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  1. i disagree and i could very well be wrong but the “internet ads” are not that many in number and seem disapropriately muscled /older guys and a number who still work the saunas on Tuesday’s/Weds/Friday’s. i don’t think the internet has had as big a effect in Brazil as it has had in the rest of the world! But that could be wishful thinking on my part as i like seeing in person before buying! :-) i am coming back in August but i am not halting the situation either as 8 of the guys i am seeing none work in the sauna anymore! the best i can say is enjoy it while we have it because one way or another it will be gone someday...Gaiety and Stella’s in NYC because of real estate prices, various cities in Florida because of Zoning changes/violations, and of course the internet in the rest of the world!
  2. for what it is worth, i don’t think it will succeed until or if the Brasilian economy improves! Remember “Foreign clients make up a very small % of their total Revenues. it is the local over 45yr olds+ that are the bread and butter of the saunas. Of all of them 117 is in the best economic position because she “owns” the building and has a millionaire Argentinian Husband!(at least that’s what we are told), Having been coming here for 18 years and seeing saunas come and go and go from hot to cold, it does boil down to the boys! Junior has terrible repore with many of them! Acir has much bette relations with many of them so if the boys can make the same or better money they will switch! ihave seen this several times! point has almost closed several times over the years, now the last 2 years it is doing better! bottom line it is out of our hands, so grab a bag of popcorn and see how it goes! we may be surprised! i remember when Acir and Jorge bought Meo Mundo in 2006 and we all said Why? (me being one of the biggest critics!) no one will go there and they had a successful 10 year run! I was wrong! you might be too! :-)
  3. the best time to go has never changed in the 18 years i have been going to Brazilian saunas imho! 5:30 to 9:00 is the peak time for the guys! i usually get there at 5:00 so i can see the guys as they come in and have a drank and survey the “landscape”! usually drag queen shows are around 9:00 give or take a 1/2,hour depending on the sauna! Also remember that the guys have to stay a minimum of 3-1/2 hours, so if they want to get out by 9:00 pm they have to get there by 5:30! Lagoa SP tends to get full of Garotos around 6:00 - to 6::30
  4. same here i have not had a problem in 10 years of using Airbnb bringing someone(s) back, but i always rent a entire apt. or house! Never a room! i wouldn’t rent a room in someone’s house even if i was planning to be alone!
  5. I got a FaceTime/live video tour yesterday! The place does look very nice and is large! Almost all client activities/Bar(s)/locker rooms are on the first two floors, garotos lockers on the 4th floor!they have a nice new showers and bathrooms for the boys on their floor along with ty he a fitness center and also nice new bathrooms showers for clients on the second floor. The area above the dance floor and stage does up 2 stories so you can sit on the main floor or in two different areas on the 2nd floor and see the shows and people watch, there are two bars. It is approximately 6 blocks from 117. They had alot of workers in there Sunday but doubtiful it will be open this weekend! They are anitipating Monday and Friday being their biggest days initially....
  6. The new Lagoa will NOT be in the "Villa Clementino" neighborhood where it currently is! But I do not know the exact area the new building is yet!
  7. Lion's Club, I was told today they "expect it to open some where between the 10th and the 15th of this month! They have been doing a lot of renovations and I was told the sound systems and lighting were the most expensive part! Also Lagoa in Sao Paulo will be moving in December to a 3 Story Building. They are presently on a month to month lease. The new building is not as large as what they are in now!
  8. I saw it to late to edit my response above, but I meant to say that "...I rent my home in Merida on Airbnb..."
  9. I rent my home in Merida since I am only there two weeks every other month! It has worked great! I have property managers that take care of everything including meeting the renters when they arrive and depart, paying elect., Cable, water, pool cleaning, gardening for the equivalent of one day a month rental, and takes care of any problems as well as repairs needed.
  10. We(speaking for Floridarob and myself)have our own sex parties with guys we meet inMerida/grindr, there is no shortage of guys that want to attend...but we both have homes there which makes a big difference vs renting a Airbnb or hotel!
  11. Hmmm...not sure what a "unashamedly" rentboy sauna is? Seriously I have never been ashamed to walk into a gay sauna or bar!
  12. I was at the new place last trip with Victor the Venzuelean massage guy from Rio who now lives in PA
  13. The address is the address is Rua Joaquim Silva, n. 8
  14. Riobard I do not believe it is the same place, it is owned by a local Brazilian and he is leading the space(I think it is a 5 year lease)to a American and a Brazilian whobl are partners in this venture) Here is a photo of it taken whrlen it was still operating as a casino
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