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  1. https://www.wsj.com/articles/in-mixed-race-brazil-sperm-imports-from-u-s-whites-are-booming-1521711000
  2. Diego is a great guy and well like by the other sauna guys. When I first met him around 2005 I went with him once and didn't like him, he was at the height of his porn career and thought he was "hotter then shit" I remember I did a 3 way with him and one of the twins! We were having dinner a while back and I told him about what I thought the first time we were together, and he said " yeah I was very egotisical back then! but I changed!" he did, and we have been friends for 7 years now. n the first video below I have been with 5 of the guys in the film including Diego the 2nd film is the twins; https://www.xvideos.com/video26911353/suruba https://www.xvideos.com/video7844792/latin_jocks_-_dennis_and_renan https://www.xvideos.com/video1438552/brazilian_twins.
  3. tomcal

    January in Mexico

    There is a sauna about a 1/2 hour outside of centro that i have not been to, but one night i had a party at my place and a young guy who is the cashier there came over and told me about it! Florida Rob has been there, i was told it is good only on the nights it has the “everyone is naked” theme and it does not have escorts
  4. tomcal

    January in Mexico

    First ForidaRob moved there 4 years ahead of me so that started the slide in to debauchery!! well it all arranged! 3 of us are arriving Thursday within a 1/2 hour of each other all on different airlines(Merida is a small but international airport!) the other guys arrive the next day! I told the cleaning staff to do their work thursday and then don’t come back for 2 weeks!(all of these guys are very neat and no one leaves their shit laying around), i am actually the messiest! the one i am actually close to being in love with(but not yet)! But he is already planning out the 12 days we are there since he already has visited and knows the venues!
  5. I originally planned on spending 12 days at my house in Mexico in mid January with my favorite guy from Sao Paulo who had been there last may. first a little recent history! I met him through a sauna guy i had known for 3 years, but he had never worked in a sauna. when I was in Sao Paulo a few weeks ago I asked him what he wanted to do and he said "could we go see lagoa?" I answered yes so fast I think I scared him! He is 25 and lived in SP his whole life but never been to the sauna! Since it was the weekend by the time we got there at 6:30 it was very busy We ran into a guy I knew from Rio and met two other guys I knew and I asked him if he was interested in going with any of them? He said Yes but only with you....so the 5 of us went up to a room and had a really great time, part of it was due to the fact we knew each other. the next night we repeated going to Lagoa again and met up with different guys. So when I was there I arranged for him to come to Mexico in January. it turns out he is good friends with the Brazilian who works in the travel agency in Cancun, who used to dance at the Boardwalk in Ft.Lauderdale and who I met 3 years ago! So he asked if he could come over for a week when we are there and given that he is gdlkg, and has a 9" thick dick, sealed the deal! So we figured the 3 of us would have a great time, then 4 days ago a Guy I met last year in Rio and was only with one night but we hit it off and have stayed in contact when he moved to Barcelona earlier this year! He called to say he was coming to Cancun but wanted to know if he could stay with us in Merida for a week when we are there? so I shared his photo with the two other guys and he got two thumbs up! and everyone said the 4 of us will all fit in a King size bed! Then tonight I got a call from a Mexican guy who lives in Mexico city and met at a party I had when I first got the house 2 years ago. He had a BF at the time but he was a pretty wild guy, he called to see when I was going to be in Merida and when I told him the date but said there were 3 Brazilians staying with me and he goes "great! are they hung?" lol I told him that while there are two master bedrooms everyone was staying in the one and there wouldn't be room for him this time. He goes "I can fit!" I said I would ask the 3 Brazilians and see what they thought...they all said "Its going to be 10 days of parties! we can put 4 more guys in the other bedroom!"
  6. Diego is one of the 4, guys that stays at my apt when i am there! Very trustworthy and great at picking out guys at the sauna for us! i have known him 11 years and he is older then he looks! he has many videos on Xvideos.com that he made from about 2002 to 2006 or 7
  7. tomcal


    When it comes to Mexico Rob is the expert! He lives there and has been to most of the places where you can find guys! Maybe even created a few new ones! :-)
  8. tomcal

    Client Murdered...?

    I talked to one of the sauna owners and he had heard the same story but no one I have talked to knew which guys were involved or who the client was, but assumed that they were trying to keep it quiet... 5 different sauna guys I know also heard the same story but unlike the incident that happened to the French guy 5 or 6 years ago, there has been no verification or names given
  9. tomcal

    Client Murdered...?

    Probably i have taken more guys back to my hotel and Apt. in the last 17 years , then most on this site. I have never had a issue, but a couple or steps i take to reduce a unpleasant issue from happening! 1) i never take a person back to my place alone the first couple times i am with him! I have usually 2 other to 4 guys staying with me all guys i know well! First rule never be with a person alone in your apt. the first time! Even if they are just friends not sex companions! why i always have a 2?’ bedroom apt!(aside from the fact that it is too difficult for 4 people to sleep in bed all night after the fun is done!) 2) Always make sure it is a sauna guy who ID is on record, and that several people know you are going back to your place together and he knows you have told them. 3) Almost all the guys i have met and stayed over who don’t work in the sauna i have met through sauna guys who are longer term friends of mine! 4) if it is someone you just have to go with that night because you are so obsessed then take him to one of the many sex motels! My current namorado i met through a sauna guy i have been seeing for almost 4 years! He brought this friend to Rio with him to spend 5 days with the 4 of us staying there together and it turns out we had a great connection and have been dating since!
  10. I just heard that a customer was murdered after going back to his place with 2 guys last Friday night...that's all I know so far.
  11. tomcal

    it finally happened

    I got 12 messages from sauna guys today all of whom I know well and they all had heard about the incident!(they are bigger gossips then we are! lol) and to a person they said I was really dumb to resist!....I agree!
  12. tomcal

    it finally happened

    I don’t believe they had any idea what type of phones we had! it was dark and there is no way he could have been able to determine has they all were in the grip of our hands! it was one Samsung and one iphone 7, mine is a 8+ but as i was just walking out of the building he would not have been able to tell what i had in my hand. also they were driving a newer model jeep!
  13. tomcal

    it finally happened

    it was a Solid metal door...thank god!
  14. tomcal

    it finally happened

    let me say I agree with the above comments 110%! i should have not been so dumb and just gave them what he wanted! i just didn’t have. time to think!
  15. tomcal

    it finally happened

    you know it!! :-)