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  1. Oh shit, I didn't know people could see me through the curtains.
  2. You are correct, I don't know about you, but I indeed go to Brazil to be a slut there.
  3. Walker

    Smoking Hot Santo Domingo

    In U.S. definition, mixed blacks are black. So yes, there are plenty of blacks in Rio sauna.
  4. Walker

    Puerto Vallarta

  5. Walker

    Puerto Vallarta

    I thought you had to request the wheel chair service through the airlines when you check in for the flight at your departing airport. Are you saying there are wheel chairs service and staff available at plane door upon arrival without advanced request?
  6. Walker

    Bottoming in Brazil

    My theory is that half of those Barbie Dolls at circuit parties have performance issue, and the other half are bottoms.
  7. Walker

    Bottoming in Brazil

    There probably wouldn't be anything anyway, This guy kept jacking his SOFT cock the whole time while eating my butt hole, and the SOFT situation was not improving. That's why I walked out. He was super handsome though. ....I was ready and eager for a full action...and waited and waited.
  8. It's good to know 737max is a wide body aircraft (2 isles).
  9. Walker

    Bottoming in Brazil

    I could never understand this. Last Saturday, I was pissing at the urinal at Theatron Bogota. This super handsome young guy pulled me into a stall and ate my ass like crazy. This went on for a good 15 minutes. I finally got tired of it and walked out.
  10. Walker

    Vienna - any advice, tips?

    Oh I didn't know the escorts are allowed to delete the bad reviews. If true, how reliable are these reviews anyway?
  11. Walker

    Hustlaball in Berlin

    What if I am looking for romantic orgies?
  12. Many members on this have chosen AirBNB over hotels for quite a while.
  13. Very unlikely in Thailand (or in most part of Asia) as most Asians will do vanilla only. However, I found some Japanese are quite kinky.
  14. Walker

    Bottoming in Brazil

    Please also post a illustration picture of this tool inserted in your butt hole. Thank you.