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  1. Depending on which airlines you are flying with, you may be able to request a bulkhead or exit row seat in economy class for free or for a fee, these seats have much better leg room.
  2. And from now on you have more Americans traveling to Brazil to compete with you to get the hottest GPs.
  3. There is a Lion's Club in Sao Paulo. It is a gay dance club, they never have any takemark problem.
  4. My understanding is that eastern Europen countries, especially those influenced by Russian culture are quite homophobic.
  5. It may not be as easy as you think to find English speaking GP, either from online or saunas.
  6. Just my personal experience. Although this could happen anywhere, I had bed bug bites while staying at this Ibis Copacabana back in 2016. I have not stayed there again since.
  7. I have been to a few sex clubs and sex parties in Brazil recently, I see a lot of barebacks. I bet some people think HIV is no longer a life threatening disease. Although it is not curable, it can be treated as a long term disease, much like diabetes. Personally I wouldn't take any risk, but some people have different views.
  8. FTM = female to male?
  9. Things you can brings into the bars and clubs: pills and cigarettes. Very few people buy drinks inside the bars, young guys can't afford those drinks. So they turn to cheap alternatives. They smoke cigarettes (and some also take pills to double the pleasure), to keep themselves occupied without expensive alcohol.
  10. Yes, I really hate this but people do smoke inside the bars and clubs in Spain.
  11. Last time I was in Thailand, I could not get on many porn sites. If my memory serves me well, this boytoy forum was blocked too, probably filtered by government and/or private internet providers. Thais have "high" moral standards.
  12. Thais drive to the park outside the palace to pick up rentboys, sometimes drive slowly in circle around the park, negotiating from one boy to the next. That is how they do it. Did you drive a car in bkk? Or did you hire a taxi and ask the driver to drive slowly so you can check out the boys and stop at the boys of your liking? Or did you just walk?
  13. Penis should be judged based on size, firmness, and endurance.
  14. This Youtube clip indicate Avianca use Airbus 321 narrow body https://youtu.be/gd5i-SomHTM https://youtu.be/gd5i-SomHTM You can always check the aircraft type before you make the booking. If it is 787 or 777, you can expect flat bed. Transit through MEX is terrible because the airport is old, messy and chaotic, whereas BOG is a modern, orderly, new airport.
  15. Business class in both Arromexico and Avianca have lay flat seats. Aeromexico uses 787. Avianca uses 777. Copa only use narrow body airplane 737, I don't think they have any lay flat seats in their fleets.
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