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  1. Great reporting! Thanks for letting me experience your trip through your story telling! Safe travels.
  2. Awesome pics and vids! I haven't been to DF in a few years... looks like it's time to visit! I've never been to Botas, though. How much are the boys being tipped at the bar? Or do you just buy them a drink and they hang out with you? Going rate for a private dance?
  3. I appreciate the reply! I certainly understand Vienna is in Austria... I mentioned that I never have been to the saunas in Brasil for comparison's sake (I have been to Thermas in Barcelona and Adan in Madrid). I'll definitely check it out and thanks for the advice/warning about the Romanians. I found that to be true after a bad experience with a guy in Thermas. I'll also start monitoring hunqz. Whatever I end up doing, I'll be sure to update the thread. Thanks again for the advice, mvan!
  4. I was in Puerto Vallarta twice earlier this year (once in January and once in February). Both Wet Dreams and Antropology are going strong. Lots of "massage" boys on Grindr and hanging out in front of their storefronts on the street. I spent a lot of time at blue chairs and green chairs... lots of friendly people. Mostly Americans and Canadians who were escaping the winter when I was there. Any specific questions, feel free to ask.
  5. I was in Key West in June... stopped in at Bourbon St Pub a couple times during the day and once during the night. At night, they only had one dancer... a very nice Eastern European guy. Most of the night life is up and down Duval. Since I was only there for a long weekend, I didn't get a whole lot of night life in.
  6. Any further advice on how the Kaiserbrundl works for hiring hustlers? I've been to the saunas in Madrid and Barcelona (but alas never been to Brasil)... do the guys approach you? What's the going rate? Thanks in advance!
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