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  1. Uqtyang

    Take Care Down Here

    I am sorry this happened to you. Take care
  2. yes you are counted :-)
  3. Me, my bf, Tom and Mickey will be around I think. Let’s threw a party lol
  4. Look forward to buying Tom a few drinks when in rio! - the legend
  5. https://thepointsguy.com/deals/deal-to-brazil-from-351-round-trip/
  6. I will be, the 3rd time with bf. love to catch up.
  7. Uqtyang

    10 hour layover in Bogota

    Just remembered the extreme long line of security and immigration after checking in. No priority lines either no matter what class you travel. I suggest you Leave an extra hour when you come back to the airport after your in the city.
  8. https://viewfromthewing.boardingarea.com/2018/07/11/alert-american-airlines-south-america-award-space-open-for-spring/ Good luck!
  9. Uqtyang

    Delta Sale to Rio....

    good to know thank you!
  10. Uqtyang

    So cute boys in Prague !

    I just tried to call the Escape using the phone number on their Facebook, no answer. Chatted with Tooomas24 and Velvety20, both told me it is permanently closed. I did not go to check it out tonight in person. Please update if there is new info.
  11. Uqtyang

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Just confirming the Drake is open as of today 12 Jun 18. We are here now at 11:17pm Wed, and only 3 customers in the bar, plus a hot bartender. One pass is valid for 24 hours, cost 200kc.
  12. Check with air canada to see your equivalent Star Alliance status. Copa should recognise your status against theirs eg silver, gold or plat etc since they are both star alliance
  13. Uqtyang

    Airfares to Brazil

    Also www.airlinequality.com for reviews
  14. Uqtyang

    Airfares to Brazil

    For this “promotion”, It’s more about the availability of award seats, not the lower points required I guess.