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  1. That’s disappointing if true. I liked Fairytail Lounge and the gogo boys there.
  2. I wonder if they’d like to visit Australia some time....???
  3. Hi there, Does anyone have any review on the FickstutenMarkt that operates at various clubs across Germany and Amsterdam? I’m curious and thinking of attending when I’m in Europe. Thanks, SA
  4. Thanks @msclelovr Very informative.
  5. Hi there.... I’m planning to travel to Helsinki and Tallinn later this year. Does anyone have any reports on places to visit, guys to contact, escorts, saunas, bars, quality of talent etc? Thanks in advance.
  6. I stayed at the Intercontinental about a year and a half ago. A good spot. Some of the staff there were incredibly hot but could never find a way to get them to my room.
  7. And he has taken the cock of Kris Evans. Lucky boy! if Kris is still in the US perhaps you could reunite them for an encore performance for you. I’d pay a lot for that!!
  8. What is the difference between upstairs and downstairs at this place??
  9. This sounds like the perfect Uber Driver and day trip driver to me. I cant wait to hear about your Uber adventures in October. Thanks Pauleiro.
  10. I was at Fairytail Lounge last Friday night and I can assure you that dancers were there. In fact they outnumbered customers at some points I’m sure. A great night was had!!
  11. A comment in a separate post recently got me thinking...... Whatever has happened to the first generation of BelAmi stars? Does anyone have any current news on what any of these men are doing now?
  12. Hi @tassojunior Do you know which nights have the guys at Fairytale? Is it every night or only certain nights of the week. They don’t seem to have much promotional info online.
  13. Well, as thew title suggests, what's the best city in the USA and Canada for go-go dancers, strippers and sleazy bars? I'm interested in the variety of view from members here based on their recent experiences.
  14. I'm about to head to NYC for a week or so in August. Where is the best action now for go-go dancers and general sleazy action? Thanks!
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