's private position on gay rights before I donate further. That goes for Kamala as well. I donated money to Hillary, Bill, and Obama, knowing they were once publicly against gay marriage, but hearing a different thought privately. I attended many fundraisers. I'm not naive or Pollyanna when it comes to politics. I know life is not perfect for most people, but gay marriage seems like a milestone accomplishment for gay men and women. Almost a true miracle in our lifetime. What glaring gay right today is more important than same-sex marriage? If ultra-liberal Dems want to elevate the toilets-for-trans issue and make that a top priority in 2020, I can assure our gay readers that Trump will be your next president.
  3. Beto O’Rourke Raised $6.1 Million Online in First 24 Hours of Campaign Only 1k of that is mine, but if he plays his cards right, I'm sure I'll be sending more.
  4. On the other hand, the adoring wife trope works very well with the evangelicals and those conservatives stuck in a time warp. Beto is an unusual Democrat. He enjoys and respects his conservative fans. Beto has honored history with a few powerful Texas Republicans.
  5. Some people think like old people. It's not difficult to do when you are of a certain age and your brain is fried from the desert sun. Sorry to say it, but experience does not matter in this political climate. Trump broke the mold, and that glass ceiling will not glue back together easily. Experience means you're part of the establishment, and that is a dirty word right now that will be used against anyone who tries to use it in marketing. Obama won in a major way with very little experience. The opposition tried to use it against him, but his personality was too strong, his brain was too smart to let that worthless criticism stick. To gain experience quickly in politics, all you need to do is hire the right people. Surround yourself with experience. That's exactly what Obama did. If a good, inexperienced candidate rises to the top, the lines will be long for volunteer experts willing to serve. Mayor Pete is bravely using the word experience, and he uses it brilliantly. He is a dark horse in the race, but he may be able to rise above some of the others. His military service helps. Voters like smart, attractive folks from the military. Mayor Pete has the it factor. Since Trump famously deferred military service over a lie about foot fungus, Pete will have no problem putting the asshole liar in his place.
  6. The AIDS crisis was almost three decades ago. Crisis has a way of bringing out the best of mankind. Today, it's bareback on Grindr, endless selfies, and PrEP. Not feeling much community among the serial narcissists. Luckily, I haven't lost hope.
  7. Which is why I stressed the importance of the $25 donation. Bernie Sanders proved that $25 from enough individuals can help finance a revolution. It's going to take a revolution to put Trump and his minions in their rightful place. They are not going to leave the stage without a serious FIGHT. Trump needs the White House to prevent him from going to jail. He's taking a lot of flack for the silent, adoring wife sitting at his side. IMO, he deserves the flack. None of the women candidates featured their husbands in the same manner. Beto should have known better that these ancient, useless, outdated tropes are no way to sell young and fresh.
  8. Patience is a virtue. So is generosity. It can be difficult to find a gay man who possesses at least one of these.
  9. Oh there's plenty of nasty lurking. Lots of angry, lonely haters out there. Thank you for the response, Oz. Bugs are almost as irritating as trolls. Frankly, I thought the first few Guest posts were a bit hysterical, like a screaming Jack McFarland, a total sexual turn-off. Most of the major forums on the internet got their start without requiring memberships. Some amassed a fortune by doing so. In the end, what's the problem? Most of us are anonymous, aren't we? What's the difference if we hide behind a membership name or we hide behind a name beginning with Guest? Yes, a membership name may offer more credibility, depending on your opinion and your writing skill. A membership name can also link an IP address to a known entity, but the entity can still remain anonymous. However, if I happen to see a username with Guest in it, I'm an adult. I know how to dismiss a post and ignore a comment, much like I did on this thread before Oz spoke up. I'm really not seeing the "downfall" that someone else imagined. Today in New York City Spring is in the air. Another day at life seems pretty good. Moving on.
  10. I'm happy to report I sent three checks today to candidates running for president. I saw the Peter Buttigieg CNN Town Hall recently and the guy blew me away. So smart. So articulate. So open to new ideas. He's got some serious talent. I believe his mind and heart would be good for America. First check to him. I like Kamala Harris. Second check to her. I think she's got talent, too. She doesn't quite have her policy chops sharpened enough, but I want to watch her growth and see her in the debates. I think it's important to have leadership discussions among a diverse group. I like supporting smart women who don't behave like Amy Klobuchar in private. If Stacy Abrams jumps in, I'll be sending her a check, too. I enjoy supporting smart minority women with talent. Check #3 goes to Beto O'Rourke. So glad he decided to jump in. Let's see how he fares on the national stage. He has the potential to bring an Obama-type impact to politics. The fact that he's a White guy from Texas only helps attract more conservatives on the fence. We caring patriots need to support worthy candidates who try to avoid PAC money. Even if it's $25, I highly recommend our fellow gay men write a check asap to show support. Good candidates need every non-corporate penny they can get their hands on. Let's do whatever we can, whatever it takes to dump Trump and Pence. (I apologize for posting in the Pub. I wanted to reach as many members as possible.)
  11. Sure there is. All the time. And the trend will continue. You're helping the trend right here on this thread. European Union authorities are claiming, over and over again, that the E.T.I.A.S. is NOT A VISA. Saying it is a Visa is wrong and misleading. Visa requirements are different. To all readers: know the difference before you travel.
  12. I really don't enjoy false information, otherwise known as fake news, but who can blame anyone for this newly created semantic drama? The new European Travel Information and Authorization System is NOT a visa. E.T.I.A.S. is simply a security registration, according to the European Union. Americans will not be required to visit a consulate to file any kind of application, fingerprinting is not required, and less information will be asked than is expected of visa applicants.
  13. And the shunning has begun. Smollett has been removed from the remaining two episodes of Empire. That suggests to me that his employers are finding it very difficult to believe and/or stand by him at this treacherous hour.
  14. A sexy, young Black man with show-biz talent, especially a well-endowed one, does possess a certain power. It certainly is not looking good. The Chicago police press conference augmented by Rahm Emmanuel's TV tour is a nightmare beyond nightmares for Smollett. And Smollett invited it all by appearing on GMA. This hysteria may not rival OJ Simpson. No pretty blonde woman died. Still, the scene of the crowds following Smollett and his body guards after his surrender equaled the Simpson mayhem. The guy is going to need to go into hiding. My son took one look at the photo Adam posted and said, "They're going to love him in jail."
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