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  1. Heading back to SP today, this trip was supposed to be all about the sauna but alas! the reports have me worried. I however swear I am up to no good!!! I will keep you guys posted as much as I can.
  2. Will be there on Friday too, want to meet up?
  3. I loved it!!! I just can’t wait to go back!!!
  4. I am going back to São Paulo on the 28th of May I promise to do more cultural things and more sauna boys.
  5. Saturday night, after lagoa, I ended up going to get dinner and drinks with a friend. After that I decided I’d just stay at home and not go to The week, I had already had too much to drink and I was tired. So pseudo-boyfriend and I just stayed at home, drank some more and basically fucked all night so I guess I was not that tired after all. We did not sleep till about 6am. Sunday Did not wake up till around 1pm I think. Went to carrefour to get coffee. I am a raging bitch without any coffee. Pseudo-boyfriend (lets call him joe) did not wake up till around 3pm. The moment he left to go eat something more consistent with his diet, I sent a message to yago from garotos.com I went to his apartment in bela vista. We talked a little bit and then started kissing and we fucked as though our dear lives depended on it. Wow so far I have not had any disappointment. It was amazing. Big cock, handsome face a bit on the short side but who cares, he fucked me as though the white walkers were coming and this was our last day on earth. He came we lay there talking for sometime with the help of google translate. And he asked me if I wanted to cum I said yes so we started mess around and before I realised we were fucking again we both came, rested two and a half hours later I got an Uber went home and took a shower, rested for a bit and then called Wallace who is visiting from Rio to come over. He came over and we fucked. It was so fucking good. Another shower and then I left for lagoa. I did not get there early. There was a group of African American who had been there Friday and Saturday as well, they asked me where I was from and invited me to their table so I sat with them and talked about stuff. From the most mundane to very important stuff. I loved the karaoke. It was my first time singing to anyone and it sucked balls but it was fun. I did not go with any of the boys but I wanted one of the bartenders so bad and I think he noticed so slipped me his number and we talked I tried to get him to meet up later that night but he could not because he had to wake up early to go to his regular job on Monday morning. I went back home and slept like a baby. Monday My last day so I wanted to make use of every minute, every inch, every stroke lol well I did not wake up till 11:00am . I tried to make an appointment with Rick at Inhouse agência for 1200 and Sérgio and Bernardo for 2030. I was told Rick was not working that day. So I sent Rick a message on WhatsApp and asked him if he could come to my place instead since I was leaving the following morning. He agreed came over around 3pm and by the Gods this guy was perfect. Good face, great body and how the hell he carries that third leg around, only they know. The sex was unreal I am smitten. Or so I thought until later that night. He left around 1730. I took a shower and then went to lagoa for the last time again no boys for me and the bartender was not there. After finishing my drink I left to Inhouse to see Sergio and Bernardo. I got there and I was told Bernardo was not working today but I told Sergio I still want the four hand massage so he made a call and 2-3 minutes after the call, 5 guys came in one after the other to introduce themselves to me. I settled on on Kauan and oh boy!!! Let’s just say there was no massage. We went straight to kissing and fucking and there was a lot of it. I was at this point just smitten. I think the boys in Lagoa did not really like me because I had been there 3 days in a row and apart from my first day I did not really approach them or solicit them for their services. In conclusion 1. I want to take brazil home with me 2. Don’t fuck before going to the sauna
  6. I was there, i should have come say hi to the great Pauleiro!!!
  7. That happened to me once in CDMX so I downloaded an app called duo as an extra protection with Uber. There are crooks everywhere.
  8. A lot of boys here at Lagoa, I don’t see any gods though. Definitely more boys than clients. How do these boys live with these timbers between their legs. If I had that, I’d be slinging it... my day so far, woke up this morning with a bad hangover. Finding a cafe with soy milk or lactose free was a hustle (my life is so freaking hard). Pseudo-boyfriend came over around 11am. Talked for about 5 mins fucked for about 30 mins or so. My arse hurts. All the pounding is catching up to me. Anyway we eventually made it outside for lunch. Had rice with beans, manioc flour and filet mignon from insalata but I had to run for dear life to the bathroom, that was rough and embarrassing. Two loperamide capsules and two bouts of vomiting two hours later and comforting turns to sex. He had to go home to eat because if his diet and then come back before we go clubbing. So I donned my wig, salmon coloured (not pink) shorts, white shirt and headed to Lagoa. To enjoy for about an hour and then head back to my Airbnb like it never happened. I will keep you guys posted about The Week. I loved Barbie dolls growing up but let’s see how I survive a night with a bunch of drugged up shirtless barbies; I hope I can play with their hair.
  9. We should meet at Lagoa if you are going to be there. But I am going to the Week later.
  10. Okay got to Lagoa around 1850 ish, and I was dumbfounded I did not know what to do with myself but as stated over and over again I got a drink, walked around and found a table. It took me about 2 hours to get comfortable. Once I did I think the guys also started noticing that I was loosening. They could sense it. They started approaching. John came said hi, we talked a lot; mostly in Spanish, we went up to the room, great kisser, fucked me till I started speaking in diverse tongues. Went back downstairs barely sat down and ricardo approached, he barely said a word and I am like fine (eye roll) if you insist. Went up to the room not a romantic lover like John but a few slaps here and there, choked to death and revived by some more slaps and two orgasms later and I am still alive and content. got about 6 numbers. To establish rapport I tipped the bartenders, the guy at the front, they seemed pleasantly surprised. Is it normal that after 5 shags by 5 huge dicks I still want more? I was in my street clothes the entire time I was there. The highlight of my night is when someone thought I was a Garoto. I should have said yes just to go with the flow. John could not help but laugh when he noticed that I was ‘blushing’ from being mistaken for a Garoto. Btw black folks don’t blush. Lol Tomorrow; spending the whole day with pseudo-boyfriend and going to the Week. But deep down I just want to go to dickney land.
  11. I am at Lagoa right now and nothing I have read or seen prepared me for this!!! I am both in awe, dirty, kid in candy land, celibate pope in hell. I basically don’t know what the fuck to do right now. HELP!!! Too much cock!!!
  12. Spent the morning walking on Avenida paulista. It started with a quest to find a Starbucks because basic bitches like me have to have our pretentious skinny bitch macchiato with cup full of whip cream!!! Ordering that was a hustle so I settled for a cup of tea lol. Went for my massage appointment at Inhouseagencia. I chose a four hand massage with Bernardo and Sergio and by God do those two work well together. Let’s just say I am questioning whether I need to even go to Lagoa tonight. It was fantastic!!! Massage was great!!! And the shagging was magnificent!!! The slut in me says yes to Lagoa so I will go to Lagoa!!! Later around 6 pm.
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