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  1. May I ask how did you find the guys? Planetromeo?
  2. Good for you! I’m jealous since I won’t be go back to Prague probably till next year. Hope he’ll still stay in business
  3. https://rentmen.eu/TomasSalek Looks like Tomas Salek is advertising
  4. What is Tom Rogers hunqz/rm handle? He does look cute
  5. I see. So it’s more like contacting via other social media sites like IG/fb
  6. What is the hunqz handle of Tomas S if I might ask?
  7. Thanks. He has put on a good amount of muscle recently if you check his rentmen account pictures.
  8. Good for you! Was wondering if you have met Raymata? How did it go? Would really appreciate your feedback on him
  9. It seems Raymata is touring the US. Just curious how good he is? thanks in advance!
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