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  1. Tartegogo

    What's Gonna Happen With The UK?

    I am confused. You think this agreement is “extreme brexit”? it is barely any brexit at all tome. The whole of the UK stays in the customs union. Everybody is allowed to work everywhere. The ECJ still has jurisdiction. etc. etc. Basically it is another 2 years in the Union. Then negociate again.
  2. Tartegogo

    What's Up With MPREG?

    What do mean by market “stories”? Fictional, or real-life stories?
  3. Tartegogo

    it finally happened

    Looks like we could meet again, Paulo! glad you are ok @tomcal, but don’t pull a stunt like this again, you could have gotten yourself killed.
  4. Tartegogo

    escort in egypt

    You should put a link to some ad, or some picture, or even an Instagram account.
  5. Tartegogo

    Portuguese “ata”

    That is what I am asking this wonderful community to tell me.
  6. Getting “ata” often in text messages. google translate doesn’t know it. Is it just “ah yeah”?
  7. Tartegogo

    What's The Deal With Gay Republicans?

    I do. But republicans don’t believe in balanced budgets any longer, at least not while they are in power, only when the dems are in power are they calling for a balanced budget. Just look at the annual deficit that they are racking up since a Trump got elected, it is nearly as bad as during the 2008-2012 financial crisis, even though the economy is doing great, and one should use this great economic prosperity to repay some of the debt, not grow it. https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/15/economy/us-budget-deficit/index.html Reducing taxes but not reducing spending is not fiscal conservatism, it is populism. The next generation middle class will be repaying that debt. Someone will have too, and as long as republicans are a force, that debt won’t be paid by the super rich. So I don’t see why these gay guys or I (if I were allowed to vote in the US) would vote for republicans for fiscal conservatism reasons. Shouldn’t this thread be moved to the politics forum?
  8. Tartegogo

    What's The Deal With Gay Republicans?

    Some gay guys wanted to make sure that they boyfriend can never ask them “will you marry me?”.
  9. The bingo description was not boring, funnily enough. It is weird to organise that in the sauna, but I guess it gives everyone a subject of conversation and an opportunity to make silly jokes.
  10. Tartegogo

    Villa Gianni in London, UK

    Depends on the time of the day. Late at night, like 10 pm you might only find 2 boys. But if you go in the afternoon, like 4 pm or 6 pm, you can find 9 guys.
  11. Tartegogo

    Joke for the Day: Add more if you want

    Since we are told they are all and always mislabelled, I don’t see the difficulty either. Once you have picked a fruit from the apple and orange box, you know what is in that box for sure. Then the next box is also mislabelled, so it cannot contain what is written on it, so you can infer what it actually contains since there are only 2 choices at that point. And the last.... yeah, there is only one choice left.
  12. Tartegogo

    Words Matter

    The British have a system where members of the cabinet are not allowed to lie to parliament or the public, to deceive them into making a decision that helps the prime minister’s purposes That sort of laws could be implemented everywhere.
  13. Tartegogo

    Badboy Rio October 2018 Recap

    I thought free cabins at Pointe were on Wednesdays? Thanks for the report, by the way, very useful.
  14. Tartegogo

    Rio October 18

    I have read through nearly every thread on Brasil in this forum, and nobody here has reported a problem with their card after paying at the sauna.
  15. Thanks for this, @caeron. I have booked the paragliding experience with the same organisation, for me and the husband, we will be in Rio in Nov. Hopefully it is not a rainy day. I have been very lucky with the weather this year, maybe I am going to run out of luck before I get to Brazil! I see they also have a diving day now, as another experience which they sell. My husband doesn’t like that, so I’ll probably go to that with a garoto.