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  1. About the park, there are indeed some cruising activities (pay or no) there at night (after 8 or 9?).
  2. OP did include an assessment in his original post: Guys are not all cute but two traits are very noticeable and amazing I have browsed Grindr and Planetromeo in Belgrade, and I can confirm OP's assessment.
  3. Now I must add Belgrade to my summer Europe trip itinerary.
  4. Welcome back. I see you were in Belgrade for 3 weeks, and full of "activities".
  5. You should hire some gogo boys for your birthday boat party.
  6. Yes, please do tell. However, based on my limited experience with the party scene in Prague, people are friendly but quite reserved. The one and only stripper show I saw at "up and down" bar last year, the guy was in average shape with no muscles, no erection and didn't dance. It was just awkward.
  7. Sombody here asked about the price, so here is one example. It says promo 2000 pesos (>100 USD). https://m.mx.mileroticos.com/escorts-gay/acompanante-sexual-guapo/10428896/
  8. This is hot, I will definitely go check that out, but can I just watch and not participate there?
  9. Yes. I hope you have strong legs, because you will be climbing up and down the stairs. Last time there I was chasing a guy up and down because he was popular and very busy, out of sight most of the time.
  10. Please do post pictures. Are they for hire?
  11. I think the local Spanish boys don't need to make 50€ per fuck income in saunas. If they want to sell, they can probably get more from online venues, or they can probably get a few sponsors/sugar daddies if they know how to network, and of course the price are much higher than sauna rates.
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