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  1. I am Japanese and have experienced both AirBnB and Hotels (big chains to boutiques). Now I prefer hotels to Airbnb. It's preference of eac person. If you find Airbnb better than hotels, then go for it. There are many factors to decide which way to go, not just price and privacy. With me, if I go back to Bogotá, I go back to Mercure. But as I said, other people wouldn't agree with my decision, but that's ok.
  2. In Bogotá, I tried two hotels. Definitely Mercure BH Zona FInanciera is my recommendation. Close to all gay attractions and it's very clean hotel with a nice room facilities. St Moritz/Gigolo is just a short walk. The other hotel is rather in the central, The Orchids. 5 star hotel and very antique and spacious room with fire place, however, too old and it was not cleaned properly, although teh breakfast was amazing. Too far from Chapiniero. Go for Mercure!
  3. Yes, I support that :) Good luck, there should be hot guys in Peru! I used to have some Peruvian friends and some of them, really cute, hot, sexy and nice.
  4. Their ad, which they sent to me when I made an inquiry with Whatsapp, states 'Viernes/Sábado' - which means Friday/Saturday, while Saint Moritz is open every day. I actually went to Gigolo during the week expecting it would be open but it was closed, where a staff at Saint M told me to come back on Friday. Sorry, RIobard, but unfortunately Tues-Thursday, Gigolo is closed.
  5. Colombia - April 2019 OK, it's my turn - I just came back from Colombia. Cali #1 - I met this boy called Fabian. I found him from Milerotico, the escort website. I requested to video-chat with him before deciding to get him to my hotel. He had no problem doing that. We chatted a bit over the video and he visited me. He didn't kiss or suck mine, but let me suck his. He is a top/versatile, but he let me fuck him. He was actually a great bottom! A very sexy and cute colombiano twink, 20 years old. I paid 90.000 pesos, which is about 30 dollars. Cali #2 - another one from Milerocico, MIchel. 22 years old colombian boy. I checked over video-chat and he travelled from Pereira for over night, I gave him 100 USD for the entire night. We went to the bars, restaurant then came back to my hotel. He is a good looking boy, but actually I wasn't so much turned on, maybe the same day after I met Fabial, who wa much more my type and sexy? In Cali, this Michel boy showed me around the gay bar area, but it wasn't so lively, maybe it was because Semana Santa? Not many people there. Pereira - The boys above, Cali #2, Michel, guided me around the town, and we went to a couple of bars. I didn't get him to my hotel. In the gay bar, I was approached by a couple of colombians, perhaps it was quite rare for them to have Japanese (or Asian) to turn up in the gay bars in the little town like Pereira. I was actually expecting another boy to meet up with me, who I found on CB. He is more Euro type colombian. A sexy boy but he couldn't manage to meet me on the day I stayed in Pereira. It was a big loss of me. I wanted to see him mainly in this trip. Medellin - the first night in Medellin I got totally wet by the rain outside, and I got sick from next day. It was Easter Week (Semana Santa), and I found only boy at Club Tobi. He wasn't my type and he wanted 150.000 pesos for normal massage and 200.000 for sex, so I left there. Only two more customers, that's all. I chatted over the Whatsapp with the boys I got through CB, but the good looking ones I couldn't meet up there. One of the CB boys introduced me his friend, but this one was too big for me, as I prefer twinky type. Bogotá - I tried Grindr first time in Colombia. To my surprise, so many guys tapped me or directly offered having a sex, which had never happened in my entire life anywhere...like, 30, 40 guys at a time. I chose one of the guys, and I went to his address, but somehow he didn't show up. Or, he saw me from a distance and decided not to see me. Terrible. I met another boy, but his photos were completely different from what I saw in person. I didn't go further. I wanted to tri Club Gigolo, but it was closed. It is open only Friday night. Before I leave for airport to catch a night flight to Santiago de Chile, I visited St Moritz sauna. I met one masseur who was quite cute but nice body and I got his normal massage for 65.000 pesos, he offered me further service for another 20.000 but I didn't feel like it with him. I was in the locker room and was approached by another masseur, who is from Venezuela. He was soooooo good looking and great body I was so turned on, but I really needed to leave the venue for airport, so I just touched him a bit and left there. Next time I would love to stay more in St Moritz, where you can find various type of boys - normal massage 60.000 and with sex 80.000, a good value. Unfortunately, most boys are only top, though some extra money could allow you to fuck them, I guess.. So, in conclusion, I should have used Grindr as soon as I arrived in Colombia. I don't know why I didn't do so..The boys in milerotico are quite attractive and they charge approx. 30 US dollars for a session. They don't mind video-chat beforehand. The boys on CB, they are quite happy to give me their contact number for Whatsapp. This time I couldn't meet anyone through CB, but still, I will try them another time if any... Locality-wise, I liked people in Cali and Pereira, they were really friendly and open, although people in general are all very nice in Colombia. They are all very nice for strangers, in streets, bars, clubs, anywhere. I liked it.
  6. https://www.satena.com/ Direct flight the central Medellin airport.
  7. A new thread! I am also visiting Colombia from tomorrow, looking for finding out what it will be like, my first ever visit.
  8. Has anyone met boys through Milerotico website?
  9. You should use Satena airlines between Bogota and Medellin - this airline will directly fly in to the city airport in Medellin!
  10. Have you tried Danny on GR: Daniel-OConner95? I met him in 2016, cute, with very nice personality, a great bottom, and reasonable pricing. I recommend him.
  11. I totally agree with you, CB is the best to find a boy as it is video, unlike escort website with a lot of fake photos. So, I have been on CB these days o create some connections with the boys in Medelliín. The colombian boys are quite easy-going, and apparently they don't mind giving me Whatsapp contact, but it costs 1000 tokens, is this usually the case? Or, has anyone organised things all on CB's PM function? I am wondering if it worths paying 1000 tokens for their Whatsapp, taking a risk that I wouldn't get anything in the end. Well, of course, one cannot get a good return without taking a chance though. CB is the best to find a boy as it is video, unlike escort website with a lot of fake photos.
  12. Yes! It’s him, Jacob Dooley! You did ‘meet’ him, that’s great :)
  13. Thanks for your advices, guys! I will then focus on CB to get some contacts there.
  14. Hi all, I am starting to organise the boys for my first trip to Medellin. I found a boy through m.co.mileroticos.com. I exchanged some messages via whatsapp and he said his photos are authentic, but I see a very similar looking boy in GR Hunq. Perhaps fake photos. Does anyone recognise these boys?
  15. @pauleiro thanks for your detailed report. Having had to cancel Prague trip this year end, I am so thrilled to visit Bogotá and Medellín in April. i got an award tickets between Sydney to Santiago, I bought separately Bogotá to Medellín tickets with Latam, but later I noticed that for domestic flight to Medellín, I should have used Colombian airline company called Satena, which flies to domestic airport in Medellin, much closer to the city...next time I should check this option too. Now I need to organise the boys in Medellín, as @tassojunior advised, try CB first. Sometimes the website doesn’t come up through chrome browser, is it because I am in Japan. I should try some VPN later. i have checked the escort boys website as well, but there many boys apparently using fake photos, like Russian escort websites I checked in Moscow..perhaps Fercho’s Massage club would be the best to try to meet the boys vis-à-vis.
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