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  1. Walker

    Take Care Down Here

    I wonder if the "luck of the draw" also has to to with the victim's physical appearance. A short, thin, older, fragile looking person may seem unlikely or unable to fight back when he/she is attacked.
  2. Walker

    Take Care Down Here

    I just saw a TV show a couple weeks ago that it is very common for Japanese to leave their bags or cell phones at the seating areas in stores while going home or to other stores running errands. The reporter (foreigner) seem shocked, but all Japanese on the show say this is very common and nobody would steal.
  3. Is he the guy who got stabbed a month ago? I thought he withdrew.
  4. People in Thailand, especially south Thailand love love love white skin.
  5. However, Korean culture is quite homophobic.
  6. Welcome to Boytoy forum.
  7. I think I recognize this Bruno guy from this picture. Yes, he always stands leaning on one leg. He is tall, maybe over 6feet, dark hair, chest is a little hairy but trim. He goes to Olimpo everyday, I had him once.
  8. Based on Skyscanner, lowest 1 stop fare is $837, 2 stops fare is $817. It did not find any non-stop.
  9. Walker

    Rio: meeting guys safe?

    @snwbrdr015, you need a 2 room apartment for this trick to work.
  10. More positive thinking please. At least I deserve a sexy session with a hunky Brazilian cop. Just be happy and enjoy Brazil.
  11. Absolutely. Each of us deserves a session with the police.
  12. The news report says the stabbing is not life threatening.
  13. This may sound like a no brainer, but I would suggest avoid raw food (i.e. fruit, salad) if you have a weak stomach while traveling.
  14. I don't think you have enough power.