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  1. Two things really affect attendance at the saunas! Weather and Holidays...and Brazil has a Lot of official Holidays! I was told that both affected attendance the past week.
  2. tomcal

    Photos of Villa Verde

    no there is no problem bringing someone back! while i have not stayed there i have been there at least a 1/2 dozen times always with a Brazilian and or Mexican in tow and we are let in by the bartender or waiter as the door is always locked. While it is very secure the help is not visible most of the time but are very attentive. i have seen groups of 4 or 5 guys in the pool and older/younger couples as well each time i have been there.
  3. tomcal

    Rio October 18

    usually leave the sauna around 9:00 or 9:30 and head to a restaurant to eat
  4. Villa Verde is the Gay owned Boutique Hotel(5 spacious elegant guest rooms)in Merida, Mexico that is across the street from one gay bar and 1 block from 2 others! It is owned by a gay American couple, and usually you will only see a couple other guests there. They do a lot of weddings and anniversary parties on the grounds of the hotel! i highly recommend it if you want a private place to stay! the wait staff particularly the bartender and waiters who interchangeably do both jobs in the bar area are awesome! If you are not staying there the bar is a great place to go for cocktail hour before heading out to one of the over 100 restaurants in walking distance!
  5. tomcal

    Rio October 18

    i am in Rio from Friday Nov. 2nd until Thurs. Nov. 8th. then to Porto Alegre for 2 days and then on Sat. 10th to SP for 3 days!
  6. tomcal

    Mexico City?

    thanks for taking the time to upload the videos and photos! very similar to the bars in Merida!
  7. tomcal

    Where is Trilingual now ?

    They are both in the U.S.
  8. you last night I was in a private group chat with 4 sauna or former sauna guys and one sauna owner and they all voted for Bolsonaro! all said “crime has gotten so terrible we have to see if he can do something about it!” They acknowledged his biases but do not believe Haddad and the PT party will make the changes necessary after being in power 14 years! they said if he can get crime down and the economy up he is deserving of being President and he is one of the few in national gov’t with no charges of corruption against him!
  9. tomcal

    Take Care Down Here

    Hey careful who you are calling elderly and pasty white gay...! i resemble those remarks! :-)
  10. tomcal

    Take Care Down Here

    actually less then a block away! across the street and a Right turn down about 1/4 of a block! the first sauna i ever went to in Brazil!
  11. tomcal

    Take Care Down Here

    Paulo, he is the former BF of Diego a boy who works all the saunas! he can be found at 117 on Tuesdays!
  12. what is interesting is that the sauna guys i know and am friends with on FB or Instagram, over a 100, Are voting for him!! For most of them it seems the main issue is crime which they experience so much more first hand, and while they work in saunas they are more religious then i thought! This guy plays up the religious angle and promises criminals will be taken care of...hmm sound familiar? :-(
  13. tomcal

    Take Care Down Here

    i echo Badboy i have said before, when going to the beach wear your shorts shirt flip flops and 2-$20. R bills and a $10. that will get you everything you need for the afternoon! Drinks chair and umbrella! do not bring your phone! you can be without it for a couple of hours!
  14. i will be in Rio from 11/2 - 11/8. and in SP 11/10 - 10/12
  15. of the 7 guys in this video, 6 worked in the Rio saunas around 2005 to 2008 with two still working! I have been with 5 of them and all were fun and good guys, 2 , I am still in contact with and we meet up to have dinner with every other trip or so. https://www.xvideos.com/video26911353/suruba