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  1. Would have to agree. I was there earlier in year visiting friends and city is boring. Guaratuba is worth a visit / days trip
  2. Do the local Merida guys get a put out when you bring in a Brazilian guy...? Or do they just join in ?
  3. For what’s its worth I’ve been with “Oliver” listed on netgay at top of thread. Nice guy and incredible body. Is straight and has wife and kid . Looks as per pics or better
  4. Would second the point above re uber in BA I found it very frustrating with drivers cancelling all the time. One driver even insisted on extra cash for tolls. In contrast uber was excellent in Brazil
  5. Just take extra lube with you and I am sure you can take these cocks and won’t regret it. I wasn’t sure I could take at first but I managed and didn’t look back...
  6. If you want to see a ridiculous hot Cuba check out: roly_ctr on insta. Met him once in barca...
  7. I’m going in June will suss out and report back. About 7yr sho went to sauna Olympus in barrra no garoto sauna - was amazing. Was only white guy in the place which I loved lol. Would be interested to hear any more recent feedback on this place.
  8. Jesus! Can you get his number for us please!!
  9. I should have mentioned that for the second part of the trip instayed at arena hotel in ipanema. It’s a nice modern hotel with rooftop pool. i had one guy to the room without issue. He was from netgay Oliver santos is his stage name so to speak. He is actually from SP and was planning to see him there but he was in Rio by chance. Very very nice body and nice guy and more upscale that sauna guys (for want of a better world). Did not get questioned taking him into hotel even though hotel has a no guest policy. Not sure if this if this is because he was well dressed and because he is a bit older (ie 30 and I’m 42) so not obvious rent boy or just because they don’t enforce or just lucky
  10. Thanks for reminder despite the not so great session the mirrors were a great feature! In the room I was in there was Murrow in ceiling and the bed was pushed up again wall which also had a mirror so some great angles to be had! I did see the love chair but didn’t use - not sure if I would know how to but would be fun trying!
  11. Should have added regarding the rooms at Manhattan Rio’s the beds are quite small and whilst there was a spa bath in my room the water was cold! I preferred the rooms at pointe and 117 personally. It is quite easy also to do Manhattan Rios and 117 etc in the same evening as they are a short uber ride from each other. I must say under works incredibly well in Rio and is really well priced in my opinion and not speaking Portuguese is easy to put in address rather than trying to explain to a cab driver. the area around Manhattan Rios felt quite safe there weren’t many people around as Good Friday and is in centro but it didn’t feel menacing or anything.
  12. Back in Rio today after a few days in buzios. I first went to check out the new sauna Manhattan Rio at around 7. It was really dead in terms of garoto and clients. The boys were not my type but i have one program with you guy (very average ). I then jumped into cab to go back to 117. I’m relatively inexperienced st all this but I am fast coming to the conclusion that I should just focus on 117 it always seems to be guaranteed fun. Given it was Good Friday 117 wasn’t that busy (some of the garoto were complaining) but still much bigger crowd and high standard of guys in my opinion. lAt 117 I had one program with Andre which was nice without being spectacular and then for a massage in the sauna from an older Guy called Bruno. Pretty good massage and he ended up jerking me off... I didn’t really need the massage but since he hadn’t had a client I felt bad and thought why not. lets see what tomorrow brings
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