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  1. Grindr is very good in Merida! I use it there all the time. There are 5 gay bars/clubs in Merida, three of them within walking distance of each other. The other two a short Uber ride away! Overall Merida for being a traditional Mexican city is very gay friendly! As my friend Florida Rob says "everyone in Merida if they are not gay, want to be!" Lol the gay bars have "employees" that will sit with you as long as you buy them beers at a inflated(but still cheap)price! One of the dancers that I met 2 years ago I still see regularly! Here is a photo taken two weeks ago, he stopped buy to see if I wanted to have some fun after work and he is asleep in my bed! He stayed 6 hours and I gave him $500. Pesos($26.US) and 3 beers!
  2. I have the original "tales of the city" on video tape made in 1993 with Laura Linney, and it was great! Seeing this makes me want dig it out and rewatch it!
  3. Are you informing us of your medical condition(s) or is there a question here??
  4. It is easy to be overcharged the way the system is set up, always check your bill after each order! Also if you buy one of guys who work a drink there, you are charged more for a watered down drink! Best to only buy them bottled beers!
  5. I have been to Blue several times never had a problem but there were 4 to 6 of us each time I was there. Not really my type of place so I usually go to of the other 4 clubs in Centro that I can walk to! Blue you have to Uber to
  6. i have been going to Brazil 4 or 5 times a year since 2001, and honestly, and solely my opinion, i think it was more dangerous from 2001 - 2005 then now! I would hear weekly of “Boa noite Cinderilla”incidents! they were a every weekend occurrence! i know of 6 Americans that happened to and 4 garotoes i knew were murdered during that time period! But desperate times creates dispare in people and they do things they normally wouldn’t do so better to be extra vigilant during these difficult economic times when you visit Brazil!
  7. 117 is probably your best bet on Thurs! When I was there these last couple of trips I was/am pretty involved with a guy so I didn't go as often and did not go to the saunas on Thursdays.
  8. IMHO, the.combo of bad weather and it being the day after Ash Wednesday/Carnival ending, I am surprised any guys were at Lagoa working! I was there 3 weeks ago and it was packed on the weekend with many gorgeous men both mucsle guys and toned athletic body guys! Sunday can be ok at 117 but Pointe is also decent. Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays are the best nights at Pointe and Tuesdays is the night to go to 117
  9. Mvan I think I remember your namorado! And he did have something to show off :-)
  10. I have never asked to see a Brasilian I.D. in 18 years of going there! Not saying it's a bad idea I just don't know what it proves other then his real name(many Garotos have a sauna name different from their real first name)
  11. Paulerio. How do the guys in PR compare with the Brazilian sauna guys facially? From the little I saw, I thought Brazioian guys were much better looking but I am basing that on just a couple of pics.
  12. All i have to add is i was there thursday night and it was filled and i met a really cute guy there!
  13. the rooms are the best part(it seems to be where i spend 95% of my time)they are 16 all new, w/Double mattress’ on a platform , all with All glass enclosed showers in each one, plus Client bathrooms on eac floor! very clean! Oz, 4 twinks showed up Monday night who had never worked in a Sauna before , 2 were very cute!
  14. this friday there were 14 escorts and about a dozen clients. i think it will take a few months to build up to old.MM standards of attendance. it has only been open one week.
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