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  1. Wait! Just checking something: did you go all the way to the second bar, the one that is behind the stage, where smoking is allowed? That is always a first timer's mistake at 117: no body knows that the second bar is there and full of boys. The first bar is always half empty, no matter what day you go, unless there is a show on the stage.
  2. I have not skipped anything. You are not even trying to understand what I wrote. I give up.
  3. I lived in HK for 2 years, and apart from the rent (which is horribly expensive) I will say that it is actually quite cheap, but only IF you know it well, if you know where to go. Tourists go to the obvious (and therefore trappy) places, but locals enjoy very cheap food, massages, beaches, taxis, and shopping in general. I was saving a huge amount of money every month when I was working there. And I was living like a king.
  4. I don’t think you understood me, and that’s my fault, I repeated “in NJ” unnecessarily. I pointed out “if you have an American passport” not because it matters what passport you hold when you are in NJ, but because it matters when you are in Brasil. American laws do not apply to Europeans in Brasil. But anyway. It seems you and @TotallyOz disagree about age of consent for non-commercial sex, for Americans when they are abroad,. Oz’s post says 18, your post says 16. Not that I am personally interested. But @numazu1 might be interested to tell his friend.
  5. Interesting. I had no idea. Some of us are not an American, we don’t learn American law at school and it doesn’t apply to us What is interesting is that if you have an American passport, and live in NJ, the age of consent in NJ is 16, but it switches up to 18 when you go to a country that has a lower age of consent.
  6. Yes, I have done that at least 3 times, no problem. The only thing is the hotel registration rules, make sure they allow it.
  7. If you are just having sex (and not filming, nor paying for sex) then the age of consent is 14 in Brasil, so it seems very unlikely that you will find a guy that is not legal and not notice how young he is! If you are paying, then it is prostitution, in which case of course the guy has to be 18.
  8. Anyone knows if there is a gay sauna in João Pessoa with working boys? Smaller city than our usual destinations, but I am asking for a friend who is going there for business in just 10 days, so just so you know, quick responses will be much more useful than late ones. Parahyba and Solar de poente: their websites and reviews do not talk about GPs. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have no idea why people can’t answer a question on face value and start fighting instead of giving their view and leaving it at that @moonwalker, I really don’t think you will have any problem. It will work in the same way as in the US, maybe even more easily: Just find a guy that your girlfriend finds attractive, on the beach, in a bar or in a club, and see if he speaks a bit of English, and start a conversation. You can use love hotels for the action, they are in all the key spots. If you really want to chose a guy from clube 117, it should be just as easy, most guys are bi or straight, so fucking a 25 yo girl is probably going to be offered for free. Or for R$50, which is less than US$15, if you could pay for the flight, you can afford that.
  10. In Old San Juan there is a regular arrival of cruise ships full of people with lots of dollars and probably horny (because no gay escort on the cruise ship itself!). If an escort had a small apartment in old San Juan, he could try to target them: when you get off the cruise ship, you can spend a couple of hours with him then do some walking around, and then walk back to the cruise ship, no transport needed, easy. It would probably be a nice business for the escort.
  11. In Rio I can easily get 5 orgasms per day if I want to. In Buenos Aires, I found it to be a lot of hard work and organisation to get even 1 orgasm per day.
  12. Thank you all guys for reporting, you guys are rock stars afa I am concerned, this is great info It will be on my list of things to do! However, 2000 baths is really not a cheap tip!
  13. Wow, memories! I think this is Marcello from “Enrico and Marcello de Guili”, the brothers that I had as a threesone back in 2006. Old pictures of the brothers: https://m.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.375206585852274.96216.242152655824335&type=3
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