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  1. Thanks for this post @sluttino very helpful indeed. I was searching for the English version of the application form. Hopefully my experience in Sydney will be as good as yours.
  2. By the way I have booked myself into the Brazilian consulate general the week after. A 15 minute appointment is required for a CPF application. I will report back the outcome.
  3. 1. I stayed with one guy for 4 days in an Ipanema hotel, the price was R$ 300/day. 2&3. There was one other Rio guy telling me his price is R$700 for a day when he was flown to Europe, and another guy asking for R$3,000 for a 4 day interstate trip. 4. I paid the return air tickets for this guy from Rio to São Paulo. He did not ask for any cash as he wanted to visit SP. He stayed with me for 4 days and worked in the sauna and visited his clients on Grindr. I paid an extra night hotel for him after I flew out of the country, but was not asked to give him any extra money.
  4. And yes between San Fran and San Salvador it is taca crew and aircraft. Beyond San Salvador it is Avianca (Colombian) plane but still no bed in narrow body aircraft. On the wide body A330 there is angled bed but really old, bad quality. My bed/seat collapsed during descending into San Salvador from Lima. I had to move to another seat for landing. The worst seat/bed of all airlines I have been on but the crew is nice, at least some of them.
  5. I did San Francisco to Rio de Janeiro via San Salvador and Bogotá, back via Lima and San Salvador to San Fran business class with Avianca in January. Only one segment in each leg had angled bed, while other two segments were both on narrow body having slightly bigger recline seats. You cannot lay down on narrow body aircraft. in my opinion, it is not much better than economy. lounges are all very basic except Bogotá. I have never been on Aeromexico. But I know Copa is all narrow body 737. google flights will tell you the type of aircraft you are on, and if it is lay flat bed or recline seat. Otherwise Seatguru has the info too.
  6. Stayed here las year: https://www.hotelvillaemilia.com/en only one block away. Pretty trendy small hotel. Not bad. Not too expensive either. Also so one block from the metro
  7. https://www.ausbt.com.au/brazil-axes-business-tourism-visa-requirements-for-australians As part of the changes, Brazil is also removing the visa requirement for citizens of Canada, Japan and the United States, who’ll be able to visit Brazil under the visa-waiver program from the same date (June 17, 2019)
  8. I remember there was a big dicked Dominicano in Barcelona thermas In May.
  9. 1 or 2 for Atlântico Copacabana and Atlântico business in Centro. Don’t remember if they asked to see guest ID but certainly no charge. I don’t recommend these 2 hotel tho. Very basic and old facilities. Dont recommend pestana Copacabana either. Uncomfortable bed. i still have not found a good hotel yet in rio. Would appreciate recommendations. Will check out Sofitel Ipanema soon. Will report back.
  10. Yes I stayed at the same place. No problems for visitors but once the front desk lady did say to my friend in espanol “so many visitors!”. There is a hotel Nicolas de Ovando looked really nice nearby, not far from Spanish square. I heard they have a stricter guest policy but you can still manage to get guests in.
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